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Leadership in Organizations Sample

University: University of Cambridge

  • Unit No: 13
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Table of Content

  1. Introduction:


In order to gain the competitive advantage the organizations generally make various strategies and policies which facilitate them to establish their business environment assignment  and ensure their growth. But the success of these models and policies completely depend on the leadership style of the organization (Archer, 2013). It is to acknowledge here that without leadership none of the organization can make effective decisions and they won't be able to make connections with the stakeholders. In this report the whole consideration has been given to different aspects of leadership. Further in this report the expediency of leadership skills has also shown in very articulated manner. The major emphasize has been laid down on gaining the proper knowledge about the effectiveness of teams which is most crucial element of the organizations.

Task 1: Understand the different theories of leadership.

Majorly there are 8 types of leadership theories which can help the organization to deal with various challenges. The description of these leadership theories is given below:

Great man theories:

According to this theory the main emphasize has given to the fact that leaders are born not made. They have very peculiar personality trait which made them different then other and they always possess the necessary aspects to being a leader (Armstrong and Stephens, 2005). It has been argued by various management experts that leadership is an inherent capability and it fosters the individual to put his strong impact at the mindset of employees. In organizations also there are various leaders who show their instinct quality and can successfully affect the business operations. The born leaders always comprise the right characteristics as stated by Carlyle. 

Trait theories:

this theory concentrates on the fact that the individuals have such kind of personality trait which is beneficial with a view of being a leader. Like the quality of initiation of confidence is major factor of leadership. If any leaders don't have such qualities then it may put its adverse impact at the leadership style of those leaders (Bozionelos and Lusher, 2002). They are different than the average or common man and can deliver best as compare to other persons. Psychologically they people always try to explore their hidden talent and their positive attitude brings them towards the right direction. 

Behavioral theories:

this theory is most controversial and significant leadership theory. As it focuses on the fact that leaders can be made rather than are born. It just opposes the great man theories and now most of the leaders have proved very effectively that the leadership theories can be learnt in very efficient manner (Wang, Jen and Ling, 2010). Different types of practices can help the individual to get hold on leadership skills and they can surely develop leadership qualities. Discipline and self managed learning's are the personality trait which supports the aim of developing the leadership qualities. Further this theory has stated that the leadership qualities can be learned through observation and continuous practicing (Dexter and Prince, 2007). Teaching and learning can also help the individuals to get the privilege of developing the leadership skills.

Task 2:Way to lead a team and motivate them with the help of different leadership skills.

Leading a team is very responsible task and it demands huge level of understanding about the behavioral aspects and nature of team members. While leading process the leaders have to focus on variety of characteristics of team. If any leaders have appropriate knowledge about his team then it will be easy for him to lead them in effective manner and can accomplish the task in effective manner (Kalyandurg and Akhilesh, 2012). It is to ascertain here that a leader can't lead a team until n unless he is not familiar with the basic issues and challenges of his team. The lists of elements which can help in leading the team are as follows:

Manage the diversity:

it is a biggest element which can't be avoided by any leaders. It is quite obvious that group will be having so many team members who will be having different values and beliefs. It can create lots of grudges among the team members and can create personal distances which can hamper the productivity of team. This factor could be determined as discrimination or inequality as well. It is a responsibility of leaders to inherit the sense of respect among the team members so that they can perform the task with less grudges and without focusing on the senseless talks or through process (Klein, 2007). The sense of respect will help the leader to lead the team in well organized manner.

Through managing the cultural diversity the manager will be in position to win the trust of employees and they will put their best efforts to complete the task. Thus it could be a major helpful component to lead a team. The leadership skill which can help in eradicating such aspect is promoting the equality. It is a major skill which must be available within the personality trait of a leader. If leader possess such personality trait then it will be possible for him to convince others to practices such aspects and eliminating the factor of discrimination. The team members will work in harmonious environment and the team culture will be positive for every team members.

Task 3: Understanding the development and effectiveness of teams

Development of the team

The development of any team is a method of creating different capabilities which gives effective result in their performance. It gives a best output from the people and it is the essential need for team success. For this they have to trained and understand the team member individually only team development will not ensure them in getting best result of their objective, so for this they have to develop every individual of their team. The entire trainee doesn't have same skills so for this they have to approach with different plans. This will helps them in creating effective team (Rabinowitz and Berkowitz, 2013). There are different models used to describe the stages that help them in creating effective team more quickly.


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