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H/616/2698 Organizational Behaviour in International Contexts - Gulf Hotels Company WLL

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 3 / Words 661
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: H/616/2698
  • Downloads: 634
Brief :
Organization Selected : Gulf Hotels Company WLL

Topic - Organizational Behaviour in International Contexts

 LO description

AC description

LO1 Provide an application of the theories of organisation behaviour in context to the tourism and hospitality industry

1.1 By using the models of organisation behaviour, provide the critical analysis of the management structure with respect to hospitality or tourism industry

1.2 provide the critical evaluation on the objectives of tourism or hospitality industry

1.3 How the organisation structure assist in achieving the objectives with respect to Intercontinental Doha in Qatar.

LO2 By considering the internal structure and external environment, you are requires to assess the performance of international organisation.

2.1 With the help of market and company data, provide the critical evaluation for the performance of international tourism or hospitality organisation

2.2 how the structure can be modified or objectives can increase the profitability. Recommend

LO3 Provide the critical evaluation of the cross cultural management trends and also the development and along with this implications for hospitality and tourism industry.

3.1 provide the critical review on the cross cultural management theories in context to Intercontinental Doha in Qatar.

3.2 What raise the emergence of the concept of cultural diversity and also show the implications  for workforce in context to hospitality and tourism

3.3 Provide the way in which the models of cross cultural human resource management can be implemented for tourism and hospitality organisation.

LO4 What developments can be seen with respect to management of international human resources and also dictate the implications in tourism and hospitality industry.

4.1 What raise the emergence of function of international human resource in hospitality and tourism organisation

4.2 How management and leadership skill is important in the international tourism and hospitality industry

4.3 Provide the critical analysis on the different model of motivation and teamwork that are important in tourism and hospitality industry.

Task 1

For your selected hospitality or tourism organisation-

  • With the aspect of organisation behaviour models (I.e. Autocratic, custodial, supportive and collegial), showcase the structure of management.
  • How the management structure assist in achieving the objectives
  • Explain the way in which structure or objectives can be modified for the purpose of increasing the profitability.

Task 2

With the help of company and market data, select any hospitality or tourism organisation of your choice. With the help of data collected and the research conducted, evaluate the performance of international tourism or hospitality organisation.

Also critically view the cross-cultural management theories that applies to the selected organisation.

Task 3

  • What raise the emergence of the concept of cultural diversity in hospitality or tourism industry and what implication does it have on the personnel
  • Provide a review on the theories of Hoftstede, Trompenaars and Hall and various models in context to cross cultural management
  • Provide the implementation of cross cultural model of management and the emergence of human resource management
  • In order to manage the workforce diversely, what models of teamwork and motivations are important.
  • In 21stcentury, how important is leadership and management skills for the purpose of management of diversified workforce.
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