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Human Resource Management (Assignment 2)

University: Blackburn College

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Question :

This assessment will guide you through:

  • Elaborating about analysis of diversity
  • Explaining about the frameworks and their implications on stakeholders
  • Contribution for researcher, managers and policy makers in the analysis 
Answer :
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In simple words, the meaning of diversity means recruiting individuals who belongs to diverse background The following report is based on article diversity in workplace (Chuah, 2013). This report makes analysis of diversity with regrads to its advantages and disadvantages. This report gives brief summary on diversity and also identifies findings which are based on this article. At last, it evaluates the article's models, frameworks and their implications on this models on stakeholders along with contribution of this article for improving knowledge of managers and policy makers.

1) Article review

  • To Identify workplace diversity
  • To manage a diversified workforce effectively
  • To know the Advantage of diversity at the workplace
  • To identify Organization factors which influences diversity

The main audiences of this article are those organizations who are growing rapidly. There are various advantages of diversity at the workplace but it also creates various types of conflicts such as misunderstandings arise among employees regarding their culture and value. Organization has to develop skills so that they can manage problems which arise due to diversity (Chuah, 2013). If company is able to handle diversity problems then it will be helpful in increasing job satisfaction and motivating employees to perform better which will assist the entity in improving their productivity and profitability. This article also focuses on contrary types of organizational factors which can influence diversity such as gender, age of individuals. It also emphasizes on various strategies to increase workforce diversity (Chuah, 2013). It also focuses on different types of ways which creates positive effects of on job performances. It helps to of employers for encouraging workplace diversity.

b. Brief Summary

In the recent year, workplace diversity has become one of the most frequent topics in the management circles. In simple words, diversity means allow different types of employees in who are belong to diverse background (Chuah, 2013). This approach helps the entity to bring innovation in its tasks so that they can easily increase customer satisfaction. There are different types of organization who has adopted geographical diversity by using different ways such as diversity initiatives, hiring employees who belong diverse background.

It also conducts sort of diverse training for its employees. However, most of these practices show inconsistency. Entities are not providing enough training to their employees and due to this they are facing many issues to maintain diversity (Chuah, 2013). According to the requirements of management, there is also lacking of resources such as human resource manage is not able to manage, firm is also facing problems regarding to finance. There is also lack of information regarding the usae diverse management within the business firm. Managers of organization are not able to influences employees for adopting diversitys. . In many organizations, it was found that they are unable to solve those problems which arise due to diversity such as conflicts in between workers.

There are many organizations which are trying to improve diversity in society such as EU European Union has pioneered efforts to achieve gender equality in the corporate (Chuah, 2013). In many countries, it was noticed that gender equality has been improved and women are also receiving equal opportunities in many fields such as education, politics etc. If business firm allows diversity at work place then they can develop creativity and innovation in its projects (Chuah, 2013). It also assists the company to fulfill requirements of the customers so that the firm can easily maintain long term growth with its consumers. Diversity polices should be aligned with organization missions and vision so that the workers can easily contribute in the jobs and understand their duties. Business firm careful implements polices (Chuah, 2013). Practices include such as increases productivity of workers, improve their communication gap and make them able to respect each other culture and values. Diversity at the workplace is helpful in increasing professional efficiency of the individualsd. The profitability of the firm increases as well as wide variety of skills and techniques is useful in solving different problems. When effectively managed, diversity brings in a lot of progress. The leaders have to be effective enough in handling and controlling diversity.

C. Findings

The article is based on diversity in workplace. As per my findings, there are many advantages and disadvantages in adopting diversity (Chuah, 2013). On one side, this approach helps the company in improving quality and performance and on the other hand it creates many conflicts among employees if it is not implemented correctly. In the present era, there are many entities which are adopting different types of diversity practices such as hiring employees from various geographical areas, providing training to employees and adopting practices like respecting each other cultures and values (Chuah, 2013). With the help of this approach, companies can improve their performance and also they can serve quality products to its customers. There are various types of diversity practices which can be used by the corporation such as giving equal opportunities to women employees, hiring workers from diverse backgrounds and conducting many other activities which motivate the workers to respect each other culture. All these practices help the firm to develop their products and services (Chuah, 2013). When employees belong to diverse backgrounds at workplace it helps the entities in understanding their customers’ needs from different perspectives and also helps in attracting global consumers in its business. However, there are also some disadvantages and issues which are faced by the management (Chuah, 2013).

Managers of company adopt different types of polices for implementing diversity at the workplace but they fail in making successful execution of these policies. It gives rise to many conflicts within entity's workplace (Chuah, 2013). Issues which are faced by the management are culture barriers. Workers of companies fail to adapt each other cultures.

Individual who belongs to different geographical backgrounds are also unable to do the work effectively. Persons face issues like communication problems, languages problems. All these problems because the management is not able to provide the required training to its employees.

Therev is t lacking of proper resources locations within workplace. At international level, there are various types of organization which are making efforts in adopting diversity and promoting at each level (Chuah, 2013). For example, European Union is pioneer for providing gender equality in every organization. There are also various types of tools available which assist the entity in adopting diversity. (Chuah, 2013). With the help of this approach, workers can easily evaluate their contribution in the company.

d) Analysis

In this article, there are various types of frameworks and models that have been used. In many countries, there are various types of bills and laws that have been passed to promote diversity at the workplaces. In 2011, Malaysia's Ministry succeeded in passing an amendment to the 2004 regulation in which theysated that requiring 30% female directors on board in public sectors and with the helps of this law in 2016 entities in Malaysia achieved this targets. In 2012, in Philippines a bill is also passed which aims to protect women employees from discrimination in all areas such as wages, salary and employees benefits (Chuah, 2013). This law helps to many women employees for receiving fair wages and giving similar employees benefits which are received by other male workers. There are many evidences has been found regrading to this if individual receives fair and equal opportunities they it improved their job performances and also motivate to them for presenting better work (Chuah, 2013). In china there is special frame work has been established for people with disabilities. As per this law entity need to provide employment to those employees who ar suffering from physical disabilities and reserved 1.5 % job for them. The Fair Pay Act, promotes such practices in which employers must maintain report job categories and pay scales and it should be reviewed by Equal Opportunity Commission. This framework works aid to employees to suit file against to employers if any discrimination is faced during in job or workplaces.

EU is become pioneered to make efforts to achieve gender parity in corporate management (Chuah, 2013). This steps show positive impacts in many countries such as Asian counties in where participation of women in progressively increases and also provides helps to persons with disables. In Turkey 2012, a bill has been passed in which prohibited sexual harassment for both fultime and part- time employees. It provides to Turkish workers for receiving equal rights and improve morale practices at workplaces (Chuah, 2013). All these frameworks supports to workers for receiving their rights and improves work performances of employees. These laws also protected to individuals for be inf exploited through at their workplace.

2. Contributions

Diversity in workplace make significant contribution for researcher, managers and policy makers. These concepts not only helps to individuals but also helps to many organizations and society for making their life better. This article helps to researchers foe conduction research on diversity (Chuah, 2013). On the basis on their research different types of new theories and frame work has been designed. This article helps to researchers for adopting new polices and also assist to the for conducting further research in diversity field (Chuah, 2013). Through this article researchers can also make different types new theories which assist to society to understand importance of diversity. It makes people aware regrading diversity and make available different types of resources.

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Diversity in workplace helps to mangers for making and implementing various types of polices at workplaces (Chuah, 2013). Through this article they can understand the actual implications of diversity at workplaces. Managers of company can easily understand the main advantages of diversity and also and easily adopted hose practices which improved diversity at workplaces. In many organizations it was found that managers are unable to find correct adoption of diversity practices at workplaces (Chuah, 2013). With lack of information and lack of management practices managers of entity fails to adopt the diversity at workplaces (Chuah, 2013). With the help to this article they become able to find correct action which are important for taking actions in orders managing diversity within company.

This article is also useful for policy makers in different types of institution such as EU in which they make different types polices and promotes them in society for their betterment. Through this article they can easily understand where they are lacking and what types of issues are need to be addresses for improving diversity at workplace (Chuah, 2013). Policy makers can also use this article for acquiring in depth knowledge regrading diversity (Chuah, 2013). They can easily understand different types of diversity barriers which are faced by an individual during working in different backgrounds.


From the above report it is concluded that to manage diversity is important aspects of every organization in this present era. From the above report it is also concluded that organization need to understand the actual implication of diversity management at their workplace and need to make different types of standards polices which assist to them for improving their productivity and performances of company. It is also concluded for making diversity effective there are different types of laws have been passed in many countries. However, society need to take further steps to improvement diversity at workplaces.


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