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Contemporary Marketing Communications


The term marketing communication is also known as MarCom which is a complex and fundamental part of marketing efforts that are taken by organisation. In this context, it can be defined as all types of media and messages that organisation deploy to interact and communicate with the market place. For the effective marketing communication, organisation uses few methods such as sales presentation, PR activities, printed material, branding, direct marketing, advertisements, trade shows and sponsorships etc (Weisfeld-Spolter, Sussan and Gould,  2014). The present research report mainly focus on the concept of contemporary marketing communications. For this purpose, Samsung organisation is considered. The explores the marketing communication practices of cited firm in respect to both internal and external audiences. Further, it also evaluates the marketing communication theory and impact of technology on the marketing communications.

Company Information (500)

The selected company Samsung is basically a type of multinational conglomerate South Korean company. The headquarters of cited firm existed in Suwon, South Korea and it is also a public limited company. In addition to this, products of Samsung are such as chemicals, apparel, electronic components, telecommunications and semi conductors etc. Long with the products Samsung also offers the services to customers such as entertainment, advertising, communication technology, health care services and financial services etc (Shin, 2013). The cited company was primarily focus on exporting but late on they expand into electronics manufacturing company. The main aim of cited firm is to increase the customers and for this they uses the innovative technology options. In order to boost the sales and products popularity, cited firm produce phones in more attractive and appealed manner. Samsung mainly targets the people who are more trendy and limes to use the new and update technology. On the basis of this criteria, cited firm target the audience who has the disposable income. In addition to this, Samsung produces the smartphones for the customers who are more image concious. The most of the customers of company's products are in the age group of 16-35 years in the UK (van Grinsven and Das, 2014). In the competitive market place, cited firm also faces the close competition from Nokia, HTC, Apple and Gionee. In respect to market share, cited firm also has the leadership position in respect to business success.

In order to attract new customers and maintaining the existing customers, cited firm highly focus on their marketing activities. In year of 2012, Samsung Electronics company also became the largest mobile phone producer n h world. In addition to this, cited firm also overtakes the market of Nokia who was market leader. In the category of smartphones, Samsung attain the great success and appreciated by the people (Castronovo and Huang, 2012). The cited firm also get s the motivation through their mission statement which is 'Inspire the world, create the future'. The main objective of Samsung is to offer the new innovation and technology to the customers which will also become a firm as a creative master in the market place. The cited firm adopts the marketing orientation which helps the company to consider the customers needs and expectation at the of producing the products. In addition to this, cited firm also predicts the future needs ans demands of market. The cited firm also has one aim related to increment in market share by creating the prestigious and unique brand image in respect to smartphones. The cited firm make them sure that they have wide ranges of phones product which starts form basic to most advanced.

The term brand essence relates to the promise of company in respect to specific benefits and values. In this the made promises are required to be relevant and meaningful to customers. By making the effective and relevant brand essence, organisation creates the unique image which differs them for other competitors (Panigyrakis. and Zarkada, 2014). In respect to Samsung, brand essence of cited firm is related to accessible innovation. By creating the continuous innovation in products, more customers are becoming loyal. In the concept of marketing communication, the brand essence came in to he life. The effective brand essence of cited firm easily defines the authentic character and mission of Samsung.

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1. Marketing communications practice with regard to internal and external audiences (500)

In present time, for every business organisation it is essentially required to create the effective marketing communication process with audience of both internal and external. In this context, the internal audience are associated with the people who are closely present within the organisation whereas, external audience are considered to those people who are present outside of organisation but the promotional and communicational efforts are created for them. In this context, the employees of Samsung are considered to be external audience and on other side customers and competitors are considered to be the external audience (Killian and McManus, 2015). In order to establish open and effective marketing communication with both types of audience, cited firm spends more time and efforts. In the effective communication process is not established at workplace than it means right informations are neglected. With the help of effective marketing communication, Samsung is able to attain their objectives and goals in effective manner. In this context the marketing communication practices with regard to both internal and external audiences are described below such as:

Samsung's marketing communication practices to internal audience

The marketing activities and promotional campaigns can only be successful when the employees are actively involved in this. In respect to this, the internal communication practises are such as:

  • Samsung communicates with the employees by taking regular meetings.
  • With the motive of information sharing and person can not be meet than schedule conferences calls are used by cited firm (Korol, 2014).
  • Samsung involves the employees in decision making process.
  • In order to communicate with the internal audience for the marketing purpose, cited firm uses the electronic mail facility, news letter and online forum.
  • In order to take the suggestions and ideas form internal audience, meetings can be conducted.
  • By using the current technological services such as telephonic communication, conferences, video conferees, podcast, webcasts and webinars etc (Cardoso, Petrova, and Cairrão,2015).
  • To discuss the important aspects related to promoting their products, cited firm also conducts the face to face meetings.
  • The feedbacks are also taken in order to gather the information related to any tyoe of suggestions and improvements. By giving the presentation to internal audience, information related to target and objectives are delivered.
  • For the purpose of segmentation and targeting the audience, conferences and groups discussions sessions can be established (Papasolomou and Melanthiou, 2012).

Samsung's marketing practices to external audience

The main motive of marketing practices of organisation is to attract the large number of customers towards the company's product. By making the effective marketing practices and activities, cited firm tries to create a positive brand image in front of customers.

The main of marketing communication is to provide the right information to customers and also manage the demand and sales. In addition, it also helps the company to build the brand equity by increasing the market share and enhancing the positioning in effective manner (Emery, 2012). In this regard, Samsung uses the various types of media options such as television, radio, print advertisements and social networking sites goal is to increase their reach to customers. For the marketing communication, cited firm uses the both digital and traditional ways The Samsung's marketing practices for external audience are described below such as:

Sales promotion- To boost the sales in shot time period, through sales offers this customer are encouraged to buy the company's product.

Online advertising- For the marketing purpose, cited firm use the internet as a medium in order to deliver the message to customers related to product's features and benefits (Elving, 2013).

Website hub- The company's own online outlets are also an effective manner to promote the products.

Mobile marketing- In present time, with the help of advance technology, cited firm also offers the mobile application facility to customers. In present time, many people prefers to use the smartphones and by using the company's application hey will get attached to firm.

Social networking sites- In present time many social networking sites are present and many customers are active on them. To attract the large number of customers, it is considered as the best method because it is quite famous among youngsters (Pfeffer, Zorbach and Carley,  2014). To attract the youngsters towards the mobile phone products, cited firm uses the social media option. In this, sites are such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram etc. Cited firm also maintain their blogs by updating current informations related to organisation.

2.  Marketing communications theory

The process of marketing communication has become the integral part of every organisation. In respect to this concept, one marketing communication theory is selected which is known as ELM (elaboration likelihood model) model. By using this model, Samsung can effectively share and deliver the information to target customers and market as well. By using this theory, cited firm basically aims to influence ad encourage the customers to purchase the company's product without switching to substitute products (Segal and Giacobbe, 2015). By using he ELM model, Samsung tries to changes the attitude and behaviour of customers by defining the benefits and features of products. With the hep of this, customers perceive the positive in formation by interpreting the advertisement message in right direction. Basically the ELM model defines the mental attitude of customers in respect to processing the message related to products which they gain form the marketing communication process. Basically this model is used by organisations to understand, describe and predict the behaviour of customers. In this model theory of absolutism is also included because it is based on the market research and surveys. This model is emerged by organisation after completion of observation and research process n the surveys. Along with this elaboration likelihood model also defines the persuasive process in respect to interpreting the message. The ELM theory describes that it is a process of communication between the organisation and customers n which every entity receive, deliver and interpret the messages and information (Deshpande, Bhanot and Maknikar, 2015). This theory includes the two types of processes such as central and peripheral processing. By making the use of this theory, Samsung will be able to create the effective and accurate marketing communication process with the external audience. This theory will also influence the consumers to at least try the company's product one time. For influencing the customers, this theory helps in changing the customers attitude in positive and right direction towards the company and product as well.

3. Impact of technology on the conventional boundaries of marketing communications (300)

In present time, changes in the time also links with update in technology. With the continuous research and innovation, technology has become more advanced. The advancement in technology gives impact on the all types of business operations in both positive and negative manner (Farrelly and Quester, 2015). In respect to this, the technology also gives impact on the conventional boundaries of marketing communication. In respect to create the effective marketing practices, technology plays and important role. By making use of internet facility, cited firm tries to connect and communicate with the customers, for the alignment of sales and marketing related operations, technological services are more effective. In respect to Samsung, the technology is use with the help of integrated marketing communication, cited firm is able to coordinate their advertisements messages to develop strong relationship with the customers and also to build the brand image in positive way in front of market place (Weisfeld-Spolter, Sussan and Gould, 2014). By using the website hub and mobile marketing, customers and organisation can directly communicate with each other. By using the effective technological services, cited firm add the innovation in mobile phones in respect to screen, camera, resolution and operating system etc. For the conventional boundaries of marketing communication, cited firm effectively uses the technology because it gives the positive impact (Shin, 2013). In addition to this, by making use of technology, cited firm out source the function which are related to marketing and sales. In order to meet the demands and requirements of customers towards the smart phones, cited firm uses the update and innovative technology to modify their existing products so that satisfaction level among customers also increases. By considering the customers expectation at the time of product production, cited firm becomes the customers centric and follows the marketing orientation. By using the technology, cited firm also sells the products by taking the orders from the online web portals and also update the information on it about the products so that awareness among customers can be increased (van Grinsven and Das, 2014).

Making and justifying choices

Cietd firm uses the technological services which helps the company to increase the sales and productivity along with the increment in the customer's satisfaction level. In this context, with the help of digital marketing, cited firm will be ale to attract the large number of customers towards their product. By creating the application and using the features of mobile marketing, cited firm is able to communicate with customers in more effective manner. With the help of mobile application, customers can easily order the products and also solve their doubtful queries in more fast manner (Castronovo and Huang, 2012). Along with this, cited firm also create their websites with the help of technology, through this cited firm increase the awareness among customers about the products benefits and features. The used technological services in advertisements also helps in attracting and influencing the customers towards the company's product. So it can be define that the used technological options are beneficial for the company in order to increase the performance, productivity and sales. Along with all these it also helps the company to increase the customers size and their satisfaction level.

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4.  Impact, effect, and viability of contemporary marketing communications theory and practice in the modern technology context

The model of elaboration likelihood considered is effective through which it is possible it understand about the practices being undertaking for sharing information with target market. Further, Samsung carries out overall operations in the market where competition level is high and due to this reason considering effective marketing communication theory is must for business (Panigyrakis and Zarkada, 2014). Apart from this, theory of elaboration likelihood model is quite effective which with the help of which Samsung has determined the way of sharing important information with customers which directly influences their decision making process. Apart from this ELM model is based on large number of assumptions which are people are overloaded with persuasive messages, it is not easy to evaluate any specific message and people process message into two ways which involve central and peripheral. In case if the message transmitted with the help of appropriate source is effective then it directly influences purchase decision of target market (Killian and McManus, 2015). Further, the theory of business communication has direct impact on the modern technology where it has allowed businesses to select appropriate source with the help of which information can be easily shared with the target market

Moreover, selection of inappropriate source has negative impact on the business and sometime it acts as hurdle in accomplishment of desired goals and objectives. Apart from this, two routes are present which are linked with the ELM theory and it states that in peripheral route individual does not pays attention to persuasive agreement and one of the most appropriate way considered for motivating people is to undertake central route. In case if the target market takes initiative in order to understand about the information being shared then it directly acts as development tool for the business (Elaboration likelihood model. 2010). Marketing communication theory has supported in understanding about the significance of technology in sharing crucial information linked with products with the target market. In the modern era employing advanced technology generates interest in the target market and they take initiative to purchase the product. Apart from this, majority of the people living in the society are directly motivated to adopt central route so that they can easily understand about the message being shared. On the other hand for large number of businesses it is possible to adopt marketing communication theory such as ELM with the help of which corrective measures can be taken by enterprise in order to share crucial information with the target market. Advanced tools along with technology such as social media supports in sharing relevant information with the customers and this decreases time along with cost required in sharing data. In order to accomplish the objective of long term changes in attitude central route can be easily employed (Korol, 2014). Apart from this, considering this theory every individual pays attention in relation with how to make decisions. Therefore, with the help of this it can be easily stated that marketing communication theory has positively influenced and affected the modern technology where advanced tools are being employed for sharing information and this influences purchase decision of target market (Cardoso, Petrova and Cairrão, 2015).

5. Apply and analyses aspects of contemporary marketing communications theory to any new business scenarios and problems

ELM theory can help the others corporation to design new business scenarios  by providing new perceptions to consumers. This process contribute effective role for organisation to increase its sales by changing attitude of customers in the market. In addition to this, it also helps the management of organisation to develop products as per need and requirements of service users.  Further, it also aids to identifies the issues regarding products which contribute effectively to solve them very fast (Papasolomou and Melanthiou, 2012). It can help the enterprise to increase market share and growth in the market.


With the help of present research report it is articulated that in present time to run the business operation of marketing in effective manner, organisation requires to use the contemporary marketing communication practices. By using the effective marketing communication practices. The present report describes the importance of marketing communication process and uses of technology in this.


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