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Human Resource Management Assignment - Regent College

University: Barony College

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: High school
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Table of Content

Question :

This assessment will guide you about:

  • Concept of motivation in workplace
  • Difference between personnel management and human resource management
  • Analyse the reasons for human resource planning
  • Use of Motivational theory in organisation
Answer :
Organization Selected : Regent College


The motive of such kind of study is to understand the concept of motivation of human planning in workplace. In this report, it is focused on human planning, staffing, controlling and direction of each and every activity. The report is based on Marks and Spencer (McDermott, 2013). This company is basically located in the United Kingdom and provide different services in the retail sector. In addition, HR plan of action, scheme and reward system of rules, explanation as well as the formulation will also be handled under this study.


1.1 Difference between personnel management and human resource management

Personnel Management (PM) is the process of planning, organising, compensation, group action and maintenances of employee for the purpose of achieving the organisational goal. PM refers to the function of employment, development and compensations and it is also related with promoting and stimulating the employees for contributing their efforts and achieving the goal of the business (Nel, 2014). Human Resources Management (HRM) refers to all these activities as well as organisation's development activities and human resources management providing motivation, inspiring, directions, and communication to their employees.

Personnel Management

Human Resource Management

Personnel management is the traditional approach for managing the human resources and organisations.

It refers to the modern approach providing directions of human resources within the organisations.

It is focused on the employee welfare, employee's relations and personnel management and it has limited resources than human management. (Nel, 2014).

It mainly concentrates on staffing, growth, motivation of the employees and maintaining the relationships with employees.

The purpose of personnel management is usually focused on employee satisfaction as well as increased production of the company.

Human resource consider with the effective organisations culture, productivity as well as participations of every employees.

For example: Personnel management policy is commonly practiced by Nisa company it was followed by the companies in the earlier time and it is refer to less effective and employees are not satisfied and low productivity.

For example: Human resources is practiced by Sainsbury's and staff members are satisfied with their work, motived people and this company focuses on employee's growth as well as achieving the goal of the organisation.

1.2 Functions of human resources management

Human Resources Management (HRM) functions aim to inspiring and encouraging the employees to show their determinations regrading the value of the company. Company aims to expand its business across the world and retain its skilled employees in the firm for longer duration. There are five functions of HRM:

Recruitment, motivation, planning growth, implementing HR policies and establishing work.

  • Recruitment is the process of selecting the suitable candidates from a large number of applicants then shortlist and offering a job to those people who are eligible as per the criteria of the job.
  • Motivation is the major function of HR department in the cited firm, it is very necessary for everyone as without motivation, employees are not satisfied with their work; it is the part of human resource and motivation for employees comes in monetary form. Sainsbury's HR department is responsible for the employee's motivation like providing bonus, increment, complimentary vacations and flexible working hours.
  • Planning growth is the major function of Sainsbury's and it is executing training programs for better performances of the employees. It is long term strategy of business and aids in optimum utilisation of resources. Planning growth has main objective to make a plan for better result of Sainsbury's with sharing the idea and developing a good working environment.
  • Implementing HR policies of Sainsbury's have to implement some employment welfare schemes that offering to support of employees at different levels. It includes maternity, paternity leave plus work from home options, insurance schemes and funds. These policies are very helpful to offer a good working environment with suitable compensation.
  • Establishing fair work culture has to make sure that misbehave of any kind does not exist in the Sainsburry . The employees and other staff member are doing well behave in the company and management should attentive of the obtainable anti discriminations policies. They have to see it that every staff member working for Sainsbury's is treated on a fair and equal policy.

1.3 Roles and responsibilities of line managers

The roles and responsibilities of line manager in Sainsburry is to direct, supervise and manage employees in their work. Line manager has to report to higher managers and individual plays a very effective role in Sainsburry human resource department. The line manager is rarely responsible for hiring workers and giving training and supporting the whole team members. Provide them proper Coaching in order to achieve the Sainsburry's goal. They ensure providing feedback on their performances and helping team member. Line manager are also responsible working with other directions and identifying the need for changes in the employees performances (Knowles, 2014). Line managers takes decision regarding employee's promotion and performance reviews. They give all the necessary details to higher authorities regarding overall level of performance of workers so that they can be promoted significantly. This encourages people in the organisation to raise their efficiency in the work. A line manager plays a critical role in the retraining or cross training of employees to carry out extra work. Line manager implementing the goal of the Sainsburry's management and helping their employees to achieve it Line manager has duty to guide their employees well, find out the actual problems and help to solve their problems. Line manager has to follow instruction of the higher authorities and have to ensure that all tasks being done as per the given guidelines.

1.4 Impact of legal and regulatory on HRM

Legal and regulatory frameworks have great significant impact on the sainsbury's HR department. They follow all the rules and regulation as well as laws connected with the employees to create a smooth and healthy relationship between the team member and other staff. It is compulsory for all employees' protections and work going in smoothly environment. HR policies are employed to handle the legal issues efficiently and successfully. Some of the important laws which has an impact on the Sainsburry's HRDepartment. They follow civil right act as this is important for the Sainsburry Company. This act refers to the rights of the employees related to working hour and also a mean to know about their timing, holidays, compensations issue etc. these are the basis of their gender, race religion as well a national growth. They follow the equal employment opportunity commission act also this which is related to the equality of the employer, age discriminations and equal pay as well as pregnancy discriminations. It is mostly concerned with the involvement of the minorities within the workforces (Knowles, 2014). It usually relates to certain policies which the Finsbury must follow in order to employ certain group of individuals.


2.1 Analyse the reasons for human resource planning

  • It helps the cited company in assessing the need for manpower in near future so that it can be attained in desired time frame.
  • HR planning helps in coping with change as it supports in developing action plan for it. Through this, company can undergo change appropriately.
  • HR planning also helps Sainsburys in assessing the vacant position within organisation so that it can be filled with skilled employees.
  • Through HR planning, company is able to manage the uncertain situation as it helps in developing back-up plan in advance.
  • Arranging sound training and development for employees, is another reason of conducting HR planning at Sainsburys.

2.2 Stages involved in planning human resource requirements

HRP (human resource planning) is a process to select right person for right vacancy. HRP is a systematic and ongoing process to analyze human resource needs. HRP is a strategic process to identify allocated resources and manage them. HRP (human resource planning) find the human resource's need and requirements for future requirements.

There are several steps which are involved in the planning of human resource requirements:

  • Analyzing the goals of business: - first requirement in this step is the HR must have a clear mind on how the business is formed (Knowles, 2014). Then it is necessary to review the directions and priorities of government's which could have affected the organisation's strategy. If the idea of the business is expansion and speedy growth, then it requires extra manpower to maintain all activities and departments to achieve the success.

Analysis the environment:- the second requirement in this step is to analyse environment. Environment can be either internal or external, which could affect the business's capacity to achieve its success.

External factors:-

1) Trends of labour market

2) Economic conditions

3) Technical factors

4) Social values and factors of culture

Internal factors:

  • Level of skills
  • Budgetary system
  • Structure of business
  • Culture of an organisation
  • Developing the plan of action: - To identifies the strategies which can identify gaps in an organisation. Then identify the major HR (human resource) priorities that can be used in developing the plan of action.
  • Implement the plan of action: - the fourth step in this process is to implement the plan of action. For this, there is a need to coordinate and communicate with all the departments in an organisation. Then it is necessary to discuss the budgetary system with the accounting team and financial department.
  • Evaluate the progress of an organisation: - the next step in this process to evaluate the progress of an organisation. Constantly measuring, evaluating, assessing, and monitoring the plan is required for successful implementation of plan (Boella, 2013). Ensure that performance of human resources is aligned with the standard performance. If actual performance is not a match to the standard performance, then there is need to evaluate.
  • Formulating the action plan of human resource:- the planning of human resource requirements depends on an organisation's deficit or surplus. If actual performance is greater than standard performance then it's called surplus, whereas if actual performance is lower than standard performance then it's called deficit.
  • Evaluation, control, monitor and to give feedback:- the last step after doing all the above steps, is to evaluate, to control, to monitor, and to give feedback. Control and monitor and evaluate are the main essential in this step. This last step is necessary to assess the proper effectiveness of HR (human resource) and to achieve success.

2.3 Comparing Recruitment & Selection

Sainsbury's Recruitment and Selection Policy

Manpower planning is a process where right number of people at right time at right place. With the help of it, a company is able to develop a base of highly skilled vacant position in the organisation (Knowles, 2014). Sainsbury's perform various steps in selecting right employee, since it is a giant company. Various job applications are collected for vacant job. Then initial filtering is done to select right people for right job by analysing the CVs (Boella, 2013). After initial interview is conducted by interviewer of the organisation, it is basically introduction part. After clearing the initial interview, technical round is done for grasping belligerency of the people. Than after the person is promoted to final interview which is conducted by higher authorised employer, afterwards succeeding in final interview the job is offered to the most skilled person and top ranking people.

Nisa Recruitment and Selection Policy

On the other hand, Nisa being a retailer company also follows recruitment and selection policies. Nisa is a small company which comprises maximum 3 rounds for selecting right people at right job. Job application is collected then Initial interview is conducted which is introduction part, after clearing the initial interview the person is promoted to final interview. Final interview is related to the post which the job will be offered and it is conducted by the employer of the organisation. On the basis of it, the job is offered to the most skilled person.

2.4 Effectiveness of Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment process should be analysed to ensure the strategies in place are effective. The selection process of Sainsbury's is very long and complex than Nisa. By conducting various stages, the skilled person is selected by clearing those stages, but if there is a short process of selectionthen their might be some loopholes whichcannot get located (Boella, 2013). The process of Sainsbury's is quite long which is very time consuming but Nisa follows short process of recruitment which is much faster. For effective recruitment company has to evaluate the advantages and drawbacks of few selection procedures. By evaluating company get to know which one is effective and which is not. Highly Skilled recruitment proves the organisation the better one among others.


3.1 Use of Motivational theory in organisation

HRD is to be focused on motivation. They motivate each and every employee to work and perform other internal activity. It leads to individuals to take action to achieve a goal or to fulfil a need or expectation (Knowles, 2014). Understanding what motivates employer at work ensures that an enterprise not only has worker that have the cognition, skill and quality to do the job, but who are also bound up to achieve a higher modular of work. Some new theory of motivation is to be used to improve the growth rate and future development is depended nature of on the job environment.

There are some media to be used in internal working environment which are as follows:-

Virgin media: - In Virgin media is link between the motivation of employees and customer satisfaction. In this context, customer satisfaction is measured to monitor tool is to be called net promoter (Baum, 2016). This helps to measure the customer measuring the data and improve customer level of inside organisation. It also provided the score up to 10. If Virgin media gives 9 out of 10, means work is to be done in positive manner. On the other side, improve both customer and employees. In addition, manager gives the monthly bonus offering them on week or monthly way.

3.2 Evaluate the process of job evaluation

HRD is to focus on job evaluation is evaluated and the methodical approach used to improve customer performance and ideological work.

Job evaluation needs to pursue an orderly attack as the cognitive process is extensive (Nel, 2014). Quality Social control at the opening of the activity clarify the worker the reason behind the rating and its value and eventually form a team of HR professed and knowing worker. This is based on job evaluation, that is done on the overall performance of each and every employee and also improves the current market structure.

In the first steps the teamwork is to choose the detailed analytical method to be selected by HRD for job ranking, job classification and paired comparisons. This is all such activity is done by the rank is to be set each and every employees inside the organisation. Job classification is set as per the ability of employees and experience (Knowles, 2014). On the other side, determine pay are establishment size, senior status, skills and education, commercial enterprise type, profit of the structure and employee public presentation.

3.3 Assessing the effectiveness of reward system

The reward system is based on the internal and external working environment. There are some policies, processes and activities used to improve the overall structure of human resource management (Nel, 2014). Some new strategies are used in the organisation and manage work or improve productivity and profit will be manages work. It will be observed for the bonus system will be taken by account department. Moreover, bonus falsehood that is prearranged precisely makes meliorate in employee retentiveness programs. In addition, rise in pay is another benign of reward system and most significant employee motivator eventually allowing them to amend their performances. Wages like promotion heighten employer's morale and job contentment.

The affectivity of reward scheme can be measured by worker-improved performance, which is undertaken for addition the wages (Baum, 2016). In additions, internal reward system and overall profit margin of organisation is improved internal work. The employees to tank to work hard with the help of skills must be used for better productivity and profit. Wages grouping enhances the general profit margin of form because of worker' hard and honest attempt at activity further crop a decisive cognitive written agreement amid the worker and organisation eventually creating a reinforced on the job ambiance. There are some anchoret kinds of reward system is rise in pay or improve the productivity and profit will be manage at work.

3.4 Methods to examine employees performance in Virgin media

There are some methods be improve overall carrying into action of internal working environment and reward system. Organisation is to be used in various means and method for monitoring employees carrying into action and growth rate of each and every employee inside structure (Boella, 2013). In additions, for observation employees' carrying into action form also use execution standards where every worker show is compared against set criteria which is practical, quantitative and asserted in the term of clip, choice, cost, quantity, outcome or the way of public presentation. This is to be manage work or improve the productivity and profit will be improve or increase growth rate. The other method is to be used in actual job performance and the selected method is actual job performance is compared with Standard job carrying into action inside the system.


4.1 Identify the reasons for termination of Faisal's employment contract

Human resource department must focus on any contract that is termed as cessation. This is help to under the two parties is important at the time to doing new contract inside the organisation (Nickson, 2013). It is kind of termination that is to be used in and of each and every contract inside the organisation. On the other hand, some other factors are to be used in overall business environment are as follows:-

  • Inadequate the performance of job: - In this context, worker is able to act well in the administration this consequence in the loss of the arrangement reputation. In this way, employees are not performed the well and improve the productivity and profit will be manage future outcome and give the negative impact on organisation.
  • Improper business situation: - There are some improper business situations is giving the negative impact or reducing the overall development of organisation (Marler, 2013). Arrangement is incapable to header up with the outgo and there receipts is not that some that they are unable to earnings to their worker.
  • Violation of contract: - In this context, worker has been found to act such human activity that belies his employ contract, and then the worker can be complete by his occupation. They found some activity, which is not acceptable at work place.

4.2 Employee's exit procedures

Human resource management is to be focus on some process is to be follow in work. It depends on nature, size and kind of termination take place (Boella, 2013). This focuses on some termination process to be used between the employee's jobs.

The process is to be used different stages are as follows:-

  • Identification need of termination: - In this stage, identify the reasons and which type of termination is to be used in the overall developmental internal working environment.
  • Documentation: - In this second stage, scan the copy of documentation of each and every factor. It is part of termination process.
  • Approval by the top management: - In approval for the top management means higher authority is give approval on top level management system.
  • Collection of data: - In this stage of termination to collect the data of each employees, who are terminated from organisation (Marler, 2013). Some documentation is to be required as per the need of overall on the job surroundings.
  • Final termination: - Here employee get terminated from the organisation.

4.3 Impact of legal regulatory framework

Nowadays, government is very effective in terms of employees' safety and security or improve the overall internal and external impermanent surroundings. This is to improve the growth rate or policy safeguard of rights of employees. With the use of policy, systematic management takes place to improve the condition or improve productivity and profit will be managed over the period (Nickson, 2013). On the other hand, good performance is employees is to be change with the impact on legal factor in overall on the job affairs. Some rules, acts and practices must be followed:-

  • ACAS practices: - In this practice, guide or coach is provided for each and every employees to improve the profit or work is to be manage over the period. They guide about the internal activity or improve customer enlargement in work place.


From the above report, that is based on Marks and Spencer organisation, The located in United Kingdom and provide different kind of services in the retail sector. As per the above report is bonus falsehood that is prearranged precisely makes meliorate in employee retentiveness programs. In this report, i is understood the contact of nature, size and kind of termination take place. It focuses on some termination process used between the employees' jobs.


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