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Purpose of Formulating a Communication Strategy for London based hotel and restaurant

University: University of Suffolk

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Question :

This assessment covers questions which are mentioned below:

  • Principles and purposes for communication strategy
  • Characteristics of good listeners and good speakers
  • Evaluation of personal strengths and weaknesses
Answer :
Organization Selected : London Based Hotel and Restaurant


Business communication refers to the sharing of ideas, information, and attitudes at the organizational level that are performed for the commercial benefit of the organization. The success and efficacy of a company to a large extent depends upon the efficiency of communication within an enterprise as well as with other organizations or the outer world. The report is based on a case study London-based hotel and restaurant business that is experiencing poor communication among its staff. The project will discuss the principles and purpose of formulating a communication strategy. Further, it will also explain characteristics that are requisite for participants in meetings.


Principles and purposes for communication strategy

Effective business communication forms the major component for company to develop a proficient, more loyal and motivated workers. Proper communication not only helps in maintaining clarity in explaining roles, goals and mission of firm to employees but also to develop a sense of belongingness and self-worth in them leading to less turnovers, absenteeism, more committed staff etc. the major principles for effective strategic communication are as follows:

  • Principles of clarity: The message, idea or view that are to be shared or communicated between the speaker and listener must be clearly spelt, worded in a way that is understandable by the listener so that it is conveyed in a manner which the sender wanted.
  • Principle of attention: For effective communication process the attention of listener or receiver must be drawn towards the sender of the message. Behaviour of people, attention, emotions etc., makes them respond in different ways to the information or message.
  • Principle of feedback: getting feedback is necessary for facilitating effective strategic communication in an organization. The feedback information collected from the receiver of the message on whether he has understood the message or not in the way which sender wanted it can render chance of making any corrections or resending message if needed.
  • Principle of informality: Formal communication in business organization is used for exchanging messages and important information that might not achieve desired results at times where informal communication proves effective solution. Management must implement informal communication processes to assess the reaction of employees towards certain policies and decisions.
  • Principle of consistency: Communication must be always consistent with policies, plans, programmes and objectives of the organization and does not conflict and if the messages and communications are in conflict wit will create confusion in minds of subordinates and to be implemented properly.

For the HR Director Hotel and restaurant it requite to maintain an effective two way communication with its staff members for the below mentioned purposes:

  • For increasing awareness and understanding of companies objectives and their roles, responsibility in achieving them.
  • To enable employees to understand rules, regulations, norms and policies of the hotel. This aid in transferring knowledge between the top and lower levels of management.
  • For increasing efficiency and performance of employees. It is as having role and goal clarity with right directions and proficient information it becomes easy for employees to take effective and accurate decisions.
  • It helps in providing proper feedback to an individual for their performance and to motivate them to overcome their key areas of lacking by guiding them about taking best course of corrective actions.

Mentioned below are certain principles that HR Director of Hotel and restaurant needs to consider while developing a business communication strategy:

  • Clarity: It is a core principle for developing an efficient communication strategy. It refers that HR Director needs to deliver the information, instruction or message in clear, specific and concise manner to prevent any kind of mistake or lack of understanding. . There should be clarity in words, symbols, actions that employees could easily understand without any confusion.
  • Engagement: Another most important principle of communication strategy is two way dialogue. It requires active listening engagement and pursuit of mutual understanding between the employees and management. It is significant as it not only aids in ensuring that message is understand and perceived by employees in the same context as it is intended as well as it also helps in developing cordial relationships, mutual respect and trust building.
  • Audience Knowledge: For HR director for developing an appropriate communication strategy it is requisite to have a thorough knowledge about primarily audience besides knowing about cultural, social and political aspects related to them. It helps HR Director to frame and design the message to be communicated by brining modulation in tone, voice, content and expressions as per the intellectual level of audience.
  • Responsive: Communication strategy to be developed by HR Director needs to concentrate on desired outcomes and should be rapid and time responsive. IT should be effective enough to address specific issues with specific employees at specified time.
  • Credible: Another important principle of communication strategy is credibility and consistency that rely on perception of trustfulness, respect and accuracy. The words, messages, images and actions used in communicating an information should be coordinated internally as well as externally without any perceived inconsistencies between policy and its implementation, Also, HR Director needs to ensure that information to be communicated must be through a trained, educated and attentive communicator.

Characteristics of good listeners and good speakers

Mentioned below are certain essential qualities of good speaker and good listeners that is requisite for HR Director of Hotel and restaurant to know about. It will not only enable him to increase efficiency of its managers or communicators but will also guide them improve their communication strategy by evaluating level of efficiency of its employees or audience.

Characteristics of Good Speaker

  • Confidence: A highly confident speaker is viewed to be having more knowledge, more accurate, credible, intelligent, likeable and competent in comparison to a less uncertain less confident speaker. Thus, for a speaker confidence holds key capture attention of its listeners.
  • Passionate: Another important characteristic of speaker is to be enthusiastic and passionate about their speech or interacting with audience. It is passion of the speaker that convenience and made their audience to agree with the thoughts of the speaker.
  • Connect with audience: A skilled speaker is knowledgeable about importance of audience engagement in conversation to maintain their interest and to know whether they are understanding the relevance or context of the speech or not. For this presenter needs to work on nonverbal body language, to be aware about the target audience and to be able to introduce humour or fun element for keeping the energy of their audience high.
  • Keep it short and Sweet: the main objective of speaker during a meeting is to attempt to make the audience understand their point of view in clear and simple manner. Thus, a good speaker needs to ensure that their presentation is short, precise, attractive and effective enough to convey main crux of the message or information to its audience.
  • Awareness: Good speaker is aware about the quality that allows choice over actions and develops awareness to pick up behaviours that serves the audience and leaves the ones that distracts listeners from message.
  • Authenticity: Being genuine in communication is the quality of good speaker even if it is vulnerable and feels inappropriate in certain cases. The authenticity of a good speaker and message will connect the listeners or audience humanity and renders them to be authentic.

Characteristics of good listeners

  • Pay Attention: It is requisite for a listener to be attentive at the time of speech or meeting without been getting distracted by fellow colleagues, or thinking about some other things than main topic. Also it is quality of good listener to avoid the trap of selective listening that induces them to listen what is been communicated by the speaker rather and not what initially they want to hear.
  • Do not interrupt in between: Another essential characteristic of a good listener is that they never ask question or interrupt the speaker in between until he finishes. Thus the most important asset of listener is patience.
  • Take Notes: One of the major quality of good listener is that they take down notes of all important and key points of the conversation. This not only helps in summarizing and clarifying doubts which might arise but also help them to remain attentive and avoid distractions.
  • Urge clarification: Good listener helps in exploring underlying problems of something particular rather just using vague descriptors and assist in understanding the issues and dig way below the surface.
  • Separates disagreement from critism: Good listeners will disagree with the speaker without showing disrespect.
  • Doesn't moralize: Good listeners do not get judgemental about the message if it's against the norm rather they recognizes and accepts irrationalities making the speaker be honest.


Evaluation of personal strengths and weaknesses in terms of communication both oral and written in a business context


Good communication is helping factor which is providing me a chance to develop effectual and cooperative relationship in the organization which is making my work simple. Strong communication skills of mine is rendering me accurate information sharing from employees, coworkers and management. I believe that efficient communication is one of the major personal strength that makes me to talk or interact within the workplace. I enjoy having a conversation with people of various cultures as it renders me a chance to learn and understand more about a varied lifestyle and languages. I am an outgoing individual which is making me to communicate effectively with people in the organization and deliver valid information. While preparing and writing business emails to stakeholders and management or customers I provide enough details to avoid confusion which is another strength of mine. I make the emails, reports, and investigations regarding business simple and meaningful to avoid complexity and communication failures. Being a good listener I am able to communicate in an efficient manner thereby making e a good communicator. Active listening by paying attention to other person's words helps to respond in a quick and satisfying manner where I am able to deliver my feelings, facts and ideas which are actually needed at that point of interaction. Clarity and concise information delivering while preparing business reports, client communication through chat, mail etc. is another strength of my written communication skill. Being flexible, open minded helps me in communicating with people whom I disagree that paves way for entering in a conversation honestly and productive manner.

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My weaknesses in communication is my inability to speak in front of the large group or masses that is causing hindrance to my management and leadership skill. I become nervous and anxious while delivering information to workers in the organization failing to present the ideas or facts regarding work and organization. Gesture and body languages are another weakness of mine that is causing me shyness while communicating that renders a different opinion and impression in the minds of audience. Talking too much on a particular topic or rendering elaborated facts is another weakness of mine that causes listeners get bored which distracts their attention from my words which causes impact on message conveyed. Eye contact and gestures of mine does not connect or sink with my word of speech which makes me demotivated while communicating with employees within the organization. To convey the information to everybody sometimes I need to use hand gestures, eye contact and tone variations which I lack making failed communication or incomplete transfer of information in the organization. Due to multinationals working in the organization, I find it difficult to convey mu true thoughts, emotions and feelings towards workers in the organization. My tone and accent being different makes listeners feel agitated and angry that hinders in communication which results in conflicts and issues which is the major weakness of my communication skill. we provide the best Online HND Assignment Help at affordable prices


Effective business communication is necessary for exchanging and sharing information between external and internal environment of an organization to facilitate smoother and efficient operations of the company. It helps in building good relationship between employer and employee that can help in increased productivity and performance of the organization. The report undertaken concludes that business communication forms integral part for the success of a business. For the HR Director of Hotel and restaurant it is essential to develop a communication strategy by incorporating all the principles of effective business communication strategy. Further certain characteristics of good listeners and speakers is been explained that could be taken into consideration by company to develop effective communicators.

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