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Personal and professional development

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Importance of Personal and professional development

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Introduction to Personal and professional development

In current scenario, personal and professional development is very important for an individual’s growth and success. People always try to develop personal and professional plans so that they can learn new things and become more effective. Further, they set goals and define strategies to achieve the same. One of the main objectives behind such kind of personal and professional development is to meet the issues and challenges faced by an individual. The present report highlights various approaches to self managed learning. In addition to this, it includes some of my own development needs and a plan to satisfy them. Overall it can be stated that the report covers various aspects of personal and professional development.

Task 1

1.1 Approaches to self managed learning

Self managed learning can be termed as the self initiation of learning process in which an individual try to enhance his knowledge by learning new things. Some of the common approaches to learning are mentioned below as:

Learning through research

It is an approach in which an individual try to learn new things and enhances his skills by learning through researches. One of the main advantages of this approach is that it helps individuals to cover each and every aspect of learning.

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Learning from others

A person can also learn from other people with the help of mentoring, coaching, seminars, conferences and interviews. It can be termed as one of the most effective way of learning as in case of query and other concerns; the person can easily resolve them on the spot.

Use of internet

Internet has been emerged as one of the biggest platform to learn and acquire new things. There are several sources available on internet and thus, using this sources individual can easily enhance his knowledge.

1.2 Identification of learning and development method

I have identified my learning and development method on the basis of my needs and objectives. First of all I have carried out an effective skills assessment process which has helped me to identify some of the skills which I am required to adopt and enhance. It can be stated that before choosing the most appropriate and suitable method I have developed some aim and objectives which I wanted to achieve through learning. Further based on those need, I developed a list of various method and tools which I can use. After analysis all the methods, I have selected the best and most suitable one.

It can be recommended that people should select suitable learning method after carrying out self assessment and determining their learning style. People can carry out lifelong learning with the help of various tools such as continuing professional development through their life. Other than this, an individual can also continue his future education so that he can learn some new concepts and things.

In order to carry out life long learning individual's are required to carry out and continue some sort of activities. Examples of such learning are apprenticeships which is a job training program in which a person learn new things by working with a skilled and experience individual. On the other hand, HND can be also used for carrying out lifelong learning. A person can also learn this by doing work and learning the skills which can be used to accomplish a particular job.

1.3 Benefits of self managed learning to individuals and organization

Self managed learning has various kinds of benefits to an individual as well as to an organization. With the help of such type of learning a person tries to learn new things and concepts which make him more productive and efficient. Further, it assists an individual to become upgraded about new models, concepts, technology and other areas. The benefit of this is that it helps in overall growth and development of individual and also provides him with better opportunities future. Such kind of learning also helps in enhancing the skills set of people which results in improving their overall productivity and makes them more effective.

On the other hand, it not only the individual who is benefited from self managed learning. An organization achieves competitive advantage over other market players by having a team of highly skilled and effective workforce. Further, implementation of change become very easy as the people in organization are upgraded with new technologies and changes which the business is going to implement during the change process. Every individual has a flexibility to learn new things and concept as per his/her own learning style and preferences. Further based on the need and suitability learning styles can be adopted by person to acquire new things. On the other side of this, sometimes organizations also provides various kind of opportunities for self learning. Training and developments programs are conducted by businesses to make the employees more skilled and competent.

Task 2

2.1 Skills required to meet the organizational goals

Every organization is required to have a team of effective and skilled people which can help in accomplishment of its aim and objectives. At my current workplace some of the major skills which are required include interpersonal skills, decision making, and time management as well as communication skills. The role of interpersonal skills is that it helps a person to become more productive and thus it will help me to develop better coordination with other employees of the organization. I am working as marketing manager in Tesco and I am required to take various kinds of decisions for the growth and success of the organization. Thus, decision making skills are very essential for me as they will help me to make some effective decision through which I can easily achieve the desired goals and objectives. I am also required to have some time management skills so that I can manage my activities and accomplish them within the given time frame. Other than this, communication skills will help me to communicate my action plan and strategies which in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.

2.2 Identification of personal and professional needs

After carrying out my self assessment, I have found some of my personal and professional needs. Further my personal needs include enhancing my leadership skills, conflict management, time management and communication skills. On the other hand, my professional needs consist of developing my knowledge regarding marketing and learning some new and cost effective technique of marketing. This will assist me in getting better opportunities of growth and development in future. In order to fulfil my personal needs I can attain various lectures, workshops and seminars. One of the main advantages of this is that it will help me to manage conflicts in the organization and will also support me in completing activities on time. Other than this, I can obtain the strategy of self learning in which I can learn modern concepts of marketing. Books, journal and other online sources will be very helpful in this aspect. The opportunities which I have in order to satisfy my personal and professional needs is by attending various kind of programs and training sessions provided by my organization. On the other hand, I can also enhance my own leadership styles by handling team of few people within organizations. The major benefit of this is that rather than getting theoretical aspects I would be learning and enhancing my leadership skills in practical manner. I can also attend HND programs at regent college which is also a very good opportunity for me to satisfy my personal and professional needs.

2.3 Opportunities to meet both current and future needs

There are ample amount of opportunities available to meet my both current and future needs. I can attend training and development sessions which are organized by Tesco. This will help me to become aware about latest market trends and the new techniques which have been developed in few years. Other than this, I can work with my team on various new projects which will help me in developing better coordination with the members of team and will result in improving my communication skills. Thus, I am required to explore all the above stated opportunities so that I can grow and meet my current and future needs.

Task 3

3.1 Short term and long term objectives

I have determined that some short terms as well as some long term objectives which are mentioned below are:

Short term objectives

One of my short term objectives is to improve my communication skills.I am working as a marketing manager in Tesco and I require effective communication skills to interact with other workers. have a team of 25 employees and my communication skills will help me to become a good listener. This will result in making my team more effective and productive.

Another short term objective is to improve my decision making skills. I am well aware of this fact that, if one has to grow and survive in market then he should be a good decision maker. Further, taking right decision helps both the individual as well as organization to grow in a very effective manner.

Long term objectives

My long term objective is to get a master degree in the digital marketing. It has been observed that digital marketing is completely a new and unique concept in the field of marketing. Further, I have found that the tools and techniques which it uses are very interesting and effective. Thus, it is one of my long term objectives to get a masters degree in digital marketing.

I belong to field of marketing and thus my long term objective is to develop and enhance my personal contacts in market. It can be stated that people in marketing cannot survive for long run if they do not have adequate contacts.

In order to implement the action plan I need to attend various kind of seminars and workshops regarding communication and decision making skills. Other than this, I will evaluate the options available and then I will select the best one. In this aspect, I will also take guidance from my line managers and other profession. Further, it can be stated that the experience and knowledge of my seniors will help me to grow and develop in the future.

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3.2 Documentation of planned activities

My planned activities are related to enhancing my decision making skills and communication skills. For these aspects I have planned to attend various seminars and workshops so that I can improve the above stated skills set. This will help me to develop better relation with other employees of organization and will also assist in making effective decision for the company. Masters degree in digital marketing will help me to become more competent and will also help in carrying out marketing activities of the company in better way. By increasing my contact in market I will be able to find better employment opportunities in the future.

I am attending various kind of seminars and workshops to learn various aspects of decision making and communication skills. Along with this, I can also go for higher national diploma to make my self more competent and skilled. The major focus of such kind of diplomas is that thy try to make an individual learn by doing things. This will also add by in my academic qualifications and will provide me with better opportunities for growth and development.

3.3 Discussion of own learning

It has been observed that as per my aim and objectives which has been developed in personal development plan there are some changes which needs to be done. I have acquired some knowledge about role of communication skills in the success and growth of individuals. Further, I also came across significance of considering the opinions and views of other in decision making process. There are some marketing executives which worked under me and now I have came across the fact that how bad they used to feel when I used to ignore their suggestions. In the decision making workshops I played various kinds of simulation games based on business case studies of real life. This has helped me to become aware about the current market situation and how I can make crucial decision in the most extreme situations. Other than this, I have observed that there are some important factors which are lacking in my personal development plan. I am required to update the plan so that I can easily achieve my goals and objectives. My learning style is of reflector in which I learn new things with the help of others and by observing deeply what is being taught to me. Further one of the best thing which helped me to learn new things. It is helping a lot to me in terms of achieving my needs. During the process of coaching, I am learning both practical and theoretical aspects of problem solving and communication skills. On the other hand, I can clear all my doubts and queries on the spot which is one of the best thing about my learning style.

Task 4

4.1 Work base problem

I am working as a marketing manager in Tesco and one of the major problems which I faced was related to communication skills. Sometimes I do not consider the views and opinions of other which creates dissatisfaction among my colleagues and other workers. Other than this, it has been also observed that sometime I find it very difficult to communicate my ideas and suggestions to top level of management. In order to become effective, communications skills are one of the major skills which are required in an individual. Further, it can be stated that those people which cannot communicate with all level of management are the one which do not find adequate growth and development opportunities. Thus, I am required to enhance my communication skills to become more productive and develop better relationship with my co-workers. For this aspect, I can work with other people which will help me to improve my communication skills. I can also attend training session where I can resolve my doubts and queries regarding the above mentioned skills. This will help me in making my listening skills more effective which is one of the major problems which I am facing.

4.2 Learning style which can be implemented

As per my need and objective, I think interpersonal learning style will be the best and the most suitable one. In such type of style a person aim at working with other as much as possible. As per the work based problem which I have identified, it can be stated that this style will help in making my communications skills more effective. I can also use techniques such as role play which will assist me in communicating my ideas and messages to other people. One of the main advantages of such type of style is that it will help in developing coordination among me and other members of the company. Better relationship will be developed between me and other employees.

In order to communicate information at strategic level, I will use the form of written communication. The fact cannot be denied that all the plans and information at strategic level are very important and lack of communication can affect operations of entire organization. One of the main advantages of written communication will be that the information will be understood in desired manner and the evidence of the same will be also presented. At tactical level, I will use different forms of oral communication such as team meetings and conferences. This will help in getting some important opinions and suggestions from other team members. At last in order to communicate the information at operational level, I will use email and notice.

4.3 Different time management strategies

Time management is one of the most important aspects of an individual's growth and development. It can be also stated that successful people are the one which are always able to manage their time in an effective manner. Some of the time management strategies are discussed below as:

Setting priorities

In order to manage time effectively, every individual is required to determine difference between what is important and what is not. Thus, it can be stated that to manage the time, a person need to set priorities of his each and every activity and important activities should be perform earlier.

Using a personal planning tool

An individual can also use personal planning tool such as electronic planners, pocket diaries and wall charts. Sometimes people are so busy that they forget some activities. Further jotting down important activities along with their deadline in personal planner will help in accomplishment of activities on time.

Managing external time wasters

The external time wasters such as telephones, unexpected visitors, meetings and family obligations are also some of the factors which restrict an individual to manage his time. Thus, people are required to manage above stated time wasters.

One of the main strategies which have worked for me was the strategy of setting priorities. I always made to do list on daily basis. This has helped me to perform all the required activities and task as per the given time frame. I also rank items on to do list which has helped me to perform important task.


From the above report it can be concluded that person and professional development is very important for growth and success of the individual. It can be stated that the development plan will help me to enhance my skills and will make me more effective and productive. It can be also concluded that every individual is required to review and update his development plan. This will help in achievement of aim and objectives in desired manner and in the given time frame. In addition to this, it will also help me in enhancing the growth and development opportunities within the organization of my choice. The plan will make me more skilled and competent. This means that I will be getting better employment opportunities in the future.


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