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Assignment on Quality Management


Project quality management is the process of ensuring quality of the project in order to satisfy needs of sponsors. It includes proper planning, monitoring, controlling and assurance so that desired quality can be achieved. In the intense competitive environment, it becomes essential for the manager to manage project well and maintain quality, especially in the complex global projects or geographical dispersed proposals (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017). Current study will discuss project quality management plan that helps the manager to maintain adequate standard and control in order to manage global teams in the project. Report will describe cultural awareness and legal issues that are faced by manager while dealing with global teams in projects.


Quality management is the ongoing process that measures the quality and avoids poor quality output. It ensures that manager has ability to anticipate situation and gaining desired results. Sphere standard of projects are applied across the world that aims to raise quality and maintain standards. These standards are same in each country that helps the manager in dealing with global team members (Harrison and Lock, 2017). Global projects can be defined as the transnational projects in which various people from different countries work together in order to complete the project. These global virtual team members are culturally diversified and belong from different geographical areas. In such condition, it becomes difficult for the project manager that to make coordination with each team members well and make them understand with their responsibilities. Binder, (2016) stated that global team have not work together before to this project thus, they do not know about other team members well. In order to maintain the trust among all involved person manager enhance communication among them so that they interact with each other well and perform their work effectively (Managing global projects, 2010).

Project quality plan is considered as set of activities that supports manager in making effective planning, executing and completing the entire project with desired quality. The main agenda of quality management plan is to identify standards and expectation of the sponsors so that activities can be designed accordingly (Heagney, 2016). This helps the person in managing projects well ad delivering high standards values so that stakeholders can feel satisfied. Project manager ensure that proper resources get available and people get required training so that they can perform their work effectively. Project quality management plan involves input that requires to execute this plan, tools and techniques for performing and ensuring output. In the input phase of planning, manager prepare risk register and stakeholder register (Hill, Jones and Schilling, 2014). Both these documents help the manager in identifying expectation of the stakeholders with the project and required standards. Risk register helps in analysing the potential risk that can be arisen while working on the international projects. Furthermore, individual has to maintain documentation, process etc. Once input has been decided, then manager looks at the tools and techniques that are required to complete the project with desired quality (Boss and Krauss, 2014). In this respect, managers involves bench-marketing criteria, cost benefit analyses so that it can ensure that project get required quality.

Quality management plan have several key components:

  • Quality objective
  • Project deliverables and process
  • Standards
  • Quality control
  • Role and responsibility of each team members
  • Quality tools
  • Quality control and assurance

Quality Management Plans (QMP) plays significant role in managing standards and controlling. It supports in managing global teams well in the projects (Managing global projects, 2010). By preparing the QMP, manager ensures that what activities and resources are required to complete the entire global project with required quality, accordingly individual makes communication with the global team members so that they understand their responsibilities and perform it well. Newton, (2016) argued that cultural difference create the big difficulty for the managers in order to control over the projects and manage global team members. As in such international projects people from different countries are involved. They all have various cultures and values. Quality management plan is being prepared in a standard template. This set standard supports the manager in making all stakeholders and team members aware with the objective of project and what they have to do in the proposal. This helps in minimizing confusion and making them aware with the standards so that they can perform their work as per these benchmarks (Managing global projects, 2010).

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Complex or large projects requires effective team work and good communication. If there are team members from one place then it becomes easy to conduct meetings and convey the message but in the global projects when staff members from different nations are involved then it is difficult for the manager to get quick answers and have good interaction. Cultural awareness plays significant role in this respect (Bourne, 2016). That assists the manager in making proper communication between these global team members so that no confusion take place and each person can perform well.

Template of quality management plan is globally accepted thus, whenever project manager has to deal with global team members, then person can communicate with them through this quality plan. This makes clear understanding regarding standards, objective, time length, responsibilities etc. (Muller, 2017). Thus, confusions can get minimized and people can perform well in the global projects. But there are essential requirements to be aware with the cultural aspects of global team members. As each person is belonged from different country and have different beliefs, values, language and cultures. When it comes to execute the project management plan then manager has to make effective coordination with global team. Ifs person is unaware with their cultural aspects then individual may get failed to make them understand the basic requirements carefully. In such condition, project may get failed to achieve its objective. Thus, it is very important to have cultural awareness for the culturally diversified team members so that effective interaction can be held (Savolainen and Ahonen, 2015). This helps in making them understand with their responsibilities and communicating the quality management plan, standards well. Moreover, it assists in achieving the required standards and maintaining quality as well.

Newton, (2016) stated that while managing the global projects' and working with the international team members, it is essential for the manager that follow all legal aspects properly. Before involving these global team members in the proposal, they have to complete all legal documentation so that no further complications get arisen. Legal issues impact on the entire project and its quality to great extent. It is very important that manager critically examine global business environment for applicable geographical regions so that project can be managed well. Project quality management plan helps the manager in ensuring the ways through which manager can manage global team well in the global projects (Managing global projects, 2010). QMP ensures conducting regular meetings, ensuring all legal documentations, web meetings, so that quality of the project can be measured and individual can make effective control over working of global virtual team. Quality management plan ensure that what kind of quality is required in this project and what are the main benchmarks so that project manager can manage global projects well (Project Quality Management, 2017).

Quality management plan explains deliverable quality standards, satisfaction level, process quality standards, stakeholder’s expectations and quality assurance activities. Project deliverables and process is used in the quality management plan that helps in reviewing quality of the global projects so that required quality can be maintained (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017). It assists in making effective control over the quality standards so that desired results can come out. Deliverable quality standards are the essential measures that support in determining success of the project. These deliverables assist the project manager in identifying necessary activities so that overall goal of the project can be achieved. Customer satisfaction is another major component that define desired output. If project manager consider the factors that can satisfy consumers of the project then it helps the manager in evaluating the success of the project and measure it against the criteria. Quality management plan ensure quality standards (Binder, 2016). This planning supports in reviewing the current process and making necessary changes in the plan so that overall quality of the project can be maintained. This plan assist project manager in making global team aware with the necessary standards so that they work accordingly. With the assistance of stakeholder expectation in the quality management plan manager ensure the needs of stakeholder and examine the effectiveness of entire process. That is the tool which assists manager in making effective control over activities and verifying the out of deliverables against standards (Hill, Jones and Schilling, 2014). If you want to score the best grades in your HND assignment writing service without undergoing the stress of deadlines, plagiarism, or missing any guidelines, then turn to our experienced writers.

Whenever manager has to deal with global team then, this quality management plan helps the person in ensuring the standard that is requited and guiding the team members well. Involving people in the project is the very important task, project manager has to ensure that manager recruit skilled people in the project those who have necessary skills to complete the project in effective manner (Muller, 2017). Quality management plan assists in identifying skills required in the person so that right people can get involved from different geographical locations. This assist in making effective coordination with all team members in a standard language so that confusion can be minimized. Project quality plan is able to achieve standards and making control over global teams.

QMP is able to monitor quality system and checking entire projects well. Project manager has responsibility to make effective coordination with all team members. For that, it is very important to have good knowledge about culture of virtual team members and legal issues that can arise while working on global projects (Harrison and Lock, 2017). It helps the people in designing activities properly and managing all task well. Quality circles encourage the global team members to provide their suggestions in order to complete the project as per the standards. This assist in developing communication among all team members and manager become able to minimize the communication gap.

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If the manager is well aware with cultural and legal issues in the global team then it will help in educating people and making effective planning so that quality of the project can remain maintain throughout the project (Hill, Jones and Schilling, 2014). Quality management plan helps in analysing issues that can arise in the proposal and recognizing resources so that legal issues can be minimized and project can be completed on time with desired quality. One of the major issue that is faced by project manager is that staff members has no knowledge about the requirement of the project and scope. But through quality management plan manager can analyses skill gap and can ensure that individual provide proper training to staff members by considering their cultural aspects so that people can raise their skills and can perform well in the project (Savolainen and Ahonen, 2015). That helps manager in completing project with desires quality and maintaining the standards. Sometimes, due to cultural difference and legal issues, global team members face difficulty in working in the proposal. If manager has adequate knowledge about the cultural values and believes of individuals, he can design activities in such manner so that issues can be minimised and entire project can achieve their quality (Bourne, 2016).


From the above report, it can be concluded that global projects are the large proposal in which managers involve team members from different locations. All these people have never worked together. In such conditions, Tourism dissertation topics become difficult to make coordination among them and gain desired results. Quality management plan supports the manager in measuring the quality that is required in the project and identifying skills required for the same. Moreover, it guides in designing activities well so that quality can be maintained and expected results can come out. Cultural awareness and having knowledge of legal issues are the ways through which manager can enhance coordination and can manage the global team well.


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