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A Detailed Roadmap for Topic Selection for Dissertation Writing

29 Jul 2022



Topic is a subject matter that one deals with in detail. It is the theme on which a student prepares a dissertation after conducting in-depth research. Topic selection is a very crucial part of dissertation writing because it sets the stage for the whole document. It is the topic that can hold the attention of the readers in your work. 

But, many students struggle with choosing a perfect topic. So, our experts who provide online dissertation help have brought a blog on ‘Topic Selection.’ Take a read through it and note all important points to choose an intriguing topic for your dissertation.

So, let's get started... 

3-Step Guide to Choosing a Perfect Topic

Here is a step-by-step guide by our online dissertation help providers that can assist you in selecting a perfect topic for your dissertation.

1. Know the Purpose

The first step to choose a fantastic topic is to understand the purpose. It would be best if you first understand the intent behind your work, and then select a topic. 

Let us understand this with an example. Consider our writer is trying to choose a topic for this blog. So, the purpose here for him is:

  1. Help students struggling with dissertation
  2. Provide our services to help them
  3. Focus on the writing type which is a blog here

2. Brainstorm for Ideas

  • Now, once you have understood the purpose, brainstorm for ideas related to your target. You can do this on your own, or bring some friends over to help you with it. 
  • We brainstorm with other writers who provide dissertation writing services to come up with a topic that can help students in writing an entire document. 
  • If you are not very good at brainstorming, then these brainstorming techniques can be of great help to you.

3. Conduct Research

The next thing is to research the purpose of your work. You can read more about this in the next section. 

Now getting back to the example, we researched the struggles students face during dissertation writing and found that choosing a topic is the most tedious task. So, we have chosen this as our topic for this blog.

5 Questions to Ask for a Productive Topic Selection Process

If you are stuck with researching about the purpose of your work, then here are the five questions you should ask yourself to proceed with.

1. What

What are the significant areas of this topic to include in your document, viewpoints and issues to consider, etc.?

2. Why

Here, you can include why you have chosen this topic, why this topic interests you, etc.

3. Where

This is to look into the areas where we can observe the effects of this topic. What are the impacted areas of this topic that are considered here?  


4. Who

Who were your information providers for this topic, where have you got the idea from, or what was your reference source, etc.?

5. When

This includes the importance of the topic. That is, if the topic is a trending one, or it had a very great significance in the past. 

3 Important Points to Remember While Choosing a Topic 

Here are some points you need to remember while choosing an interesting topic for your dissertation.

You Must Remember This

1. Focus Audience 

The title you prepare should be entirely focused on the type of readers of your work. Since you are writing a dissertation, your focus audience is the committee, faculty, and graduate and postgraduate students who will refer your work. So, choose a title accordingly.

2. The Horizon of the Topic

The topic should have a broad horizon. It should be quite enough to conduct research and collect sufficient information to craft a dissertation on it. You should be able to access previous studies on similar themes to get an idea on the gap and meet it accordingly.

3. Your Interest

The topic should be interesting to you because if you are not interested in it, then you cannot write such a lengthy dissertation on this. If the topic interests you, then you can effortlessly compile a complete document without any stress. 

Topic selection is the utmost important part of the dissertation writing task. Though it is a tedious task, following the aforementioned tips, you can choose a topic for your document without any struggle. These tips are shared by the experts who provide dissertation writing services to students struggling with it. 

They have also been using these tips to provide dissertation help to many students across the globe. So, remember all these points and put them into practice to come up with a fantastic topic for your dissertation. 

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