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Different Type of Management Accounting - Everjoy Enterprise

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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Question :

This samples answers the following question:

  • Management accounting and financial accounting
  • Break even point and break even quantity
  • Various type of planning tools for budgetary control
Answer :
Organization Selected : Everjoy Enterprise


Management accounting is reckoned as a subject that contains a recording of financial and non-financial information, planning, forecasting, and budgeting for better management and control in an organizational context (Amoako, 2013). This report is prepared to define the concept of management accounting and different type of management accounting system that helps in management and decision making. The use of management accounting reports is also defined in this report. Ever joy enterprise is the organization seeking for managing the financial resources for better control. Various type of cot accounting techniques is used to analyze the profitability of an organization. The budgetary control process with the use of various types of planning tools is also illustrated. The use of a management accounting system to overcome the financial problems of the organization is also defined in this report.

LO 1

a. Define management accounting and financial accounting

Financial accounting

It indicates towards the fundamental procedure yearly report which is primarily for the outer partner. It is connected with estimating generally speaking execution of the business as far as expanding productivity, development and legitimate usage of assets and so forth. This will help with surveying hazard which can be additionally changed into income. It produces month to month or week after week reports for "Ever joy enterprises" for inner groups of onlookers, for example, division administrators and additionally higher specialist (Brewer, Sorensen and Stout, 2014).

Management accounting

It is known as powerful procedure of planning administration reports and records that can give precise and opportune information and measurable data according to the necessity of supervisor to settle on short-or long pull choice.


Management accounting

Financial accounting

Areas of coverage within the organisation

It just used to cover the inward division with the end goal of management.

It is considered for the outer gatherings, for example, potential speculators and outside partners.

Format of presentation

There is no any set arrangement utilized for the exhibiting information before management.

Financial accounting has essential to make utilization of particular organizations for the chronicle and showing information.

Legal requirements

It is not required formal manner. there is no any sort of statutory prerequisites is necessary.

It is altogether sanction to get ready money related records for each organization.

Type of data used

Historic and additionally prescient information are essential base of choice making.

Only notable or factual data is premise of powerful basic leadership.

b. Cost accounting System

It is known as powerful system that has been utilized by the organizations to appraise the expense of their items to analyse benefit, stock valuation and cost control. Predicating the exact expense of products is crucial for beneficial tasks. Ever joy enterprise may consolidate the separated cost in single format and save the additional reporting cost. There are different kinds of costing strategies that are made reference to beneath:

Job costing: these specific parts which render different sorts of administrations as particular from those which related with administration conveyance segment. Ever satisfaction is the person who is connected with giving all sort of amusement related administrations to different clients.

Batch costing: This is said to be generally speaking expansion of occupation costing. A cluster can be speaking to a wide number of little requests that went through the processing plant in group measure (JOSHI and et. al., 2011). Ever joy enterprise need to decide per units cost of tickets by separating the expense of aggregate individuals.

c. Inventory management system

A component of inventory network administration, stock investigation will in general give data about the stream of makers to distribution centre and from these administrations to the point of offers. It is just known as supervision of non-promoted inventories and stock related items (Klemstine and Maher, 2014). As it tends to be utilized in assembling segments be that as it may, Ever Joy enterprises can utilizes this as look at aggregate accessibility of tickets that are reserved or empty. Like, resources following and stock administration arrangement are essential based for the organization. For example, standardized identification scanners and printers for tickets and worldwide situating framework are a few models that are crucial for the organization.

d. Job costing system

It is known as one of the viable frameworks that is appointing underway related expenses to an individual item or gathering of items. It is a sort of cost that monitors the expense and income by its activity and empowers all the institutionalized announcing of gainfulness. Essentially, work arrange costing framework is utilized just when the things are recorded is adequately not quite the same as each other. For any accounting framework to manage work costing, it can permit work numbers to relegate to single things of consumption and profit from the offers of tickets. Models structuring a product program that can record data related with the deals and booking of tickets.

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e. Different management accounting reports and their functions

It is critical for them to keep up all sort of information that are related with the exchanges. Announcing must be done on standard premise so changes of slip-ups can be kept away from in not so distant future time (Lim, 2011). It would help with gathering information that is required by administrators to work a viable business in not so distant future time. An administration revealing framework is fundamental part to control frameworks that can give business data. This can be as reports and proclamations. The framework is confined to help individuals from the administration through giving precise and convenient information. The information could be from money related, representative headcount and client resources in care. There are different advantages which are achieved by the assistance of utilizing proper announcing framework. Some of them are talked about underneath:

  • An administration announcing framework is required to be more exact. There could be any inconsistency as far as announcing.
  • It has been discovered that powerful administration revealing lead to enhances responsiveness to issues and convey association administrations.

Account receivable report: This report comprises of unpaid arrangements of client’s detail solicitations and additionally unused credit reminders as indicated by the specified date. It is the essential instruments utilized by gathering individual to inspect which solicitations is most extreme past due for the instalment.

Performance report: It is set up to analyse the execution of organization's money related soundness. They are routinely arranged through government bodies which would be financed by open cash. Ever Joy enterprises need to inspect most recent multiyear of execution with the goal that genuine outcomes can be resolved.

f. Requirement of sound business system and importance of the accounting information

Benefits of sound accounting system

There are different advantages of utilizing accounting framework for gathering, keeping and preparing budgetary and accounting information those are utilized in powerful basic leadership. Some of them are made reference to underneath:

Automation and profitability: With the advanced account administrator can conquer issues and increment efficiency. It is less tedious as of manual strategy.

Accuracy: People used to make blunders more often than not while recording of exchange with the end goal to manage every one of these issues, a modernized accounting framework is been intended to diminish the mistakes.

It is essential for an association to make an incentive to their partners by giving them most extreme rate in benefit or offers. With the opportune conveyance of information to interior and in addition outside would prompt upgrade the general development and efficiency of ever delight venture (Tessier and Otley, 2012).

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LO 2

A. Definition of break even point and break even quantity

It is considered to be add up to number of units or sales remain adequate to absorb fixed cost. It is essentially done at inside administration accounting setup that can inspect the connections among cost, volume and benefit.

B. Correct formula

Selling price:


Variable cost




Fixed cost






BEV ( in amount): Fixed cost / PVR

: 60000/50%= 120000

BEV (in unit): Fixed cost / contribution

: 60000/10 = 6000

C. Calculation of expected profit used for outcomes

Contribution: Fixed cost + profit


Selling price: Contribution /PVR

=90000/50%= 180000

Sales (in units): 8000*20=160000

Contribution = sales *PVR


Desire profit=contribution-fixed cost

= 80000-60000=20000

LO 3

Advantages and disadvantages of various type of planning tools for budgetary control

Budget: It is said to be an estimation of future use that can be going to be contributed amid the time. In alternate words, it a money related arrangement for a characterized span that can comprises of arranged sales, volumes and winning, costs and also other back related angles. The spending time frame if the time which is approved to spend the capital granted and can meet the fundamental prerequisites of the organization. There are different sorts of spending which are should have been investigating by the assistance of arranging instruments. Some of them are talked about underneath:

Production Budget: After the achievement of the business spending plan, the organization dependably go for the planning of generation spending plan (Klychova and et. al., 2015). It is completely founded on aggregate expected dimension of offers, regardless of whether the organization needs to roll out any improvements in the dimension of stock. Any sort of choice with respect to the re-appropriating creation are broke down before the definition of this financial plan. In this the creation limit of each division required to be worked out and figures must be made reference to all sort of constraints.

Sales budget: A business utilizes sales spending plans to set office objectives and decide gaining and gauge creation related necessities. it is known as the administration by and large estimation of offers for up and coming budgetary day and age. It can influence both working spending plans and by and large ace spending plan of the ever bliss ventures. It has been seen that by and large, salary articulations start with sales, the planning method starts with the aggregate sales estimation. This kind of spending plans can give early adjust to the ever satisfaction in creating items according to the aggregate sales. Get the best teaching assistant level 2 coursework help from experts at the best price.

Cash budget: Assessed cost can be made on month to month, quarterly and yearly that can include nonfarm salary and costs and additionally different things. It is said to be an estimation of all money receipts and consumption that are relied upon to emerge amid a specific timeframe. It is also called as meagre arrangement ahead of time that can maintain a strategic distance from here and now decrease of money for the organization. Just by the assistance of arranging the utilization of assets inside Ever delight can be overseen appropriately. The fundamental motivation behind this money spending plan is to get ready definite of an organization's aggregate money inflows and surge amid a specific spending period. 

Budget variation: It is said to be distinction among the financial plans or baselines measure of consumption or procuring and real sum (Bennett, Schaltegger and Zvezdov, 2013). The spending change is more ideal on the off chance that the genuine spending plan is a lot higher than the financial plan or the real costs which is not exactly the predicated spending plan. A fluctuation is distinction among planned, arranged or standard cost that can be figured for the two expenses and profit.

Importance to Ever Joy enterprise:

The reasons for variety among real outcomes and the planned number are resolved to feature the regions of enhancement for the organization. Fluctuation examination bargains about as a control framework. Difference investigation manages in general examination of deviations in the planned and genuine monetary execution of Ever delight. Examination of wide deviation on key things helps the association in knowing the causes and it empowers administration to explore conceivable strategies for how such deviation can be survived.

Planning is an essential tool which is used to control many problems that rises within company. Some are mentioned below:

Scenario tool:

This is the techniques which is related to an effectual structure that assist Ever joy Enterprises to know about the upcoming scenario. Various future situations are analysed within company. Purpose of this system is to set up estimated outcomes which is different from the common known scenario. So, company can make a plan so that they tackle with the upcoming scenarios.


The results from this tool is used in risk management and process of budget. This helps Ever joy Enterprises to deal with uncertain situation by making strategic decision for future.


It is tough to develop future scenario matrix because future unsure. So, this is a difficult for Ever Joy Enterprise to make decision about future growth.

Forecasting tool:

It is the tool which is utilise to estimate upcoming trends and results of Ever Joy Enterprises by evaluating the past data. This is most essential techniques that are considered by firm to plan their future projects.


Ever joy enterprise can utilise this tool to forecast future by taking appropriate decision so that company can accomplish their objectives.


Forecasting is generally done on the basis of estimation, therefore it may be not reliable and accurate in all the situations.

Contingency tool:

Contingency tool is utilise to analyse the risk of business management which related with some certain outcomes. This assist Ever Joy Enterprise to formulate strategies that are used to overcome from various problems which may occur in upcoming time.


Contingency tool help Ever Joy Enterprises to examine uncertain business risk and strategies can be made to overcome from that issues.


Ever Joy Enterprises can not control the internal and external activities with the use of this tool as these are uncertain in nature.

LO 4

Compare how organisations are adapting management accounting system to respond financial problems

Financial governance

Administrative consistence used to depict the points that an association seek to accomplish in their actions to guarantee that they can know about and find a way to conform to related laws, arrangements and controls (Transparency, 2017). By the assistance of exact consistence, the progressions of money related issues can be decrease up to a degree. It will help with expanding most extreme changes of development that can be further useful in accomplishing by and large points and destinations. The other reason consistence is the most basic is activity, paying little mind to whether it is ensuring that it doesn't occur by following managerial consistence, or by giving verification that all basic and sensible moves were made with the activity in regard to keep any sort of occurrences. A guideline of nourishment administration is that interior partner would be educated with respect to the organization's general exercises that are done later on and any risk related in their business procedures.


Benchmarking is tool which is utilise to do comparison among two organisations to identify various ways for obtaining competitive benefits. Ever Joy Enterprises business operations key metrics are compared with another. Over performance and underperformance areas of companies are identified with this tool. Ever Joy Enterprises utilise this approach to prepare a report which are to be followed by another firms. The benchmark report is formed which is related to management of cost so that they can solve the issues of inappropriate use of money. This can be utilise by another organisation and develop the manger efficiencies for cost management.

KPI (Key Performance Indicators):

Key Performance Indicators are utilise by company to analyse and trace the factors which are essential for successful business. It focus on the functions and process of enterprises which are useful for firm to measure the performance. Manager of Ever Joy Enterprises utilise this approaches so that company can compare and set some standards which assist them to resolve financial problems that is relate to more expenditure than income. Therefore, firm create standards at each stage to monitor and control the expenses.

Comparison between Ever Joy Enterprises and Airdri.

Ever Joy Enterprises


After evaluating the situations of Ever Joy Enterprises it is identified that company is facing financial problem like uncontrollable cost. So, to overcome from this firm use benchmarking as this help them to control the cost effectively.

This company are facing the financial issues of over expenditure. So, to overcome from this Airdri use KPI as this assist to set the standard of performance by measuring them.

It utilise job costing reporting system because this report is made to keep and mange the cost records which are incurred in particular job or project. This report is also helpful to compare actual cost with budgeted costs.

Airdri use inventory management report system as this help them to prepare sales, purchase etc. reports. This report assist them to maintained the inventory at optimum level and also trace the different products to meet the demand and supply of company.


From the above, it has been reasoned that administration accounting is one of the basic angles for an association. For this reason, it is crucial to make utilization of accounting frameworks and report. Utilization of costing strategies to decide net benefit are talk about viably in the above report. Utilization of arranging apparatuses in purpose spending control is analysed appropriately. Every one of these thinks can be imperative to reach at their positive points and future development in not so distant future time.

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