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Project Management

Project Contract Management

Introduction to Project Management In modern business world the role project management has been increasing due to availability of varied opportunitie... READ MORE

  • Published: 11 May , 2018
  • Views: 4879
  • Type: Assignment

Personal and Professional Development

INTRODUCTION TO PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Personal and professional development is necessary for an individual to sustain in such a competitive environment (Benefield and Joseph, 2010). In the first part report will... READ MORE

  • Published: 15 Jan , 2018
  • Views: 6273
  • Type: Case Study

Project management

INTRODUCTION Project management is a process which is used for planning, organizing, directing, controlling and monitoring an activity to achieve the goals and objectives of the company. The research is based on the development... READ MORE

  • Published: 23 Jun , 2017
  • Views: 16779
  • Type: Assignment

MFRD (Managing Financial Resources and Decisions)

Introduction Financial Resources Financial Resources may be defined as money which is available in business organization for spending in the most profitable investments. It refers to input for the production process and thereby... READ MORE

  • Published: 12 Jan , 2017
  • Views: 11339
  • Type: Assignment

Sample for Strategic Management Accounting

Introduction to Management accounting Allocation of scarce resources is a fundamental economic problem faced by everybody. Every company, government and society faces this problem. Management accounting is the principle source ... READ MORE

  • Published: 14 Jun , 2016
  • Views: 14824
  • Type: Assignment
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