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The Great Transformation

University: Imperial College London

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Question :

Some of the questions in the assessment are as follows:

  • Introduction to Revolutions of Society.
  • The impact of three revolutions.
  • Positive and negative factors in the rise of globalisation.
Answer :

Introduction to Revolutions of Society

The development of society is long process which pass through various steps and long span of time and efforts made by several individuals (Hjørland, 2016). Before modernization phase came in the society there are three revolutions who also enriched all the resources in the society in form of wide range of resources and minerals. The cultural diversity in form of having wide variety of culture, tribes and unique traditions are developed due to the inauguration of various revolutions that transform the overall natural environment into their colours without getting spoil and do effect its actions top the environment (Gilpin, 2015). The significance of these different revolutions are assessed on three criteria such as rising, shaping and modernity as this will reflect the impact of the revolutions on the society whether it can be of good or bad impact that depends on the nature of the three different kinds of revolution. Global transformation also attracted in the form of these three different laws as their main motive is to expand the existing society with positive changes takes place in the external environment that will positively affect the overall enterprise (Petros, 2015). The situations of the revolutions has been explained in detail in order to make decision regarding truthfulness and bad impact on the society with the introduction of the revolution among which some prove beneficial for expanding the economy or some prove disastrous for changing the existing conditions.

According to the point of view of Andersen, Barker, Chen and Tweney, (2015) which states that description of three revolution is essential alas it helps as one of the basis for defining the further situation hat may arise due to bad or correct actions taken by the individuals in that phase. Scientific revolution is natural and global transformation as it is also refers to as historical changes takes place in terms of thoughts and beliefs of An individual which leads to international change in the organisation established in that phase that is the reason of calling this revolution as global transformation. This revolution began around 17th Century in the beginning period of Isaac newton who proposed universal laws and regarded as father of science. This revolution is that concept which brings industrial revolution which increases the complexity for the existing businesses which seems to be undermining the very notion of scientific revolution.

From the pointy of view of Petros, (2015) which asserted that apart from scientific revolution another revolution is related to the political revolution which prescribes the situation of political situations and their overall conditions. This revolution began in the year 1830 and 1848 which is regarded as major years which cited as political revolutions in which many revolutionist came up in order to fight against for their fundamental rights and also for freedom of their society and their members. It is contrasted with social revolutions in which old property relations are overturned which will be helpful for all the country and many nations in order to set their dominance on another nations with a clear motive earn peace and victory on other nation as soul motive (Du Plessis and Brandon, 2015). This revolution has further explained with the help of defining of various kinds in order to explain the actual situation. This phase of society in terms political revolution will result into bigger shift from social tradition system to modernise version of the same systems by adding the flavour some modern touch in order to provide the flavours of modernization sin order to keep pace with the external society and environment.

Klein, (2016) asserted that another revolution also give competitive advantage to other revolutions by bringing both internal changes in the industries by making decisions from the external society is in the form of industrial capitalist revolution. It is play crucial role in the human society as the increasing the impact of the industrial revolution the companies and industries of artefacts turned their business towards capital intensive from labour intensive. The labours who are poor and totally depended on this factory job in order to earn their basic livelihood will result into loss of job due to the introduction of machines. This will create negative impact as well as positive impact at the same time (Hauser, 2016). It is negative job seekers as they will lose their job and become unemployed at the same time it is beneficial for en entity to reduce their cost by relaxing 100 workers by one machines. This began in mid of 18th Century which will gathers new and creative technology that creates social and economic changes in the overall society in terms of globally expanding the domestic society wit the help of technology emerged in the market. Take free examples of assignments Now!

Wray, (2016) suggest that the explanation of three revolutions are necessary in order to form decisions regrading their actual situations behind the cruel and rude decisions as the society is beneficial impact is greater than providing individual interest. Three major criteria can be used in order to assess the three revolutions on the basis of three criteria such as modernity, rising and shaping all social systems with a modern version which may create significant impact on the lives of an individual which will directly affect the overall status of society.

From the point of view of Kuhn, (2012) which describes regarding the modernity as wonderful concept that brings both opportunities and threats of both the parties ta the same time. The modernity come into existence in the beginning of 17 Centuries with the development of western culture that change the overall thinking in of a person by introducing new language, attire and various forms of traditions such as Europe which further extends towards the North America. The society perspective has changed from normal tool the western with the modernity factor combined with the normal and traditional social system of the society (Goldstone, 2015). The society has developed from agriculture to an industrial stage by adopting various means and tools to upgrade the existing conditions by utilising various technologies and innovative and creative ideas that emerged as growth and faster paced society with higher thinking. Initiatives are also forms one of the part of the overall society as the risk taken by some individuals will result in higher growth and bigger market capture.

Hjørland, (2016) asserted that another factor is shaping which suggest that the transformation of the society has done in all the three revolutions. One of the revolution is scientific revolution which transforms the existing and traditional system into expanded version of scientific regulations applied and extended the stream of science which will emerged as father of science that is newton which propounds many laws that shapes the science stream into higher level and modified at the global level by allowing internal grading and recognition of science at international level. On the other hand, political revolution has changes the overall shape of the countries by merging or collaborating another nation in order to strengthen the existing economy. This changes will shape the normal political structure into hierarchical structures by defining various roles and authorities in the structure of a nation (Du Plessis and Brandon, 2015). Industrial revolutions will shape or transform the traditional business practices by using the latest technology to increase the domestic level of an entity. Take assignment help from our experts !

Gilpin, (2015) has asserted that another factor of judgement for deciding the significant revolutions is rising factors that means deciding that existing business nature of current economy gets changed with new introduction of unique principles and practices imposed by the external society. Scientific revolution will result in expanding the science streams by providing global recognition, political revolution will bring changes in political structures by collaborating with inter nations on specific parameters of peace and maintaining trading relations to beat enemies. Lastly the role of rising factor can be explained with the industrial cum capitalist revolution which has transformed the labour and manual business operations towards the capital intensive in which machinery are used to produce higher output which also increases the revenue in return by increasing the scope.

From the point of view of Goldstone, (2015) which states that the different contributions given by the various forms of revolutions are justified as per their situations. These results can be of positive or negative will totally depend on the current status of economy in order to make decisions regarding higher significance in terms of global transformation as larger impact will create both positive and negative reactions as the small effects are generally sacrificed in order to take up a big project to benefit the overall society in return. The revolution are occurred in order to remove some kind of weakness takes place in the economy.

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om the above discussion it can be concluded that the impact of three revolutions has created immense impact on the overall society in terms of three factors such as modernity, rise and shaping factors. Industrial revolution brings positive and negative factors in the rise of globalisation, perfectly shaped the existing conditions according ton the global specifications and using new tools and technology will reflect modernity inn their operations. Other revolution scientific will bring sociology as modernity, expansion of universals laws of science and no significance of rising overall other tan science. Lastly, political revolutions doesn't create much as compared to other revolutions in terms of rise, shaping and modernity. Industrial revolution has shown clear characteristics of the three qualities which were determined as judgement criteria. Looking for Law essay help ? Talk to our experts Now!


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