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Analyse Information to Inform Learning

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
Question :

This sample will let you know:

  • Explanation of application of inclusive principle when interpreting observation of Ella.
  • Interpretation of the information and observation.
  • Explain various methods to collect information regarding Hannah's emerging skill.
  • Explanation about the documentation using a variety of appropriate methods.
  • Explanation how educator might design an observation system with other in the service provider.
Answer :


Children is very sensitive human being who desire a smooth caring and treatment so as they can develop their physical as well as mental skill. Child care or preschool is the caring for and supervision of a child or children usually from age six weeks to age thirteen. In other word it can be said that child care is a broad topic covering a wide spectrum of context, activities, social and cultural conventions and institutions. In addition to this, in the western society for children, parents and teacher are more responsible to take care of children and understand their physical as well as mental activities. The  report discusses diverse range of growth elements of children such as play preferences, social interaction, communication languages, emotional status, physical ability etc.

Explanation of application of inclusive principle when interpreting observation of Ella

As per the given case scenario, Ella has spina bifida which makes walking difficult and she has a degree of unitary incontinence which mean she is not able to toilet by herself on time and sometimes wets at preschool. Ella has also faced learning difficulties observation at play reveal a pattern of social isolation during free play period. In such case, as a service provider have to understand the various application of inclusive principle when interpreting observation of Ella. Therefore, service provider must be able to demonstrate essential knowledge required to effectively observe the patients in the care home. In this manner, service provider have to includes various principles in the knowledge. These are as follows-

  • Observe and interpret Ella's behaviour to contribute to program planning specific purposes or needs for observation includes, planning experience for the Ella and to identify the Ella's abilities, needs and interests.
  • Service provider requires to demonstrate the interest of Ella and according to their interest and ability create the atmosphere around her.

Interpretation of the information and observation

Individual emerging skill- Emerging skill is ability and interest in children through which they show their talents and skill in front of another. In order to identify individual emerging skill, educator needs to conduct various activities and programs in care home so as children can take part in this. For example, educator organise a test of art and ask to draw a picture on sheet. With assistance of this, they can identify and observe emerging skill in children.

Capabilities- In order to interpret and collect the information regarding capabilities of individual, educator can conduct the group activities and ask to show potential of each children in care home. Ability is a strength through which individual can show their skill and talents.

Potential- Potential generally refers to a currently unrealized ability in the children. In order to interpret information and observation, educator requires to give some opportunity for show their potentiality. For example, mathematical study of potential is known as potential theory.

Interest and preferences of children- In order to interpret the information about children interest and preferences, educator can give many option or alternatives to show their ability or skill in care home. For example, if educator offers students for choosing one of option from drawing and writing. So if child choose drawing then it can say his most interest in drawing and art.

Explanation of interpretation of information might be used to guide program strategies to foster development

As per the discussion it has been ascertained that there are various information collected by educator in order to interpret and observe. This information might used to guide program strategies to foster development. According to this gathered information, educator can develop a plan and strategies for further development and growth among the children. For example, some of childs are not capable in maths as per the collected information so care home will organise the activities through which they can again knowledge about mathematical subjects.

Explain various methods to collect information regarding Hannah's emerging skill

Being a group leader in the Busy Bees child care centre, I have various roles and responsibility toward organisation. This care centre have major objective is to teach, manage and take care of three year old children. In the care home, there are roster of several educators and each one is responsible for making observations about each child in the group and about one child in particular. According to the given information, Hannah is a child in the group and as a group leader I have to observe Hannah so as I can teach him in an effective manner. In this manner, I have major responsibility to provide proper guidance and teaching so as he can grow his mental status and personality. For this objective, I have to collect some information about emerging skills such as social skill, maths skill, science skill etc. Being a group leader in the children, I have to analyse the various resources through which I can able to collect relevant information about Hannah. Emerging skill is a entire ability and talents of children which includes all sort of skills such as communication, learning, growing, activeness, interaction, science, maths, drawing etc. This all skill assist in observing that how far child is capable and talented.

Observation- In order to collect the information about emerging skill of Hannah I have to observe that how Hannah read a words in the books and other study material. For example, I will give some document of story related to moral education then I ask him to read the words. After that I can observe that how he will pick letters, and try to understand and speak that.

One another mode to observe and collect information about Hannah emerging skill is that written test. Under this test, I will ask to Hannah for write a alphabet on a paper sheet.  At the time of writing by Hannah, I will observe that how he write a letters of the alphabet. If he can not even hold a pencil properly then I will teach holding the pencil or chalk on the board. By this  mode I can teach to keep pencil or chalk while drawing or writing on the paper.

Test -This is most effective way to analyse Hannah is drawing skill, for this I will give colours and paper and as to draw a picture of flower. By this activity, I can observe that how a child can able to create something of paper. By this activity, I can also observe that how Hannah is able to put the innovation and creativity on paper. This will assist to analyse the mental level of children.

Team Activity-  By conducting group game, I can observe the interaction and communication skill of Hannah. While, he play in a group I can analyse that how he will talk with another children and coordinate with other to conducting game at care centre. With assistance of this skill, I can assess that how Hannah have communication, interaction, supportive skill through which he can able to discover his thoughts and feeling with another children. Further, I can also analyse that how he is able to enjoying himself with other children.

Team Activity-  By conducting group game, I can observe the interaction and communication skill of Hannah. While, he play in a group I can analyse that how he will talk with another children and coordinate with other to conducting game at care centre. With assistance of this skill, I can assess that how Hannah have communication, interaction, supportive skill through which he can able to discover his thoughts and feeling with another children. Further, I can also analyse that how he is able to enjoying himself with other children.

Assessment process- One another process through which I can collect high quality information about children. Being a leader in the children group in the busy bees child care centre I can use an effective process through which I can appropriately collect a high data of emerging skill. This process  are as follows-

Planning experience for the child- This is the most effective and appropriate method through which I can collect the information about Hannah's emerging skill. Under this manner, I can  analyse  children experience. In this context, I can observe that in which field, Hannah has some experience such as drawing, playing, reading, writing etc.

Identifying the child's capability- In this way, I can determine that in which field Hannah is capable or able to perform. For example, I can give some  written, read and drawing sample in order to use them. By this, I can analyse that how far he will able to utilise in a proper and right manner. If he will properly write on a paper sheet and capture the letters then I can identify that his written skill is good. With assistance of this method, I can observe physical as well as creative capability.

Identifying the child's interest and needs- This manner shows that in which field Hannah have interest. This stage assist in identity the interest of children. For example, I gives various option to Hannah at care centre to perform his talents such as read, write, drawing etc. If he chooses to draw on sheet in order to make picture then I can easily determine that his most interest in the field of drawing.

Monitoring uncharacteristic or atypical aspects of development- In this stage, I can analyse that in which field Hannah have lack of interest to perform. Further, this stage assist me in knowing that what disability or uncharacteristic in the Hannah through which he is unable to perform.

Description of variety of detailed information that I have gathered about hannah's emerging skill

As per the above discussion it can be said that there are various method through which I can collect a quality of information about emerging skill of Hannah. This information assist in analysing the capability, talents and efficiency of Hannah. With assistance of different methods of analysis and observation about the children, I can also forecast that how will grow that children in various fields. I have used various methods such as observation, written test, group activities, assessment process, monitoring etc. With assistance of these methods, I can easily assess that how far Hannah mind has developed and how his mental level effective.

Reading & communication capability- By observation method, I have conducted a reading test in which I have given some documents of story related to moral education then I asked him to read the words. After that I have observed that he is very effective reader in the care home. Moreover, in this method analysed that Hannah have effective communication skill also because he has properly read as well as describe the conclusion of that moral story in the class.

Written capability- In the test method, I have given test paper to Hannah for write alphabets. At the time of writing by Hannah, I have observed that Hannah is not quite good in the writing. Or it can be said that hannah's written skill is not effective as its reading skill. Thus, as a leader of children group I should concentrate on various learning classes through which Hannah can improve his writing skill.

Creative capability- I have taken a test of Hannah in order to observe his another emerging skill. In this manner, I have given colours and paper to Hannah and asked to him for   draw a picture of flower. By this activity, I have observed Hannah has excellent drawing skill because he successfully draw a picture of beautiful flower on the paper as I asked to him. Hannah has created a beautiful innovation and creativity on paper as I expected to him. This method assisted  me to analyse the mental level of children. In the case of Hannah I has observed that Hannah have well developed creative skill and innovative skill through which he can able to develop a picture on paper.

Social capability- By conducting a group game or activity, I have observed that Hannah have effective social and interaction skill through which he can able to describe his feeling and emotion to another children. In the game activity in the care home, I have observed that Hannah have effective observation and capturing skill because he is frequently captured the new things and idea when another people interact with him. In the game activity, he has appropriately shown his strength and impressive interact with other children. On the basis of this observation, I can collect the information about Hannah's emerging skill that he is very effective communicator as well as learner in the care home.

As per the above discussion it has been ascertained that I have collected a sort of information about the Hannah's emerging skill. From this it can be concluded that Hannah is quite good in reading and poor in writing. Further, he has well developed innovative and creative skill through which he able to draw a picture. Moreover, he has impressive communication, interaction and learning skill.

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Explanation about the documentation using a variety of appropriate methods

As per the above discussion it has been ascertained that there are various ways through which I can collect the information about Hannah emerging skills. While I use these all mention ways to gather a quality information about children, I am responsible to maintain and record such information in the proper documents and file. With assistance of effective document and file, I can properly develop a record about children in the mentioned care centre. In addition to this, I can use the various sources of record the data or information about emerging skills of children such as file, folder, CD's, presentation, charting, photography, audio and video recording etc. Being a leader in  the Busy bees care home, I have responsibility to store the collected information in a safe manner so as I can effectively utilise that. This information assist me in preparing record and report of each children in the care home. My major objective of this documentation is to store and maintain each child so as I can utilise this in order to develop a report. For this objective, I can use the several methods which are as follows-

Audio and video recording- Audio recording is that source of documentation through which person can record the voice of another in particular storage such as CD, mobile etc. In the context of Busy Bees care home, educator can use this source while children read or speak something. On the other hand video is another effective source for secure or maintain the document about children. Under this method, educator can shoot the video of children while they are playing games and activities in the care home. Further, they can also use this source while child read and write some stories in the care home.

Written manner- Written manner is the best and effective method of documentation because in this method data or information can keep safe and secure. Further, every one can directly access information in order to meet their objective. In this method, every one can easily understand describe the information of children. Written method is very easy and safe mode under which very less chances to lost the data about children emerging skill. The main advantage of this method is that every one can understand the language of information and each individual can easily access there. In the context of Busy bees child care home, as a leader of the group I can use this option in order to maintain and prepare record of hannah's emerging skill.

Photography- Photography is another effective source to prepare the document of child emerging skills. With the proper camera and vision, photography can make life much better and it is the best source of capturing the things in the safe mode. By use f photography, educator can capture or click the memories of children when they perform at the care home. These captured memory assist educator to shoe emerging skill's of children in front of their parents and family member.

Soft copy- This is another best way to secure the document of information in the children care home. With assistance of this document, individual can safe their files and data in the soft copy. This can see and display in the computer which is very easy to carry anywhere at any place. One another advantage of this document is that it can convert into many copy so care practitioner can easily give the information about child to their parents. Further, by use of power point presentation, they can effectively describe the emerging skill about children in front of their parents and family member.Hurry up! Get best assignment help Now!

Observation records for hannah that includes information

As per the above discussion it has been ascertained that Hannah have various effective emerging skill and various disability which I have recorded in the diverse range of documents such as audio or video recording, soft copy,CD, written records, photography etc. On the basis of the above observation of Hannah I have concluded that Hannah have effective social and creative capability through which he easily interact with other children in the Busy Bees care home. Following are some example of an observational records for Hannah that includes information and observation that are valid, summative, representative, significant and relevant-

Examples of observations (including one out of character observation) that might be used to assess

Intellectual disability is mostly characterised under a limited state of intelligence in the people suffering from it. This involves some constricting functions in reasoning, problem solving and learning, etc. It however tends to arise before the age of 18 with some major signs of detection to address an active state of intellectual disability in children's. They hereby possess certain distinct needs to be fulfilled in order to make them interpret something. It is however done by varied observatory tactics that are suitable as per their existent level of impairment by arranging different set of activities as defined below-

Play preferences

Playing time of children is referred to be the most appropriate time to observe the child as a mean of acknowledging their preferences. It is when they are thoroughly engaged in playing, observing them provides an immense knowledge about their developmental state. This also assists in addressing their emerging level of interests and skills by observing certain eminent things like what actually they are referring to do and are trying to express. Beside this, the type of toys they are using to play that could develop their skills in a directional manner to find out any influential mean in it. It is basically to detect any problem solving skills they are developing in themselves by playing. All these observations can be recorded by using a checklist and time sample that will comprise with all the above mentioned considerations of an observer.

Social interactions

It is basically a resultant factor of the preceding context of play preferences in children like Thomas who is duly suffering from an intellectual disability. It is where any sort of imitation and negotiation during his play session can be analysed to depict his social interactions with other persons. Sociogram is proven to be one of the best enforceable tool over here that tends to measure the map of friendly relationship among the children by envisioning the way they use to interact with one another. It hereby tend to reflect a pattern of social interaction that is being done by the children with intellectual disability like Thomas.

Communication and Language

Children like Thomas who are suffering from a disabled state of intellectuality are evident to deal with a deferred development of language. It is however due to a lower cognitive evolution in them that in turn makes it difficult for them to communicate in a definite manner. It is with a major issue in interpreting their verbal interactions to respond in a way they want. It is especially in context to understand the exact content that they are using to express something in verbal. Sociogram is yet again referred to be a prominent mean to observe the communication skills of Thomas by together referring to the language that is being used by him while interacting with other children's. It can however be used with some other additive tools and models by using suitable language with simple set of sentences and visual clippings to accompany the language that is being used by Thomas over here. Some other tactics are giving repetitive data with prompt directions to him as a guiding tool to repeat any new set of information. This will largely assist in making a two way communication with a non judgemental and acceptive attitude of the observer by together promoting the child to speak into an appropriate way.Get best hnd assignment help Now!

Thinking styles

It is basically in order to address attentional difficulties in children's like Thomas where they are together evident to deal with a derelict state of mental retardation. As a result to which, their adopted style of thinking about a particular thing largely tends to differ from the normal children. Work samples can be hereby employed to observe a similar state in Thomas as a mean of aiding him with suitable materials and certain accessible activities to be performed by them. Breaking down the tasks into small proportions is yet another supportive mean where it can be carried out by dividing them into simpler parts. This is for instance to provide simplest and precise directions with a guiding consent of provisioning them with continual feedback's by together assisting them to participate in play sessions with other children's by framing their groups.

Physical abilities

It is where the children suffering from intellectual disability are evident to deal with varied physical impairment as well. The factual type of damage in the physical condition of the children however depends from one child to another with a prime responsibility of the observer to address their factual state. Thomas being a child dealing with intellectual disability is apparent to face some common disorders in his physic like a weaken posture and grip of holding things in a better manner. Due to which, the things constantly use to slip from their hands and fall over the places by itself creating a sense of irritation in them. For which, a comfortable arrangement of sitting or laying down should be considered in the play house and other significant places where the children use to engage themselves. Some illustrated methods are to use bolsters that helps to position themselves in a comfortable manner with yet another substantial usage of a raised tripod and replaced ramps in place of stairs with a water table on the blocks with an ease to consume it. Additionally, thick pencils and crayons with tape on the painting brushes can be used to make a better grip while holding those where puzzles attached with knobs can also be used to make an easy placement of the pieces from one place to another. Photo observation tools can be implicated in this particular section to depict the physical abilities of Thomas over here.

Emotional status

It is basically to help Thomas to express his feelings in a dignified state with less or limited choices of words and phrases for it. Children with intellectual disability often finds it difficult to explicit their feelings in an appropriate manner which makes it difficult for the interpreter to provide the child with the actual needs that they are demanding for. A silent lactation with a relaxing atmosphere is thereby required to be created for them with soft cushions and pillows to retreat the children's. In addition to which, it together needs to create a reposeful environment with optimistic feedbacks for the child by setting agreeable norms and anticipations by using soft toys like dolls for permitting the child to explicate their inner feelings and thoughts.

Provide examples of feedback you might give to Hannah and Thomas about their skills and competence and promote remembering

In order to improve the emerging skills and ability in the Hannah and Thomas, his parents and educator have utmost liability because most time of them spend with their parents and teacher. Here some of the suggestion or feedback which should give by educator in order to improve children skills and competence. These feedbacks are as follows-

Give explicit instructions- This is the most effective way through which I might improve the skills, competence and promote remembering. In this way I understand the needs and requirement of Hannah and Thomas and try to fulfil them in the care home. In the period of study and playing I will give them a proper guidance and instruction. This, children can properly do their work and able to imp[rove their emerging skills.

Provide scaffolding- Teacher and parents can support children emerging social and emotional skill through scaffolding describes progressive support that upon what children already know, such as the names of basic emotion, so that they can learn new skills, like how to identify when a playmate is sad. In the context of Hannah and Thomas, I will provide a proper guide and scaffolding in order to improve their emerging skill.

Practices through books- This is another best practices through which parents and teacher can improve the emerging skill in the children. In the context of Hannah and Thomas, I will use the books because through these children can easily understand the meaning and main character. For example, story books can support children's social and emotional learning.

If you wanted to share information with Thomas's parents, how might you make the time to do this?

Informal contact is valuable and meets many needs of both families and staff. The objective of this conference is usually to allow teachers to discuss the child's progress and give the parents an opportunity to share their observations, idea and concerns. In this manner, problem can discussed and solution generated by teacher and parents together. Conference should usually from 30 to 45 minutes and should held between one and three times during the program year. In the context of Thomas, I will develop a schedule conferences at a convenient time for the family and will convey the families about the purpose of the conference. In additional to this, family room or the classroom will offer families a comfortable and familiar place to meet. If the conference is set for 30 minutes, respect the time limit. If all the concern and information have not been covered, reschedules another conference for a mutually convenient time. On the other hand written report are another formal method of sharing information with family of Thomas. With assistance of this method will able to provide a written record of the child's progress, overall development, preferences and style of interaction. Report will create a picture of the child during a typical day.

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Explanation how educator might design an observation system with other in the service provider

Observation is the process of watching a child at work or play without interfering in the activity. In other word it can be said that observation system is a way through which individual get information about the program. In a simple meaning it can be said that observation is a process under which individual can analyse, assess and identify some characteristics, traits, performance, ability, activity and action of another person. As a service provider in the care home, I can use various methods in order to design an observation system with other. These observation system are as follows-

Direct observation- This is the most and purest form of observation under which people watching another people condition and observe their activities and actions. In the context of health and care organisation, service provide can use this direct observation method under which they can observe each activities of children and analyse that either in the children improvement are exists or not.

Tests of various kinds-In this observation method, service provide can take test of various kinds such as physical, mental etc. In the context of children, they can take test related to their academic skills.


The above report is bifurcated into the four section which have consideration about the observation, records of information, techniques of observation and design the observation system. In order to create a proper observation about someone, there is required a relevant, summative and relevant information. From this project report it has been ascertained that there are various methods through which service provider in the care home can maintain and secure the data of observation about children. Furthermore, a proper documentation assist educator to develop a record about children emerging skills. It has been also concluded that in order to collect information about the children, care educator can use various tools such as test, observation, organise activity etc.

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