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Questions to Ask Yourself

Questions You Need to Ask Before and After Writing a Dissertation

29 Jul 2022

6 minutes


It is often seen that students start their dissertation writing work without having proper knowledge of the topic or without understanding it properly. This is one of the common mistakes due to which you lose your marks. Once you have properly understood the topic, you can write the dissertation with ease.

For example: If you are not clear with the topic and still continuing with the dissertation writing task, then you will just submit a detailed dissertation that has no relevance with the topic.

So, all your efforts will go in vain because you did not understand the topic and other requirements of the dissertation. So, it’s necessary that you ask yourself a few questions before you start writing the dissertation.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing the Dissertation

Am I Specific With the Word Count?

The number of words for writing a dissertation is always mentioned in the instructions given by the professor. The word count instructions should be followed by you so that it does not look like you have included unnecessary details in the document. If your word limit exceeds, then you can give a note mentioning what extra you have included.

How Much Time Do I Need to Complete the Dissertation?

Completing the dissertation in the given time limit and submitting it before the deadline is necessary. Not completing the dissertation on time will make your lose your marks.

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Am I Interested Enough in the Topic?

It is often seen that students select a topic for the dissertation without having any knowledge of it. And at the time of research, they get to know about the topic. When the topic doesn’t seem interesting, some students think of changing the topic. But, this is not the right way to choose a topic for the dissertation. So, always pick the topic you are interested in and you can research well on.

Can I Find Evidence to Support My Argument?

Finding the best evidence for the topic is important when proving your arguments. Not having proper evidence will show your readers that your arguments are not credible, so they will not agree to your point of view.

So, these were the questions you should ask yourself before you start writing your dissertation. But have you ever thought there are various questions that you should ask completing the given dissertation? So, here is a list of some of the important questions to ask yourself after writing the dissertation.

Questions to Ask Yourself After Writing the Dissertation

Have I Connected the Paragraphs Properly?

Connecting the paragraphs when writing the dissertation is important to make it look effective. If your paragraphs are not properly connected to each other, then the reader will be confused about what you want to explain. Connect your paragraphs in the way that there is a smooth flow of information.

Does My Writing Meet the Specific Point?

If your dissertation doesn’t specify the point clearly, then it doesn’t have a strong argument. You can make it more specific by including various words or sentences which clearly convey your opinion.

Have I Answered the Questions Properly?

After writing the dissertation, re-read the whole document to check the question prompt. If you feel that your argument related to the question is missing, then fix it.

Have I Done the Right Referencing?

There are different types of referencing styles and some of them are-

1.APA Style
2.Chicago Style
3.MLA Style

Choosing the right referencing style to provide references to the dissertation is crucial. If you don’t know how to use footnotes and endnotes in the dissertation, then simply use in-text citations and make a referencing list at the end of the document. Mentioning the sources in the wrong style will make you lose your marks.

Asking these questions to yourself will help you in creating a perfect dissertation and ensuring that everything is on point. If you do not have affirmative answers to these questions, then you need to revise your whole dissertation. But, that would be very troublesome. However, when you have highly skilled dissertation writing service providers by your side then you need not to fret. Try the services of Instant Assignment Help and be ready to submit an exceptional dissertation within the deadline.

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