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Business and the Business Environment

University: Kensington College Of Business

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Question :

This sample will guide you through:

  • Overview of different type of organisation
  • About National Gallery Of Canada
  • Various function of the different department of organisation
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A

1) Overview of different type of organisation and growth of international creative and cultural enterprise environment-

The different type of organisation that are competitors of South bank centre are as follows as:

  • The Museum of Fine Arts(Private): It is the fifth largest museum in the united states that is established in 1870, and its director is Matthew D. Teitelbaum , and it is a art museum and contains 450,000 art works, with the most inclusive collection in America (Cbe, 2018). The only metropolitan Museum of New York with 8,161 paintings. And the World's most visited Art Museum of 2019. Museum is affiliated with The school of the Museum of fine Arts at Tufts.
  • Arkansans Art Centre (Voluntary organisation): It is situated in MacArthur Park, little Rock, Arkansas, USA. It was founded in 1960, the idea was began by the group in 1914 at the formation of Fine Arts Club and supporters and volunteers contributes to Museum in 1937 in Little Rock's MacArthur park. It also have the occasional special exhibitions, research library, Art education classes, gift shop, restaurant.
  • National Gallery of Canada(Public organisation): It was established in 1880 at the Second Supreme court of Canada building and shift to Victoria Memorial Museum in 1991. The director of Art museum is Alexandra Suda. It includes the work collection from Europe, Asian, Canada and indigenous Canadian artists.Get online dissertation help!

Growth of international creative and cultural enterprise environment: These are the national art organisations, where creative growth refers to the generation of knowledge and collection of information to enhance the economic and cultural enterprise is a generation of belief, customs, values and attitudes, traditions that are found in all the people of the environment (Kirchberg, 2015). Thus the Art Museum are measured the growth with innovation through exhibition and programs. There are different factor that drives the growth as art is linked with human emotions and people are connected with that as a tool of communication with their ancient segments. It also measured the economic growth by measuring employment, added values which is raised by growth of creative and enterprise environment.

2) Difference between the organisation:

  • Detail of organisation- Director is Matthew Teitelbaum and established in 1870
  • Product and services- Provides services of music concerts, poetry reading, artistic performance
  • Size- Situated in 14 acres and 8km woodland garden. The Museum of Fine Arts has 899 employees and it is medium size organisation and their sale is $800,000.
  • Scope- The scope of fine art is that they collect the Canadian and European painting, drawing, photography and wide variety of National gallery or national art. They exit because of they represent the heritage culture that shows the existence of artistic culture.
  • Vision - Leads the way that create artist who motivates other about the artistic values (Maduenyi, 2015).
  • Mission- To educate the students who have interest towards art.
  • Objectives- To educate the students for the future that promote scientific and cultural knowledge of the students.
  • Organisational structure- There is hierarchical model of organisation, feature approximately 8 departments includes educational, collection, curatorial, management,development, marketing ,security and facilities.
  • Legal Structure- School of the Museum of fine arts, Boston and after 2016, school became a part of Tufts university's school of art and science.
  • Stakeholders- The sales and purchase, exhibition of art and collection from that exhibition are the stakeholders. There are some name of stakeholders like gallerists, collectors and curators. Collectors are those who have love towards the art and they collect it from the art museum. While curators are those who handles the displays and loans to educate and inspire the people. Looking for essay writing services UK? Take experts help now!
  • Arkansans Art Centre
  • Detail of organisation- It is located in MacArthur Park, little Rock, Arkansas, and founded in 1960.
  • Product and services- Provides several services like theatres for children, art gallery and exhibitions, also provides lawn for events.
  • Size- Covers approximately 108,000 square feet area. Arkansans Art Centre is a small organisation contains 50 full-time worker and 40 part-time workers and their sale is $1000,000.
  • Scope- Arkansans has broader scope as they provide art schools, theatre to children's, restaurant and different stores to the people. And they exists because of they represents the artistic culture to the students and also works with providing education to the students about their culture.
  • Vision- Become the cultural beacon and act as a catalyst for the advancement of education of all and promote the cultural development.
  • Mission- Build the diverse community includes education, economic and cultural life. learn and create the visual and performing arts.
  • Objectives- To recognise as a unique from all the museum and collect intense of their collections.
  • Organisational structure- IT includes the thin-plated structure that handles the complex of the museum

Legal Structure- It is situated in MacArthur Park, little Rock, Arkansas, USA. It was founded in 1960. The stakeholders of Arkansans Art Centre are the educational, economic, and cultural department that impacts art and galleries. Educational department provides the stakes to the museum in order to provides education to their students about historic events.

  • Basis of comparison- National Gallery Of Canada and It is located in the capital city of Ottawa and established in 1880.
  • Product and services- It offers services like guide, workshops, visit of discoveries, cafeterias.
  • Size- Covers 132,700 square feet area. Arkansans Art Centre is a small organisation and have 500 employees and their sale is around $100,000.
  • Scope- National Gallery Of Canada has the broader scope as they includes exhibitions , display ready artworks, provide graphic package, and didactic materials that attracts the people towards the heritage values. They exists because of they always comes with new approach that attracts the people towards the art and exhibition of gallery.
  • Vision- To enhance the collection from national and Canadian, and leave the legacy for future generation.
  • Mission- Opens the finest artistic expression is opened by the collection. The work of art reveal the past, celebrate the present and research the future.
  • Objectives- To develop, maintain and make their own collection of art, both historic and contemporary.
  • Organisational structure- It includes the demolished structure as they have staff of 245 members
  • Legal Structure- Under the governing bodies, report to the parliament about the heritage and official languages.
  • Stakeholders- The stakeholders of National Gallery Of Canada are those who help the school excursion resources. Like Carolina Mendoza Shimada and museums and institutions are the stakeholders. Where Museum and institutions handles the financial costing like maintenance and balancing of the artistic values of the museum.

3) Various function of the different department of organisation and create organisational chart and how these function relates to structure

The different departments of the art and Museum are as f

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