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Facilitating Change in Health and Social Care Management - Beacon Edge Care Home

University: Regent College London

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This assessment demonstrates certain questions which are like:

  • Elaborate on the factors that help in driving change for health and social care.
  • Critically evaluate the health and social care services.
  • What are the principles of change management?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Beacon Edge Care Home


Facilitation change in health and social care management is based on the set of principles, prescriptions and technique which embed to human aspects for executing major changes initiatives in the organization. this process is transforming the organization from current state to desired change which important for maintaining effective services to deliver better facilities of customer. This report will discuss about different key factors which drive change in health and social care services but it also identified various type of factor that bring change in terms of health and social care. It will understand the specific strategy and criteria which useful for measuring changes in health care service while identify impacts through criteria set. Furthermore, there are different key principles applicable for change management and how to monitor current change in health and social care.


1.1 Describe about different key factors that drive change in health and social care services.

Some of different factor driving the change in health and social care which may include for increasing demand, treatment price. It will require for continue improvement in terms of service delivery. According to report of Beacon Edge Care Home, the major factors that have driven NHS towards change is on account of its overall drive towards quality of service. It is increasing the expectation of people because they want for health and social services (Caló and et.al, 2019).

  • Political Factor: By changing the legislation of taxes, employment regulations and customer protection. These are different type of element that must consider in political environment which sphere to impact on health and social care service within NHS. For Example- tax policies may help for adjusted the strategy and either takes advantage for increasing allowance for people.
  • Economic Factor: Interest rate, unemployment and inflation are important economic issues that associated indirectly or directly to NHS. It also changing overall conditions that have impact on policies and procedures. For Example- in term of manufacture healthcare instrument and equipment, it will increase rate of unemployment because most of people favor to purchase that medical products.
  • Demographic and cultural Factor: it has found the change in NHS where it depicted the actual presence of increase level of expectation towards emergency and not waiting for appointment. In this way, it can be determined the changes in beliefs, demographics and values of people.
  • Technological Factor: It is an advancement of specific to healthcare services that mandatory for NHS. It allows for NHS to use ICT system for establishing a good coordination with potential consumer. Change must be observed in legislation that should take care of quality of services.

1.2 Determine the challenges that key factors of change bring to health and social care service.

There are large number of challenges faced by NHS where it will change the health and social care service through factors.

  • Human and Financial resources: NHS firm has a huge amount of proper Manpower and other type of financial resources but still may have significant challenges related lack of knowledge, lack of time management and unable themselves to take time for purpose of training and development. it directly affects on the financial resource. On the other hand, the performance of employee within organization is not appropriate so that it directly affecting on the business profitability (Dziegielewski and Holliman, 2019). It will increase issues related cash flow, low revenue generation and high competition level. Along within challenge comes another area of business.
  • Healthcare service quality: Any type of change policies in business operation of NHS may increase dissatisfaction level of patient. In NHS, Patient meeting expectation by decreasing cost effective care which may led comprise in health care service quality. As a result, it will reduce the quality towards patients within organization. In most of times, Medical professional don’t properly identified cause of diseases because they are not maintained the overall quality which affecting on health care of patient.
  • Apathy and resistance: The change is likely to bring large amount of resistance in staff members, healthcare professionals and other social people. in this way, NHS health care practitioner performed specific role to understand overall reason for changes and how it will reduce resistance for change. It will increase external threat because of economic pressure occurs on healthcare facilities so that staff members with reducing the resources needed to provide patient care at right time. Many employees are not adopting a change process within organization because of their low understanding towards situation of condition. They are not properly handling condition of patient diseases level.
  • Economy and Matching efficiency: The change of factor within NHS is likely to bring mismatch in overall efficiency of healthcare services. For Example- NHS may increase provision for quality services in the form guidance but it will increase cost of services for NHS employees. It may lead the challenging for managerial team at NHS for maintaining coordination between economy and their efficiency (Giannitrapani and et.al., 2019). In NHS, Decision makers like manager faced with challenges of growing demand for healthcare services. It requires the proper funds for measuring appropriate resources which are being used to get more values for money. Inefficiency within change management will eliminate productivity of efficient resource allocations that necessary for economy development.


2.1 Devise a strategy and criteria for measuring recent changes in health and social care.

There are various type of strategies and criteria that help for measuring recent change in health and social care service within NHS.

  • Regular inspection is carried out by organizational management team which always audit all facilities and services in regular basis. In NHS, the supervisor might be appointed as an inspector which always records all detail about machinery items.
  • In similarly, quality inspection is also another important part which must ensure entire operation of NHS and also adhering with specification of stipulated healthcare services. It also evaluates the usage of given strategies for measuring whether any type changes have been incorporated in proper manner (Golden and et.al., 2019).
  • Quality assurance standards are considered the most important aspects in terms of healthcare service where NHS Setup different criteria for conducting meeting up with quality protocol and set up as national level. In this way, it becoming easy for finding improvement in patient condition. It can be used judging change incorporation and also accesses that are adopting quality standards. It is likely to bring improvement for overall working process.
  • Comments and feedback can be taken from other patients related health care services which useful for find out the whether implementation change that has been done. It will help for NGS to identify strength and weakness of organization. it is beneficial for developing understanding towards the targeted services efficient ways.

2.2 How to measure that recent change impact on health and social care services against set criteria.

For identifying suitable standard criteria that directly impact on recent changes on health and social care services through set criteria. It directly impacts on the patients, which can be identified the measurement through reduction in waiting time intervals while patient waiting for appointment with GP. It should be done by take care of referral rates (Sim, SM. and etal2019).

In proper manner, it will help for balance cost benefits which shows that changes have been incorporated effectively and efficiently. It is an essential for taking a positive and negative feedback from patient where it become easier for NHS to identify its demands. On the other hand, standard measurement directly impacts for identifying overall turnover of employee within organization (Hayes, 2018). Quality assurance standard will support patient in terms of health and social care service where it impacts on the sales, profitability and revenue of NHS while increasing changes that have been implemented.

In NHS, manager can organise the survey by framing an effective questionnaire which help for asked to staff members. this will help for organization to identify satisfy people because of change in firm and also suggest different measurement that proposed within change. Furthermore, recent change impact can be measured and identified by implementing the suitable criteria.

  • Increase amount of patient and employee satisfaction
  • Improvement in the response time of each patient within organization.

The improvement has identified due to satisfaction level of patient which are usually not satisfied due to lack of poor management practices within organization. there are some still needs to improve waiting time of patient and manager will try to minimize for giving better healthcare services on time. in this way, it directly encourages the patient and increase sales rate of NHS in global world.

Sometimes, it causes significant affects on the patient satisfaction where it needs to implement improvement criteria through ability of professional of identified problem and causes of diseases by using new technology.

2.3 Analyse the impact of recent changes in health and social care.

The recent changes impact on the entire business operations which are provided by NHS and evaluate to consider both negative and positive aspects. The organization must be started to the concept of inter-professional work style that ensure to promote an effective working relationship between employee. In this way, it also evaluates the health care and social service for providing better facilities of children.

The changes have been implemented within organization and try to move towards overall structural making of NHS. It helpful for developing the clinical commission group which supports to make strategies related health care. Thus, it is increasing overall profit rate, revenue generation by NHS. It can be followed the overall quality standards to maintain its high level which are leading to make cost effective healthcare services. In this way, large number of patients, who are getting healthcare services. In NHS, staff member still feel burden of work load so that it become difficult for employee to maintain quality standards. it can be increased the overall cost factor on NHS which affecting on entire financing of health care services.

2.4 Apply the service responses to changes in health and social care services.

It can be analysed the service response which proposed by NHS in accordance with the change that always prevailing within organization. it is carried out various type of variation in management of business and improvement in waiting time of people. it also enables for performing significant treatment by medical professional and give a particular time of appointment. The recent changes must be introduced modern technology, applying improvement strategies for quality management within organization. it useful for enhancing the patient satisfaction which lead to increase profitability in global marketplace. The different type of service response can be identified because of recent change which can be seen in the form of service demand of NHS.

On the other hand, it has recommended to NHS that should have to conduct training program for employee on daily basis because it helps for improve knowledge of people with respect to advance technology such as robotic surgeries which carried out within organization. it will increase the patient satisfaction effectively and efficiently. On the other hand, NHS should take a regular feedback from patient and staff members related the services. In case, if any type or problem identified, which may implement improvement approach. As a result, it would be maintained the healthcare service quality.


3.1 Principles of Change Management

In different business organization various models of change management are used in order to implement changes successfully with in organization. For example:- Kotter 8-step change management can be used to implement change management efficiently.

Create Urgency

This is initial part of change management model where people and employees of organization are made aware of change to gain their support in change management process

Form Powerful Coalition

In this step management and technical team of organization form a team which is formed to manage the change implementation process in NHS. Team can be formed by including different people who are specialized in different fields (Ross and et.al., 2019).

Create Vision for Change

This is basic process where organization like NHS use to define the vision of organisation to their employees in order to make them aware of the targets of company (Hayes, 2018). The ideas of employees also can be considered to improve their involvement in change management process.

Communicate Vision

This step includes the process where management of organization make people aware of their future goals and visions in order to improve their information about change management process.

Remove Obstacle

There are different barriers are possible in the change management process. In this step organization remove these obstacles form the process to get better result with change implementation.

Create Short-Term Wins

This is not possible for organization to implement major change in organization in single time. For better change implementation management of NHS can develop short term goals to gain high success rate in change implementation process.

Build on Change

As the small changes implemented in the company procedure then it is important for organization to make this small change as part of organization culture. This is most important to encourage people to accept change that is implemented in company process.

Anchor the Change in Corporate Culture

This step is all about make the overall change as part of organization culture to gain higher operational and functional efficiency. By encourage people and employees NHS can successfully implement major change in their policies and operations.

Reaction of People to Change

The reaction of people is different for the change management procedure. This is important for organization to track the behaviour of people to deal with them efficiently. People react to change with anger, Denial, mourning, Adaptation. This are four type of reaction is mostly reflecting by employees in organization (Hornstein, 2015). People who are not agreed from the decision of organization then their reaction might be angry and they look for someone else to blame. The next type of reaction is denial. In this type of reaction people deny to the importance of change in organisation. This can be considered as temporary setback for change. In the mourning stage people stop denial mode and start mourning. The final stage of people reaction is adaptation where they accept the change that is implemented by management of organization. This is how the reaction of people go through different situation. The approach of organization is depended on the reaction of people with in it.

3.2 Explain how changes in health and social care are planned.

The changes in health and social care are planned because of identified the requirement condition by NHS while planning change for purpose of improvement. It must be described the points where it will require for planning within organization.

Impact of Change on stakeholders: it is carried out the change within NHS where manager must provide guidance and direction to other staff members and putting extra efforts for changing organizational policies, which possible to impact on the change of stakeholder within organization (Lavallée and et.al., 2019). The change might be impacts on stakeholders on the basis of situation and condition of firm.

  • Ways of Change in Communication: It must require for preparing plan in terms of communication change because it helps for building a strong relationship with patient, employee in NHS. Manager has found that need for change in communication so as they are planned to conduct meeting and discussion where interacting with other professional. In additional, it mainly used the different types of medium for purpose in communication such as display notice, sending email, conducting seminar and meetings.
  • Adopted management style: During change management process, its initiative of management style that needs to be adopted by authority within organization. it always used the given style which brings benefits and advantage for change management of organization. NHS can be coordinated or communicated with other firm in respect to stakeholders. It is the best ways to improve resistance through change management.
  • Develop and design goal for change: there are lot of goals being used by manager in NHs as per requirement in change management. It also ultimately enables which carrying out variation within organization. For Example- The patient waiting time for appointment should be minimized because of introduce new technology. It useful for increasing the performance and efficiency of professionals (Joensen and et.al., 2019). It also developed goal by conducting varied meeting within NHS. This type of program will consider for purpose of improvement in terms of identified overall condition and situation. The specified goal of business will be successfully achieved if all employees are participants in change management for implementing idea. On the other hand, Local authority is also introduced the new technique for diagnosis any critical condition of patient health.
  • Develop plan for implementation: At last, it is given for change management to develop a plan for change agent because of introduced new method such as robotic surgery in NHS. It is necessary for required to maintain training with respect to manager and other employees. It is becoming useful for improvement of overall business operations and functions.

3.3 Analysis of recent changes within health as well as social care

Change is considered as a process of transforming firm form exiting state to the desired one . Corporation like health as well as social care ,change is consider as one of the most crucial aspect for the success. It is essential because it is by complying with such kinds of efforts only the effective services that can be delivered by the firm to their costumers (Romeo, P.and et.al., 2018).

Traditionally, NHS also gives the health services as well as councils have give social care. Here the new reforms will see the services planned as well as resources by one local firm, it also creates a system that is seamless system that provides people the care they need within the right place and right time. Some Health care service as and all adult social care involves GPS. Community health as well as certain services regarding hospital ad social healthcare.

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Balance scorecards

Balanced Scorecards can be used to deliver the health care services as consider as a approach called continuous quality approach. There are four perspective of the balance score card through developing benchmarks as well as collecting and analyzing data relative regarding those perspectives. Such as Customer, financial ,learning as well as innovation. It can use by the NHS firm to evaluate the existing practices meet the needs of the consumer. It also describing how to measure as well as monitor the efforts on the improvement (Agarwal, R. and et.al., 2016) . It is also used when there is determining the areas regarding improvement. In the NHS when there is a need for creating goals and also determining that how thane goals can be meet.


It is used for the measurement that can be used to analyses ,monitor as well as optimize all the relevant healthcare processes to enhance the satisfaction of the patients. These are actually specific key performances indicators that are used regarding hospitals.

As KPI is vert general one as well ls can vary as per to the type of stay it can measure. It able to measures the time spent through a patient accepted within facility.

Patient's wait time - it can calculate he average amount of a time between the seeing a provider and patient must wait. As it can assist with staffing as well as scheduling and also gives insights into the satisfaction of the patient.

Staff-to-patient ratio - capacity regarding employees resources that can be affected the quality regarding patient care.

Permanent employee wages- During the reporting period It able to records the values of the wages paid at the full time of the staff meters. (Romeo, P.and et.al., 2018).

Overall satisfaction of the patients- By combining the various factors it calculates the levels of the satisfaction as it can be considered as marketing tool for the NHS firm if it can be high.

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From above study, it concluded that Facilitation change in health and social care management is considered the suitable principles and technique that useful for organization in terms of improvement. The process must be used for transforming current state current state to desired change within organization. it is important for maintaining effective services to deliver better facilities of customer. It has summarised about the different key factors that drive change in health and social care services but it helps for identified various type of factor that brings of change in health and social care. It also analysed about the strategy and criteria which useful for measuring changes in health care service while identify impacts through criteria set. while understanding various key principles used in change management while performed to monitor current change in health and social care. Take assignment help service from Instant Assignment Help. They are the best assignment writing service providers in the UK. Their experts are highly qualified and skilled. They will provide you with a plagiarized free assignment at a low price which will help you in achieving A+ grades. So contact Instant Assignment Help for the assignment writing service.

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