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Managing Customer Experience

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Sample on Managing Customer Experience

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Customer experience is most crucial factor for a growth or success of a company as it affect the customer base as well as choice. This is consider as an essential tool which help a company in achieving sustainability within marketplace (Alexander, 2013). Current report is about the The Clove Club which is a restaurant present in London and offer Italian food with a British Touch. This project includes a detail description about the importance of understanding the need, want and preference of target customers and factors that influence the customer engagement. Further it also includes a customer experience map and touch points throughout the customer experience. At last report includes explanation about the customer service strategy and how it support in developing customer experience.

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P1. Value and importance of understanding the need, wants and preference of target customer in service industry

Customer are considered as a king of market and most essential part of an organisation, because its success and growth depends over the satisfaction of customers. So it is crucial for an organisation to provide product or services as per the demand of customers in order to keep them satisfied. As better customer experience will support a company to enhance its brand image and maintaining a long term relation with customers. The Clove Club is a London based restaurant which offer Britalian cuisine, i.e. Italian with British Twist (Ariffin and Maghzi, 2012). The need, demand and preferences of customers are different as per their behaviours, geographical and climatic change etc. So, The Clove Club must ensure that the services it provide will be able to satisfy those needs of customer. There are several type of customers who visits restaurant to avail services provided by The Clove Club, so it must ensure that the customer must be satisfied with them. Following table describe about some type of customers and their need, want and preference:


Type of customer

Different types of customer needs

Disabled customer

Menu in Brail

Sufficient space to pass between table

Access ramps

Business person

Meeting rooms


Mobile telephone charging port

College students

Space to work


Comfortable sofa to sit on

As per the above mentioned table it can be observed that each customer is different in term of their need, taste and preference which influence their choice regarding any restaurant. So The Clove Club must try to analyse the needs of a customer and try to offer them services which support in keeping them satisfied (Bilgihan, Kandampully and Zhang, 2016). Here, first customer base targeted is disable customers in which they requires ramps for entering and moving in restaurants, Menu in Brail for the one who are blind and sufficient space to move with in the restaurant without any difficulties. These things are required to consider by The Clove Club in order to attract the disable customers within their restaurants and enhancing their image in marketplace.

Second customers category is business persons that generally visits the restaurants for their official meetings or get together with key persons. For this they generally demand for meeting rooms that are spacious, well arranged and peaceful. Apart from this for conducting their meetings effectively they prefer restaurants which provide Wi-Fi and mobile charging ports. Third customer category is college students where they generally visit restaurants to for their refreshment, enjoyment and sometimes for completing their college work. So their preference will be toward the restaurants which offer Wi-Fi, space to work and comfortable sofa to sit on. Therefore, in order to maintain its customers base and improving their brand image “The Clove Club” must try to analyse the need of their targeted customers for aligning services offered as per their requirement.

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P3. Create customer experience map

Customer experience mapping refers to the process of identifying that how the potential customers or users feel engage with product or service that are being offered by company. This includes number of stages through which a customer move when interacting with company (Blázquez, 2014). As the main focus of each organisation is growth and this can be achieved by providing major sources through which customer can collect information about the company and make their decision regarding the selection of services.

The Clove Club must try to analyse the sources that a customers generally assess before making their choice regarding selection of restaurant. The sources that are generally used by customers for evaluating the information regarding product or services and quality it offers are website, review sites, E-mails, Restaurant environment, Restaurant staff, Restaurant management etc. These sources can be better understood using following points:

Website:-This is one of the best option through which The Clove Club can improve their image and increase brand recognition within the marketplace by sharing picture of product and by providing information regarding services over its official website. Further it can also share experience which its regular customers have with its services (C. Harris and Daunt, 2013). Customers can search the required information from these sources before making their decision. An information represented in an effective and attractive manner also support in building up a positive perception about the services that restaurant offer. It further help in improving their experience at the time of getting services.

Restaurant management:-The arrangement and management that a restaurant present to its customer also support in influencing the choice of customer. As if users get satisfied with the services then they willing to visit restaurants again and also suggest others to try. So, The Clove Club must provide appropriate training to its staff member regarding the way to interact with customers and providing them services in a best possible manner to satisfy them. Apart from this it also focuses on hiring the high skilled and qualified employees who have an ability to perform their job effectively.

Restaurant Environment:-The ambience and environment that a restaurant have also affect the choice of customers to visit again. Therefore, the management team of The Clove Club must try to provide a environment of peace where customers feel comfortable and enjoy to visit restaurant (Cetin and Dincer, 2014). As effective environment will support in enhancing the customer experience at restaurants which further support in getting positive mouth publicity.

P4. Explain customer touchpoints throughout customer experience

Customer touch points refers to the business jargon for any encounter where business as well as customer engage in exchanging of information, providing services and handling transactions. It includes the point of interaction between brand, product, businesses and customers which support in altering the way in which a customer feel about brand, its product or services. These touchpoints helps in enhancing the customer experience which further support toward creating a business opportunity. The Clove Club must try to use effective touch points that support them in enhancing their relationship with customers.

The most effective touchpoint that will help The Clove Club in enhancing customers experience and in maintaining a long term relation with them is effective and informative communication (Garg, Rahman and Qureshi, 2014). As a proper interaction between staff members and customers will support in delighting them and making them feel valuable. So, for this The Clove Club must provide training to its staff members related to the way of interaction and methods to handles the issues that may be faced while serving customers. This training provide them understanding about the way to use soft speaking skills along with appropriate gesture that includes hand movement, facial expression, eye contact. These all act as a touch point for enhancing the customer experience. A script is mentioned below which reflect about a conversation between a customer and employee of The Clove Club:

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Employee: Good Evening, sir.

Customer: Good Evening,

Employee: Sir, How can I help you?

Customer: Yes, I want a Chicken Burger and orange juice.

Employee: Wait for a minute, sir. Your order will be served soon.

Customer: How much it costs?

Employee: Only 50£ sir.

Customer: Here is your amount

Employee: Thank you sir.


P5 Digital technology is employed in managing the customer experience

Digital technology plays an essential role in improving and enhancing the customer experience by using the internet as a medium of providing services and creating value among customers. This support a company in increasing their brand value and satisfying the demand of customers. Digital transformation is affecting the business models which are being adopted by a company for providing services.

Digitalisation support The Clove Club in enhancing their customer interaction which ultimately helps an organisation in determine the demand of customers so that services can be align as per their requirement. Following are the ways in which digitalisation support in improving the customer experience:

  • Chatbot:- It is a new revolution within business landscape by providing them better equipments to handle customer services. It act as a virtual assistants which work toward fulfilling a customer's demand by providing instant support service through voice, instant message, SMS, website or mobile app. This support in improving customer satisfaction and experiences.
  • Big data analytics:- Under this approach The Clove Club ask customer to share their personal data with them in order to receive personalised offers and discounts. This support in enhancing the customer experience and also support in retaining customers for longer period of time.
  • Internet of Things(IoT):- The IoT helps a business in deploying an effective promotional campaign by using different platform by maintaining a relationship between the digital and real world activities. This support The Clove Club in attracting large number of customers toward its services and contribute toward reducing the operational cost of it by increasing productivity.

The Clove Club operates its business in hospitality industry and mainly focused toward maintaining an effective customer relations for its growth or success. Digital technology support in effective customer relationship management by providing a software which integrates practices, strategies and technologies that company uses to maintain an effective customer interactions. Following are the ways in which CRM help The Clove Club in improving their customers experience:

  • By using CRM software, The Clove Club can maintain personal data of its regular customers and can ask them for feedback through emails or phone calls for creating value.
  • It can send gifts and greetings to its regular customers by maintaining details in order to keep them have and remain first at their selection choice.
  • It can also provide personalised services or some times home delivery of their dishes to its loyal customers.


P6. Customer service strategy

Customer service is not just being polite to the customer, it's an essential element of business operation that can impact bottom line and goodwill of clove club. Customer service matters more then price because customers are willing to pay more for right services and experiences (Gyung Kim and S. Mattila, 2013). Customer retention is the most important element of customer service. Problems are always going to arise for any business no matter how hard one tries to avoid them so good customer services helps in reducing problems. Furthermore, strategies undertaken by clove club for better customer service are discussed under this report.

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Strategies for better customer services

Make customer convenience a priority : Customer's should be given primary importance and they should be of first priority. Identify customer needs in clove club and make plans accordingly to meet those needs. Clove club should directly talk to the customers to find out their perception of the services being provided and determining what their needs and expectations are. This can be done by surveys, feedback forms etc.

Reward loyal customers: clove club should keep their customers happy by offering them special incentives and offers. This could be an additional discount or free entry. When clove club will reward their customers then, this will increase organisations brand value and customers will visit again and again or may recommend to other people.

Greet your customer : Clove club should always take care to greet their customers whether its over a phone, email or personal as it helps in developing strong customer experience.

It may seem like a simple greeting but that level of friendliness and being personal leaves a long lasting impact on customer (Komunda and Osarenkhoe, 2012).

Add a chatterbox : Chatterbox are expansion of internet sales channel. This will help clove club to provide better services to their customers by processing data and customers histories in a very quick and effective way. This will help clove club to recognize who customer was and will provide better offerings to them.

Uniformity in online and offline connection : When it comes to communicating customers online whether email or any other social network, clove club should take care how they speak to their customer's offline. Hence, always build uniformity between the organisations digital presence and personal offline communication manner.

Customization : It is the action of modifying something to suit a particular customer. Clove club should always focus on customization that is a particular product or service should be such that it can be customized according to the need of the customer easily. For instance, customization in menu like customer may be allergic to some ingredient of the dish so that should be made according to the customer's need.

P7. Customer service strategy in creating and developing the customer experience

Customer Audit Trail, Critical Observations

Name of hospitality business visited:

The Clove Club

Date and time of visit:

20 October, 2018

Ambience and First Impressions

Things that I observed that were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Light music and peaceful environment attract the most.

The space between the tables is very limited which sometimes make it harder to move when the crowd is more.

Table must be arrange in a systematic manner so that customers can move effectively from one place to another without disturbing others.

Signage, Tariff Boards, Labelling, Etc.

Things that I observed that were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business ?

Fire exist, direction arrows, danger, do not touch etc. are the sign boards which are placed within the restaurant.

There is a confusion within the tariffs as customers are not being able to identify the exact price of dishes.

Tariff Boards should be placed and presented effectively so that same problem will not rise in future again.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business?

Some dishes are being offered at economic price with a better taste.

Alcohol or liquor related products are over priced

The taste of some dishes are not as per it promised by restaurant and also over priced. So, if it was my business then I would provide value for the money being paid by customers.

Range of Products

Things that I observed that were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business ?

It offer variety of Italian dishes with British twist and free Wi-Fi.

In case of large number of customer entrance the restaurant become messy.

I will be more focused toward maintaining the sitting arrangements well maintained and premises clean by hiring more staff for handling large customer traffic.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business ?

The behaviour of staff members was very good and cooperative with customers.

There are some employees who are the not trained effectively and are not able to deliver services effectively.

I would hire skilled employees and also provide training to them for developing an understanding among them regarding the way to handle situations.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business ?

The food is served within the specific time period.

The ingredients get finished at the time when large number of people enter within the restaurant. At that time the food serving get delayed.

If this would be my business then I will prepare the lists of required material in advance and keep them stock for ensuring that customers doesn't get offend.

Supplementary Items

Things that I observed that were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business ?

Supplement services like Wi-Fi, Charging ports etc. are good.

The charging ports are very limited that always remain engaged and never left free.

I will arrange more charging ports and event at every 3rdtable.


Things that I observed that were positive, or good?

Things that I observed that were negative, or bad?

What would I change if this was my business ?

Cash and card payments are being acceptable by restaurant.

Sometimes the payment system get disrupted and take time for processing which increases the waiting time of customers.

I would try to improve payment system and also include other mode of payment like mobile app.


From the above given report it has been summarised that customer experience is one of the most essential factor which contribute toward the growth of hospitality industry. It has been observed that management team is responsible for the identifying the need and demand of customers so that services can be improved and offered as per the requirement of target market. An organisation can use tools like website, restaurant environment, restaurant management as a touch point for enhancing customer experience.


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