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How to Excel in the Subject You Like?

31 Mar 2023

6 minutes


As a student, you might have a subject that you really enjoy learning. They secure top grades in their exams and get feedback which is nothing less than ‘excellent.’ In fact, other fellow classmates ask for their tips in case of any difficulty in any of the related concepts. And, they know that this is the field they are going to opt for in their university. Can you easily relate to these situations? If you have nod your head in affirmation and wondering what more you are required to do as you are already getting the best results, then the answer is that there is a lot more you can do to excel in your favorite subject. You might have already done what you are expected to do, and your efforts must be very prominent on your scorecard, but some of the best universities don’t really focus on your marks. You need to push yourself a bit more and a little harder than just working dedicatedly in the classroom, and it should be evident in your knowledge and understanding of the subject.

So if you want to go further and looking for right direction, then here are the tips that you can follow to make yourself better in your favorite subject. Take a look:

Know about experts

Many Ph.D. students who have expert knowledge and brilliant ideas, write interesting yet informative blogs and conducts entertaining debates and discussions. They become a go-to source for many scholars and provide insight into various related topics. You can go through them and read the write-ups which will further strengthen your grip on the subject. You can also consult various university interviews of the leading experts in your field published in magazines and journals.

Ask for feedback

Although you might be scoring the best grades and your teacher is very happy with your performance, you may still want to push yourself more so as not to get bored and complacent. You can do this by seeking the assistance of the most reliable and accessible resource, i.e., your subject professors. Have a quick chat with them and explain how you want to improve yourself further in spite of positive feedback. Listen to all the detailed criticism carefully even if it is beyond the requirements of the present stage.

Read myths and facts

When you engage yourself in something that you believed to be false or wrong, you can get great benefits by learning new facts. It helps you to open your mind to new perspectives and reconsider your opinions. Even if you choose not to change your mind, you end up reading and studying new facts which will teach you more about your subject.

Discuss more about the subject

You can start writing blogs about the different topics of the subject, it may not make you famous, but it will surely help you to write in a way that is completely different from your academics. You will think beyond getting good marks and focus on interesting, and quirky points. It is not compulsory to write just about what you have learned in your class, but you can explore new and exciting topics which you may have not ever think of before. You can start by reading and following different write-ups of already popular writers and bloggers, how they interact with people and can share your opinions and thoughts if you are confident enough.

Find the correct way to study

Many debates have been conducted about the correct studying technique. For example, history should be learned by establishing the truth about past, and for studying science, one needs to know the story behind the developments of scientific methods, etc. Each student has an approach which might be beneficial, dubious, valid, or invalid. So if you are exhausted with one method, you may adopt a new way which can give you a whole new perspective on the same topic.

Be an expert in something specific

One cannot be an expert in a whole subject; all the professionals are well-versed in one topic or the other. So, select a concept or element and know it inside out such as a poem or a story, life story of a nobleman, etc., and have in-depth knowledge about it. Read every article, chapter concerning it which gives you satisfaction to know that you are one amongst hundred to know so much.

Well, these were a few tips that may help you to improve the knowledge about your most liked subject. Always remember, never be overconfident and never stop learning.

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