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Manage Personal Work Priorities & Professional Development


The staff members have to manage their own work and completed it in a specified time. They have to establish their own priorities and allocate their time as well as resources according to the task. For completing the work they have to minimise the distraction and interruptions. Moreover, they have to keep their workspace clean and organised.


1. Manager is the person who set the goals for their subordinates and decide that what work needs to be done so that they can attain the goals. Manager helps in managing all the work so that employees can not face any issues. Supervisor or team leader helps in providing the motivation to their staff so that they can provide best services and they can focus on their goals.

2. By using the SMART objectives, employees of the business entity can attain the goals but in that goals are should be specific and measurable. Along with this it should be achieved in a specified time so that they can obtain the best results.

3.For each and every goal, company have to set their objectives and these target should be measurable to attain maximum results. In the organisation, staff members have to do proper coordination among activities and forecasting the future events.

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4. Urgent work is that work that the staff members have to deal with that task immediately. On the other side, important work is that task in which they have to do contribution so that they can attain the long term goals and missions.

5. Managers of the company can use Work breakdown structure as it helps in managing the workload. Along with this team leaders as well as supervisors can make the team and allot then work according to the capability of the employees which helps in reducing the workload in the business entity and by that they can attain the goals and objectives.

6. There are three levels of strategic planning which include corporate, business as well as functional. Corporate level strategy is decided by the owners of the company so that they can contribute in the strategy formulation. At the business level, they have to develop their strategy so that they can support the overall business within the specific industry. At then functional level, it provides the support the different functions of the business that is finance, marketing, manufacturing as well as human resources. These strategies helps in supporting the overall business and the corporate level strategies.

7. Time management system is a tool which includes the several items and they are ranging from paper to apps to hybrid systems. There are four key components of time management system are To-do list, calendar, address book and notebook for the notes and reference.

8. Feedback from colleagues and those who are in charge of top level authority as well as subordinates.

9. There are three forms of networking which includes operational, personal as well as strategic networking as these helps in improving the personal development plan. Operational networking help in doing the work in a effective manner. Where as personal networking assist in enhancing the personal as well as professional development. Along with this they have to provide the referrals so that they can use the appropriate and relevant information. On the other side, strategic networking helps in figure out the future priorities as well as challenges. Moreover, stakeholders also provide the support in improving the plan.

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10. Two activities which helps in professional development activities which helps I improving the learning. They can conduct the seminars for providing more learning and by that they can improve the knowledge. Along with this they can conduct the workshop as well which helps in attaining the goals and objectives.

11. To manage the e-mail, there are some steps which they have to follow:

  • Check and process a mail once in a day.
  • Prioritize 20% emails and defer the 80%.
  • For important mails, give reply in a day.
  • Do not reply to every mail, only which is relevant.
  • Create template replies.
  • Read only those mails which are relevant.
  • Structure your mail into different categories.
  • Use filters
  • When do the reply of the mail use 1 minute rule.
  • Set a time limit to spend in the inbox.
  • If mail is not relevant and also do not want then click unsubscribe option.

12. By using Smartphones they can manage their time as well as it helps in doing the proper planning. They can organise the data so that they can make proper plans. Along with this it helps in reducing the stress. It helps in doing the work in a more effective way, successful and happy. When they do the work by the appropriate time management it assist in attaining the goals and objectives.

13. The staff members of the business entity have to choose proper time frame for the list so that they can attain their short term as well as long term goals. Everything should be written in a proper way. Along with this they have to categorise the things which they have to do. The list should be keep in order. List should always visible to every one. In addition to this, they have to do provide proper ranking and then they have to complete the task in a appropriate time and also in a proper and efficient manner.

14. Key performance indicator helps in providing the clear idea about the critical aspects of the role. Along with this they will get regular as well as in a time they get the consistent feedback on the basis of their performance. They have to put more efforts which will helps in recognising the achievements and on the basis of that they have to provide the rewards to the employees so that they get motivated.

15. Career anchors helps in exercising the talents along with the skills by using the particular functional or technical area. The employees have to put more efforts which helps in managing all the work and on the basis of that they can attain best results.

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