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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas 2021

Be Ridiculously Simple, Scary & Cheap This Halloween! [5 DIY Costume Ideas]

27 Oct 2021


So, Friends, It’s Halloween Time Again!!!!!

I know everyone is super excited & is ready to decide what they will wear this year at the Halloween party. But this is also the time when professors assign students several academic tasks and ask them to complete them by the time. Deciding on a costume & planning a party can all go down to zero if you have tons of academic tasks to finish. That’s why like every year, Instant Assignment Help is back again with the best deals on assignments that will save you both time and money for a blasting Halloween celebration.

As now you have the solution for your academic paper, you can concentrate on the Halloween party. Doubtful, what to wear? What character will be best for you?

Here are the best DIY Halloween costume ideas that can be helpful for you to choose a perfect dress for yourself. With some easy hacks, you can build the best costume quickly. Let’s know the various costume styles, starting with Men.

5 Clever Men's Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. Mr Incredible Costume: Wear a red outfit and make a yellow colour incredible's symbol with paper and paste it on your t-shirt. This way, you can become Mr Incredible quickly.
  2. Lucifer Costume:You have to dress up in 3 piece suit to look like Lucifer, but to justify that you are Lucifer, you have to buy or build feathers for yourself. To make it at home, you can take the help of a feather cloth and cut and stitch it in the shape of a feather, or you can also make it with simple paper and cardboard.
  3. 50 Shades of Grey Costume: This can be a funny and creative style of costume. You can just easily paste some cuttings of different shades of Grey and paste them on your t-shirt. It can make the crowd look at you and an easy hack for quick costume designing.
  4. Error 404 Halloween Costume: This is a very trending style where you can wear a t-shirt, denoting “Error 404: Halloween costume not found” as it can be a good way to become the centre of attraction.
  5. Peaky Blinders Costume: Netflix’s most trending web series is peaky blinders, and everyone wants to be Tommy, aka Thomas Shelby. So, you can also take a haircut like him and dress up like him with a serious face. I am sure that everyone will like your costume idea.

So, these are the DIY Halloween costume ideas for the Men that can be helpful for them to make a dress and break the ice. Now, we will look at some ideas for women.

Halloween Costumes Ideas 2021 copy

5 Badass Women’s Halloween Costumes Ideas

  1. Cruella Costume: Everyone knows Cruella de Vil and her character. So, girls! What are you thinking? This idea is going to be marvellous for Halloween. Paint your face and hair with black and white colour and wear a designer dress, and that’s it, you are all ready to be the centre of attraction.
  2. Black Widow Costume: Who doesn’t know black widow and who don’t want to become like her. That’s why I suggest that you must pick her and become the black widow at your Halloween party. Just wear a black shirt and black pants in leather, and you are all set to kill the floor.
  3. Wednesday Addams Costume: Everyone has watched Adam’s family in their childhood, and it is never getting old. So, this Halloween is the Adam with 2 braids and black one-piece & shoes.
  4. Daenerys Targaryen Costume: Colour your hair blonde and wear heavy boots and designer dress like Khaleesi and become the best.
  5. “Red Light, Green Light” Robot Costume: Squid game is the most trending Korean series that can help you get the limelight at the Halloween party. Dress up as the robot girl in the series wearing a brown skirt and a yellow shirt like in school with 2 braids and school shoes and socks.

So, these are the 5 DIY Halloween costume ideas for the women that can be helpful for them to make a dress and get all the limelight. Now, we will look at some designs for those who are going with their friend group.

5 Friends Group Halloween Costumes Ideas

  1. Dark Squad Halloween Costume: Wear yellow jackets like all the lead characters in the Dark web series and crash the party.
  2. Money Heist Halloween Costume: Becoming the gang of money heists will be a good idea. Dress up in red like them and get ready to dance on Bella ciao at the party.
  3. Squid Game Halloween Costume: You can wear green tracksuits with white shirts like the players in the squid game to be unique.
  4. Scooby-Doo Group Halloween Costume: Becoming Scooby can be difficult, but at least you guys can wear a dress like everyone else in the show to become the gang of scooby doo.
  5. Toy Story Group Halloween Costume: Kids love toy story and becoming like them can be a good idea for friends. So, create posters and masks like their character and make your kid gang the best.

So, these are the 5 DIY Halloween costume ideas for friends groups that can be helpful for them to make a dress quickly. Now, we will look at some ideas for kids.

5 Funky Kids’ Halloween Costumes Ideas

  1. Frozen Costume: Frozen is girls favourite nowadays, so be the Anna & Elsa this Halloween by dressing up like them. Take out your princess dress and tiara.
  2. Ralph Costume: Every boy wants to become Ralph. So, wear a green undershirt, orange shirt and brown dungarees with a button open.
  3. Maleficent Costume Costume: Become the trend of this Halloween, with a black dress and two long horns like Maleficent.
  4. Spider-Man Costume: Get a costume of spider man and become the most loving superhero instantly.
  5. Avengers Costume: Choose whoever marvel character you like and wear a dress like them only.

kids n group copy

So, these are the 5 DIY Halloween costume ideas for the kids. Now, you are done with the best ideas that can be helpful for you to choose the best costume for you. So, let's focus on ordering assignments online.

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