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This Model Consist of Nine Elements which are Essential for Performing Operations

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The Business Model Canvas

Bottom of Form

Key Partners

· Payment Processor

· Investors

· Food suppliers

· Delivery company

· Food van rental services

· Social media activity controller

Key Activities 

· Marketing & advertisement

· Order fulfillment & shipping

· Planning & procurement

· Supply chain management

· Delighting customers

· Cooking & serving fresh food

· Social media management & engagement

Value Proposition 

· Guaranteed healthy & tasty food

· Quick delivering services

· Nutritional labeling on packaging

· A nutritional guide for better choice of food.

· Anywhere anytime

· Food at low cost

· High quality product and organic products

· Certified quality standard

Customer Relationships 

· Personal interaction at restaurant premises.

· Customer support services

· Facebook, twitter & blog

· Reward program & subscription discount

Customer Segments

· Busy schedule people

· Prefer home delivery

· Health conscious

· Less price sensitive

· Active online shoppers

· Middle class people

· People between age of 18 to 60

Key Resources

· Finance

· Chef & cook

· Food equipment for preparation & its delivery

· Delivery force

· Food inventory

· Official website and mobile applications


· Official website

· Mobile based application

Cost Structure

· Employees salary

· App/website management

· Van cost

· Delivery force rental

· Food inventory

· Packaging

· Marketing & Advertisement

Revenue Streams

· Customer subscription

· Sale of food

· Pay per meal


Business Canvas Model

It is a kind of business tool which is generally used to visualize all the building block for starting up a business this includes value preposition, key partners, routes to market etc. This model consist of nine elements which are essential for performing operations effectively. Below explained points describe about the nine elements of business canvas model for a new venture named as “The Coach & Cube” restaurant which work toward offering healthy and delicious food. These services will be provided by restaurant at its premises or through home delivery using online platform i.e. official website and mobile based application. Following are the elements include in business canvas model:

1. Key Partner:- This section describes about key persons that are involve in business and support The Coach & Cube restaurant for performing its operations effectively. Partners are payment processor, food suppliers, delivery company etc.

2. Key Activities:- It includes number of activities that are performed by  The Coach & Cube restaurants such as cooking food and serving it either in restaurant or at customer premises by taking and processing online orders.

3. Key Resources:- It consists of various resources that are required by  The Coach & Cube to operate its operations and in performing business activities. This includes chefs for cooking food, delivery vans, finance, food equipment etc.

4. Value Preposition:- This section includes the number of actions that are performed by The Coach & Cube restaurants for creating value to its customers. It includes anytime anywhere quick food delivery services with Nutritional labeling on packaging, guarantee over quality of food etc.

5. Customer Relationship:- It includes sources that are used for maintaining a customer relationship such as personal interaction, reward program, social media site or customer support services.

6. Channels:- It describe about the channels through which The Coach & Cube restaurants will provide services to its customer such as physical outlets, official website and mobile based applications.

7. Customer Segment:- It includes the customer base segments which are targeted by The Coach & Cube restaurants such as busy schedule people, middle class people, active online shoppers, less price sensitive etc.

8. Cost Structure:- It consist of those sources through which the cost of company incurred such as employees salary, marketing & advertisements, packaging, food inventory, web management etc.

9. Revenue Stream:- It refers to the sources through which The Coach & Cube restaurants earn money such as customer subscription, pay per each meal, sale of food etc.   

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