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Impact of Unemployment

University: University of Warwick

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

Discuss about Long Term Unemployment.

Discuss about Strengths and limitations of chosen methodology.

Answer :

Long Term Unemployment

Long term unemployment creates negative impact on the life of people. It develops problems related to money as well as enhances criminal activities in society. This report reflects unemployment problems faced by people living in Wolverhampton area England due to improper skills and education. Wolverhampton is city of the West Midlands in England and the rate of employment is highest in England (Brace, 2006). This report presents a funding proposal for the "sewing class" of Wednesfield area. The main objective of this proposal in order to provide support to adult for skills development of educational project as they can improve their knowledge and manage their day to day operation to enhance earnings as well as confidence on their work.

This research uses a systematic structure for development of funding proposals. In order to enhance skills and expertise, research presents aims and goals of proposals. To enhance effectiveness of projects, report develops methodology in which researcher used exploratory approach to design various elements whole proposals (Harkness, 2013). In order to maintain authenticity of information, it collects data and information from secondary resources in the form of books and generals regarding impact of unemployment, process of enhancing skills and educational level of “sewing class” people. After that, it determines several methods for analysis of information.


The main aim of this research proposal is to develop a funding the proposal that attracts different kinds of investors and government for creation of skills development and educational program for “sewing class” people of Wednesfield area. This process and approach will enhance skills and boost up the confidence of adult citizens and lowers unemployment rate.


The primary objectives of research are mentioned below:

  • To attract investors and other organization
  • To identify the methods to reduce unemployment
  • To find tactics to enhance income of adults
  • To measure impact of training and education program.

Research Methodology

It is very important part of every research proposal. This section provides the basic information about the methods of research design and collection of data.

Research design: There are various approaches of research design present for development of research proposals like exploratory, descriptive and explanatory. In the prospective of funding proposal for “sewing class” people, exploratory design is most suitable for this project (Crowley and Cominetti, 2014). Because in this proposal, researcher makes efforts to resolve problem of long terms of unemployment by enhancing skills of people living in Wednesfield area of Wolverhampton. By using this type of research design, manager of whole project can meet objectives of proposal in terms of enhancement in skills and income as well as reduce the unemployment. With the help of this approach, researcher can develop foundation for further operation in development of proposal (Beiske, 2003). This system controls whole process of research. It sets relationship between problems and its solutions.

Data collection: The developer of this proposal can use two approaches for collection of data. It includes primary and secondary. In context of funding proposal, the report uses secondary method of data collection. In this, researcher makes efforts in order to get information related to unemployment, educational level as well as lifestyle of people in living in Wednesfield area of Wolverhampton region through books, online journals and report published by domestic authority of England (Burda and Hamermesh, 2010). This report also collects the information by data published on internet in the form skills development programs and impact of education and increment in skills on income of people. This project refers various books and evaluates opinion on top leader in world for development of new employment of opportunities as well as boosts up the confidence for development of own business of opportunities (Franklin, 2012). All these sources assist in acquisition of different kind data in order to fulfill the objectives of proposal or research.


Wednesfield is a part of Wolverhampton. So, unemployment and population trends directly influence trends of Wednesfield. In order to find accurate information related to income and rate of unemployment, report presents various several elements like age, population, youth unemployment. job seeker allowance and etc. All these factors provide important information in order to find causes of unemployment as well as development of skills development of activities (Klinger and Rothe, 2012). With the help of this evaluation, researcher can present actual situation related to employment of people belongs from various regions and community in particular area.

Youth unemployment is very important element that enhances the value job seeker allowance (Kelly, McGuinness and O'Connell, 2012). The approach is not desirable for society as well as for individual. The unemployment in early working life will increase risk for society in terms of poverty and criminal code of conducts. It also creates negative impact on the revenue as well as public expenditure of government. It is identified that authority of UK is spending around £2 billion per year in the form of JSA on young age people belong form 18-24 year age group. Public authority is spending £20 million per year in Wolverhampton (Youth unemployment, 2014). The proposal reflects that government can solve various problems related to unemployment by developing educational and skills development training programs for “sewing class” people living in Wednesfield area so as citizen of that particular region can increase their income and can save public money.

There are several internal and external factors present in Wolverhampton that lead unemployment in society (Tammaru and Marksoo, 2011). These are elements can be influenced by government and ability of people. The analysis of internal factor determines several elements which are poverty, education and skills gape as well as health problems. Poverty is main factor which creates problems in education of people. This thing increases criminal activities as well as increase smoking and drinking activities among people. All these activities create negative impact on the health of people. This thing increases health issues among people as well as boosts up absenteeism on its job. So, top companies cannot afford this kind of issues form workers. The other most important factor is skills of people. Many organizations are facing problems for lack of basic skills among people (Bhutta, 2007). These organizations find various deficiencies in terms skills of people required for particular job. The major problems are faced by companies related to lack of technical skills as well as practical expertise of applicants. The external factors that lead unemployment are recession and skills of people related to other region. Recession has created huge impact on the process of generation of new jobs as well as growth in market. It also restricted the outcomes of people.

In order to reduce rate of unemployment and enhancement of skills of “sewing class” people of Wednesfield, government and other investors can develop training and education program (Harrison and Reilly, 2011). Training programs include increment in communication skills as well as technical skills. So, people can learn new techniques of sewing and can improve quality and design of cloths. These approaches will provide new opportunities people in terms of joint venture big brands as well as in order to start or expand own business on the basis of current market place. By enhancing skills of people, government can increase capabilities of people with attitude. This approach assists authority to remove skill gap between requirement of companies and knowledge of people (Schutt, 2006). For this, authority needs to arrange free training session for citizens. By implementing these methods and tactics, government can reduce its spending of job seeker allowance and decrease rate of unemployment. The advancement in sewing skills and knowledge of latest technology will increase quality of products as well as influence earnings of people.

Within Wolverhampton, there are only 3 wards which have a youth unemployment rate of 20% or more that are East Park (20.0%), Heath Town (20.6%), and Bilston East (22.6%) and Only 38 of WolverhamptonŸs 158 LSOA areas have youth unemployment rates below 10%, the highest two ares are LSOA 445 in East Park ward (30%) and LSOA 473 in Heath Town ward (47.8%). Areas with high unemployment overall tend to have high youth unemployment also; they are highly correlated.

Strength of Exploratory research design

Increase understanding

The exploratory research deign has been used in the study to increase the overall understanding with respect to Long term unemployment in Wolverhampton. This research design is not used for drawing out some specific conclusions (Merriam, 2009). , as it lacks statistical strength. However, it has helped in determining how and why things happen.

Flexibility of sources

In this study Long term unemployment in Wolverhampton majority of the data has been collected from the published literature. This research design has been selected as it helped in removing the unbiased sources for giving broad and well-rounded understanding of the subject.

Better conclusions

Exploratory research design has helped in providing advantageous in directing subsequent research approach in the present study (Dean, 2013). It has helped in building better research questions that increased the overall usefulness of the research.

Limitations of Exploratory research design

The results drawn out of exploratory research will not be useful for drawing out decision making by themselves, however it has helped in providing significant insight with respect to Long term unemployment in Wolverhampton (Burda and Hamermesh, 2010).

The conclusion drawn out of the exploratory research design in the present study will typically not be generalizable to the population at large.

Strengths and limitations of chosen methodology

Research methodology for the project consisted of the use of secondary methods of data collection. The researcher needs to get information about unemployment and education level of the people of Wednesfield area of Wolver hampton region. For this information, secondary data collection methods prove to be effective (Harkness, 2013). These save time which could be used by the researcher to devote to other important tasks of the project. Moreover, the various sources of secondary data such as books, journals and reports provided the ease of accessibility to the researcher. Most importantly, these data collection methods are suitable for the research that is to be conducted. This data collection method is effective in clarifying the research question (Franklin, 2012). Thus, it may help in conducting the research in a better manner.

However, these may present the limitation of lack of data quality. Government reports do not offer guarantee of quality data in all situations. Hence, the researcher has lack of control over the data quality. Also, the data collected may be inappropriate (Harrison and Reilly, 2011). When primary methods are used, a researcher collects data with a concrete idea in his mind. But, with secondary methods of data collection, vast amount of information is obtained, majority of which may be inappropriate. Hence, this may require the researcher to closely scrutinize the collected information from the books, journals, online sites, blogs and articles. Another limitation of this method of data collection is that it may provide incomplete information to the researcher about the lifestyles of the people living in the Wednesfield area of Wolverhampton region.


On the basis of the above study, it has been concluded that in Wolverhampton is facing highest unemployment as compared to other parts of United Kingdom. It analysis various figures relates to age and unemployment rate and finds highest unemployment in young age people. Report evaluates value or percentage of job seeker allowance in different part of nation and figures out that high unemployment rate increases total value of job seeker allowance (Klinger and Rothe, 2012). The analysis of various causes of unemployment provides information related to impact of poverty, improper education as well as bad habits create problems for an individual in the process of getting new job opportunities.

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The above study concludes that recession is also important element that leads long term unemployment. Research finds that improper educational qualification and technical knowledge create problems for different recruiters and companies in selection of people because people do not have basic skills and knowledge that meets basic requirement for different position (Corbetta and et.al., 2008). Report finds that advancement in skills of “sewing class” people of Wednesfield provides several opportunities in order to manage business with top companies. It figures out that business with top companies will increase income of people.

Personal Journey

The present project has been a useful and fruitful experience for me as it helped me in increasing my scope of knowledge regarding the extent of problem of unemployment and its negative impact on people. With this, I was able to identify the problem of unemployment that is present in the region of Wednesfield area of Wolverhampton. During carrying the research on the present report, I came to know the various aspects of research including its methods and tools. I gained knowledge related to various types of research designs that can be used in research and also various methods of data collection. With this, I also developed the skill of research and analytical as I went through a large amount of data and information.


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