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BBS003-1 Business Communication - Coca Cola

University: Regent College London

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  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Business Plan
  • Course Code: BBS003-1
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Question :

This assessment will provide certain questions which are like:

  • What are the skills which are been required to manage the growth of Coca-Cola?
  • Elaborate on the skills which are identified and managed according to the general conditions and functioning in Coca-Cola.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Coca Cola


Business communication is basically a process of passing information between individuals within or outside an organisation. The way employees and management interact with each other in order to reach organisational goals can be consider as an effective communication. The prior objective of business communication is to improve various operations of organisation and to eliminate errors (Aten and Thomas, 2016). Almost all sorts of interactions weather it is external or internal, flat or hierarchical within a business help to improve overall organisational performance and enhance efficiency. In this study, Coca Cola company has been chosen. It is a multinational American organisation and supplies non-alcoholic beverages and syrups. It was founded in 1886 by John Stith Pemberton who was a pharmacist. The following report is going to cover a sustainable approach to business strategy and management . Furthermore, analyse the different approaches to CSR of Micro, SME and Corporate Business will also be discussed.



1. A sustainable approach to business strategy and management

Business sustainability is a process of coordination and management of social, environmental as well as financial demands and particularly give importance to ensure ethical, responsible and in process success. At global level, environmental, social and ethical demands are the key factors of a sustainable business. However, social and environmental factors are usually results in conflicts with financial factors. Six sigma approaches will help in sustainable development of an organisation. Most of the business utilize this strategy for increasing productivity and efficiency of an organisation. Six sigma is basically a effective business tool for improvement of operations within an organisation and to reduce risk factors and errors. It is an approach to enhance the quality of overall output of a particular process by reducing defects and causes and minimize the variance in business processes and manufacturing. A six sigma approach is consist of some basic processes (Bovée, Thill and Raina, 2016). The basic steps include defining the process, Identify the need of the customers, measure the performance of employees, analyse the current processes, Improve the quality of products, make desirable changes in the process for improving them, control the operations and maintain overall improvements of the process. It involves collecting and gathering information for eliminating errors and waste in manufacturing processes with an aim of enhancing overall efficiency and productivity. It generally have an access in many industries and organisations. However, sometimes it gets failed in justifying management changes.

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It utilizes a number of quality management methods like statistical, empirical and develops a special infrastructure for individuals within an organisation who are skilled in such methods (Coffelt and et.al., 2016). For instance: coca cola uses six sigma approaches for improving their process of manufacturing and quality of their products. In earlier days, it doesn't have that much scope but nowadays it has become an important aspect for manufacturing in business organisation. It is being utilizing in each and every company and in every functional areas. Different departments of organisation such as sales, IT, marketing and may more is using six sigma approaches for profitability and efficiency.

Business strategy of Coca-cola is to become an overall beverage company by supplying a large variety of drinks to the individuals even including no- sugar or low sugar options which is to be sold in number of locations. They put more focus on customers requirements and wants rather than company. They have a differentiation strategy also which means the services and products that they are offering should be unique from other beverage company on the basis of quality, taste, pricing, packaging, marketing along with distribution strategy. Manger of the Coca cola develops an approach for meeting the changing needs for their service users by providing drinks with reducing sugars and zero calories. Overall objective and business strategy of Coca-cola company is to be customers focused.

Low cost products often attract customers but product quality is the most important priority of customers as they can not compromise on this. It is the responsibility of a manger to ensure that six sigma approaches are being consider for identifying defects and errors in their products. Six sigma is basically a tool which is use to understand quantitative and quality aspects of a business. Manger of Coca-cola company uses six sigma practices for driving successful and quality outcomes such as process map, analysis of variance, ANOVA gags, Chi square and many more. Such practices lead an organisation towards creativity and innovation and then provide them quality for customers satisfaction (Dwyer and Hopwood, 2019). Leaders and supervisors of the respective company must ensure that good quality of products should be supply to their service users otherwise it will effect their brand image. Coca-cola being an international organisation provide several range of quality products for attracting a large number of consumer segment. Organisations need to follow ethical considerations for satisfying customer needs, sustainable development of environment and society. Ethical practices are some set standards and guidelines that need to be followed by organisations and it even consists of some rights and responsibilities for the betterment of the company. Business ethics has become a major problem these days because some of the internal individuals who do not follow such ethics and have done practices for their personal befits and interests. Hence, to improve environmental business situation, management is require to develop some strict policies for the individuals who do not follow such ethics seriously (Mautner and Rainer, 2017). Including this, local government also needs to build some legal policies for the organisations who do not follow ethics and cheat their stakeholders. Ethics in business are need to fulfil needs and expectations of stakeholders as mostly organisations are totally dependent on resources and society which they utilize from it. Each organisation need to consider norms and ethics for effectiveness of their operations and will create value in the eyes of different stakeholders. It is the responsibility of an organisation to provide services for the sustainable development of the society. In context to Coca-cola, where managers of the company ensure that they create a long term shareholders value that provide confidence for being with them in future also. Respective organisation can not declare to be ethical if they are following number of practices. Forced labouring and child labour are mostly consider an unethical practice. If any of the organisation is not following required regulations and rules in context of employees and if they are not providing basic facilities which is consider under health and safety standards, some strict actions will be taking against them. Labour exploitation is also consider as an illegal practice so organisation needs to avoid such actions and must follow required industry and organisational norms and standards for developing sustainable in an organisation.

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Utilizing six sigma approach will help the organisation to deliver quality services to their customers and satisfy all the needs and wants of their service users. It generally helps in attracting number of customers and enhance value among existing and potential customers. A business strategy will help to increase productivity and profitability within an organisation and help fro the sustainable development (Mayfield, 2017). Coca-cola generally contribute in the business environment for sustainable development. It is helpful for the organisation and overall business environment. Such strategies help in rendering growth of an organisation through sustainable and ethical ways.

Including this, Coca-cola company utilizes number of strategies for effective operations both in ethical and sustainable ways. Company shows a concern to grow in the UK where they have some fixed objectives and goals to accomplish. Mangers are responsible for generating a positive brand value and provide quality of goods and services. Such actions help an organisation to grow and follow some business standards and rules. It will help in to provide ethical and sustainable development. It is must for the organisation to develop a business strategy and to implement it for the overall effectiveness of the operations within the organisation.

2. Different approaches to CSR in micro, SME and corporate business

CSR stands for corporate social responsibility. It is one of the most important aspect for all the organisations in the world. Depending on the business and corporate environment, many of the organisations are developing number of approaches for CSR strategy (Mehta, 2016). It cover five of the major areas such as community, environment, welfare of employees, corporate governance and financial performance. There are large number of activities which are need to be conducted in an organisation for attaining CSR obligations. Such activities include eliminating hunger and poverty, promotion of services and providing education, empowering women and promote no discrimination, improving health and eliminating child mortality. As per the given guidelines, the report is supposed to cover three different organisations that belongs to micro, SME and corporate business. Tommies Childcare is a micro size company, that provides childcare services to the children and also provide learning environments to children from their early age till they starts going to school. It was established in 1998 in UK and deliver quality care services to the children in the age group of 0-5 years. Crawford Healthcare which is a medium sized company in UK established in 2009. It develops and sells wound care and skin products to the individuals. Coca-cola has been selected for corporate business which is basically a multinational company and provides syrups and non-alcoholic beverages to the customers. It was founded in It was founded in 1886 by John Stith Pemberton who was a pharmacist.

Tommies Childcare is a micro sized business in UK. The main objective of this company is to provide quality care to the children aged between 0-5 years. They provide a learning environment for children in their crucial years of learning. Manger of the company work very hard for spreading the awareness regarding early learning process of children (Pikhart, 2017). Staff members of respective organisation are indulge in helping parents of the children in taking major decisions such as finding an appropriate nursing school for them. Respective organisation usually conducts number of programs for spreading awareness in public regarding early child learning without generating any kind of financial loss. Such kinds of programs will generate a positive image of organisation in the eyes of their stakeholders. These kinds of activities will be considered as CSR approach of the organisation and help to increase value in front of customers and society (Ruben and Gigliotti, 2017). Tommies Childcare also provide insurance to children in order to make their life safe and healthy. Micro sized business such as Tommies Childcare work for the welfare of the children and help them to learn at early stage. It helps them to build a positive image in the eyes of their service users and general population. Such increasing in customer interest will help the organisation to measure their success in terms of CSR activities.

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Crawford Healthcare which is a medium sized organisation provide healthcare products to the individuals. Company covers a wide range of skin conditions and develop products according to them. Respective organisation takes an action against skin diseases arising. They offer a wide range of valuable and innovative treatments and diagnosis to the individuals and make them aware about the causes of several skin diseases arising these days. Such kinds of activities falls under CSR activities. It will help them to build a strong brand image of the organisation in general population. Programs are conducted along with free check-ups and medications help the organisation to make a respectable position in the market area and help the company to develop. The objective of the company is to provide some creative treatment solutions for care and repair of the skin that help skin to maintain a number of defence systems. They provide number of facilities to their employees such as health insurance, medical facilities , financial support and many more. They help individuals from all around the world for fighting against skin problems and number of skin diseases (Veldeman, Van, and Mechant, 2017). It help to build a strong image of the organisation and help to maintain a position in society. They promote gender equality and there is no discrimination between employees. They give a special position to women and try to eliminate any sort of illegal activities within the firm. However, they also include other such activities to be socially active.

Coca Cola is an American multinational company that manufactures, markets and sells carbonated non-alcoholic beverages, best known for its product – Coca Cola. The company aspires to give back at least 1% of its annual income to the society. For this, various CSR activities are carries out by the company each year. The company contributes significantly in ensuring the sustainability of the environment. Since water is an important resource, it is among the main pillars of the company's CSR strategy. The company undertakes community development and integrated water shed projects. For this, the company requires multi-partnership projects with the local communities and organisations of the civil society.

The company also has other projects that are in partnership with other brands and are focussed on addressing various social as well as economic challenges (Wang, Pauleen and Zhang, 2016). Coca Cola runs an initiative with the name “Alag Karo” Har Din teen Bin which is aimed at increasing the involvement of the people in order to bring about an enhanced waste management system through separating dry and wet waste in households, offices etc. The Coca Cola India Private Limited has decided to design a program on managing waste. Another training program with the name “Parivartan” is conducted by the company for retailers which is aimed at enhancing their vocational skills. Within the company premises, there is an Employee Volunteering Programme which focuses on facilitation and systematization of employees' engagement with various social and CSR initiatives.

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Apart from implementing its own projects, the company uses the donations that are made by the CCIPL to facilitate grants from The Coca Cola Foundation to various non-government organisations that primarily work on developing the community and assist them in meeting their need to collect funds for implementing various projects. Coca Cola's overall strategy is to reduce waste which causes harm to the environment. The company is also concerned about improving the well being of people focussing mainly on concerns like obesity which is caused by a variety of factors. By conducting various CSR activities, the Coca Cola India Private Limited has been able to gain loyalty and trust of its consumers and has also helped in building a sustainable environment. Hence, the company is counted among the most successful and old brands in the history all over the world (Zerfass and Viertmann, 2017).

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