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5 Factors Affecting the Prices of Your Assignment

What Determines the Price of Your Assignment?

factors affecting assignment price

When you avail any service online, it is crucial that you are completely aware of the features that you have paid for. Similarly, when you avail assignment writing services, it is important that you know what are the different elements that you have paid for.

Many service providing websites do not often disclose the complete break-up and confuse students a lot. These services usually charge students with extra amounts for basic features that students are entitled to avail.

To assure you that Instant Assignment Help has a transparent and fair pricing policy, we have briefed the different factors that you have been charged for.

5 Factors That Determine the Price of Assignments

1.Standard of the Assignment

It is vital that you specify the standard of paper that you wish to get from us. The information in each kind of standard would be entirely different. We can not mention a lot of information in the documents that are 2:1 standard as it may confuse the students and further affects their grades. It is important that you give us the details of the standard of the paper you want.

What are the different standards of papers you can avail?

The different standards of documents that we consider for our pricing plan are-

  • 2:1 standard  
  • 2:2 standard  
  • First Class Standard


The most obvious factor that would affect the pricing of your assignment when you reach to any online assignment help is the length of the document. You need to decide the number of words that you need for your assignment. If you want you can decide the number of pages instead of the number of word for the document in no time.

What is the standard length of the document you can avail?

The standard length of the document that we consider for your document is 250 words per page.

3.Citation Style

Since we provide services around the globe, students reach to us demanding different citation styles for their document. We make sure we strictly adhere to the citation style you want us to follow. Our experts understand these styles are essential to ensure the document that you would submit in your university are accepted and are uniform with respect to other files.

What are the different citation styles we follow?

The primary citation styles our expert writers consider for your paper are:

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Chicago
  • IEEE
  • CSE


With the stringent deadline, we need to supercharge ourselves to make sure that the document is delivered to you as promised. We make sure that you do not miss submitting your assignment on the date that is allotted to you. You can order us a day before or a month before as per your ease and requirement.

The team of expert writers makes sure that the document does not compromise with the quality no matter when you place your order.

How quick can you avail our services?

You can place your order with us just a day before the deadline or a month before. We make sure you get expert quality document no matter what time we have with us.

5.Subject of the Assignment

The subject of the assignment that you want to avail from us is important when we prepare a quote for you, as each subject needs an entirely different approach. Each subject would need different techniques to ensure how to get the final document ready.

We make sure all the important aspects of the subject are considered precisely for your final document.

What are the subjects that our experts work on?

The subjects that our experts cover for your assignments are:

  • Business Management  
  • English  
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology  
  • Finance  
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Engineering Subjects

This Is Not It!!

Other than these factors that you have already paid for, there are a lot of features that we provide to our customers. We make sure that the assignment that you avail earns you not only top grade, but also builds a good reputation in front of your professors.

The features that make us a popular choice among students are :

  • Plagiarism-Free Document
  • Various Subject Experts
  • Privacy Policy
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Free Revisions

Want to avail our services quickly?

Easy. Reach to us through the website or place your order through our app. You may also earn exciting discounts when you avail our assignment writing services.

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