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Unit 1 - BTEC HND Operation and Project Management - Regent College - Level 5

Table of Content

  1. Introduction


Operation Management is primarily important for each business venture which helps with outlining and controlling of generation process and also upgrading business activities in assembling of items and administrations (Antonio Martins and Ramos Martins, 2012). This capacity underpins an association in taking care of necessities and requests of clients. It is connected with dealing with the entire generation framework in which inputs are changed over into yields. In this task, picked organization is Haier which bargains in assembling of electronic items like iceboxes, clothes washer and so forth. Firm needs to go into new market of huge size TV of 58 inches. The report incorporates, audit and investigate of activities administration standards execution and in addition a consistent change design will be set up on that premise. Utilization of each phase of item life cycle for creating essential supporting archive and basic audit of adequacy of PLC by utilizing reasonable speculations and ideas is incorporated into this task.


P1 Review and critique implementation of principles of operation management

In each association, there is an organization group which control exercises of firm. Tasks administration is worried about overseeing business hones that are connected with creation process. This division helps with controlling expense and guarantees ideal use of accessible assets. Administration create different techniques keeping in mind the end goal to get viable results. Operation Management fundamentally bargains in outlining and controlling of assembling procedure and overhauling of business exercises. It is one of the primary capacity in firm alongside advertising, human asset, production network and back. Tasks requires both, key and additionally everyday creation of items and administrations (Beringer, Jonas and Kock, 2013). In overseeing exercises, different sorts of choices are made which includes item and process outline, offices arranging, quality administration, stock control, limit and tasks system. Every one of these requirements a capacity to inspect current circumstance and decide better answers for improve productivity and viability of generation process. A few rules that Haier Group Corporation take after are characterized beneath. This helps organizations in usage of administration making arrangements for creating superb merchandise.

Principle of Operation Management:

There are a few standards of activities administration that encourages firm in executing methodologies are as per the following:

Reality: Operations administration ought to significantly underline on issue instead of strategies as there is no apparatus in itself that would give a general arrangement.

Association: The procedures of creation are interconnected. With a specific end goal to accomplish a same result in benefits, all parts are required to be steady and unsurprising (Blomquist and et. al., 2010).

Essentials: In tasks, Pareto administer is material, i.e., 20% of achievement originates from utilization of new strategies to forms and 80% from strict adherence to keeping up disciplines and records correctly.

Responsibility: Managers are required to set principles and characterize duties to their subordinates. It would likewise anticipated that would check frequently if objectives are met with a specific end goal to ensyre that workers are putting vital endeavors.

Change: It must be supported like if difference of procedures is overseen well, it can be a wellspring of innovativeness.

Causality: Issues are manifestations and they are impacts of hidden reason. It is important for administration to focus on them with a specific end goal to discover underlying driver of it and dispose of issue.

Overseen energy: Passion of workforce can be a fundamental driver of development of organization and it is imperative for chiefs to ingrained, on the off chance that it not easily falling into place.

Lowliness: Rather than trial and blunder process which is expensive, administrators needs to recognize their confinements and get help and proceed onward.

Achievement: It will dependably think about client's advantage. Accomplishment of firm depend on its customers. Thus, it is fundamental for business to change every one of the standards periodically with a specific end goal to keep customers (Brauers and Zavadskas, 2010).

Change: There are different speculations and arrangements along these lines, firm ought not stay with one. They needs to grasp and oversee it to achieve maintainability for long haul.

Six Sigma:

It is an example which is used by firm to enhance nature of activity administration through taking out blunders. It will help with diminishing expense and in addition spare thei time. With a specific end goal to upgrade nature of merchandise, it is vital to utilize top of the line innovation and creation forms. Six Sigma is a device that helps with taking care of issues in regards to tasks and quality administration. It is a five stage process that incorporates

Characterize: It particularly incorporates characterizing of framework, client voice and their needs and in addition venture objectives.

Measure: In this stage, essential highlights of current process is estimated and important information is gathered by administration keeping in mind the end goal to compute the capacity of process (Fernández-Sánchez and Rodríguez-López, 2010).

Dissect: Collected information is broke down by administrator to research and confirm cause-impact relationship. Under scrutiny, it is guaranteed that all elements are considered with a specific end goal to search out fundamental driver of issue.

Enhance: In this, present process is streamlined based on information examination by utilizing procedures like slip-up sealing, plan of investigations, standard work to grow new process and so forth. Pilot runs are set up to present process ability.

Control: Future state process is control with a specific end goal to guarantee that deviations are redressed before they resultant in abandons. It is fundamental for administrators to execute control frameworks like creation sheets, measurable process control, visual work environments and so forth for consistently observing the procedure. It is rehashed until the point that normal level of value is gotten.

Lean Principle:

Lean rule is a five stage point of view which is utilized to direct the execution of lean procedures. It is anything but difficult to perceive yet difficult to achieve. This rule is trailed by chiefs of Haier. Steps incorporated into this are:

Recognize esteem: In this progression, esteem is determined from perspective of end customer by item family (Fleming and Koppelman, 2016, December).

Guide esteem stream: Under this, every one of the means are recognized in esteem stream for each item family and every one of those means are disposed of that don't make any esteem.

Make stream: Value making steps are figured that happens in tight grouping so products will stream easily to client.

Build up pull: In this, as the stream is presented, given buyers a chance to pull an incentive from next upstream action.

Look for flawlessness: As esteem is recognized, esteem streams is determined, superfluous advances are wiped out and draw and stream is presented, start the procedure again and proceed with it until the point when flawlessness state is come to and culminate esteem is make with no waste.



Continuous Improvement alludes to a progressing endeavors to upgrade items and procedures. It is an arrangement of exercises that are outlined keeping in mind the end goal to get general enhancements items and administrations by consistent estimation, survey and activity. This is a procedure of using information and criticism so as to make tasks reliable and assemble nature of products after some time. It helps with directing more fulfillment to shoppers and additionally their necessities (Gunasekaran and Ngai, 2012). It likewise enables the supervisors of Haier in improving the situation arranging with the goal that efficiency and productivity of firm to can be expanded.

Continuous Improvement Plan:


Existing performance level

Improvement in strategies

Expected Outcome

Promotional events

On account of absence of promoting hones, purchasers can't buy TV as data identified with item are not getting by clients in legitimate way.

Firm should utilize suitable special system keeping in mind the end goal to advance their items and offer them in advertise. Item is promoted such that it draws in client more to purchase.

By utilizing compelling special techniques, firm can convey esteem and advantages of their item to clients in powerful way and clients get more data about their extensive screen TV.

After sales services

Organization isn't giving legitimate after deals administrations to clients. They don't give any guarantee on item (Mir and Pinnington, 2014). Their administration focuses are less in number because of which clients confront a considerable measure of troubles.

It is required by organization to open more administration focus stores so as to expand reach of clients. Input ought to be taken from clients with the goal that better administrations can be given to them.

View of all people are unique. By enhancing in procedures and giving great administrations, firm can get great reaction of clients. It is likewise expected that it will draws in clients more towards mark.

Change design and its impact:

From the previously mentioned arrangement, it is watched that consistent change arranging turns out to be a compelling instrument for Haier Group Corporation. According to the examination, it is watched that firm needs to get ceaseless change their items and administrations so as to expand their gainfulness and draw in clients more towards mark. By execution of imaginative and inventive thoughts, numerous deficiencies can be overwhelmed by firm. Managers needs to utilize different research strategies keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee better execution of item. By utilizing successful limited time devices, firm can adequately advance their items in advertise and convey its esteem and advantages to clients. It must be guaranteed by the organization to manage better after deals administrations to clients so that, they are happy with the given administrations and a decent picture is made in psyches of clients in regards to mark (Pemsel and Wiewiora, 2013).

Strategies for execution of plan:

Persistent change arranging process helps chiefs in making enhancements in products and procedures on general premise. Inputs that are taken from clients likewise has critical influence in it. It helps the firm in making enhancements in items according to client needs. By offering fantastic products, firm can build faithfulness of clients. By following beneath characterized exercises, changes can be connected by firm.

Good Employment Relation: It is critical to have great relations among boss and worker to guarantee that tasks are performed in better way. Great representative relations urge workforce to work in compelling way. This will enhance execution of representatives and additionally increment proficiency of activities. It helps with giving amazing merchandise to clients and increment their fulfillment.

Proper Communication channel: Firms should utilize viable correspondence channels at working environment with the goal that data can be passed on in appropriate way. It will helps with creating coordination among workforce and they work in more better way. This encourages in expanding efficiency and benefit of organization.

Organization models: Different models are utilized by firm to apply methodologies in appropriate way. Use of speculations like traditional, bureaucratic and logical methodologies will helps firm in playing out their tasks in better way (Management Theories and Concepts at the Workplace, 2018). These helps with expanding profitability of firm and in addition achieving focuses of firm. Chief of Haier Group Corporation apply different hypotheses and models for enhancing creation procedure of firm and getting ready compelling plans and systems that controls bearing to them for future strategy.


P3 Application of Product Life Cycle

The firm needs to dispatch substantial size TV of 58 inches. For doing as such, they have to lead research and make legitimate arranging identified with speculation, promoting, creation and so on there are different sources that are accessible to present item in advertise. Among those, it is required by organization to choose best strategy that builds the deals and incomes of organization. The firm needs to dispatch substantial size TV of 58 inches. For doing as such, they have to lead research and make legitimate arranging identified with speculation, promoting, creation and so on there are different sources that are accessible to present item in advertise. Among those, it is required by organization to choose best strategy that builds the deals and incomes of organization. For presenting TV in advertise, firm needs to examine showcase legitimately. For this, statistical surveying is led with the goal that patterns can be examined. It additionally helps with thinking about necessities and inclinations of clients. In the wake of breaking down market patterns, item is produced that meet prerequisite of clients and fulfill their requests. Before entering in expansive screen TV showcase, they should guarantee that it has some exceptional highlights that pulls in clients more (Ramasesh and Browning, 2014). Item life cycle is a vital promoting idea that characterizes the phases of item from its improvement to oldness from showcase. It incorporates 4 phases:

Introduction Stage: It is the underlying advance of item life cycle where item is presented in advertise for the first run through. Here, innovative work branch of Haier Group Corporation lead inquire about for creating item and after that brought that into advertise. It is the most costly phase of item life cycle for firm propelling new item. As it is introductory stage, size of market is little, it implies deals are less. In this stage, item isn't greatly acquired by purchasers. In the meantime, cost of different things like purchaser testing, innovative work and advertising that is required to dispatch item in showcase is high particularly when, if the segment is aggressive. Presentation of item in advertise is a vital advance for organization. There are different contenders of huge size TV are accessible in showcase. In this stage, offers of item is low (Robichaud and Anantatmula, 2010). Successful strategies are utilized by organization so as to pass on data about item to clients. This will take around 3 to a month.

Growth Stage: In this stage, offers of item is high and firm experience solid development and benefits in showcase as here organization gets advantages of economies of scale. On account of generation in expansive amount, net revenues of firm will increment and this will expand general benefit of business. This empowers organization to put more in limited time exercises keeping in mind the end goal to boost capability of this stage. At this stage, offers of Haier Group Corporation is increment as they get advantages of expansive amount creation. Their benefits edge increment and firm begins to put much sum in special exercises.

Maturity Stage: During this stage, item is completely settled and principle point of Haier Group Corporation is to keep up their piece of the pie of expansive size TV (Söderlund, 2011). As of now, numerous contenders are go into advertise thus, firm needs to put their cash shrewdly in promoting exercises they embrace. It is additionally required by organization to consider any change or adjustments to item and generation process which may give them upper hand in advertise over their rivals.

Decline Stage: Under this stage, in the long run, item market will start to contract. This could be a direct result of market getting to be soaked or because of changing of shoppers to various item. As this decrement might be inescapable, it may at present be feasible for Haier Group Corporation to win some benefit by moving to more affordable technique for creation and less expensive markets.


P4 Effectiveness of Product Life Cycle

Haier Group Corporation needs to enter in commercial center with their new item, that is expansive screen TV. The organization has great picture and supervisor needs to put endeavors for looking after it. They assumes critical part in giving great items and administrations to clients. Utilization of item life cycle isn't simple. It is important to define different approaches and techniques that help supervisors in taking future activities. This helps organization in satisfaction of real destinations and focuses in successful and effective way (Turner, 2016). Market investigation ought to be done in legitimate way with the goal that designs can be actualized in proper way. From the above discourse, obviously business undertaking needs to receive a few changes as indicated by the requirements and requests of clients. Their inclinations are important to be considered by firm with a specific end goal to fulfill and hold them. Product life cycle aids fruitful execution of techniques with respect to item. At the point when Haier Group Corporation entering in new market, it is essential to first investigate it. Numerous organizations are accessible in advertise that arrangements in comparative division. Thus, it is difficult for Haier to contend (Gunasekaran and Ngai, 2012). This must be achieved if firm manage brilliant administrations at less expensive rates. Supervisors likewise required to do legitimate arranging so odds of item disappointment turns out to be less. After deals administrations is additionally an imperative factor on which administration needs to focus. This will encourages in fulfilling clients more. Firm needs to keep in see approaches of contenders with the goal that better items can be given to clients in less cost. Chiefs are required to plan powerful valuing arrangements and additionally manage rebates to them infrequently. This will build offers of organization and higher benefits can be earned. Product life cycle is fundamental for appropriate execution of plans and approaches. Pioneers of firm needs to oversee right direction to representatives so they get persuaded and their execution level can increment. It enhances the efficiency of firm and in addition workers. Activities of firm will enhance and empowers firm to create and convey astounding products to clients keeping in mind the end goal to meet their requests and enhance their fulfillment level. In advertise, different sources are accessible that chiefs needs to contemplate (Lenfle and Loch, 2010). Top of the line advances ought to be utilized by big business of good quality items can be created with accessible assets.


According to the above mentioned report, it has been inferred that tasks administration is critical for each business association as it is worried about outlining and controlling of generation process. It includes change of crude materials into completed products. Keeping in mind the end goal to present new item in advertise, it is essential for administration to do appropriate arranging and detail powerful procedures. By utilizing compelling devices and procedures, these plans are actualized. For improvement of items, firms first need to recognize advertise inclines and break down requirements and requests of clients. This will help firm in delivering item according to their requirements. Powerful advertising of item is additionally imperative for organization as its development and achievement depends on it. In this way, it is essential for showcasing director to utilize powerful special apparatuses keeping in mind the end goal to convey data to clients in appropriate way in regards to item.


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