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Food Safety Management


Food safety can be defined as a scientific discipline in which food is prepared and stored in appropriate manner so that it can be prevented from borne and illness. In hospitality industry it is very important to keep the eatables safe in order to ignore any type of poising that may take place by having it. For this purpose organisations hire managers and other staff in order to maintain food safety. Legal authorities of the countries have imposed different types of rules and regulations that are required to be followed by hotels and restaurants. These are food safety and hygiene acts and legislations (Ababio and Lovatt, 2015).

In this project report various topics have been discussed such as agents that cause food borne illness and the contamination, processes that can effectively prevent food spoilage and preserves it, importance of effective prevention system etc. Food management system related to hazard, safety and legislations are also been covered under this report.


1.1 Categorisation of food spoilage agents that affect food

Food Spoilage: It can be defined as the process in which food get spoiled which is not good for health and also doesn't considered as an eatable item (Aung and Chang, 2014). There are various external factor that may cause food sFood Safety Managementpoilage these are moisture, heat, oxygen etc.

Food Spoilage agents and the food that they affect:


Food items


Milk, fruits, vegetables etc.

Temperature or moisture

Bread, Meat, Processed food, Canned food items etc.


Curd, fruits etc.


Eggs, Crab, Flour etc.


Meats, Fish etc.

1.2 Methods of food preservation

Methods of food preservation and their details:

  • Drying: It is the earlier method which was used to preserve food items. Water activity is being reduced with the help of this technique which helps to ignore bacteria growth.
  • Freezing: It is the activity in which cooked food if preserved in cold storage so that it can be used later.
  • Smoking: It is a procedure that cooks flavour and preserves food exposing it to the fume from burning woods. Different type of smoking is used by hotels these are Hot, cold, roasting etc.
  • Salting and Pickling: These methods are used to reduce moisture from food items such as meat. By using this method the food can be consumed for a long period.
  • Vacuum packing: In this method different airtight packets or bottles are created. As there is no oxygen in the food that reduced the bacteria (Beske, Land and Seuring, 2014).

1.3 Evaluation of the effectiveness of food preservation methods

Food preservation: It is a process in which different types of techniques are used to preserve food items from spoiling. These methods are pickling, drying, freezing etc. Effectivenesses of all these methods are as follows:

Food preservation methods



It reduces moisture from the food items that kill the bacteria and all of them can be used for a long period.


This method is very effective because it is mainly used to preserve vitamins.


It is mainly used to preserve meat and other food items. It kills the bacteria that may spoil food and keep it fresh for a long period (Methods of food preservation,2015).

Salting and pickling

This method is mainly used to preserve vegetables so that all of them can be consumed for long period. This method is very effective because it increases the life span of a vegetable or fruit.

Vacuum packing

This technique is very effective because it stops the growth of bacteria in an airtight container or packet. Packed items can be used for a long period.


2.1 Key steps in a temperature control system

Inverlochy Castle Hotel is established in Torlundy, UK and successfully operating its business there. The manager of the hotel is concerned about the serious issues related to food safety. Management has asked the manager to prepare a report of the specific aspects of it. The report covers all the following topics (Chen and et.al., 2015).

Temperature control system: It is a system in which temperature of a particular area is being controlled or adjusted. Procedure of the system which is used in Inverlochy Castle Hotel is as follows:

  • Storage: This process is used by the hotel to store such food items that can be consumed for a long period and wont harm the health of the customers. Mainly it is used for meat, fishes and other items.
  • Defrosting: In this process the food items that are stored in cold storage are defrosted to prepare food. Main purpose of defrosting is to prevent the food from contamination and then use it for a long period.
  • Cooking: In this process the food is prepared by the staff members of Inverlochy Castle Hotel. Different types of ingredients are used by them to cook food according to the requirements of the customers.
  • Cooling: This process is is used to keep the food in cold storage for the purpose of preserving them from contamination and spoilage.
  • Reheating: In the activity the defrosted food items are reheated by the hotel staff in order to cook food and serve it to the customers.

All the above described processes are used by the hotel staff of Inverlochy Castle Hotel while cooking food and serving it to the customers.

2.2 Methods for the safe storage of food

There are various types of methods that are used by the hotel staff of Inverlochy Castle Hotel for the purpose of storing the food items safely. All of them are described below:

  • Freezing food: In this method the kitchen staff of Inverlochy Castle Hotel use big size refrigerators or cold storages to store food items so that it can be prevented from contamination and used for a long period in future.
  • Salting: In this technique some of the food items are kept in salt in order to prevent them from spoilage and bacteria.
  • Canning: This method is used in Inverlochy Castle Hotel by cooks to store food in different air tight cans where Bactria and germs cannot develop (da Cunha, Stedefeldt and de Rosso, 2014).

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2.3 Evaluation of the importance of personal hygiene in the control of food contamination

Personal hygiene refers to the process in which individuals are required to be hygienic, maintain their cleanliness and grooming of external body. In big hotels such as Inverlochy Castle it is very important for the staff members to focus on their personal hygiene so that they can control contamination of food. If it is not maintained by the staff then it may affect the food quality which is served to the guests. The managers are required to make sure that waiters and cooks are washing and drying their hands before touching or cooking the food. They are using proper caps, apron and gloves or not.

2.4 Evaluation of cleaning and disinfection as a process supporting safe food production

Cleaning and disinfection are the two main components of food safety that are required to be followed by all the hotels such as Inverlochy Castle. When the kitchen is properly clean and disinfected then it will help to ignore contamination as it will never create germs or bacteria. If kitchen or its utensils are not properly cleaned by the hotel staff and food is cooked in uncleared or unhealthy environment then it will result in highly contaminated or spoiled food. It will affect the health of the guests that are visiting the hotel (De Boeck and et.al., 2015).

2.5 Assessment of the problems associated with pest control in food premises

Pest control is a type of action which is taken by individuals to kill the pests that are spoiling their food items. Main purpose of it to remove cockroaches, small species and other insects that attracts toward the food and make it contaminated. Hotels like Inverlochy Castle have to face different types of problems that are associated with pest control. All of them are as follows:

  • It creates heath issues for human beings as it pesticides are made of harmful chemicals.
  • It is also harmful for environment because it spreads dangerous gases in the air that may harm health of visitors of hotel.

2.6 Need for hygienic design and construction of food premises

All container and premises which is being used for food planning should be cleaned and harmless food. This includes design, layout , and size of food premises that they should allow staff to clean and clear. In order to understand the needs of this Inverlochy castle has taken which includes some points:

  • To make sure Inverlochy castle hotel as well as consumer for quality of food and premises function within the law.
  • To carry out regular examination of Inverlochy castle to help meet safety policies and legislation.
  • To assure that food sold to the public is safe to consume through Hygiene rating scheme.
  • Premises must provide proper and adequate space for activities to be conducted for fitting and fixtures and instrument for food preparation (Escanciano and Santos-Vijande, 2014).
  • There should be accurate water supply if water is to be used for food premises.
  • Food premises must have sufficient mechanical ventilation system and lighting system to remove steam, smoke and fumes.

2.7 Importance of training as a quality assurance mechanism

This includes standard and regulation relating to licensing, qualification requirements, skills, quality awards, approval and quality management. This is essential for Inverlochy castle to provide training and education which is declared in the Development plan for education research, confirmed by the state Council. The importance of this covered by following some points-

  • This contains systematical management process which is adopted to make sure achievement of specified quality and improvements.
  • It gives confidence to consumer and staff that they are using their education in effective manner by providing quality of product.
  • Inverlochy castle ensures quality as perfection to sees flawless outcome or uniformity.
  • Quality assurance assures to management in terms return on investment.
  • It ensures quality in terms of fulfilling a customer's requirements or organization's goals.
  • Its main objective is to improve quality, and provide attractiveness or effectiveness training to staff and manager.

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3.1 Explain food hazard risk assessment

Currently peoples are busy in their daily life, so they don't have enough time to think about their food and it's quality. For this, hospitality organisation need to reduce the risk from various activities done in the kitchen and it includes the safety of employees who work in this sector. There are some common hazards in the commercial kitchen and also discussed how to minimise it.

  • Manual handling:- It includes the carrying and lifting heavy things which is safe for the human body it harm musculoskeletal system. To minimise these risk employee need to know about their limits of carrying weight which is not more than 25 kg, adopt proper posture and use manual equipments
  • Improper storage:- Inverlochy Castle Hotel need to store food in shelves and fridge, if food is not stored in appropriate way than it will become unsafe to eat. Than food is not able to use longer, so organisation need to store heavy items on shelves, use FIFI system, store in fridge and also check the expiry dates on regular basis (Grace, 2015).

3.2 Explain the food safety control system

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), it is an international recommended body for the food and safety management. It is focus only on critical points where food safety hazards make food unsafe for the customers to consume it. Food control system is prepared for the protection of consumer's health and also assure about the food quality in respect of international trade. This system verify the imported products quality to compare with it's national requirement. Various incidents already happen in the past regarding food safety (Zhang, and et.al., 2015). Food and consumer product safety authority will take action against unsafe food. White paper on food in a new law which protect the food and safety control. Safety control system includes food and feed control legislation, safety control policies, implementation of General food law etc.

3.3 Explain food safety guide for legislation compliance

There are some legislation who provide food safety guide which give safety of foods in the kitchen area such as:



Food Standard Act 1999

This act provide the health safety in relation to food for the consumers.

General food law

This law provide the general obligation to the hospitality sector which organisation have to follow.

Code of best practices

It provide some practices and instruction which is followed by the local authority.

  • Food Standard Act 1999:- It's main goal to protect consumers health and provide then safety from this risk. This Act provide power to to work according to it in the Inverlochy Castle Hotel. It includes the rules and responsibility for the hospitality organization to work according to it.
  • General food law: - Consumer or any person who involve in the food business need to know about these general laws. Which includes about food safety, import or export, labeling and food recall or withdrawal (Lahou, 2015).
  • Code of best practices:- These best practices include some activities or instructions which is followed by the Inverlochy Castle Hotel and they work according to it. Local authority need to implement these practices.


From the above project report it has been concluded that food safety management is very important in all the organisations that are operating business under hospitality industry. If it is not maintain by the hotels or restaurants then it may result in food poisoning, borne infection, illness, contamination, spoilage etc. All of them create health issues for individuals who have eaten unhealthy food. The large organisations should take appropriate action against these elements and follow legal requirements such as food safety act 1990.


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