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Analysis of Consumer Behaviour for Specific Market

University: Brooklands College

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 4 / Words 977
  • Paper Type: Case Study
  • Course Code: N/A
  • Downloads: 9448

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
Question :

This sample assessment let you know about:

  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Elaborating Marketing Strategies
  • SWOT of conusmer market
Answer :
Organization Selected : Mobile News Games LLC


This case study is based on the analysis of consumer behaviour for specific market. In this the consumer behaviour on target market, various market segments, analysis of culture that will impact on international market, consumer attributes, interest and various marketing strategies will be analysed. This case study is based on Mobile News Games LLC (MNG).

Mobile News Games LLC (MNG) is a small organisation which is very focused for its goals. It is working in developing of mobile games that is related to current news events. They are not only developer of mobile games but also focus on developing games with a news twist, and it is their advantage over their customers.


1. Confirmation Of Target Market

Target market of the Mobile News Game LLC (MNG) is the customer in the age between 13-25, basically the young and young adults and who play mobile games or video games. Culture have various impact on the process of international marketing. It can impact the buying behaviour of customers, policy of product, policy of pricing, distribution policy and policy related to promotions (Schiffman and et.al., 2013). Customers of this company are basically young and have keen interest towards the video or mobile games.

2. Confirmation Of Consumer Interest Level

Through past performance and trends it can be analysed that Users of mobile or video game get bored up easily by playing same games and always looking for change (Kacen and Lee, 2002), so the consumers will have interest in such games which are of less cost and should be user friendly. This organisation focuses on aspirations and bring large variety of mobile games in the market to satisfy consumers (What is consumer behaviour in market. 2017).

3. Marketing Strategies

Strategy of MNG is to focus on needs and requirements of the consumer and to maintain stable position in market. A forum is created on website where users can post comments and can respond and can also give suggestions for games. Legal, ethical and cultural aspects are necessary to take in consideration to prepare marketing strategy. Marketing campaign should be done accordingly, communication process for the product should be in a proper way to its customers (Kacen and Lee, 2002). Company should prepare their budget by considering posting on social media, analysis and generation of landing page.

4. Provisions Of Legislation, Codes Of Practice And National Standards That Affect Marketing Operations In Australia And Internationally

Various legislation and national standards that affect marketing in Australia and internationally are like fair work, organisations that are registered, historical and related legislation, endorsement of fair work, by this marketing operations get affected (Zarantonello and Schmitt, 2010), and it also affect MNG. Code of conduct aims to reduce volume of electronic messages by customers, provide outline on how Spam Act 2003 is applied in practices of e- marketing and promote use of commercial electronic message.Get No.1 free grammar checker tool  from expert 


  • Good interpersonal skills, analytics knowledge, negotiation skills, team playing, computer skills, creativity and expressions.
  • Purpose: Focus on a target market, segmentation, promotion, distribution channel
  • Function: Identifying customers need, evaluation of organisation behaviour, development of vision, mission, objectives, to carry out promotional activities, communication with customers.
  • The market is the place where buyers and sellers meet for the exchange of goods and services
  • Capturing customers outcome, opportunity score of each customer, cluster analysis, making of segments to understand uniqueness.
  • Target market is where company focus on a particular group.
  • Product, price, place, and promotion and it help in developing marketing strategies.
  • Culture is the overall environment in which company operates. Factors that affect culture: leadership principles, nature of business, values, policies, clients , recruitment and selection
  • Features of product, quality or productivity cost of product, distribution channel, promotional and advertising techniques.
  • Strength: a variety of market

Weakness: cultural difference
Opportunities: more target customers
Threats: more competition

PEST analysis will be:

  • Political: Difference in target and that will government policies
  • Economical: interest rate, taxes, government conditions
  • Social: lifestyle, culture, religion
  • Technological: products and processes


This case study is based on the behaviour of consumers in specific market. It can be analysed that the target market of MNG is youths and to attract more customers of target market various innovations and creativity should be done in the mobile games and they should be of low cost. 


  • Schiffman, L. and et.al., 2013. Consumer behaviour. Pearson Higher Education AU.
  • Kacen, J.J. and Lee, J.A., 2002. The influence of culture on consumer impulsive buying behavior. Journal of consumer psychology.
  • Zarantonello, L. and Schmitt, B.H., 2010. Using the brand experience scale to profile consumers and predict consumer behaviour. Journal of Brand Management. 17(7).

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