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Human Resource : Value and Contribution to Organisational Success

University: Nelson College London

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the appropriate theories for organizational structure.
  • Discuss about the approaches for knowledge management.
Answer :
Organization Selected : ARM Holding PLC


Human Resource play essential role in the organization to add value and contribute in the success of business. Employees are the valuable assets who can help the companies to perform their operational activities or make them able to maximise their efficiency as well as effectiveness (Anitha, 2016). HR motivate individuals and maintain work culture so that they can perform tasks effectively in order to enhance their productivity as well as performance. HR manager of ARM Holding PLC asked to prepare report which further delivered to the director of human resource. This assessment covers various topics such as importance of organizational design theory and implementation of it organizational structure. Implement different approach for motivating human capital and knowledge management, HR functions and critically evaluate the organizational change which further impact the business design.


1. Critically evaluate the importance of organizational design theory and apply the concept in context of organizational structure & strategy with the help of suitable examples

Organizational design theory is the step by step process which helps in identifying those functions which was not properly work or unable to fit with current business goals & objectives. After that, management build policies to improve or implement changes and further they focus on technical or individual aspect of organization. In context of ARM Holding PLC, management use this theory to identify dysfunctional aspects which is very essential to identify. Importance of the theory could be understood with the help of following points:

  • Organizational design theory provide excellence customer service.
  • Increases productivity as well as profitability by reducing operating cost.
  • Improves efficiency and cycle time of the business operations.
  • It helps in developing clear strategy for managing and getting business growth.

Above mentioned importances help the organization to improve its overall efficiency as well as effectiveness and make sure that, it will positively impact the organizational structure strategies with the help of it, managers of ARM Holding improve individual work efficiency or it make them able to formulate strategies for the future which further provide growth in the market.

Appropriate theories for organizational structure:

With the help of organizational structure theory, business able to develop plans for the success. It will influence the management that how they can allocate resources and interact with environment. There are various theories which could be implemented by the ARM Holding Plc or to formulate business strategy. Some of them discussed below:

Contingency theory: This theory is used to deal with conflict in the business among the people. In the workplace, conflict is unavoidable or management need to take effective actions to resolve it. Management evolve their own strategy as per the need and adopt changes which is important for organizational success. So, it help the managers of ARM Holding Plc to make effective decisions to achieve business goals & objectives. For example: In the Tesco, managers implement contingency theory in order to reduce conflicts among the people because it affect the overall operations as well as revenue margin of the company.

Systems theory: This theory based on the interrelationship of different functions in the organizations. It evaluate that how single change will affect the other parts of the business. Every small change will cause big alteration in the another part. Before implementing any changes in the organizational structure, managers of ARM Holding Plc need to evaluate its after effects and then adopt changes which suits business environment (De Guimarães and et.al., 2016). For example: Ford company wanted to provide quality products which meet the customer's expectation. Management focus on the business as well as technical need to improve the overall performance or satisfy consumers. Managers of ARM Holding follow the system theory in order to fulfilling organizational strategy.

From the overall discussion it has been concluded that by using organizational design theory and organizational structure theory, managers maintain overall performance or build strategies for get success. It helps in improving operational or customer service efficiency which help the business to achieve desired goals & objectives. In the business, every decisions and actions will be done after evaluating organizational structure. Because it help the managers to perform as per their strategies in order to enhance overall performance and productivity. Order assignment help from our experts! 

2. Analyse the different approaches & techniques to motivate human capital and make them skilled or dedicated towards work

In order to perform well in the business operations or enhance individual performance and productivity, managers adopt theories which help them to attract, maintain, develop or provide rewards to the employees as per their performance. There are some different approaches which is used by the managers of ARM Holding Plc to skilled their employees or make their workforce dedicated. It mentioned below:

Approaches for motivation:

There are three different approaches to motivate workforce and make them productive as well as dedicated towards their work (Approaches for Motivation, 2020). It mentioned below:

  • Stick approach: It is the oldest as well as classical view which cause the performance through the fear of penalties if employees fail in their work. In this approach managers are very strict and control their entire workforce to become more productive for the organization. It shows a negative attitude of superior which suppress the spirit of workers.
  • Carrot approach: In this approach, managers treat their employees as valuable assets for the company and give them unconditional rewards which does not motivate employees. Because workers do not feel any gratitude towards manager or company. Managers of ARM Holding Plc need to give rewards as per individual performance otherwise employees think that there is only carrot and no stick. Managers thinks that, employees will remain loyal or grateful for the company if they get rewards unconditionally, but it is not actually happen.
  • Combined approach: This approach suggest that, managers should have stick in one hand and carrot in another one. Because fear of penalty make them dedicated towards their work or if they perform well then they get rewards (de Sousa Jabbour and et.al., 2018). It is like penalty or reward approach where, if employees perform well then they get rewards or if they not doing well then they will be penalties. It is highly productive approach which help the ARM Holding Plc to motive employees as well as maximise productivity or profitability.

In order to make their workforce skilled, dedicated or productive, managers of ARM Holding use combined approach for motivating their workers. It further helps them to achieve business goals & objectives through increasing individual performance as well as productivity.

Approaches for human capital:

In order to become high performing organization, business need to focus on human capital and leverage talent to make their human resources capable to achieve high performance (Approaches for Human Capital Management, 2020). There are various approaches for this but some of them discussed below:

  • Training & mentoring: Most of the high performing organizations provide additional training programs to their employees to make them more productive. In addition, ARM Holding Plc need to provide mentoring programs as well (Fellnhofer, 2017). Along with this, they should develop leaders with the help of training programs which attracting talent of future generation. In order to make their worker skilled and dedicated they need to trained them or improve their performance.
  • Attract quality talent: It is observed that, best performing organizations have best talent in terms of human capital. They need to recruit people who have ability to perform their task or achieve desired goals & objectives. Basically, managers of ARM Holding should attract talented people as per the role who have relevant skills and they dedicated for their work.

Above mention approaches followed by the managers of ARM Holding Plc because it helps in making their workforce skilled and dedicated.

Approaches for knowledge management:

Knowledge management is the systematic process which is used to share in the workplace and how it influence the corporate culture as well as business objectives. It helps the business to achieve their goals by effective use of knowledge which they have (Different Approaches to Knowledge Management, 2012). There are various approaches which could be used to enhance overall performance of ARM Holding Plc but some of them disused below:

  • Tactic knowledge management: It helps ARM Holding Plc to understand the knowledge which any individual have and further they move people into organization to transfer information. It is very simple to implement but it increases the dependency on individuals (Gregory, 2016). If that person leave the company than knowledge also left from that place. Through sharing knowledge they make other people skilled or dedicated.
  • Explicit Knowledge Management: In this approach, knowledge of individual redesign in the various forms such as reports, manuals, documents etc. It help the managers of ARM Holding Plc to share, communicate the information with many people at the same time or improve their knowledge. It is the another way to make their workers skilled.

From the above discussion, it has been analysed that explicit knowledge management is the best approach to share or maintain knowledge in ARM Holding Plc. It further helps the new recruiters as well in order to make them skilled or dedicated towards their work.


For ARM Holding Plc, management follow explicit knowledge management but they should follow Tactic knowledge management approach too. In order to make their employees skilled and dedicated. In addition, for motivating employees they can follow Maslow need theory.

3. Evaluate that how emerging HR affect the role of HR function in future and provide valid judgement

There are various emerging HR factors which may further affect the role of HR functions in the future (Emerging HR Developments, 2020). Managers of ARM Holding Plc need to evaluate those trends for HR development. Some of them discussion below:

  • Use of artificial intelligence in recruitment: Use of AI is an innovating step in the various industries like manufacturing, marketing, finance, banking etc. With the help of AI, ARM Holding Plc follow online recruitment or hiring process. In future, it will improve the role of HR functions or make them able to save their time, it provide faster candidate screening, attract quality talent etc.
  • Data analytics transforming HR: In the organizations, HR functions rapidly adopt the data analytics skills because it helps in making data driven decisions to attract top talent & retain as well. In future, use of data analytics will be increases or identify the trends or pattern of employees absenteeism. In future it will help the HR department ARM Holding Plc to formulate strategies and implement in order to get success or achieve business goals & objectives (Hernaus, Vuksic and Štemberger, 2016). It has various benefits such as reducing employees turnover, enhance employees experience & satisfaction, productivity, performance etc.
  • Continuous performance management: It is the approach which is used once in a year for the feedback or review the performance. Management gone through with various transformation in the business operations in order to improve individual as well as entire ARM Holding companies performance. Through focusing on employee engagement and talent retention will helps in improving overall performance. This emerging trend of HR affect the role of HR functions in the future.

Above mention emerging HR developments is beneficial for the role of HR functions in the future. It help the ARM Holding Plc to attract talented people, make effective decisions in respect of the employees as well as improve performance. Basically, in future it helps the organization to improve individual productivity as well as profitability.

From the above discussion it has been recommended that ARM Holding Plc should implement latest HR development trends in the HR functions (Kirkley, 2016). It aid the managers to improve individual performance as well as productivity. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

4. Critically evaluated that how organizational design respond and follow change management which impact business design and complex relationship

Every organization design their own structure and make sure to control over business environment. There are various types of structure which is used to respond market or competitor's pressure, government or consumers. Business design their structure on the basis on organizational goals & objectives. Managers of ARM Holding Plc evaluate the design of business and implement various changes as per the requirement (Pedron and et.al., 2016). There are some examples of changes in the ARM Holing which are mentioned below:

  • Transformational change: In this change, business alter their model, strategies, structure, culture design etc. Organizations may experience transformational change in response to crisis or improve their market situation. These changes also occur in response to change in technology. ARM Holding Plc take advantage through implementing new business model. In the business environment, there are already various companies who take advantage through implementing changes in their operations (Rehman, Seth and Shrivastava, 2016). Fox example: Nokia is the world's leading company in the cellular phones market because they focus on new technology and implement changes.
  • Psychological change: It is one of the principle of change management which is used to improve employees perspective. Business need to focus on people perspective and do something about social issues which encounter individual's personal life. An individual have various needs which company need to satisfy. Managers of ARM Holding Plc implement psychological changes in order to respond organizational design. don't worry get marketing assignment help from UK's leading assignment helpers.

For example an employees of ARM Holding Plc innovate new software but in order to implement this, they need to transform organizational design (Scott, DeLone and Golden, 2016). Management of the company change their business model or strategies accordingly and also provide training to the employees so they can perform their task without any fear of losing their job rather than hiring new people.


With the help of above discussion, it has been concluded that HR functions helps the business to get success through contributing in various aspects. With the help of organizational design, entity able to maximise productivity as well as individual performance. It addition, it is useful for managers to build strategies and implement in well manner. In addition, in order to make their workers skilled and dedicated, they need to follow various approaches for motivation, knowledge management or human capital. Along with this, there are various emerging HR trends which help the HR functions in the future to enhance overall business performance.

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