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BFS0012/13 Individual Project

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1827
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BFS0012/13
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • What are ethical issues and approaches in AI?
  • Provide the appropriate application of AI with their solutions.
Answer :


The essay has discussed ethical issues which are related with application of the Artificial intelligences in the business. This has very important and effective part which helpful for business and its growth. This process is includes learning, reasoning and self correlations by using different computer system at business. The application of Artificial intelligence has created issues for business such as data privacy and security and risk of automation in the workplace. Those are the issues which reflect negative impact on the business. The easy has covered different solutions and approaches to build better solution for protect company and business with its application in respective manner.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the best practices of human resource processes by machine and using computer system. This includes various intelligence at workplace creates opportunities for businesses and employers. Its application in businesses are creates more opportunities for success of business at workplace for more growth. The present essay is based on application of artificial intelligence in business (West, 2018). This creates opportunity as well as issues for business at the time of work. For that easy will reflects some solutions for overcome those issues in effective manner as well as approaches for solution in better manner.Get online coursework help from our experts!


Identification of first ethical issues around the application of Artificial intelligence in business.

Risk of automation in the workplace by application of Artificial intelligence (AI) in business.

The application of Artificial intelligence in business is create issues which are Risk of automation in workplace. This is most fundamental ethical issues which is come up with talking about automation or the introduction of Artificial intelligence. This impact on the human efforts and existing job will be augmented through using technology. By that peoples are not support Artificial intelligence in the business (Brynjolfsson and Mcafee, 2017). This is ethical issue which is faced by business with using Artificial intelligence in business. But by using artificial intelligence, a business can severely cut down on relying on the human workforce. This means that revenues will go to fewer people. Consequently, individuals who have ownership in AI-driven businesses will make all the money.

This helps to make proper and effective result of work by using computer system. But this creates risk for employees when salary paid because uses of computer system are not finding out the hard efforts of employee (Cheatham, Javanmardian and Samandari, 2019). This reduces the hard work of employees and giving best experience and research. The research shows that businesses adopted augmented intelligence approaches where Artificial intelligence is augmenting and helping humans to do their job in better and in effective manner. The layoffs in certain job roles will also involve difficult transitions for many workers and investment for re-skilling and training, commonly referred to as collaborative automation.

Potential solutions:

There are various approaches and a technique which is help to solve risk of automation in workplace which is occurs with the application of Artificial intelligence in business. This creates negative impact on the businesses. Here is includes different types of solution for solving risk of automation in workplace (Ransbotham and et.al., 2017). Capture new opportunities through investment is the rapid emergence of new technology. This is effective and best to solve those problems in effective manner by using proper solution. The uses of new technology are help to creates possible solution for solve this ethical issue which is faced by businesses with the application of Artificial intelligence in business.

On the other side, provide proper training and development activity to employee for complete task. This is another solution which is helps to solve risk of automation because when employee proper and full knowledge of using technologies at workplace then risk of automation is reduce because through that employee done work in proper manner by using various technology and Artificial intelligence which are used by company and business. This is very helpful and effective solution which is protected employees at workplace (van der Aalst, Bichler and Heinzl, 2018). The trained employees are work effectively and possible efforts for business. This will come with an additional cost of training which the organization will have to bear.

Critical evaluation of approaches.

As per the view of Osoba and Welser (2017) training is best part which is helps to improve skills and knowledge about the use of technology and Artificial intelligence in business in effective manner. This creates various opportunities for employer which is loyalty of employee and at market place. Because through that employees not have any fear and risk of automation at workplace by using technology and Artificial intelligence. This provides opportunity to employee for increase their knowledge about technologies. This is best and effective solution and approach against of these ethical issues which is occurs by uses of technologies and Artificial intelligences in business. This helps to monitor in proper manner with best solutions about the works.

On the other side, Klumpp (2018) stated that the capturing new opportunity with investment is another solution and approach which is help to solve this ethical issue which is generated by using technologies and artificial intelligences in the businesses. This may creates some challenges because learning about new opportunity is not easy. This can affect to structure of company and business. This also affect to growth of business by making new structure of work as per requirement of new opportunity. This may include robotic capabilities and subsidizing high tech solution based on leader in certain high techs. Tech innovation is driven partially by a fear that technology will disrupt social structures and government control.

Second ethical issue with the application of artificial intelligence in business.

Data Privacy and security: As per the view of West, (2018) data privacy is one of the most important ethical function which needs to be performed by business. As data is one of the most important asset of company, they need to secure it. Also it has been analysed that data that it needs to keep private so that customers' identities stay as safe and protected as possible, and the company's reputation remains untarnished. Keeping information private will also help business in increasing their goodwill. There are also various laws which needs to be followed by firm, so that they can create consumer loyalty.

In accordance with Ransbotham and et.al., (2017) data protection law 1974, company must have engaged in keeping the information private of their employees and consumers. They must make sure that no confidential information of workers must be shared by company to third party. They must make their employees and consumer aware about that no personal information of them will be shared by firm to any other party. This will support business in creating consumer loyalty. It will also reduce employee turnover. It has been analysed that if company is engaged in sharing data with any other party then it can hamper goodwill of firm. This can affect growth of company.

Data privacy law also prohibits sharing and disclosure of information of individuals to outsiders. It has been analysed that no personal information of people must be shared by business as this can hamper goodwill of their company. It has also been analysed that company should keep transparency in which ever business they are dealing with. They must be engaged in sharing every information to employees about decision they are making. This the most ethical consideration which business needs to be followed. Personal information of employees must be handled properly.

Data security must be maintained by organizations; it basically means that protecting the information from outside attackers. Also security must be given to data from malicious insiders. It is one of the necessary step that needs to be taken by organizations in order to give security to data. In health care unit one of the most important aspect for them is security of data. It must be make sure by business that no personal information related to patients must be shared by professionals to any other third party. Only family member must be included in it. The major aim of privacy rule is that service user's health related data is properly being safe guarded. Get Marketing assignment help from instant assignment help

Data security means the procedure which is related to safeguarding data from outside users. Security of data also includes data encryption, key management and to kenization. This security also help company in safe guarding intellectual property, brand and customer information. It also safe guard's information related to consumers. This can support business in increasing their goodwill and building up their brand value. Also business must keep transparency and honesty in their business so that consumer loyalty can also be created. Cloud access security can also be used by organization.

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From the above study it had been concluded that the Artificial intelligence has the best for increase revenue of business. This helped to reduce efforts of human beings at workplace. This creates various opportunity but on the other side also creates issues for business which affect to business in negative manner and creates ethical issues. The essay had been identified two issues such as risk of automation in workplace and data privacy and security. Both have the ethical issue with the application of artificial intelligences at workplace. The report had been covered by some of the best solutions by using appropriate approaches which has helped to solve both issues in effective manner. Take assignment help service from Instant Assignment Help. They are the best assignment writing service providers in the UK. Their experts are highly qualified and skilled. They will provide you with a plagiarized free assignment at a low price which will help you in achieving A+ grades. So contact Instant Assignment Help for the assignment writing service.

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