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Effective Operations and Management Techniques

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss Management Techniques.
  • What is Role of manager and leader?
  • Explain Theory of leadership.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Morgan Motors


Management and operations emphasis on turning inputs into outputs with proper planning, organising along with supervising all the activities related with production, manufacturing and services (Addo-Tenkorang and Helo, 2016). These are organisational functions that assist in making necessary improvements within processes that results in higher productivity for business. For gaining insights about management and operations, Morgan Motors Company is chosen that is car manufacturer that was established in 1910 at United Kingdom. The assessment highlights information about leaders role and managers functions, application of leaders role along with managers function in context to situations and different theories and approaches. Further it includes essential operations management approaches and some of the factors that impacts decision making of managers and leaders along with operational management efficiencies.

Role of leaders and function of manager

Introduction of organisation: Morgan Motors Company was established by Henry Frederick Morgan in the year 1910. It is a well-popular brand that works in motoring sector to provide automotive vehicles by exceptionally blending heritage, suitable modern technology addition to traditional craftsmanship. The company has tradition management structure in which personnel are supervised and lead effectively to develop business. Ask for Assignment help UK from our experts!

Role of manager and leader

Manager- is the person who administers the entire organisation. The people who have powers for recruiting, hiring, organising resources, monitoring attendances, maintaining discipline, oversees workings and do performance appraisal are defined as managers. The main function or role of manager in a company is to plan activities for upcoming duration. The also perform functions to organise the team as well as materials in accordance to the set plan. In addition, managers of Morgan Motors Company executes their functions including staffing, leading, controlling and so on in effectual manner (Battini and et.al., 2016).

Leader- is the human being who possesses various combination of personality along with skills to make others following the direction provided by them. The person who have ability to convince others to perform critical workings is defined as leader. The main role of leader in a business is to lead people in the path to achieve objectives. Moreover, they performs role of facilitator in which they makes things easier for personnels and facilitates directions to process flow better together with boost productivity. Furthermore, leaders of Morgan Motor Company have roles related to decision maker, listener, strategists, harmonising workforce and change agent.

Comparison between role and characteristics of manager and leader

Basis of comparison




The one of characteristic of leader is that they are caring as they shows genuine concern along with for sincere interest for others. Moreover, leaders of Morgan Motor Company have characteristics or qualities of optimism as they have tendency for taking most cheerful along with powerful view and expects best outcomes.

Managers of any business have characteristics of huge knowledge about various field of works. Moreover, managers of Morgan Motor Company posses characteristics of understandable as they understands employees values and appreciate the contributions made by workforce.


Organisational leaders have main role of building morale as they pulls everyone together for the purpose to work for common objectives. In addition, they performs role of strategist in which various strategies are created by them for the workforce.

Managers of company executes various roles as per the designation. Human resource manager have role of recruiter in which they source required candidates for the vacant job. Further more, they also have role of administrator of company.


Leaders have power to influence people and to enforce disciplines among workforce.

Managers have power for overseeing entire organisation and making decisions for betterment of enterprise.

From the above discussion, it is examined that leaders and managers plays different roles in an organisation. For example, in Morgan Motors Company, leaders have role to influence workforce, build relationships, guide them and frame strategies. While, in the same company, managers performs roles of recruiter, delegator, administrator and many more (Bromiley and Rau, 2016).

It has been analysed that role of leaders at Morgan Motors Company includes leading people, optimists and caring. Where as, managers performs functions recruiter, administrators, understandable and coordinator. In context to managers, they applies management theory in which various functions of management are provided by Henri Fayol. These functions includes planning, organising, coordinating, commanding and controlling. However, leaders apply situational leadership concept in which they leads workforce as per pertaining circumstances.

Examining examples of the ways managerial functions and leaders role apply in distinct situational contexts.

In a business, the main pillars are leaders and managers as they properly execute their roles and functions for achieving objectives in as the set procedure. For attaining goals and executing operations systematically, leaders and managers play various roles and functions as per the situations.

Managers and the functions: The organisational personality who processes activities and manages all operations are described as managers. Various types of managers performs functions in Morgan Motors Company as per their designation and workings. For example, strategist manager have function to plan all upcoming workings and strategies for goal accomplishment. The other is human resource manager who functions to organise resources for the entity. Moreover, when business is workings towards some project then it is function of manager to organise all activities, communicate all information and coordinate with other departments.

Managerial functions in different situational contexts: In the workplace, various situations arises which managers have to handle properly. Some of functions that are applied by managers of chosen firm performs in different situations are as analysed:

  • Conflict management: When some conflicts arises among workers and management of Morgan Motors Company then managers have responsibility to resolve them by applying the suitable functions. To resolve conflicts, managers performs functions including planning function in which they makes various plans to initiate workings to pair up.
  • Launching a product: If Morgan motors is going to launch something new or new model of car then management plays an important role as they decided time, cost, promotional activity and different plans to introduce it in front of all. Moreover, managers are responsible for making sure that all processes of company which is related to launching new products are well structured.

Leaders and their roles : An individual or person who is able to understand employee's problems and give their efforts to solve them effectively is consider as leader. This assist employees to work properly by getting solutions. The main responsibility of leaders is to give assiduity on employees performance and maintain jobs systematically. In Morgan motor new products and policies are formulated by management where leader is playing a role of coordinator and supporter who guides employees to work productively and effectively. Moreover, leaders try to manage the grievances which are taking places among employer and employees.

Leaders are playing their major role in situation context: In business organisation many situation arises where leaders are required to play different roles. The role of leaders in situational context are as defined:

Launching a product: The role of leaders in context to Morgan motor is when organisation is going to launch a new car in market then it is required skilled and trained staff who can help to product such kind of product. Herein, the role which played by leader is to understand the process and provide training to employees that can help to launch the product with the help of employees and increase the productivity.

Conflict management: Conflicts are the main issue in organisation that can arise any time and needed to solve for completing task. In Morgan motor, there are conflicts between employees due to lack of engagement of some employees that creates disturbance between in organisation. In this situation, leaders are playing role of disturbance handler by assigning work between all people and get the things done in certain period of time.

The above discussion states that leaders of Morgan motor playing role of mentor and disturbance handler which helps to solve the situation and maintain good performance of company effectively.

Applying different theories and models.

Management Theories

Management Theories are a set of guidelines which guide the management in effectively managing an organisation. They are necessary for achievement of goals, targets and objectives of a firm. Morgan Motor Company which is a British manufacturer also uses makes use of these rules for management purposes (Chan and et.al., 2017).

Types of Management Theories

Classical Management Theory- According to it, workers of an organisation only have physical and economic needs. It completely disregards other social needs such as pension, job security etc. It focuses on specialisation of skills of labour, centralised decision-making and earning of maximum profit. When Morgan Motor Company has to launch a new product that is car with innovations that is new in market then it managers plays function of trainer in which they provide additional training to workers and other managers of firm must take important decisions related to quality which will ensure consumer satisfaction and ultimately maximisation of profits (Choi, Cheng and Zhao, 2016). Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

Strengths- It ensures that the efficiency of labour is maintained which ensures better productivity which will help organisation to bring innovation to its new product.

Weaknesses- It segregates employees on the basis of individual performance which reduces morale of some employees which can harm the prospects of company.

Behavioural Management Theory- It is based on the notion that the management will better understand the human aspect to employees and will treat them like assets of the organisation which will help it to achieve its goals, objectives and targets in long-run. If there is a conflict between different set of workers in Morgan Motor Company then the managers can use conflict-management techniques to resolve it so that it does not hurts the organisational prospects. Thus, it is important that management maintains unity and harmony among workers which is crucial for decision-making process.

Strengths- It helps managers in developing leadership traits such as free rein leadership which upper-level management of firm can develop by delegating decision-making task to workers to ensure quick decisions.

Weaknesses- Lack of adaptability is problem because many managers don't know how to apply this theory in different situations which can create problems for company (Fahimnia and et.al., 2019).

Contingency Theory- It states that leadership style followed by the leader should match the different situations arising in an organisation. A good leader is a person who can modify decisions on the basis of prevailing situation. Efficiency and effectiveness of management is judged by its reaction when a firm faces tough situations which demand a strong action to be taken. In the context of Morgan Motor Company, when the new car is ready and preparations are on for its launch in market then managers must provide appropriate guidelines and directions to workers so that they don't face any problems in completing their task.

Strengths- This theory is very dynamic in nature and thus helps managers of company to modify their approach according to situation and change their decisions if required.

Weaknesses- It is very complex to apply practically in organisation because it may seem simple in theory but when it comes to practical application it is not easy for managers to change their approach.

Theory of leadership

Transformational theory: In this theory, a leader executed practices after identifying requirements of the change and creates vision by inspiring and implementing change. In the situation of managing conflicts, leaders of Morgan Motor company opts this theory so that they can identify the reasons of conflicts and as per direct personnels to work in teams.

Strengths: Transformational theory promotes morale among people with better communication at the organisation.

Weaknesses: In various cases, the theory results in pressure among people and causes disruptive outcomes.

Transactional theory: It is the theory through which leaders majorly emphasize on supervision and performances by promoting compliances and providing rewards addition to punishment. At Morgan Motors Company, when managers wants to launch a product, they uses this theory as it helps them to motivate staff members through rewards to market the product and achieve successful introduction.

Strength: With the theory, leaders of the automotive firm stimulates team members in such manner that boost their productivity and creates the environment lading to achievable goals at all levels.

Weaknesses: The theory eliminates individuality and limits innovation amounts as at time of introducing a product, leaders various times when activities not workings as per plan, then becomes unyielding and rigid that hampers innovativeness of personnels.

Chaos theory

The theory that emphases more on adaptability, creativity and initiatives so to cope with future which is unknown. It is majorly opted by managers of the company so to explain complex systems that can appear randomly. In the company, conflicts are random situations that arises anytime and any place. To manage conflict situations, chaos theory is opted by the company. In this, managers analyses situations and plans further workings.

Management By objective

It is planning approach wherein administrators and stakeholders set measurable goals on the basis to which further activities are plan and implemented. In the situation of introducing product, managers of Morgan Motors Company uses the theory so that proper plans are prepared for product launching and activities are performed in coordinated manner. The strength of the approach are it helps in managing things in better manner. It also clarifying about roles of personnels so that all the activities are executed accordingly. The weaknesses of it is that it fails in giving proper guidelines to setter of objectives.

Operational management approaches along with role that leaders and managers play

Operation and management is the administration of business practices which is used by organisation to create the highest level of efficiency and satisfaction in business entity. The relation of operation and management is to converting materials in to goods and services that can help to maximize the profits (Fettermann and et.al., 2018). The management of Morgan motor company is using numerous approaches that are as defined:

Total quality management: The approach which is used to solve the problems which is related top quality of products and services is mentioned as TQM approach. This is used by Morgan motor company to improve the quality of its products that can help to attracts customers.

Role of managers: Managers of organisation plays their role by evaluating the production process, quality check and assigning the role of employees in their specialisation so they can perform well and provide better quality of cars.

Role of leaders: In this approach leader perform a role of maintaining good environment, improving product quality and providing training to employees so changes can be take places easily (Francis, Hasan and Li, 2016).

Six sigma: This is a tool or method, used by corporation to bring improvements in business process. It establishes a culture that dedicates to continuous improvement by reducing variances. This is used by Morgan motor company to detect the errors and increase the production capability with the help of skilled workforce.

Role of leader: The role of Morgan motor's leader is to focus on infrastructural activities and give power to workers for using tool and resources optimally. Moreover, leaders are responsible to follow the improving process and utilise available resources so production can be increase in organisation.

Role of manager: Morgan motor's manager are responsible for identifying the errors and its root causes then make planning to eliminate the detects which helps to create better products. Moreover, it sets management system that helps to know the problem and get them solution for better improvement (Mijumbi and et.al., 2016).

Lean Management: This approach is used to managing the organisation which assist the concept of continuous improvement and work systematically for the purpose of improving efficiency and quality by cutting cost. In context to Morgan motors, it is important to improve the quality and efficiency of company by reducing cost of raw material and irrelevant activities.

Role of leader: To improve the quality and efficiency of organisation leader of Morgan motor has to figure out the flaw in manufacturing and get a proper solution that can help to reduce waste and increase growth of company (Prevot and et.al., 2016).

Role of manager: Morgan's managers are performing their role in as they get involve staff in continuous improvement process and bring innovation to avoid or reducing wastages for attaining high profits by maintaining product efficiency (Gillen, Jacquillat and Odoni, 2016).

Corporate Social Responsibility: It is a management concept that states integration between social and environmental concerns in business operation. This is important approach which is used by Morgan motor corporation to engaging customers and employees, brand differentiation, cutting the cost and bring innovation that helps to improve organisational profits.

Role of leader: In CSR leaders are playing role as to increase the interest of employees towards sustainable society and generate extensive brand image by influencing society. Leaders are responsible to growing employee's interest and promotes its products. Get University Assignment Help Now!!

Role of manager: Manager of chosen organisation are responsible to improve the company's reputation by engaging with customers and employees in business activities. Moreover, managers innovate new products and services by participating in CSR activities (Ravinder and Kollikkathara, 2017).

Stakeholders analysis

Stakeholder analysis is consider as a tool which is used by management to know the interested investors. In Morgan motors, there are many stakeholders who interest and power are mentioned below:

















High power, high interest: This involves managers and leaders who are having high interest and power in organisation. Such as managers of Morgan motor make essential decision that is impacting positively because it has high interest and power in business activities.

High power, less interest: In context to Morgan motor, government is having less interest but high power who formulates policies to run a business.

Low power, high interest: In context to Morgan motor, employees are having low interest and low power because they works only for getting fixed amounts so they do not give extra efforts to increase productivity.

Low power, less interest: This grid states, customers are having low interest and power that affects the productivity of Morgan motor because number of auto maker are available in market. This can limits the customers to make decision regarding purchasing cars that is impacting negatively.

Importance along with values of operations management to achieve objectives of business.

Operation and management are important for business enterprises that involves planning, organising, directing and controlling the operations in order to make profits (Matthias and et.al., 2017). Morgan motor that is car manufacturing company using operation management to improve the quality and profitability of organisation. The importance of operation management are as defined:

Product quality: The quality of products is important for organisation and customers as it influence people and make decision to buy products. Operation and management is important for Morgan motor as it helps to improve the quality of cars which is manufactured by company. In this, leaders develop the quality standards for manufacturing department and match quality that helps to provide qualitative products (Hitt, Xu and Carnes, 2016).

Waste reduction: The next important element is waste reduction which is possible through only operation management. The leaders of Morgan motor company uses proper technique and tool in order to cut down wastages with the help of operation management and motivate employees to work properly.

Revenue increases: Customer satisfaction is important for organisation which helps to increases sale and profitability of a company. For this purpose Morgan motor is using operation management which is important for organisation as manager understand the needs of customers and bring innovation in order to develop new products. It attracts customers that enhances to buy products and services resulting profits maximisation (Kopardekar and et.al., 2016).

Assessment of business environment factors that impacts operational management addition to decision making through managers and leaders.

In Business era, there are many factors that influences decision of leaders and managers in business organisation. In context to Morgan motor company, there are many factors which affects decision of leaders and managers of that are as explained:

Organisational Culture: The culture of any enterprises reflects on the personality, style, underlying beliefs, values and different ways of attracting that influences leader's and manager's decision. Morgan motors is a auto mobile company that is having huge amount of operations where managers make decisions according to organisation size and culture which helps to accept changes accordingly. Herein, leaders implement the changes according to changing culture and style of people that helps to run operations smoothly.

Organisational Ethics: Ethics are related to behaviour and manners which responds to the external environment. In other words, it is set of rules and and principles in which people are behaving in different ways and attaining business goals. This affects the decision of Morgan motor manager as to maintain the good behaviour and relationship with employees by sharing information that helps to complete the task. On the other side, leader of chosen company ensures that all business activities are running ethically and collectively that helps to maintain organisational productivity and profitability (Saucedo-Martínez and et.al., 2018).

Organisational sustainability: This is another external factor which influences leader's and manager's decision in order to increase productivity and profitability. The sustainability of any organisation depends on the size, nature and operation of business where management make decisions to improve the profitability. For instance, the management of Morgan motor understand the needs of people and make planes to provide kind of product that can satisfy the customers which helps to sustain in competitive environment. Moreover, for sustaining leaders provide training and development programme to employees that helps to produce products accordingly and satisfying customers.


From the report it can be concluded that operation management is important for organisation that helps to improve the productivity and profitability of company. Leaders are those people who understand the problem of employees and give them suggestions that helps to complete the task. Managers are those people who decide goals and make plans to attain the business objectives. Operation and management is important for business organisation as it helps to increases the revenues, improve quality of products and reduces the wastages from manufacturing process.

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