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Knowledge of New Areas of Study

University: University of Roehampton London

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 4 / Words 903
  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: N/A
  • Downloads: 909
Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • What are the New Areas of Study?
  • REFERENCES of Seleted Hilton Organisation.
    Answer :
    Organization Selected : Hilton Hotel


    Group presentations are an important part of learning new things while studying. They increase knowledge, flexibility and build team relationships (Brandler and Roman, 2015). I got the opportunity to work with a group while creating a presentation. The topic of choice was to conduct a SWOT analysis on an organization, for which we chose Hilton Hotel. There are many elements that can affect a company that operates in the hospitality industry and analyzing such factors can help in understanding the organization. I decided to determine the strengths of the Hilton Hotel and I have learned a lot from conducting this analysis. The whole group came together and created a plan, wherein each element of the model had to be studied and this was done in a systematic manner. There was clear communication between group members and tasks were allotted properly so that no one had to do extra work.

    I felt privileged for being able to use my skills to create a presentation with my team members. I was also nervous as it was my first time working in a group and everyone was a stranger to me. But the systematic process of choosing an analysis model and organization was very smooth as everyone was able to discuss their views clearly (Van Eemeren and Grootendorst, 2016). I feel happy that I was able to work with the strategies that were created for completing the presentation. We decided to analyze the workload and time duration that we had to complete it. Once we determined the number of hours we had, I felt anxious and realized that I had to start working efficiently. There were a few areas of weaknesses that caused delays while making the presentation. This disheartened me as a lagged behind other team members, which slowed down their work as well.

    When I evaluated my performance while working on the presentation, I found out that I collected information in an effective manner and was able to understand as well as answer the questions that had been asked. This helped me in realizing that I am capable of adopting strategies that have been given to be implemented. One of the strategic plans included effectiveness and efficiency while working (Britton et.al., 2017). We were responsible for compiling our own work and there was no one to cross-check the information that had been written. I lacked in asking for help due to my shy nature, but my team leader was helpful enough and asked me if I required any guidance or assistance. We also created goals so that we could determine how much work had to be completed before the deadline. Even though there were a few delays, we managed to complete the presentation right on schedule.

    I analyzed that I was able to follow the systematic process of creating a presentation and working with a group. The drawbacks that I faced included a few delays while doing my work and having difficulties in using software for creating the presentation. I did not put pictures and bullet points as well, which made my work look plain and simple. It seemed as though there was no effort put to it. My team leader was very flexible and taught me how proper formatting of presentations was done. I learned the complete process and usage of software and this helped me in brushing up my skills. I successfully developed my areas of deficiencies while working in a group. This helped me in increasing my confidence and self-esteem as well. This creates an effective process of communication with group members (Teamwork Skills: Being an Effective Group Member, 2018). But I was unable to offer my help to anyone due to my hectic schedule while working.

    I can conclude that the process of creating and working on a group presentation was an experience that helped me in learning a lot of things. This includes increasing knowledge of the hospitality industry and management analysis models (Cohen and Lotan, 2014). It also helped me in understanding how to work in a group so that our work could be done on time. The strategies that were used by me were very effective and easy to adopt. But there were a few hurdles, which include a lack of communication skills and assistance to other group members. I realize that I need to work on these two areas so that I can enhance my skills and abilities to work in a team. This group presentation has helped me in building confidence, relationships, and knowledge of new areas of study. Are you worried about homework help online with quality content? Contact our professional Writers. 


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    2. Britton, E. and et.al., 2017. Assessing teamwork in undergraduate education: a measurement tool to evaluate individual teamwork skills.Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education. 42(3).pp.378-397.
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    4. Van Eemeren, F.H. and Grootendorst, R., 2016.Argumentation, communication, and fallacies: A pragma-dialectical perspective. Routledge.
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