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Human Resource Management For Service Industries

University: University of Essex

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Introduction To HRM

Human resource management plays a pivotal role in any organization, with dedicated departments overseeing personnel matters. HR focuses on managing people within the organization, as noted by Armstrong and Taylor (2014). This encompasses employee benefits, training, recruitment, performance evaluations, and rewards, recognizing that employees are key to an organization's success or failure. Thomas Cook, a renowned UK-based travel and tourism company, exemplifies the significance of quality service provision and customer satisfaction through tailored holiday packages and innovative travel experiences.

This report delves into the critical role of HR management, highlighting the importance of current employment relations and the impact of employment laws on business operations. It also addresses job descriptions, specifications, and the vital role of training and development in organizational success, as emphasized by Armstrong (2011).

Task 1

1.1 Analyse The Role and Purpose pf Human Resource Management in a Selected Service Industry

It is the human resource which carries out all the business activities. There are HR managers and professionals who have high responsibility to carry out these activities properly. In this concept employees are real assets of an organisation. This main HR authority plays important part to grow business. In context to Thomas cook their professional try to choose candidate those who can bring ideas and innovation while designing attractive packages. HR main responsibility is to motivate their employees and create healthy business environment. Following are the role of HRM in services industry.


In this professional and HR managers try to enhance employees' skills and motivate them to work together (Boselie, 2010). These authorities decide how to assign job to people according to their skills and knowledge. To make employees more flexible they assign different roles so that they learn to work in dynamic environment. Proper collaboration brings smoothness in business operations. This can help to build strong relation between employees and management.

Commitment Building

HR manger make strategies and policies which increasing employee engagement with an enterprise (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). For this management tries to appoint right candidate for right job so that they get satisfaction from their work. All the employees should be committed to their job and use their ability in an effective manner. Engagement of employees is very important because it saves cost and time of management to recruit new candidates again and again.

Building Capacity

HR helps enterprise to get competitive advantage. For this they need to increase capacity of their workers so that they provide unique services to their customers. Many firm conducts activities which help employees to grow and increase their retention in an enterprise. This can increase customer satisfaction which help companies to sustain for longer run.

The HR of Thomas Cook always motivates and trains their employees so that they can bring healthy environment in an organisation. Employees of firm provide most unique offers to their customers so that they can meet customers' needs and also gain competitive advantage. There are different department in Thomas cook such as HR, sales and distribution, IT, destination representatives and finance & account department. All these levels are having its own roles responsibility (Bratton and Gold, 2012). Workers in these department are specialised in their work.
Purpose of HRM in travel and tourism industry is to control conflicts, managing people, development of employees, leadership, improving communication, improve human relations, job satisfaction. These all factors are proper address by HRM in an enterprise.

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1.2 Justify a Human Resources Plan Based on an Analysis of Supply And Demand For an Enterprise

Human resources is very important part of any an enterprise. It is very crucial decision to allocated human resources properly so that company can get good profits. For this activities firm do human resources planning in which HR manager looks after position that need to be fulfilled. Thomas Cook human resources planning is given below.

Identify The Key Areas of Position

First step is to identify the position where company needs to hire candidate. For this Thomas Cook adopted human resources planning so that they gave right position to right candidate. The company have different reason to recruit new candidate in an enterprise these reasons can be new product launch, old employees died or leave job, employee is on holidays and others. Because of this reason firm needs to fill in their vacant positions.

Identify The Capabilities For Key Areas And Positions

In this step company identifies the capabilities which candidates should have for a particular profile. Candidates are hired according to job profile (Chand, 2010). They find certain skills and knowledge in candidate while hiring for vacant position. For this firm list down all vacant positions and notes down different capabilities in candidates to fulfil the job requirements.

Identify Interested Employees

In this step company identify potential candidates and match their skills and knowledge to job profile. HR Analyse whether these skills match which required job capabilities or not. Firm identify whether candidates can complete the task with effective manner or not. If employees are capable to perform then management gives task to that particular person.

Developing And Implement Succession Plans

In this, enterprise identifies areas and candidates to whom they can give succession planning. Management also conducts knowledge transfer plans so that they can achieve their determined goals. Succession planning refers to developing its employees for higher position. This can make employees more flexible in nature and also they can perform at every level an enterprise. This succession planning prepares their employees for future prospects.

Evaluate Effectiveness

Last step of human resources planning is to evaluate the effectiveness of planning among the employees. It is very important to analyse performance of workers (Chang, Gong and Shum, 2011). So that if there is any loophole, company can correct it at that point of time. Enterprise compare standard performance to actual performance. The implementation of all resources should be allocated in an effective manner.

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There are different requirements to do human resources planning. Following are the requirements of Thomas cook to do human resources planning.

Resourcing Strategy: The main motive of this strategy is to allocate its resources in effective manner. Thomas cook wants to achieve competitive advantage. For this they need to make resources strategy.

Scenario Planning: This planning includes all situations which take place because of environment changes. Company need to prepare its staff for future risk which take place in firm (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017). So for this an enterprise need to do human resources planning. There are many different situations which Thomas cook face. It affects their sales of packages. So to overcome from these scenario organisations prepare its employees.

Forecast of Demand and Supply: To meet customer demand at right time with quality of product is very important for a firm. For that an enterprise forecast its future demand and supply so for that they are hiring people in their company so that demand and supply can properly met.

Labour Turnover Analysis: Another reason to do human resources planning is to reduce labour turnover. Company has to figure out labour turnover and Thomas cook have less cost strategy so for that they need to see their actual labour turnover cost to measure actual position of company.

Flexibility: For travel and tourism flexibility is must. Flexibility refers to multi-tasking, outsourcing sub-contracting etc. A company need to do human resources planning to bring flexibility in an enterprise (CHUANG and Liao, 2010).

1.3 Assess The Current State Of Employment Relations In a Thomas Cook Service Industry

Employment relation is very important in an enterprise. This build strong relation between employees and management. Employment relation helps to bring satisfaction, motivation, increase productivity. This strong relation generates' coordination and by workers can share their skills, knowledge, ability with each. This can tend to achieve enterprise goals with effective manner.

Employment relation brings harmony in an organisation. It resolves workers' problem by which their performance is affected. Employees relation not only gives benefits to an individual but also to whole enterprise, customers, society and others. When an organisation is having good relation with their employees that firm can sustain for longer in market and have competitive advantage from its competitors (Guest, 2011).

There are elements which considered to have ideal employees' relationship are as follows

Difference between contractual and statutory employment rights

  • Agreement and contract of employment
  • The rules and regulation regarding work timing
  • Termination of employment contracting
  • Inequality in employment

In services industry employment relation is important. To bring good employment relation firm need to give job satisfaction, motivation and increase productivity. These factors are essential in services industry (Gummesson, Lusch and Vargo, 2010). All the travel industry are aware about contractual and statutory employment rights and they are applying it effectively in their business. These are different rights which company need to address. All firms are concern about working time, safety issues, work disciplines and termination of employment.

In UK employees need to maintain all rules and regulations while working with particular enterprise. An employers are supposed to follow all laws of UK regarding workers of company. In UK there is philosophy regarding employment relation is that employer and employee are in position in which they can bargain the power. Thomas cook is a customer oriented company. UK believe in win-win approach (Harzing and Pinnington, 2010). That means both the parties in contract gets equal benefit. Because of these reason company adopt democratic style of employee relation.

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Task 2

2.1 Discuss a Job Description And Person Specification For a Thomas Cook Service Industry

Job description is document in which employee roles and responsibilities are mention. In this the skills and knowledge which candidate should have is mention (Kern, 2014.). It is a general written statement which include duties, salary and condition are given. Job description is used to form the basis of job specifications. Thomas cook is hiring candidate for customer services (Low, Chen and Wu, 2011). So for that they design job description.

Organization Name Thomas cook
Division Customer service
Designation Customer services agent
Location London
Report to Human Resource Manager
Job summary Customer services agent of Thomas cook make sure that customer those who are taking packages should be satisfied. The need to solve customer inquiries about hotel, flights and other information.
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Checking customer details
  • provide accurate information
  • solve their inquiry regarding hotel, flights and convinces
  • update them if any changes in flight timings, hotel check in and check outs.
  • Solving transaction issues regarding money
  • promote and update customers about new offers and deals.
Skill Required
  • A strong knowledge of particular field
  • Excellent interpersonal, oral and communication skills
  • Should have required qualification
  • Person should has ability to work collaboratively
  • Should have quality of problem solving
Personal Qualities
  • Commitment to public communications
  • Should be honest and flexible in nature
Salary Above 15000 pond
Working hours 9:30AM to 7 PM
Reporting relationship Customer service agent

2.2 Contribution Of Training And Development Activities To The Effective Operation Of Thomas Cook

The training and development activity for every employee is must. with the help of this factor it leads to increase the efficiency of working as well as also lead to improve the productivity of an organization. Training and development is a major thing which each and every firm adopt because this is a only thing through which all barriers and skills of an individual get developed and thus with the help of this a firm will generate more and more profit.

Thomas cook provide training to their workers with the motive to provide quality services to their users. with the help of this method an individual skills and abilities get improved which is a necessity. with the help of those improved and developed skills and capabilities a person will lead to work in more effective manner and thus it also help in utilizing all resources in an appropriate manner and wastage get reduced

The contribution of training is more than any other factor. This lead to took place in overall development of a person which is the main purpose behind any such type of program. This lead in take place to make an effective production or outcome. as according to the context of Thomas cook which is a service industry who engaged in tour operations.

They have to provide proper training to their employees through which they can maintain a friendly and appropriate behaviour with their clients and thus it directly leads to satisfied them most. thus training and growth contributes more and more in attaining effective outcome

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The human resources management play a very important part in an organisation. The main purpose of HRM is to bring collaboration, competitive advantage and building capability. There is separate department in every organisation which looks after all the activities regarding human resources. There are certain activities in HRM is employment relation, appraisal, training and development activities, motivation activities etc.

These all activities help employees to enhance their skills and knowledge. By this employees' efficiency can be increased and enterprise can achieve their goals. Every enterprise new to hire people for their business for this they follow particular format so that they recruit right person at right place. Thomas cook recruists employees' in their enterprise those who are highly innovative and creative. The company regularly motivates its employees so that they can retain them for longer term.


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