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Basic Concepts of Performance Management of Starbucks

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Table of Content

Organization Selected : Starbucks


Development is indispensable in a firm for rapid growth in a competitive business environment. Thus, it is necessary to maintain continuous development of individuals, organizations, and working teams in regard to creating efficient outcomes out of the operated actions (Belbin, 2012). It is requisite for an organization manager to aid the people of the company, lead personnel and direct their operations to achieve their set targets and goals. This report is associated with Starbucks which is an international coffee chain and an American Coffee company that was enlisted as one of the largest coffee chains worldwide. The assessment will discuss various knowledge, skills, and behavior i.e. required for an HR professional. This will also evaluate personal skills audit technique, training, and development along with individual and organization learning for further development of the organization. This will also assess the role of high-performing working within a company. Basic concepts of performance management and its various approaches will also be elaborated to understand how this help organization in sustainable development and better outcome in a company.

LO 1 Determine the appropriate and professional knowledge, skills, and behaviours that are required by HR professionals in an organization

Generally, human resources refer to the administration of employment legislation in regard of dealing with firing and retirements practices. Therefore, human resource manager has significant role in the administration of personnel of workplace. Starbucks is a large company which mainly focus on more satisfied workplace in order to provide effective service delivery to their consumer (West and et. al., 2014). HR of organisation will need some specific skills, knowledge and skills in order to provide improved productivity and a better workplace to Starbucks which is mentioned as below:

Skills Required by HR:

  • Communication skills: This is one of mandatory functional skills which should have in HR professional as they are accountable for creating proper communication among worker and organisation. Human resource manager of Starbucks should be a good communicator to elaborate all policies and information of organisation to personnel, conduct reviews deliver presentation to employee and direct meditation.
  • Decision-making skills: Human resource manager is liable for undertaking essential decision of an organisation from resolving disputes among worker to recruiting and training them. Therefore, it is fundamental for HR of Starbucks to have good critical thinking capabilities and decision making skills to manage negative consequences and take appropriate decision.

Behaviour Required by HR

  • Ethical Behaviour: Starbucks's HR professional sets the structure of conflict resolution whether among organisation or its employee. Hence, they are liable for managing personal information and handling sensitive problems of company. Thus, HR manager should have ethical behaviour to corporate with issues so that future conflicts can be avoided before their emergence (Mahembe and Engelbrecht, 2014).
  • Confidentiality: HR manager should be more confidential in behaviour to manage work activities, policies and worker information within Starbucks only.

Knowledge Required by HR

  • Contract Law and other legislation: Knowledge of legal codes, contract law court procedure, precedents etc. are essential to have within an HR professional of Starbucks in order to appropriately creating policies, functions workplace and manage the ethical practices in more authentic manner (Berry, 2011)
  • Personnel Management: Information of personnel management, workforce planning and resourcing, training and development etc. are significant for HR manager of Starbucks to focus on collaborative working and effective outcome along with productive work environment in company.

Personal skills audit to identify appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviours and develop a professional development

A key information piece that an organisation requires is to consider what knowledge, qualities and skills their personnel have. Thus, skill audit can be defined as the process which can be opted to set the gap qualification and skills in an organisation (Swanwick and McKimm, 2017). As an HR professional of Starbucks, i should continuously conduct proper skill audit to match the skills and qualities which is needed in the company within an HR. Here is mentioned a skills analysis of my own through using SWOT analysis mentioned as follow:

SWOT analysis



  • I have all required technical skills and knowledge and needed skills of related work which is my strength as an HR professional.
  • I have also effective writing skills that are helpful in performing HR related written work such as email formation, documenting paper, formal writing communication etc.
  • I am not good at making effective communication which is essential for managing ER and proper interaction as an HR officer.
  • I should work on my decision making abilities in regard of maintain effective work environment (Bolman and Deal, 2017).
  • I dearth at management and administration skills that are one of indispensable skill of a human resource manager of Starbucks for managing workplace and related work operations effectively.



  • Upcoming training program can lead to better learning which can enhance my skills.
  • My patient behaviour can lead to opportunities in future that can direct to better learning.
  • My short-tempered nature can be considered under my threat as this can restrain the learning.
  • My slow learning process is also one another threat that can be obstacle for me.

Thus, it can affirm from the above notion that i am good at writing and technical skills i.e. essential for an HR professional of organisation such as Starbucks. On the other side, i need to focus on development of numerous skills such as decision making, communication and administration skills which are needed to improve to be a good HR professional (Mahembe and Engelbrecht, 2013). Hence, in regard of improving these skills, i can use PDP technique to i.e. discuss as below:

Personal Development Plan: This refer to the procedure of designing an action plan related with panning, awareness, values and goals setting for individual improvement for self-improvement, relationship and career education etc. In this report, for accomplishing the basic skills of Starbucks of HR, i have opted this method to improve some certain weaknesses of my including decision making, management and communication skills elaborated as below:

OBJECTIVES: What do I want/need to learn?

What will I do to achieve this? Or What resources or support will I need?

What would be the hurdles in achieving my goals

What will my success criteria be? / How the progress will be monitored? (workshop feedback, class feedback, tutor feedback, by applying to work etc)

Target dates for review and completion

Management Skills

It is one of most crucial skills which a human resource manager requires for effective, i need to improve these skills through assistance of seniors worker to administrate workforce inn more efficient manner (Duffield and Whitty, 2015).

Dearth of practice, dearth of workplace administration

Senior worker evaluation and feedbacks undertaking management decisions.

Within 15 days.

Communication Skills

This is indispensable for human resource manager to have good interaction skills as he/she is liable for creating link between organization and its workforce. I will require proper practice of communicating and training as need to take training and practice to communicate more and more to meet the requirement.

Hesitation, Dearth of confidence and actions in process of learning.

By peer review, colleague responses and results.

2 Months.

Decision-making Skills

Human resource manager are accountable for resolving issues of workplace and HR is liable for avoiding such issues that can lead to negative consequences (Wellin, 2016). I require developing my decision making through handling, controlling and managing conflicts arise in workplace.

Wrong judgments can be major obstacles in development and can lead to dearth of confidence in decision making later on.

Through evaluation of performance at working environment and review of colleagues.

1 month

LO 2 Overview of organization

Starbucks Cor. is one of most popular American Coffee Company and chain of coffeehouse which was initially established in Seattle, Washington in year1971.The organisation operates its business in more than 28,218 spread worldwide (Duffield and Whitty, 2015). This is considered key representatives of second wave coffee, primarily distinguishing themselves from other venues of coffer serving in United Stated through quality, taste and experience of consumer while popularising for their darkly roasted coffee. The restaurants serves old and hot drinks, whole beans coffee which consist of numerous products such as caffe latte, espresso, loose and full led tea etc. Also this evolved several juices, Frappuccino, snacks, La Boulandge Pastries etc. that are specific as per locality and are seasonal. The coffee cafe is popular for its products and service quality and its consumer experience which they provide along with the quality of their beans.

In this report, learning of their team members, development of workplace and engagement of worker is promote along with their benefits which Starbucks can opt for their better efficiency and keep sustaining in the market. Get the best online programming assignment help from Ph.D. experts at an affordable budget.

Differences between organisational and individual learning, training and development

Organizational learning: Organizational learning is the procedure of transferring knowledge, retaining, and creating within an enterprise. An enterprise improves their profit as it increases their knowledge and experience. Knowledge is build at four disparate units: organizational, group, inter-organizational and individual. The easiest way to estimate organizational learning is a learning curve (West and Lyubovnikova, 2013).

Individual learning: Individual learning is a particular program or planning of education or training that takes reflection in the student's weakness and strength. Individual learning plan used by a single person on their posses or a group of interest. Starbucks estate that persons are more interested to perform better activities that similar to their learning styles.

The company optimise both approaches for their team, individual and whole company's development to prosper and thrive toward success (Chaskalson, 2011). Here are mentioned some of the basic difference between both of these approaches:

Organizational learning

Individual learning

Organizational learning is a section of a course. When staffs develop and teach then, company itself develops and learn.

Individual learning is a work-based, self-directed process. Learning and working are interconnect and getting more involved in daily activities.

Individual learning in Starbucks deals with individual improvement and their skills enhancement.

Organisation learning in Starbucks whereas copes up with entire requirement for change of enterprise which basically done due to competing requirements within the market business.

Individual learning generally focus over each individual's development that is carried out for their skills, abilities and behaviour of people to improve their overall personality.

Organisation learning basically focus over entire company's development and skills improvement of organisation to meet standard outcome and achieve vision. This does not focus over each individual's development.

Hence, this can be claimed from the above analysis that both are essential learnings for Starbucks in which one assist them in developing their workplace whereas other leads to organisation development, better outcome and improved sustainability along with the company's skills and capabilities (Sessa and London, 2015).

Training: Training is learning or developing for individual and others, any knowledge and skills that related to particular useful knowledge. Training has particular targets of improving individual's capacity, performance, capability, and productivity. In introduction to the primary training needs for a profession, trade, and occupation, training is a requirement element which supports learning of Starbucks's employee. Company use this technique to support the skills and qualities development of workers of organisation to deliver organisation and individual learning.

Development: Development is a procedure that creates economic, progress, positive modification of physical, environmental and growth, demographic and social components (Darling-Hammond and McLaughlin, 2011). Development is a process of being developed that can simply define as an establishing a new stage in any situation. There is huge difference between both terms development and training as this is provided to worker which are loyal to organisation for their long term learning. Here is discussed the key difference between both of the terms mentioned as follow:





Training is a learning procedure in which workers get a chance to improve their knowledge, skills, and competency as the job necessity.

Development is a learning process which is apprehensive general growth of the workers.


Training is provide to workers for short- term.

Development is a long-term process.

Focus on

Training focus on present knowledge and skills of a workers.

Development focus on future growth and development of an organization.


Training is a job-oriented.

Developing is a career-oriented.


In training, the trainer give motivation to trainee so that they can give their best to the organization.

In development, an employee motivates individuals to learn more things.


To improvise the work performance of a staff.

For preparing staff for future hurdles.

Need for continuous learning and professional development to drive sustainable business performance

Continuous professional development simply means to pursuing and documenting of talent and experience which helps the professional to enhance their creativity. This is the reflection of individual's learning, experience then execute (McKenzie, van Winkelen and Grewal, 2011). Management of Whirlpool is required to have consistent learning in order to have the best life demands. Continuous learning at workplace covers over-viewing of re-assessing theories, tools, practices, values and individual's experience. Management is required to improve its workplace by inserting new standards. For executing this, there is a need to implement continuous learning system along with professional development approach. Hereunder, there are some of the CPD procedures mentioned:

Make Employees for Unexpected: This kind of learning style helps workers of Whirlpool for executing unbelievable changes. Via continuous learning, firm could smoothly run operations and also grab opportunities from the market.

Improve brand reputation: At constant learning, management of the cited company could enhance and emerge their operations and started to get recommendation gathered from the market. It also enables to get opportunities for learning new skills.

This enables opportunities to prosper and learn new knowledge and skills accordingly.

Competence direct to confidence: There is diverse learning which provides an effective viability that would enhance workers confidence. Moreover, management of the cited company face challenges which would enable to explore new creativity for competing its competence.

Sustain in market: CPD assist the cited company for sustaining their reputation in the competitive market and stick under the appliance industry (DuFour and DuFour, 2013). For operating effectively, company needs to cooperate the market ad pace up with the trend and technology. Whirlpool is required to learn approaches in order sustain in the market.

Henceforth, it is useful for the firm to implement CPD learning process in the workplace for meeting competitive outcome and learning advance competences.

Understanding of how HPW contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantage

The concept of high performance working assists the workers to keep motivated and committed toward work. This is an approach to manage company that focus on inspiring more effective employee involvement and commitment in order to attain higher performance working level. This is designed to enhance worker discretionary action put into their performance to entirely optimise skills that an organisation possesses (Duffield and Whitty, 2015). Generally, this method is about improving a culture which has open lines, more transparency and open interaction among workers. It is all about dissolving traditional hierarchal framework which numerous organisation still opt and beside this, develop a flat framework where employee are more engaged, committed and share common vision and commitment of Starbucks. There are mentioned some of high performance outcome which lead to worker engagement and create competitive edge:

  • Better employee behaviour: Employee become responsible for improving the products, services and procedure of Starbucks in their high performance working environment (Hu and Liden, 2011). The culture promotes the vision which is beneficial for organisation as well as their workers. Thus, it emphasise over innovative practices and creative ideas along with worker opinions which overall enhance the outcome productivity and engagement of worker in Starbucks's practices.
  • Effective Cooperation: Employee of Starbucks under HPW coordinates with their members of team, internal and extrinsic individuals of organisation including supplier, consumer and colleagues (Esposito, Berlin and Lal, 2012). It opens creative activities in Starbucks and develop effective value chain which can assist in efficient operation functioning and increase their competitive edge. Entire practices are operated in context of their worker to develop their engagement in workplace activities which lead to value added services delivery and competitive advantage to organisation.
  • Effective financial results: Achieving high performance culture lead to enhancement in financial outcomes through delivering the best services and gaining consumer as well as employee loyalty toward the brand (Ruch, 2011). Hence, Starbucks can meet optimum results through performing effective operations and attain the competitive edge relatively.

Hence, it can see that high performing culture and workplace of Starbucks promote not only organisation in meeting their standard outcome but also aid organisation in earning employee loyalty and enhancing employee engagement in the workplace activities that lead to better outcomes. This is the cause why Starbucks in one of the popular Coffee chain worldwide.

Different approaches to performance management (e.g. collaborative working)

Performance management is refer to the procedure optimised for developing entire worker performance concerning to definite target of organisation. An effective and efficient performance administration play significant role in enterprise like Starbucks and managing their employee (7 Reasons Why Continuous Learning is Important, 2017). More interaction is the core impact of this approach along with power forces, team and relations among members that work to accomplish the task outcome. Key purpose of this is to develop the performance, productivity, gain worker loyalty, retention, create clear accountability and cost benefits within Starbucks as this is essential to meeting standard benchmark to achieve success (Ford, 2014) (Hsu and et. al., 2012).

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Need of Performance Management

It is one of the essential management approaches which is required for efficient time and energy investment of organization. One of the most essential cause of opting this method in Starbucks is that this help in attaining better return on investment of company. There are numerous benefits of using performance management approach as this is an effective tool to monitor he issues which are incurring emerging in organization. It also help in carry out focused appraisal, effective goal setting and create transparent workplace within organization..

Types of Performance Management

  • Collaborative Working: As per this technique, the workforce performs at its best ad deliver more efficient outcome out of their performed practices (Mosadeghrad, 2015). In this, members of team perform their work in collaborative way for attaining their targeted outcome (Flint, Zisook and Fisher, 2011). To meet the shared commitment, goals and vision and establish more transparent communication, this approach is more suitable for organization like Starbucks. The approach also promotes innovative and productive work as well as worker engagement in decision making procedure.
  • Behavioral approaches: Under this, administration framework lies on the concept that a company can get accurate staff working level grounds on advisable behavior verification. Worker at Starbucks receive direct appreciation or clarification of their expected attribute. Various certain procedure are followed in this report for e.g. such worker can be expected to meet the designed flow charts, routines that aims to improve Starbucks‘s worker decision making.
  • Attribute approaches: This approach aims on the particular business scope which consist of numerous attributes and behavior believed which are suggestible for achieving success Attribute approach can be refer to determination of many knowledge, skills and qualities i.e. assessed to pursue accomplishment in Starbucks. This focus on measurements goals and outcome of objectives performed in workplace by teams.
  • Comparative approaches: This method consists of ranking an employee's performance in context of their other worker (Holden and et. al., 2012). Few techniques of this approach are forced distribution method, graphic rating measurement, paired comparison etc. The technique is outlined in incurrence of Starbucks within a certain staff group associated with specific work profile.

After studying entire mentioned approach, this can state that Starbucks, in order to support employee engagement should focus on collaborative performance management approaches as this offers motivation of employee, emphasize on better efficiency, environment, quality of work and assist in sharing same vision to meet the set outcome.


This can propound from the above mentioned report that it is requisite for an organisation to improve their individual, team and company itself in order to sustain in market and achieve competitive edge. An HR is one of the crucial players of an organisation who is liable for handling and managing enterprise's personnel and related practices. Hence, there are certain skills, behaviour and knowledge which are essential within the individual to perform the respected functions and roles of company. In order to identify weaknesses and strengths, an individual can use personal skill audit method. To improve indentified drawbacks, personal development plan is effective process which can help one in improving the weaker areas within determined period of time. Also, through creating high performance working environment and culture, a firm can maximise their potential outcome and can get optimum utilisation of resources. Using an effective performance management, enterprise can assess their current skills and enlarge their outcome by reaching to the standard outcome.

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