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The Evolution in Halloween Costumes Over the Years

Learn about the trends in the Halloween costumes and how they evolved with time

Halloween Costumes

Just like the fashion seasons, the Halloween costumes too have seen the evolution over the years, and there has been a transformation in the ways in which the people have adopted the fictional characters by involving them in their dressing styles. In this blog, we have assembled the knowledge of the past years and have presented it before you to take a sneak peek into how they have transformed over time. You would surely find it interesting to learn about these facts and enhance your understanding on the same.

Here is how the costumes have seen a massive change over the past couple of years. Read further to know more:

1. Paper mache masks of the 1900s

During the earlier years, when the Halloween celebrations just began, the people used to cover up their faces with the paper mache masks that used to represent different spooky characters. From witches, ghosts, to the zombies, and ghouls, people used to go for the painted masks and used them as an accessory during the Halloween parties.

2. Cartoon character costumes of the 1930s

The Disney characters were a great influence in that era and still happen to rule the world. During that phase, people opted to go with their favourite cartoon characters and chose to dress themselves in these costumes. Moreover, over time, the people even used to come up with their own spooky version of these cartoon characters and used to style themselves accordingly.

3. Superhero costumes of the 1960s

Superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Captain America and several others started becoming popular during this particular phase, and thus with time, people started adopting similar outfits in the Halloween parties as well. This trend became a huge craze among the people in different parts of the world and continues to do so.

4.Home-stitched costumes of the 1990s

People chose to be more creative during this time as they started experimenting among outfits at their homes. With the home-stitched Halloween dresses, people now chose to go for accessories according to their choice in order to make them more mysterious and uncanny. Right from face painting or opting for an unconventional accessory, people became a lot more cautious about their dresses and appearance in the 1900s.

5. Movies inspired costumes of the 2000s

The film and television industry had a great impact on the people, and with a large number of movies and sitcoms being made ranging from Star Trek, The Hunger Games, The Game of Thrones, and many more, people now had more options to choose among the different outfits and could experiment quite more freely. This phase was more elaborative, and people opted to go for their favourite theme-based clothes for the Halloween parties.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the Halloween costumes and how they have evolved in the past couple of years. Have a great time with the celebrations and impress your compeers with your customised costumes this season too. Have fun!

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