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Principles of Marketing and Communications in a Philips Company

University: University of Roehampton London

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1154
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code:
  • Downloads: 771
Question :

This assessment covers questions which are mentioned below:

  • Analyse Market
  • Analysis and Marketing Mix
  • Provide Outline of Market Analysis
  • Explain various Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning Analyse and Recommended Marketing Mix
Answer :
Organization Selected : Philips Company


Reflection is the piece of writing which summarise a student's critical reflection on specific subject topic. It is analytical practices in which writer mainly explain and describe a real and imaginary scene, event and interactions. It describes the feelings and emotions of an individual regarding particular subject theme in better manner (Rymes, 2015). There are few people group who are producing the presentation and it includes thoughts and emotions of group members regarding Philips company. This reflection report is mentioned the positive and negative points which are face by researcher while completing this assignment. Also explains individual's and others contributions at the time of preparing reflection project.

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What went well:

The chosen company is Philips in my assignment which helped me to gain proper knowledge of the respective company and able to identify in its products in the market as well their uses. While doing the project it helped me to know some of its products which were not earlier to my knowledge. Collection of data of this company was quite easy as it is a big company which shares larger market share and allowed me to complete project with full enthusiasm. It also helped to gain proper understanding of marketing strategies adopted by the company to make product reached to the consumer and satisfy there demand as well increase the profit level of the company. Marketing mix done by the company helps to develop proper knowledge of benefits of marketing mix and explained the advantages of selecting the product according to the target area and customer. It also led to rectify the disadvantages of the Philips products and take careful actions to minimise impact. It also led to the survey of the employees regarding the benefits and usage of Philips products. From the survey conducted it helped to analysed that there are various customers of Philips products and are satisfied by using them at a greater pace. While doing the research it helped me to identify my strengths of completing task in short period of time as information is heavily available. It also led to the development of team and help in properly coordinating of project.

What not went well:

Although the project was interesting and done with great enthusiasm but the problem faced was lack of coordination between the team members which led to major problems. Team members doesn't coordinated properly which led to some issues and problems. In addition to this there was so much of inappropriate content available on the websites of Philips company which took lot of time to gather correct and meaningful information to be presented in report. There were some inappropriate information available on the internet which were not of Philips company. As there were new innovative products manufactured by the Philips it took lot of time to do research on them and in identifying their uses to the consumer. As the information was not so productive it led me to lack of confidence in writing report. The branding and packaging strategies of the Philips company was not appropriate it led me to rectify various websites to collect good information and took lot of time to carry the research work. Hence there was problem regarding to information I have to go to libraries and read magazines and articles for proper knowing of information. Information collected from the members were different from one person to another was different in nature and lead to many differences in getting information. Therefore, overall problem faced by me was selecting proper information from inappropriate information and led to heavy time consumption which disturbs all other team members as well as effected working on another projects.

One's own contributions:

My chosen company is Philips on which I need to prepare presentation for analysing their pricing, promotional strategies in order to gain attention of large number of customers towards new product which named as SmartSleep Headband in the global electronics industry. As per my experience, I was develop presentation in a long time therefore I did not have much practice how to present PPT in front of huge audience. In my group, I am working as a mentor so I need to guide all the group member regarding how to present presentation content in each slide. Along with this, it is required for me is to focus on Philips company strategies which must be put into the PPT because through this people are acquiring accurate knowledge and information about firm in better manner. It is necessary for me is to make coordination and build trust among each group member who are involved in this presentation. My main contribution while making Philips company presentation is to guide and give accurate instructions to each members of team in better manner. With the help of this, they are focus on their content and also select only authentic information and data which are related to respective organisation.

Other's contributions:

There are around 4-5 members in a group who are developing presentation on the respective company which is Philips. Team members are help in making coordination and each of them are perform their part which are given by mentor. My role in developing presentation is to collect and gather data in order to express the feelings and emotions regarding specific company. The other members are summarising the content and put it into the right place of the presentation which are create good impact on audience mind.


As per the above described report, it can be analysed that Philips has brought some innovative products in the market in order to gain attention of large number of customers in better manner. In this, they are developing presentation where some factors are directly effect on researcher while presenting the information related to Philips company. Get the best assignment help in London from experts at the best price.

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