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Writing a Phenomenal Finance Dissertation

These 5 Points Are Stopping You from Writing a Phenomenal Finance Dissertation

29 Jul 2022


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No country can stand on its own feet without the proper support of finance from the residents of it. “Tax” collected by the government acts like a support system or financial aid for it. Anything you are buying from the market has already been taxed by the government. No matter how hard you try to hide the money and save it for later ventures, the government would definitely make sure that the taxation should be imposed over it without any mercy or leniency.

This is how the government gets its finance and even services like public transport and education sector also help it in earning a heck of money by imposing various taxes. They clearly know that without the financial support of the public, they can't even imagine running the nation, which is a good thing. Also, we have to admit the fact that the government is the service provider and we are the customers, so we have to pay a certain amount to use its resources.

For example, if you want to watch Netflix, there would be a subscription fee to activate it. Without paying the proposed amount, you would not be able to enjoy its stuff. So, it's as simple as that.

Even if we talk about the education sector, then the commercialization of it has really benefited the government as the students are paying a huge fee to get admission to the government approved colleges and universities. This clearly goes against the so-called will of “Education for All” spirit as in TV commercials government pretends that it really wants every single child to be educated. For this, it is also providing mid-day meals in schools run by them which is a great thing but what about the colleges and universities where the government is charging an insanely higher fee from the students? All they are doing is storing the whole amount in their lockers and providing itself great financial support.

Colleges and universities that are charging an extremely high fee from the students are just providing them basic facilities. Even in some of the colleges, the availability of a student's desk is nil and there's no one to hear their plea. In this kind of situation, it really becomes quite tough for them to focus on writing projects like assignments, essays, dissertations, etc. But most of them still try their level best to counter such a challenging condition and showcase their talent to the professors.

No doubt, the way students are showing their passion for their academic responsibilities is admirable and deserve to be acknowledged by the concerned parties. But in spite of this, they are being judged over the quality of their work and the standards which they sometimes fail to match.

This is quite brutal and harsh at the same time as the students are really putting their best foot forward. But the kind of attention and support they require is not at all available to them.

Once a wise man said, “There's Always Someone Who Could Help You” and the only thing you need to do is try to find that person and get yourself help. So, in this blog, we are going to talk about 5 significant points that could help students write a fantastic dissertation.

1 Lack of Concentration or Interest in Dissertation Work

Experts say that one of the major reasons behind poor dissertation work is the lack of concentration and interest in the work which highly impact the writer's psychology and stops him from expanding the horizon of imagination, creativity, and execution of the plan in a proper way. This kind of situation is truly anti-ideal for the dissertation work. So, unless you won't feel comfortable don't ever start the dissertation writing work. Otherwise, it is surely going to be messed up at some stage and then the final outcome would not be as expected. So, pay serious attention to this and never let your work suffer.

2 Doing Two tasks at Once

Your dissertation work is the ultimate chance to showcase the research and argument skill of yours to the professor and impress him with the quality of work. So, give full attention to it by keeping all the work aside, as the document you are working on holds the immense capacity to influence your career path. This point would exceptionally help you understand the intensity of dissertation work and why it deserves your serious time and attention.

3 Your Research Work is Not Up to the Mark

Yes, you heard it right! Dissertation work is all about raising a point, making the argument, providing the solution, presenting the facts, and finally ending it with a proper solution. All these things can't be achieved unless you haven't conducted proper and deep research of the topic. Research truly plays a key role in your dissertation, as it provides you the immense knowledge to support your argument. So, never submit your dissertation without properly citing the substantial information based on the grounds of extensive research work.

4 Failed to Support the Arguments in Your Dissertation Work

This actually happens a lot that many students choose challenging finance dissertation topics and later on while writing their work, they figure out that the topic they have chosen is way tougher than their expectation and they wish they would have opted for some other. This would be way easier to defend, but most of the time they realize this after getting too far with the selected topic and their precious time has already been invested in that. So, the only choice remains for them is to go ahead with the chosen topic, whether it's easy or tough as they need to submit the document on time.

5 Lack of Communication Between the Student and Professor

So, what students actually do? They make themselves so occupied with the dissertation work that they don't even bother to talk to the professor with respect to the work. Most of them think that they would choose a fantastic topic, do good research, and then handover their dissertation work to the professor. But this process is actually quite common and has already been followed by many students. If you would also do the same, then how would you bring the x-factor in your dissertation?

For that, you need to establish a good bond with the professor. Don't hesitate to ask him to guide you with the dissertation work and try to understand his expectations. There is a possibility that he might help you with great advice or tip. So, never ignore this instrumental point and always communicate with your professor.

If you would follow the above mentioned 5 points while writing the dissertation work, then nobody can stop you from writing a “Phenomenal” document.

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