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Internet Online Communication

University: London School of Commerce

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This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the Positive and negative aspects of use of internet.
  • Discuss about the security measures of threats and challenges
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Internet is a medium of online communication which is essential for the businesses as well as society in order to make worldwide connections. It is defined as a communication tool that is used in every type of businesses that are linked with the wireless system, electronic mode as well as optical networking techniques. It contains a wide range of information which are easily transferred from one location to other. But it does not have any centralised compliances in the technological implementation for the use or access as all individual's or businesses have their own network policies. Within the modern business era it is essential to incorporated their professional skills and latest techniques that results in being automated in services. In this report, positive as well as negative influences of internet or social media services along with the threats of internet uses are discussed. Along with this discuss about the security measures and comparison and contrast between the services and application of two organisations are also analysed.


1) Positive and negative aspects of use of internet.

Internet: It was developed in the year 1960 by the federal government of US then it is quickly expanded in Australia and Europe till the mid 1980s which becomes essential part of economy (Berry, 2017). As internet is an international network of interrelated computer communication systems that ensures the implementation of all protocol to link various systems across the globe. This provides various services like electronic mails, provide access on large information, chat with colleagues.

Use of internet to businesses:

Internet becomes very useful for the businesses in order to interact with customers, employees, co-workers etc. that can be develop a strong connections among them. It will assist in providing a better platform of connectivity to all that are in used by companies for interacting with their customers or prospects and able to attract large number of customers in order to increase their loyalty and retention for the long period of time. Positive and adverse impact of using internet are considered below:

Positive use of internet:

  • E-business: Through the internet, many businesses operates their operations online where all transactions and activities goes online. As internet is termed as a mode of e-businesses where acquirer and giver can appropriately perform e transactions or payments without facing any hurdles (Cegielski, 2016).
  • Advertisement: By using internet in businesses manager or owner is able to target large number of customers at a same time and reach their offerings easily at a low cost. There are different platforms that are utilised by businessman in order to advertise the range of products which includes social sites, search engine optimisation etc.

Negative use of internet:

  • Poor impersonality: By using internet for the business purpose there are the lack of face to face interaction between buyer and seller that could impact negatively. As all businesses require personal communication that assists in developing long lasting relations with users and customers and also considered as a most convenient way of doing business. Just because of the poor impersonality this may lead some fraudulent as well as miscellaneous activities.
  • Security issue: The use of internet is unsafe sometimes because hackers stole the personal details and information of customers by hacking sites for the purpose of doing illegal activities. Through which many people suffers from the confidentiality and security problems which directly influence the organisational operations. By getting personal and sensitive data hackers may hacked credit cards, security, bank accounts, passwords etc. Order assignment help from our experts! 

Use of internet to the society:

As internet becomes an essential aspects for society because it helps in reducing all threats of regional boundaries in order to comes together across the world. In addition, it adversely impacts on society as it is misused by others also (Davies, 2017). The positive as well as negative influences of internet or social media using online on the society are considered as below:

Positive use of internet:

  • Effective communication: Internet facilitates better connectivity among individual's as most of the people using social media and communication systems that leads their togetherness or helps in bringing society together. This will assist in informal interaction between two or more persons and it facilitates worldwide connections for performing any activities.
  • Online shopping: Internet provides customers with 24/7 banking and shopping facility as e or M banking that saves cost, efforts as well as time of customers and facilitates many options in order to select best or suited one. It also gives transitional lists for the future assistance regarding that is related to the past transactions. Internet can be approach from anywhere but it requires to have a strong connection.
  • Better education system: Through the internet web browsing is used as a software that provides several opportunities in order to learn many new things. This will aid individual's in accessing detailed information through the use of communicational devices (Iordache, 2017). It provides videos, online classes, lectures etc. that is interesting and easy to understand and easily remembered by individual's for longer period of time because the content are detailed explained and shown by various examples and diagrams.

Negative use of internet:

  • Creation of robotic society: This has results in the creation of robotics where the hybrid skills and competencies are more active like comments on Facebook, Instagram etc. but none of them are worried about the actual situation that impacts on environment. The range of emotional attachments, sensitivity, trust, care has been reduced over the time that snaps birth to the robotic society or generation.
  • Social media addiction: Mostly people of the society has become habitual to the use of social media as they are wholly depends on the internet life styles or internet suffering. Social sites are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on that results in the minimising individual's performance and productivity.
  • Inappropriate data & information: Internet adversely impacts on society as with the help of internet robbery and terrorist activities are increasing day by day that impacts on the life of people. This will directly raise scams and crime rates as well as the inappropriate videos or content harms the thinking and perception of children's as well as teenagers. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

2) Challenges and measures of personal privacy and security while using online social media services.

Challenges or issues that are faced by an organisation and society by using internet:

Various threats or issues are occurs due to the online social services which harms businesses and societies so all individual should need to have knowledge about the safety measures as well as safeguards at a time of browsing internet (Jackson, 2016). Some of the challenges are discussed below:

  • Hacking: It occurs due to the weak identification or password of any computer networks that restricts to the use of other informations. Hacking means to magnify the prohibited use of any networks of connectivity by banging-up positive identification algorithm and use information for achieving illegal goals or conduct de-spiteful activity. While any cards or accounts are hacked then the use of personal information is easier and data may be stolen which leads to create a big challenge for the company.
  • Spam: It is also considered as a common challenge that are defined as a easy way of collecting data from the unsuspecting individual and sending out it as well. It refers to the joint statistical arrangement of unrequested messages and advertisements which can be present on computer systems through the medium of websites, social sites, blogs etc. It can creates burden for the service suppliers and businesses to separate their electronic messages.
  • Virus: Internet users face this issue in common as virus means a threat of cybersecurity that is a most common challenge. It is termed as a piece of software that are formed to be forwarded from one system to another as it is mainly connected with the downloads and files that are sends by DVD, pan drives, CD, USB and so forth instruments. The slow process of commuter system results in the virus that can cool of networks which is challenging for the e-businesses and making inconvenient for the internet users to use online sites (Knezek, 2016).
  • Botnet: It is associates with the logical interaction of systems that are interconnected with each others like computers, phones etc. which are controlled by third party and breached their security. Botnet is used by an individual in order to theft informations, spiteful attacks, transmit spam messages and so on on the entire network system. Basically, this method is used by the terrorist in order to fulfil their illegal objectives without any interference of user cognition. So it is termed as a major threat for businesses and society that will also lead many criminal as well as illegal events.

Some security measures in order to deal with above threats and challenges:

The role of cyber security is to focused on securing all communicational networks from the unauthorised access by a third person on the individual's personal information (Langer, 2017) . Some of the measures could be taken by the people in order to protect their sensitive information from the threats and scams such as follows:

  • Encryption: While an individual use credit cards, password, bank accounts regularly then they requires data pertaining in order to deal with the frauds and threats so that they can use encryption system in their systems. This will aid in securing their records of systems and convert them into unreadable codes. Even these information got stolen it would not be useful for hackers because they do not have any security key in order to decrypt informations.
  • Antivirus: Proper installation of antivirus system must be require for the cyber security as well as the anti malware software is requisites for protecting records of communication networks. They mainly works for avoiding adware and viruses and filter all the harmful mails or messages in order to make potential downloads (Li, 2016).
  • Use complex password: All the communicational application systems requires accessing like security questions, passwords etc. which should be strongly maintained always so that they make difficult to crack by hackers. So that people require to choose upper as well as lower case along with the symbols, characters, space etc. key for making strong passwords.

3) Compare and contrast features, application and sustainability of two communication providers.

Integrated service providers means transfer of data or information by the mode of electronic which comprehend private as well as public organisations within the internet, telecom, cable, satellite as well as managed service businesses (Rowe, 2017). In this assignment discuss about the two different communication service providers in comparison and contrast as well that are discussed as below:

EE Ltd (Everything Everywhere Limited) : It was founded in 2010 in Hatfield, United Kingdom and it is a British internet service provider and mobile operator that deals in telecommunication sector. It termed as a joint business venture between the Deutsche and France telecom through the merger of orange business and T-mobile in UK.

Vodafone: It was established in 1982 in the England, UK which deals in the telecom services. As it is considered as a subsidiary organisation that provides telecommunication internet services.


  1. Both organisations ensures that all personal and sensitive information is safe and well protected by the privacy and security mechanism.
  2. Both companies use similar communicational network system and adopts latest technologies in order to minimise traffic issues (Suler, 2016).

Comparison between features and application of


EE Limited



  • It is a UK's leading network of mobile which has united communication aspects as well as use intelligence communication in order to act sync with their customer base other callers.
  • EE uses firewall protection as well as anti viruses in order to secure customers as well as their personal records from such scams, threats and frauds.
  • Company facilitates various unique features like lead caller physical phenomenon. High volume on calls and so on.
  • Services of Vodafone works in an effective and efficient way that gives high profitability and supply good experience to their potential customers.
  • It provides data storage facility through the cloud programmings in order to safely store customer records.
  • Company is capable to control traffics and facilitate appropriate routes by making optimum utilisation of several networking software (Eyre, 2019).


The company Everything Everywhere Limited provides many latest techniques in their services that helps in better work performance. Such includes:

  • They firstly introduce 4GEE and 4G+ applications which provides high speed of internet or just double.
  • The company adopt the fastest 4G network services of mobiles to the UK's customers.
  • They develops calling as well as texting facility over Wi-Fi without the mobile networks (Foxworth, 2019).

Mainly Vodafone use those kind of application in order to provides solution design, experts consultancy as well as ongoing support system for the better communication network. Such includes:

  • They facilitates mix use of techniques because they considered as a champion in interlinking between the service, cloud, networking, people, application etc. across the world and fulfils all business requirements as well.
  • It also provides various business integration to their clients through the collaborating as well as conferencing.

Every business organisation requires to communicate effectively for the smooth functioning of business operations which can help in better growth and development in future. This will lead to provides appropriate networks or systems so that company is able to deliver concise and clear message to their customers, employees as well as stakeholders. These systems aids in facilitating safe access on those available information and collect data on a low prices.

It can be viewed from the above discussion that as compared to Everything Everywhere limited the company Vodafone provides appropriate services that are more valuable to the users. As they operates their operations at global level and provides high access to their customers across the world. They has been highly focused on developing effective technologies as well as tools in order to deal with the high traffic issues over the all networks (ParrIS, 2019). They also provides cloud storage service to their clients in order to safe their information for long period of time and provide adequate management of privacy and security measurement. They also facilitates collaborating as well as conferencing system that helps in minimising the travelling cost along with the time because all meetings and discussions are takes place online. Struggling with dissertation, get dissertation help london from our experts!!


From the above discussion it has been concluded that internet is the most essential aspect for the modern generation of people because it plays a most significant role in businesses and society. This helps in interacting with the people in a large range of area as in businesses meetings and discussions are also conducted by the medium of internet that gives an opportunity to make wide connections across the world. It also facilitates learning and educational programmes for the development of new generation and increase their knowledge. Also it facilitates chances of communicating with the different groups of people by the medium of social sites. Along with this, it adversely impacts on the society because hackers may hacked their systems or networks due to which the personal or sensitive information will be stolen by them and misused for fulfilling their illegal purposes. The threats of internet uses are measures timely by using encryption, antivirus systems so that communication will be done in a secure way.

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