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Travel And Tourism Sector

Table of Content

  1. Introduction to Travel

Introduction to Travel

Travel is the journey of people between various geographical locations which associates transportation to reach one place to another. Tourism includes activities which contribute effective role for organisation to attract and entertain tourist. Travel and tourism has vast history in which people started travelling to another nation in search of food, shelter, business and education. Now days, people visit different nations for experiencing various types of culture and traditions that are followed in different country (Moutinho, 2011). The present file represents the history and structure of travel and tourism sector in the United Kingdom. It explains the influence of national governments and global agencies on same industry. In addition to this, it describes the impact of supply and demand in this sector. Further, it shows environmental effects on travel and tourism sector in the United Kingdom.

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Explaining the key historical developments in the travel and tourism sector

There were many key historical developments happened in travel and tourism sector in London. Government started these activities after the Second World War to increase this industry in city. Authorities have done many key developments in technology, infrastructure, social conditions as well as in many other facilities to increase travel and tourism sector in London.

In 1938, Government of UK launched holiday with pay act which helped travel and tourism sector to develop in an appropriate manner by providing minimum wages to workers in London.

In 1950, Horizon initiated first package of air holiday which helped to improve travel and tourism sector in the city.

Government of United Kingdom had developed proper infrastructure of Airports to increase this sector in 1952. Generally, Second World War had many disadvantages but it gave rapid growth to air industry in order to design better aeroplanes which helped to provide effective facilities for visitors in the city. This thing also contributed effective role for Government to give effective air services for visitors in London. Authorities started fist airline passenger services in 1952 (Navickas and Malakauskaite, 2015). In addition to this, it helped the development of travel and tourism sector in city.

Local authorities had developed proper transportation to render appropriate services to the national and international visitors after 1960 in London. Authorities had improved proper railway services and city buses to render better facilities for visitors to roam one place to another in city (Development of the UK Travel and Tourism Industry, 2015). This process contributed effective role for travel and tourism sector for its effective improvement in London.

Authorities of London emphasized to improve technological environment to increase this sector in London. Further, they also released  internet services in 1960 which effective aided  travel agencies and tourists to book tickets for bus, rail as well as planes. This development helped  travel and tourism sector to increase its business in the city. (Standing, Tang-Taye. and Boyer, 2014).

In 1968, Countryside act released to raise the national parks in London. This law also gave effective advantages to improve travel and tourism sector in London. In addition to this, in 1969, Development of tourism act released for the better improvement of this industry in city.

In 1981, 60 percent London citizens used at least one car in their house. This thing contributed appropriate role to improve this industry in an appropriate manner by enhancing transportation services in London. In 1983, Local authorities provided 4 or 5 days holidays in month to its employees for tourism. This thing also helped this city to develop this sector more by enhancing more income in London city.

In 1992, Department of Heritage established in London. This organisation contributed effective role for travel and tourism sector to develop this city. In 1997, 70 percent UK citizens hold one car at least which was minimum 10 percent greater than the records of 1960 in London.

In 2003, British Tourist Authority and English Tourism Council merged together. Currently, this organisation is recognized as Visit Britain. This corporation also helped travel and tourism sector of London (Hudson and Thal, 2013). In the present years, Local authorities of this city also helps this industry by developing social, technological as well as infrastructure services.

Describing structure of travel and tourism sector

Structure of travel and tourism sector contains many things such as travel and tourism, events accommodation service along with visitor attraction.

Travel and tourism services- Travel and tourism sector also provides services which are effective for rendering optimistic services to the visitors in United Kingdom (Evans,  Stonehouse and Campbell, 2012). For example, there are many tours and travel agencies which provide effective transportation facilities to visitors for roaming tourist places of London. Apart from that, public transportation services are also appropriate for travellers to visit this city. In addition to this, government provides full facilities like effective map of tourist destinations and GPS Navigation which give huge reliability to local and foreign travellers for travelling in London (Crouch, 2012).

Accommodation services- Travel and tourism industry provides better accommodation services as per the income level of visitors in United Kingdom. There are many hotels and other living facilities available which provide optimistic reliability for travellers in London (Wilks, Stephen and Moore, 2013). For example, Hospitality organisations like Hilton, Dorchester as well as Marriott offer better food and beverages as per the choice of visitors which attract foreign and domestic people to visit London city. In this way, structure helps travel and tourism sector to increase its income by enhancing the frequency of travellers in city. In addition to this, these hospitality organisations render extra facilities like internet, gaming zones as well as Spa services to attract travellers in London (Capriello and et.al,2013). In addition to this, proper internet network also helps  visitors to reserve their bus, rail along with air tickets which are provided by these hospitality organisations in Unite

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