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How I Wrote My Dissertation? A Ph.D. Scholar's Guide You Shouldn't Miss

27 Jul 2022


"Writing a dissertation is like growing a tree. Just like you plant the seed, you first need to choose a topic for your dissertation. Then, the way you need resources to help it grow, you need relevant data to provide a base to your dissertation. The joy that you feel on seeing the first branch and leaves of the sapling is equivalent to seeing each chapter of the dissertation getting completed. When the tree finally grows, it provides you fruits, shelter, and other things. Similarly, when you accomplish the dissertation, it makes a way for you to pass your course with flying colors.”

These are the words of a Ph.D. scholar who worked on his dissertation diligently for the successful fulfillment of his doctorate. Until today, the dissertation help experts of Instant Assignment Help have provided you various tips on how to write an effective dissertation introduction & conclusion, how to do research for the dissertation, how to come up with the best arguments for dissertation, etc. But this time, we have brought you a guide from a Ph.D. scholar itself that will help you make your last step on your way to attaining the degree.

So, if you are in the middle of writing the dissertation or if you haven’t started it yet, then this guide is going to help you big times. This guide not only contains the tips or tricks to completing the work, but it also highlights the challenges that a student faces and fights with. Let the guide be unveiled.

A Ph.D. Scholar’s Guide on, “How to Write a Dissertation?”

Pick a Topic That Resonates with Your Interest: Every student must begin the dissertation writing task by choosing a topic that resonates with his interest. Never pick a topic you are not interested in; if you do so, then you won’t be able to find the research intriguing. Ultimately, you will end up making your dissertation a disaster. So, make sure that whatever topic you choose seems gripping to you.

Come Up with Unique Ideas About the Topic: The next step is to generate ideas about the topic that you have chosen. In this phase of dissertation writing, you should expand the horizon of your thought process and think of everything that you can present in your dissertation. Even if the ideas seem weird to you, try to give them a shot. Explore all the perspectives of the topic to make your dissertation unique.

Collect Relevant Data About the Topic: To make the dissertation authentic and credible, you don’t only need ideas, but you are also required to put down some facts and additional information to back your opinion. Always refer to the reliable sources to gather the data as any false information can ruin the game. Note down all the sources as you will need them while preparing the bibliography for your dissertation.

Plan How You Will Proceed with the Work: Now that you have all the resources, it’s time you make a plan for moving forward with the dissertation. Every person has a different approach, but the most appropriate one is to work on each section of the dissertation sequentially i.e., Dissertation Abstract/Proposal, Dissertation Introduction, Dissertation Literature Review, Dissertation Methodology, Dissertation Analysis & Result, Dissertation Discussion & Conclusion, and Dissertation Bibliography.

Start Writing the Different Parts of Dissertation: It’s time to work on the different sections of the dissertation that are mentioned above. Since each section is important, you should work on them wholeheartedly. There are a lot of phases in which you can encounter some issues, but don’t lose focus and enthusiasm. Make sure you do smooth transitions between each section so that the readers grasp everything you are trying to explain. Don’t forget to cite the sources at the end from where you have obtained the information.

Identify the Mistakes and Rectify Them: Once you are done writing all the sections of the dissertation, you should keep it aside for some time. When you feel the information getting blurred in your mind, pick the work and start proofreading it meticulously. While writing, you must have made a lot of grammatical, spelling, syntax, punctuation, and other mistakes. Identify and rectify them properly as you would surely not want to lose grades due to such errors.

Ask a Few Questions to Yourself: Your dissertation writing work doesn’t end after editing and proofreading. There’s something more that you need to do. Ask yourself a few questions after the completion of the work. These questions can be:

1.Is the main point of my topic clear?
2.Did I introduce the dissertation properly?
3.Is the ending giving a proper closure?
4.Have I provided enough evidence to back my opinion?
5.Are analysis & result what I had expected?
6.Have I cited all the sources properly?

When you feel that every section of your dissertation is up to the mark and there is a smooth flow of information, then you are good to go. Writing a top-notch dissertation is indeed not easy, but you got to believe in yourself that “Yes! I can do it.” Give your blood, sweat, and tears and prepare a work that can leave the entire Ph.D. dissertation committee spellbound. All the best!

So, these were a few tips shared by a Ph.D. scholar on how to write an impressive dissertation. Get started with your work whilst keeping these tips in mind and show you have got. In case you feel that you don’t have expertise in doing research & analysis and writing the dissertation, then you must consider taking Ph.D. dissertation help from us. We have Ph.D. certified writers on board who have impeccable skills to make every dissertation score second to none. We have got everything that can give wings to your academic career!

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