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Human Resource Management in Organisations

University: Arden University

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is Tuckman Theory?
  • Discuss the importance of human resource management.
Answer :
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People in organisation is defined as number of employees working in the company for attainment of goal and objectives in an appropriate manner (Beaulieu and Pasquero, 2017). This is very important for organisation to manage and develop their people so that they can work in proper way and enhance themselves. The given report is based on Johnsons of Whixley which is regarded as largest commercial nursery business at Europe. There are more than 90 employees working in business. The main aim of report is to discuss about role of leadership and how culture and structure of business support transitional change. It also highlights about ways of building effective team by respective organisation and their attributes in development of team.

Role of Leadership that may exist within Johnsons of Whixley 

Leadership is defined as ability of manager in order to induce their subordinates to perform work with zeal as well as confidence (Belda-Miquel, Aristizábal and Pazos, 2016). This is the way or potentiality to influence behaviour of other people in most appropriate manner. It is capacity to enhance as well as influence towards attainment  of goal and objectives. This is very important for business to have leadership because it sets clear communication as well as vision for their employees, colleagues, subordinates. It provide them good understanding of firm direction and making them to follow their roles and responsibilities in best manner. There are different types of leadership style which has followed by enterprise for proper working of their activities and operations. In context of Johnsons of Whixley, they follow coach style leadership as they need to guide their employees, subordinates for better work performance. In this style, leader has to identify as well as nurturing  strength of every individual working in team. They consider strategies which will leads them to work in most better and proper manner. With the following of such style in organisation, there is success and growth of individual employees.

The leader working in Johnsons of Whixley provide guidance to their employees for better performance (Horton, 2016). It is largest commercial nursery firm at Europe which focus on imaginative as well as flexible approach to reward their workforce. They also follows benefit and reward strategy for recognising and incrementing their employee which leads to success and growth of business. Here, leader has to guide each and every working force for nursery work and activities so that they can perform their roles and responsibilities in most effective manner. The respective organisation is implementing new technology in business where leaders has to play role to coach their employees so that they can easily adopt it for positive results. Therefore, it is essential for organisation to adopt effectively leadership at workplace for proper conduct of activities and operations in most effective and efficient manner. Order assignment help from our experts!

Organisational structure is defined as system which outlines about how activities and operations are directed for achievement of goals and objectives of organisation (Kakabadse and Bank, 2018). It includes roles, rules and responsibilities. This determine about flowing of levels within business place. Each and every organisation possess different structure as per their size and nature. In context of Johnsons of Whixley, it is following flat organisational structure. As it is specialised in production of trees, shrubs, garden centres, amenity contractors and so on. The respective organisation is facing transitional change because of different aspects. This element can be change in behaviour of people, technology, need, demand and many more.

Here, transition change is replacing of existing process with new one. In context of Johnsons of Whixley, it is planning to adopt technology for farming and plantation of flowers, seeds, plants and many more. In current time, they are using traditional way of doing farming in their garden which is time consuming and requires more number of manpower. So with change in time and situation they wanted to upgrade themselves and achieve business goal and objectives. This also impact on organisational structure of respective organisation. As they were following flat organisational division which need to be change to hierarchy structure for positive outcomes.

In context of respective organisation, they have to change themselves from flat to hierarchy (Lundälv and et. al., 2015). It is the way in which employees are grouped with all working force who possess clear supervisor. This is the most easiest and simplest form of structure which helps business to easily new and updated technology for easy work performance and attainment of set objectives. As there is one head who guide other employees to perform in better manner. It is very important for each and every organisation to consider changes factors of society and accordingly adopt those in business to get positive outcomes. In addition to this, they have to modify or change their structure of firm in an effective and efficient way. Division of organisation in different part help business and accordingly work are assigned to them.

Similarly, on other hand, organisational culture is defined as system of shared values, beliefs, assumptions that helps in governing about how people are behaving in organisation. It has influence on people at organisation and way of acting, dressing and performing their jobs (Rees and Porter, 2015). This is essential for business to have proper culture at workplace so that working force can work in diligent and effective manner. Johnsons of Whixley follows culture at their workplace. They provide several perks and benefits to their employees by conducting annual Christmas party, ice lollies at time of hot weather, profit share bonus, annual attendance, early closure, medical support, chip Fridays, quarterly fish and many more. As it is following innovation in work so they have to provide training and development programmes to their working force for attainment of positive outcomes. This training help lead them to work as per culture of business in most effective and efficient manner. If business does not work as per culture of organisation then their value and goodwill might decline. Organisational culture are rules, regulation, values and beliefs of enterprise which has to be followed for each and every activities and operations conducted at workplace. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

There exist interrelationship among organisational structure and culture (Macdonald, Burke and Stewart, 2018). Here, culture of organisation is regarded as big picture of entity which has both internal as well as external aspects. Similarly on other hand, organisational structure is defined as how communication moves from one to another, reporting process in which person possess decision making powers over subordinates, gathering of resources to achieve goal as well as objectives. Here, culture of enterprise matures as well as spreads out from support through structure (Is There a Relationship Between Organisational Structure and Culture?,  2018). Decision is made in context to organisational change and then structure is built with end mind. Both influence each other to achieve positive results in an effective and efficient manner. The decision of organisational culture is heavily influenced by external events. In addition to this, culture need to respond instantly with changes taken place at business. In context of  Johnsons of Whixley, there is change in both organisational structure and culture where technology is adopted by business which leads them to alter their existing division along with following of culture at their organisation for positive outcomes. Both are interrelated with each other due to followed at same time in business.

If there is mismatch among culture and structure then it leads to major disaster (Milbourne and Cushman, 2015). It is very important for respective organisation to go through changes things taken place at environment for working in appropriate manner. In case business fails to adopt any modification taken place at environment then it cannot achieve success and growth. Every firm want to enhance their brand value and goodwill which is possible through following business structure and culture to gain positive results. In order to reach goals, enterprise need to have proper and formal structure. It is because of distributing tasks into various groups in order to ensure about people who are working in same project or other to get output. As organisation is unable to run without help of individuals. It is also said that structure is framework for culture which should be implemented for positive results. As per nature, size and type of business, structure should be divided so that roles and responsibilities are delegated to them in best possible manner. Both structure as well as culture work together in order to attain best results. Therefore, the respective organisation has to change themselves as per need and demand of people of society and accordingly adopt structure and culture of business to gain sustainability, growth, development and profitability at competitive marketplace.

Therefore, it is crucial for organisation to follow leadership approach in their business so that they can provide proper guidance to them for attainment of goal and objectives (Millar,  Chen and Waller, 2017). In addition to this, they need to have proper working culture and structure so that employees know about roles and responsibilities they have to perform at workplace. Also there exist relationship among culture as well as structure of business to guide each other for best performance.

It is very important for organisation to motivate their employees by using providing different benefits to them. This can be created through building effective team so that they can work as per norms and values of business. In context of  Johnsons of Whixley, they have used Maslow's hierarchy need theory for their employees for positive outcomes. This is described below:

Maslow's Hierarchy Need

This theory was developed by Abraham Maslow in 1940 in order to motivate and develop their employees so that they can attain both personal as well as professional growth and success. The respective organisation follows such theory in their business to encourage and motivate their working force in an effective and efficient manner. It is divided into five needs which is as follows:

Physiological Needs- It is defined as lowest as well as basic needs of human beings. This includes satisfying biological drivers of human beings like food, water, cloth, shelter, air and so on. These are survival needs of any human beings living in society. In context of Johnsons of Whixley, it provide physiological need to their employees so that they can fulfils their basic requirements. If these needs are not provided in better manner, then they cannot live happy and satisfying life.

Safety Needs- It is defined as second need of human beings. Once basic level is fulfilled there is rise in safety needs of people. This means requirement of secure environment, free from psychological harm, physical threats. Security and safety needs are financial security, heath and wellness and safety against harms. The respective organisation provide safety needs to their employees working in their firm. More than 90 employees who are working in respective organisation are provided with clean and safe environment so that they can perform work in better manner. It is nursery business which requires skilled and capable people so they should be provided with safety needs.

Social Needs- Man is regarded as social animal who requires affiliation or belongingness to live happy and prosperous life. Each and every individuals like to recognised and accept by all. The employees working in Johnsons of Whixley requires friendships, family, community groups, social and many more to work in organisation. It is the responsibility of respective organisation to fulfils social needs of their working force so that they enjoy their work and give their best in attainment of goal and objectives.

Self-esteem Needs- This is fourth level need of human beings which means self respect and self-esteem. It includes needs like knowledge, achievement, self-confidence, independence, competence. The respective organisation provide self esteem needs to their working force by providing them with extra holiday, early closure. They focus on providing balance among work and life which motivate them to give their best for attainment of business goal and objectives. They pay rise in motivating their staffs and does not utilise long term benefits.

Self- Actualisation Need- It is the last stage of need theory which means to do self actualisation of oneself in effective and efficient manner. This arises when human being are satisfied with all above needs. It is described as full usage and exploitation of capabilities, talents and potentialities of people. The employees working in Johnsons of Whixley arise with such needs after fulfilment of all four needs to live happy and satisfied life. It is very important for individual to understand themselves and fulfilment of their needs. If they are done with every needs and aspects then there is rise in actualising oneself. Individual has to identify their talents and skills to do those things which are liked by them. This need provide them happiness, satisfaction and pleasure as they perform activities and work for their own-self rather than others. 

Tuckman Theory

This theory was formed by Dr. Bruce Tuckman in 1970s. It is the theory which is helpful for explanation of behaviour and team development. This focus on development of team through ability and maturity, establishment of relationship and many more. There are five stages in team development theory which are described below:

Forming- This is the first stage of team development which requires high dependence on leaders to direct and motivate team. There is agreement on aim and objectives of team before it begins to form. In this stage, team is formed where roles as well as responsibilities are unclear to people and lots of questions are asked by them. In context of Johnsons of Whixley, it requires to form team as it is large nursery business where various roles and responsibilities are assigned to perform. There is leader in organisation who guide their employees to work as per set outcomes.

Storming- It is the second stage of team development in which decisions does not come easily. As each and every members working in team has to form relation with all so that they are clear about their roles and responsibilities. They have to focus on goal in order to avoid distraction by relationships as well as emotional issues. Every members has to do compromise for progress and success of business. The employees working in Johnsons of Whixley has to create relation with other other so that they can attain business goal and objectives. As they want to develop their existing business through motivating employees in most appropriate manner.

Norming- In this stage of team development, there is consensus as well as agreement forms team and there is proper response to leader. There is delegation of decisions to member of team within group. As members are committed and unity is very strong among them. The respective organisation, team members are engaged in fun, social activities and proper development of working style to accomplish desired goal. In this stage, roles and responsibilities are clear to all and accordingly they carry out their work.

Performing- It is the stage team are clear why and what they are doing. In this phase, work is performed by all members of team and focus on achieving goal set by them. There is autonomy among team and solving of disagreement among themselves as they are aware of each other skills and knowledge for work performance. They look each other and assistance from leader for interpersonal and personal development. The members working in Johnsons of Whixley are performing work as assigned to them.

Adjourning- It is the last stage of team development in which formed group is adjourned. The members are separated from each other and outcomes are achieved. It can be positive or negative as in case of positive they have attain goal and in case of negative they can learn from it. Leader can arrange party for their team members so that they will work in future time period if required.

Therefore, Johnsons of Whixley has motivated their working force by fulfilling all their needs and demand in effectual manner. They have adopted Maslow's hierarchy needs and Tuckman development theories for motivation and development of group or team to attain set goal and objectives so that they work as per norms and values of business. It is very important to form effective, skilled and capable team so that they can work in best manner. They have to take feedback from their employees on regular basis for positive outcomes. Get Finance assignment help from  our team of qualified experts!


The report concluded that it is essential for business to have skilled and capable people so that goal and objectives can be attained in appropriate manner. This is very important for business to motivate their working force by fulfilling all their need and demand through providing of safety, recognition, benefits, bonus and so on. With change in time and situation, leader plays great role in organisational transition to accomplish desired goal and objectives. There exist relationship among organisational structure and culture as they helps in dealing with transition. Each and every employees has to follow rules and regulation of business for positive results.

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