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Virtual Trip UNWTO Tourism Industry

University: The University of Buckingham

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 10 / Words 2522
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: 3120THS
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Table of Content

Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • What are the UNWTO Tourism techniques of Buckingham palace and Edinburgh palace.
  • Discuss about the geographical areas and regions of tourism destinations.
  • What are the connectivity and accessibility of destinations.
Answer :
Organization Selected : UNWTO Tourism


Report is prepared on tourist industries of United kingdom and their attraction to people. It includes the information about visitors and important places. Report is prepared on two destinations Buckingham palace and Edinburgh palace that are main attraction of visitors and able to engage large number of visitors towards their beauty and services provided by them to the visitors. Both places have attractive destination for visitors. Both are ancient places and have ability to develop visitors experience. Need to improve and develop effectiveness of their services to engage large number of customers with their services. Tourism industry is increasing day by day and attract large number of customers with their services.Are you worried about Assignment Help Edinburgh UK with chat support? Contact our experts.

1) With reference to UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2018 and 2019, identify the global region with the strongest growth in terms of tourist numbers and income generated by tourists. (5%)


North America



Number of Arrivals


Income generated by tourists:

300 million



Income generated by tourists:

35.5 million

2) Within the identified region choose any 2 tourism destinations (provide the latest tourists arrival information, and income generated by tourists). Reference your findings (5%) 


Destination 1.(please specify)

Destination 2.(please specify)

Number of Tourist arrivals:

Edinburg visitors approximate 63804328

Tower of london

Visitors approximate 6.72 lakhs

Income generated by tourists

932 million

57, 180 dollar

3) Looking at the TTI competitive index how do the two destinations rank? What are their key strengths? (5%)


Destination 1 (please specify country and ranking)

Key strengths:


it is capital of scotland(Brondoni., 2016)

Destination2: (please specify country and ranking)

Key strengths:

Tower of london

Situated on banks of river Thames

With reference to your chosen countries conduct the following comparative analysis.

Compare and contrast the 2 chosen destinations to examine:

A) Their geographical attractiveness (250 words) (10%) 


  • What can the destinations offer in terms of tourism? Look at the landscape and the topography of the destinations.

Reference your findings

Destination 1

Edinburgh is the capital of the Scotland In and it is very beautiful and attractive. It has the historical places which includes the Midlothian. It is also recognized as the city of education because any university are located in Edinburgh. It has the universities of literature and engineering as well. It is the second largest financial centre in united kingdom.

Destination 2

Tower of London is the historic place which is located in the north of the river Thames. It lies between the London borough of tower hamlets. The castle is also used as prison in 1078. It is also regarded as the world heritage site by the government. It was rebuilt in 1285 and it is very beautiful and attracting the tourist towards the London.

  • What would you say the key tourism products are? (e.g Marine tourism, adventure tourism etc.)

Destination 1

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and so the city is full of the tourism place and adventure tourism and marine tourism are promoted in the Edinburgh. It is providing the service like the food service in the way of resorts and people would and gain the knowledge because Edinburgh is considered as the city of education(Carvalho, Márquez and Díaz., 2016).

Destination 2

Tower of London is the tower and it is built in the effective way. It is not providing the and there tourism or marine tourism but it is situated near the River Thames so the tourist are enjoying in visiting the tower. it is attracting the tourist towards London because tourist would be visiting London and place as the picnic spot.

 Include a map of the key tourism destinations
(Include possible neighbouring countries)

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B) Investigate the accessibility and connectivity of the destinations. Reference your findings (250 words) (10%)


  • Looking at key international airports and flights for both destinations and cruises (if applicable), Can you identify some key markets? (in terms of nationalities) Reference your findings

Destination 1

In Edinburgh the tourist would visit the city by the roads, water, and air transport. City is full of the roads transport and local transport Is running in city effectively. The airport is there in Edinburgh which is at the ratho. The bus service includes the Lothian bus services which is providing the services to tourist and local people. Transport department is handling the Lothian buses and it is providing the service like night bus, airport bus and tour buses are available for tourist. The train facilities are also provided by the Edinburgh. The station is known as Edinburgh Waverley station. Tourist can also connect with the city with the help of the cross rail. Flights running form the various countries to the Edinburgh so tourist would visit the place in easily.

Destination 2

Tower of London is the historic place and it situated in the north of the river Thames. London is having the air water and road transport in the effective way. Public transport are provided by the government of London. Train transport includes the transport facilities in the form of the stations for trains. Airports are near and the flights are running form the various other countries and their cities as well. Underground buses and tram link are also provided in London and so the tourist would visit the places easily. People would visit London and enjoy the services which are provided in London(Carvalho, Márquez and Díaz., 2016).


C) Overall what can the destinations offer and what typology of tourist would they offer it to? (For example adventure tourism to millennial tourists) Reference your findings (300 words) (20%)


Destination 1

London is the capital and largest city of United kingdom. Large number of people from different countries visit London to spend their holiday and engage in overall environment of that place. Buckingham palace is one of the most ancient and old palace large number of people visit their each year to enjoy their holidays(Joffe, 2017.). Students from universities and colleges travel to palace to gain knowledge. They provide royal gallery that was a main spot of attraction for visitors.

Destination 2

Edinburgh castle is one of the ancient castle situated at Scotland and it was also a capital of Scotland. It is one of the ancient castle that provide quality services and views to the visitors. People come to this destination to get in touch with their culture. It is one of the most popular destination for tourists. Large number of researchers are visit city for their researches and to get information and knowledge and increase their understanding(Lawrence and Riezler, 2016). They provide zoo that was an attraction for kids and dungeon is also visitors attractions. Museum of Scotland shows different traditions and culture.

 Are the current tourism trends met in the present offer? (For example wellness tourism)


Destination 1

London is spending a large amount and services for development of tourist spots and to engage large number of customers with their services. Their effective technology and marketing techniques help them to attract customers. Provide transportation facilities and guides that help tourist to understand overall effectiveness of that place. They are able to book online and get tickets from website that reduces their efforts(Carvalho, Márquez and Díaz., 2016).

Destination 2

Due to development of infrastructure help them to engage large number of customers and improve effectiveness of their services and help them to develop their services and improve effectiveness. Marketing over social media and all other online platforms help to attract large number of people. Provide proper facilities for their visitors to reach castle and comfortable services are provided to visitors(Mason., 2015).

D) How open are the two countries to tourism? Reference your findings (200 words) (10%)


  • How easy or difficult is to get a visa to travel?
  • How long does it take to get a visa?
  • Are there any countries that are more facilitated?

Reference your findings

Destination 1

To get the visa for visiting the Buckingham palace, the visitor have to apply for the visa by sending the application which will consist of the request to give the visa for the visit for palace. The application must be written in proper formal format of UK so that the chances of the rejection of the application reduces. The application will be posted on the official address of the Buckingham palace which is situated on the ground floor of the Buckingham palace road. This application will be send by the post by royal mail special delivery which will be delivered to the office and the visa will be issued within a period of one month(Moutinho and Vargas-Sanchez., 2018).

Destination 2

To get visa for the Edinburgh the visitor have to take the permission of the UK government and tell them exact reason for the visiting the Edinburgh. The visa will be given to the person only if the reason for the visit will be considered as valid by the UK government. Being a citizen of EU, the person will not need a visa to visit the Edinburgh. The visa will be provided only in the following conditions. The person has get admission in the university of EU. The person wants to visit the place only for few days.

E) Looking at the political context. (300 words) (20%)


  • How stable are the countries in terms of political stability?

Reference your findings

Destination 1

The political environment of the London is totally different from the political environment of Scotland. The bills of exchange act 1882 was first passed by the government of London. The companies act 1985 was also passed first in the London. The HM treasury was first launched in the London and the banks of the London were known as the “Bank of England”. Earlier the England was not having their own government but when the country faced many political issues the population of London took this initiative to make a proper legal system and government for the country.

Destination 2

The political environment of Scotland was directly governed by the government of UK. The country did not made any kind of separate government or the policies and procedures which were different from the other regions of the UK. The London was the only region which was following different policies and regulations. The political environment of the Scotland was more stable and followed by the citizens of the UK. The reason behind this was that the Scotland was following all those policies and regulations which were being followed by the other regions of UK(Prebensen, Chen and Uysal., 2018).

  • Can you identify any key risks? (FCO)

Destination 1

Key risk in the Buckingham palace were the failure of the operations and innovation made in the development of the place. The Mechanical and electrical services used in the maintenance of the palace were very old and they were causing the damage in the building of the palace. These services were around 60 years old and the properties of palace were also getting harmed because of the risk occurred in the palace.

Destination 2

Key risk in the Edinburgh was regarding the transport of the Scotland. The multi modal transport network made on the road of the scot land were creating some issues to the citizen. The traffic of the country was not managed properly by the government of UK(Rahimi and et.al., 2017).


According to this report and comparing both places which have a huge impact on overall development of tourism industry. Tourism industry using both places to attract visitors that help them to increase revenue. Places in which Buckingham palace provide services like thesis help or views of royal family and all other important ancient products are available in palace that help visitors to improve their knowledge. Unique antiques are available it is situated in London main city that help them to attract large number of visitors. Where Edinburgh provide ancient places and antiques that help people to attach them with culture and values. Different cultural shows are able influence visitors. Provide zoo that engages visitors with their services. Both places provide services that help them to develop after 5 years due to rise in tourist and expansion of tpurist industry.

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