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Communication Models with Different Styles - Travelodge

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1655
  • Paper Type: Essay
  • Course Code: N/A
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Question :

This assessment covers questions which are mentioned below:

  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication
Answer :
Organization Selected : Travelodge


Communication is known as the act of conveying meaning from one group to another with the use of mutually understood signs and symbols. Communication is known as a key element of life especially in the workplace as this helps businesses in communicating any kind of message. With help of effective communication, the channel firm makes its customers aware of its products and services (Allen, 2018). This helps influences consumers towards the company's offerings. Various communication models with different styles of communication are all given in this report. Further oral and written communication is also described under this. Various modles that can be used to interact with each other such as e-mail, letters, and many more is all mentioned in this.


Oral communication

Oral communication is one of the most popular and effective form of communication. In this both sender and receiver interact with each other face to face. Fast delivery of message is one of the main feature of this type of communication and this help sender in remove confusion if any issue arise in mind of receiver. This mainly remain informal in nature. One of the main thing that require to be consider by sender is that simple and easy words should be use by sender so receiver can easily understand the message (Luthans and Doh, 2018). It is more effective method of communication if one will compare this with written communication because this save cost and time of sender. It help receiver in better understand the message and help in attain aim objective behind communication process. This also help an enterprise to interact with customers and persuade them to buy company's product. As the information is transform between sender and receiver so they can maintain the secrecy (Xin and Leonard, 2015). Oral communication can be better understood by a case in which customer is not satisfy with the products and services offer by firm and employee do efforts and promise that next time the same mistake will not take place. Conversation is given below under the following:

Customer: I am dissatisfy with your services your firm promised that they deliver good quality products and in time but the product which I get is not of good quality and I get this one week later from the date.

Employee: So sorry sir, we apologise for this and promise that same thing will not take place in future. Well will try our best and deliver you best services.

Customer: When your next time will come? I am very dissatisfy and I will not order any product from your firm.

Employee: Sorry sir we will do the compensate of this and assure you that this will not happen in coming future we will deliver you a quality product within next 2 days.

Customer: No thanks now I do not want any product I am very dissatisfy from your services.

Employee: Sir please I request you to understand the issue this take place due to some communication error there is no mistake of manager this arise due to lack of proper communication among employees and this take place for the first time.

Customer: Please so not try to cover up your mistake you don't have any idea about the issues I faced due to your inconvenience.

Employee: Sorry sir now we are ready to compensate the for this by deliver a new product of high quality.

Customer: OK I am giving you a last chance to improve your mistake but remember this is that last chance and this time I will not listen any excuse.

Employee: Thank you sir we promise that this time your will not be disappoint. Thank you once again and have a nice day sir.


Communication in writing

Written communication is known as one of popular communication that take place at top level of management (Siddiq, Scherer and Tondeur, 2016). If an individual wants to apply for a specific job at workplace then three written form of communication that can be use by him are as follows:

CV: This is known as written document that is use by an individual to apply and to get a job in enterprise. It indicate the skills, knowledge and qualification of individual and help manager in identify that the applicant is able to perform a specific job at workplace or not. This increase effectiveness of recruitment process and help enterprise in attain its set goal or objective.

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Peter Smith

Address: 10 Royal Street, Benton

Contact no.: 07592453962


·Graduation in Human Resource

·Post graduation in Finance and HR

Career objective: To apply my skills and knowledge in a good learning environment so I can grow further.

Personal skills:

·Good problem solver

·Disciplined and Punctual

·Good communication and leadership skills

·Like to accept challenges and changes

Declaration: I here by declare that all the data given above is correct and true. There is no fraud and mistake.




Email: This is another most common type of written communication. This provide an opportunity to manager to send a message to all employees in single time. This is one of the most common form of communication use in all enterprises. This tool can also use by an individual to apply for a job at workplace.

To: Gloomfinance@gmail.com

CC: Hrgloominance@gmail.com

Subject: Apply for the post of finance manager

Good morning Sir/ Ma'am

I want to apply for the post of manager of finance department. For this I have qualification require qualification as I have completed my Post Graduation in Finance. Further I have relevant information related with manage financial transactions in a company. I have a experience of 4 years as working in a finance firm.

Thanks and Regards


Business letter: This is a letter which is use in businesses, applicants send this to the firms. Format of business letter is given below:

152-C Ella enclave, near Cambridge

15thJune, 2018

147-Y Stella Club House, London

Respected Sir/ ma'am

I want to apply for the post of finance manager in your organisation. I am form finance background and I have completed my graduation in post graduation in finance. Further I have completed various courses related with finance.

Thank you and please consider my profile.

Your respectfully



From the above given project report, it can be summarised that communication is the process in which sender use various channels to send his message to the receiver. Different methods and style of communication are there which can be utilise by sender to send his message and before choose the final method, it is very important for sender to analyse the cost, time and effectiveness related with each method of communication. Feedback should be collected from the receiver as this increase effectiveness of communication process. With help of right method of communication manager can communicate with employees in better manner. We provide the best online essay help with chat support at an affordable budget.

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