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Digital Marketing plan

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This sample will let you know about:

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • What is Expanding Social Media Presence?
  • What is Social Media Marketing?
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Organization Selected : Hilton Hotel


Digital marketing plan is referred as documents that share each and every details of planning for campaigns and actions which is related to digital marketing. This can be short term, medium and long term of business (Atwong, 2015). In today's market, all business follows digital marketing in order to create awareness among consumer regarding products and service in effective manner. Role of digital marketing is creating free advertising and assist in growing business. This leads to target exact audience for buying of products and services. The organisation given for assignment is Hilton Hotel that was founded in 1919. This is regarded as international brand that focus on providing service of resorts as well as hotels. It is operating in 586 locations in 6 countries across 85 countries as well as territories. This report has aim of understanding opportunities, challenges and impact of digital environment. It has also examined key digital tools, platforms and channels used in hospitality organisations. This file determine about organising digital marketing activities and building multi-channel capabilities along with evaluating methods of measuring and monitoring digital marketing.

Environmental analysis along with opportunities, challenges and impact of digital environment

Digital marketing is defined as element of marketing which uses online as well as digital technologies like mobile phone, desktop computers in order to advertise and promote goods and services in effective and efficient manner. This is cost effective in nature which is used by most of business for doing promotion of their products. It assists to reach to global customers with use of digital tools and techniques. There are some opportunities and challenges which impact digital environment of respective organisation. They are as follows:


The rise in technologies has made compulsion for organisation to implement procedure of digital marketing in business for attainment of goal and objectives (Boelsen-Robinson, Backholer and Peeters, 2015). Some of opportunities which are created due to digital marketing are described below:

User Experience- The implementing as well as adopting of digital marketing methods assists business to provide consumer with better experience so that they feel satisfied and happy with services. Digital marketing create opportunities for business to post their products and services at different sites. It has seen that organisation that possess good image at social media can easily influence consumer to avail their service and buy products (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick, 2019). This assist in rising profit margins and sustainability of business at marketplace. Want to get Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

Expanding Social Media Presence – In current scenario, social media is regarded as platform for users who is using internet (Saura, Palos-Sánchez and Cerdá Suárez, 2017). In addition to this, digital marketing assist in expansion of brand at online with help of social media channels. It is regarded as place in which people share tours, memory of holiday, hotel review and so on. Therefore, Hilton Hotel should adopt different tools and techniques for reaching global network in effective and efficient manner.On the basis of these kind of platforms, organisation can easily build direct connection with their international customers and can provide them information about new as well as updated services of them. All these platforms assist in creating a global presence of firm around the whole world.


Digital marketing is regarded as powerful driver of growth which communicates as well as interacts with each and every aspects of business, driving profits at complete of sales funnel and providing undeniable firm value at marketplace. New technologies as well as tactics are in use and impacting, creating new challenges for business operating at marketplace. In context of digital marketing, there are seven challenges which are faced by business. They are as follows:

  • 55%- They should build as well as hire effective marketing organisation
  • 54%- There is scale data that drive marketing across business place
  • 50%- They should create digital marketing strategy
  • 47%- Proving of business impact as well as ROI
  • 46%- Integration of martech stack
  • 46%- Securing incremental funding
  • 33%- Winning with personalisation

Overview of digital marketing landscape

Digital landscape is defined as involvement of both digital media and advertising in terms of digital marketing, pay per click, social media, influencer marketing, search engine optimisation, video production and many more (Saura, Palos-Sanchez and Correia, 2019). The overview of digital landscape is mentioned here:

Social Media Marketing- It is the highly used digital marketing by people and organisation for creating awareness about products, service and their brand (Kotler and et. al., 2017). This leads to provide offer along with data and information of targeted consumers. The brand should be complete, relevant, engagement of human and providing relevant information of business. The respective organisation should use such marketing method for promotion of their products and service at marketplace.

Digital Marketing- This is regarded as initial source which is applied at time of purchasing decisions through customer, clients and companies. Each and every information is presented in digital form for attainment of positive outcomes. The user who wants to avail products and services of Hilton Hotel prefer to apply digital marketing. Searching of information reflects communication of intent.

Comparison between online and offline marketing concepts

There are some differences among online and offline marketing concepts which are mentioned below:

Basis of Difference

Online Marketing Concepts

Offline Marketing Concepts


This is referred as pattern for leveraging web based channels for spreading of messages and information to customer related with brand, product and services by using online tools and techniques (Atwong, 2015).

This is referred as concept of marketing that does not use online methods or tools for creation of awareness about business and their services, products and so on (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick, 2019).


This includes use of search engine optimisation, Google, social media, email and many more (Boelsen-Robinson, Backholer and Peeters, 2015).

This includes print publication, cold calling, television, radio, flyers and others (Chaffey and Smith, 2017).

Key customer trends as well as insight that are fuelling growth of digital marketing

Customer insight is defined as realising of data as well as understanding people in most effective and efficient manner, helping in making decisions regarding how, what, when to sold goods and services (Chaffey and Smith, 2017). The decisions will give results to adopt campaigns and strategies in an efficient and effectual way to enhance profit margins. It is very important for Hilton Hotel to consider current customer trends and insight so that they can grow and sustain at marketplace for positive outcomes.

Critical assessment by comparing and contracting it's digital presence

In today's world it is necessary for organisations in different industries including hospitality industry to use various digital channels and platforms as they help them in communicating their products and services to a large base of customers. Some digital tools, channels and platforms used by Hilton are explained below:

Typsy- Organisations in the hospitality industry, including Hilton uses Typsy which is a digital platform for providing training to the employees (Chaffey and Smith, 2017). There are various lessons about hospitality skills that are explained by world-class instructors. The employees have to log in and then take the lessons on skills they think they need to develop and the ones that need to be enhanced )(Brown, 2019) This is a great way to providing training to a large number of employees virtually who works from different locations and time zones.

Screen Cloud- This is a digital application which is primarily suitable for hotels that are based on a particular theme or concept. The guests can have access to a digital menu as well as a list of services offered by the hotel (Karjaluoto, Ulkuniemi and Mustonen, 2015). The too is beneficial as it can be updated easily without any problems and also the process does not consume much time. This helps in attracting new potential segments of customers and retains the existing ones by fulfilling their needs and wants.

E-commerce and digital marketing channels and platforms have developed greatly as compared to physical channels as people now have access to Smartphone and high speed internet due as a result of which they can easily make booking in hotels and resorts after reading the reviews that have been posted by people who would've previously visited the hotel. People find making travel reservations online much easier now for both leisure as well as business travel. Hilton also uses the same in order to attract more customers online by providing various offers and discounts online (Adeola, Hinson, and Evans, 2020). Marketing is done digitally through emails, social media, affiliates etc. The brand earlier used to use physical channels like leaflets, brochures, outdoor campaigns to market its products.

The use of social media is rising exponentially and it has become essential for brands to have a presence online as it allows a two way communication between the brand as well as the customers (Saura, Palos-Sánchez and Cerdá Suárez, 2017). The various social media platforms whose usage has gone up over the last few years are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The various digital platforms are beneficial for Hilton as it can keep its customers engaged and updated all the time without having to invest in huge amounts of money. The respective hotel can gain a competitive advantage by using hashtags that are specific to it which will make it easier for the customers to find information and content that is particular to it. Digital channels and platforms help in reducing barriers that would have otherwise affected the overall business of the organisation. Organisations in the hospitality industry, including Hilton can reach out to large segments of customers by using various digital channels as well as platforms, social media and company website being among them.

Digital marketing activities of building multi-channel capabilities for luxury business division and active holiday seekers

Digital marketing plan is defined as document which shares all details of planning campaign and actions (De Pelsmacker, Van Tilburg and Holthof, 2018). This can be short, medium and long terms business goal and objectives. Main strategies is achieving goal through digital medium. In context of Hilton Hotel, it wants to build multi-channel capabilities for luxury business division and active holiday seekers with help of digital marketing activities. Here, multichannel marketing is defined as procedure of utilising both online as well as offline marketing communication in order to target and engage customers. This helps in setting campaigns through multi channels that cater need of customers. Respective hotel has to considered profiles of customers and marketing channels used by them, setting SMART objectives, marketing tactics and so on. The digital marketing plan should be effective to attain goal as well as objectives of organisation. Some of digital marketing activities which can be used by Hilton Hotel are as follows:

Social Media- This plays an effective role in creation of awareness among customer regarding brand, products and service (Dodson, 2016). As large number of people are connected to social media to know about what is happening in world. Hilton Hotel has to use social media for building multi-channel capabilities of their luxury division and active holiday seeker. They have to provide discounts, offer on regular basis which should be updated their sites so that they can enhance large number of customers in most effective manner. This strategy helps business in encouraging their customers in most effective way. Take Marketing Assignment Helpfrom professional experts!

Email Marketing- This is regarded as oldest form of ecommerce marketing to create awareness among consumers regarding products and services. Hilton Hotel has to use email for their both luxury and active seeker holiday by providing them information in most diligent manner. The luxury business division wants high class room with Wi-Fi, television, conference, parking areas and many others (Ashtiani, and Davidavičienė, 2019). Through email Hilton Hotel should provide description of their high class services to business division. Similarly, on other hand, holiday seeker want comfortable and reasonable room for staying as their main motto is to explore and visit different places. In this case, respective hotel should provide full information to those people so that they can chose online booking and avail service. This is the easiest way of building multi-channel for hotel industry.

Therefore, these both digital marketing activities will leads to build multi-channel capabilities for luxury division as well as active holiday seeker. These should be used effectively by hotel industry to know about requirement of their consumers and people for positive outcomes.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Omni-channel is defined as ideas to use each and every channel in order to create one and unified experience for customers (Juska, 2017). This consists of traditional, digital channels, in store, online experience and digital channels. Similarly, on other hand, Omni-channel marketing is the way to create seamless message which is customer based on behaviour with help of sales funnel and providing better experience to them. This is referred as approach which focuses on providing consumers with complete experience of shopping from first touch point to last in better way. Hilton Hotel has to consider Omni-channel marketing for their products, sales, customer support and customer success.

Omni-Channel distribution is regarded as main marketing strategies to reach to final consumers (Kannan, 2017). This is performed in different ways for reaching attention of customers in order to understand them in better manner by focusing on their point of view. Focus of Omni-channel is making sure that people who choose to interact with firm through different online channel such as social media, mobile application, website and other which provide same feel and look to customers (Helsen, 2019. With rise in digitalisation, there is change in customer service which made them to conduct different activities and operations online. In context of Hotel industry, guests, client, visitors are booking online rooms and avail service when they enter premises. This helped them to make booking from any part of world without going to that place and save their time. Most of the Hotel has their own mobile booking application from where they can book hotels as per their comfort level. Hilton Hotel also focus on using Omni-Channel marketing for their customer to provide them with better experience in order to attain their desired goal and objectives. This has raised due to use of mobile technology by consumer for each and every activities and operations.

Different types of channels are available for hotel in order to reach their customers in most effective and efficient manner (Gupta, 2019). The respective hotel can use channel like telephone as well as person contact. These are most common channel that is applied by business as they provide information to customer for better results. With change in time, people focus on using of highly digitalised device to create better experience. It is also important for respective hotel to upgrade their marketing channel in order to provide guests with better service and create satisfaction to them.

Key methods to evaluate, monitor and measure digital marketing effectiveness of activities

Digital marketing metrics are defined as values which are used by marketing teams in order to measure as well as track performance of their digital marketing campaigns that are applied by business (Karjaluoto, Ulkuniemi and Mustonen, 2015). The marketing team who works for digitalisation uses different tools for promoting service, goods and tracking outcomes which can be difficult and time consuming. There are different types of methods which are used for evaluating, monitoring and measuring digital marketing effectiveness. Some of them are described below:

Overall Website Traffic- The website of company serves as home base and brand. Each and every activities and operations of digital marketing work as driving traffic in effective manner (Kotler and et. al., 2017). Individual campaigns focus mainly on providing list building and increasing social media reach for customers. It is essential for respective Hotel to measure their performance through help of website traffic so that they can improve it in positive way. This provides number of insights like working of campaigns and when they work. If there is decline in traffic then marketing efforts are required to boost them through help of website. Traffic should be sent to website through help of optimising all pages at website using keywords, in depth study, promoting social media channels, creating targeted advertisement for landing page with offer.

Traffic by Source- It is defined as useful traffic metric that helps in putting lights which identifies from where visitors are coming at website (Leite and Azevedo, 2017). The marketing platforms are available as well as limited time for capitalising all of them with help of such traffic in proper way. It also helps in determining about sources and their winners and which requires little or more attention. This also helps in knowing about how to use narrow down time for creating valuable content. It helps in measuring effectiveness of digital marketing activities to achieve set goal as well as objectives. There are four different types of website traffics which are tracked through google analytics such as organic search, referrals, direct visitors and social.

New Visitors Vs Returning Visitors- This is also defined as another monitoring effectiveness of digital marketing activities. The value of such metrics assists in determining about how relevant website content is over time period. If there is multiple visits then it leads to provide accurate information which help people in finding valuable data and information. The respective organisation has to release data and information on regular basis by viewing both new as well as return visitors at website in effective manner. If business is looking for more number of organic traffic to website then new visitors are important for them. On other hand, if individual want to measure about how many people are coming back for browsing then consumer information are gathered through returning visitors. These both metrics helps in measuring performance of business and provide accurate results to attain set outcomes in proper manner.

KPI- It is defined as Key Performance Indicator that measure values in order to demonstrate how effectively organisation is achieving objectives of business (Piñeiro-Otero and Martínez-Rolán, 2016). They use such monitoring device at large as well as multiple levels in order to evaluate success and growth of business to reach set and desired targets. If there is high level of KPI then it denotes overall performance of business while low denotes process in different department like HR, sales, support, marketing and many more. Respective hotel has to make SMART objectives for KPI includes different methods and tools to enhance as well as improve performance in best way. Ask for assignment help from our experts!

It is essential to improve performance of digital marketing through adopting following ways:

Assessing Tech- In this how budget is allotted and difference among it is evaluated to save money as well as time. For assessing tech, different questions are asked in order to accomplish goal and objectives. This includes what person prefers, message to be delivered as so on. The respective organisation has to use CMS, CRM, content management and marketing automation and so on.

Optimising SEO- This is another way to improve performance through digital marketing by optimising SEO within B2B areas (Saura, Palos-Sanchez and Correia, 2019). It is essential to audit and find web to run risk of falling among cracks. The success of SEO can be track through traffic, A/B testing, Heatmap analytics and so on.

Measuring Content Reach- In this content of research should be measure in terms of assigned work to attain positive results. This can be measured through different aspects by taking feedback, meeting and so on.

Tracking Social Channels- It is also another way to measure performance of digital marketing. The tracking of social channels should be done to create awareness about products and service in mind of consumers to attain set outcomes.

Therefore, these above are important ways to improve performance of digital marketing which should be adopted by business on regular basis.


From the above report, it has summarised that digital marketing plan is very important for organisation to create awareness about products and services in most appropriate manner. The landscape of digital marketing includes social, media, content, paid and other types of marketing. Online marketing is using social media, email where as offline marketing uses newspaper, radio for creation of awareness among consumers. There is change in trends of consumer regarding buying of products and service. With help of digital marketing, it is possible to fulfil their requirement in positive way. Different types of digital tools include screen cloud, Typsy and others. These digital channels assist more as compared to physical channels to develop e-commerce development. For multi-channel, organisation has to develop marketing plan as well as strategy along with following of Omni-channel in business to get positive outcomes. It is very important for business to monitor their digital marketing activities in appropriate manner.

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