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Legislation and Ethics in Travel and Tourism Sector

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  • Introduction about Travel and Tourism Sector principles and legislations
  • Impacts of the principles and legislations
  • Ethical dilemmas faced by the travel and tourism sector
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Travel and tourism is a part of hospitality industry in which services are rendered to the customers. Currently it has become the largest non combatant sector in the world. As it contributes a higher amount in the national income of UK government supports it that helps it to grow faster. There are various legislations, rules and regulations are imposed by the legal authority of UK for this industry and it is very important for all the business entities to follow all of them. If an organisation is not able to implement all of them then strict actions can be taken by the political parties of the country where the business is executed (Becke, 2016). This project report aims at the detailed analysis of legislations and ethics in travel and tourism sector. For this purpose different topics are discussed under this assignment such as legal and regulatory framework in travel and tourism sector, regulations related to health and safety in this sector. Understanding of consumer protection legislation and role of business ethics in travel and tourism industry are also provided under this report. there are some various ethical and social responsibilities that should be followed by traveling industries.


1.1 Impacts of the principles of health, safety and security legislations on travel and tourism sector

In Travel and tourism sector health, safety, security are the three main elements that are required to be considered by the tour operators such as Top Deck which is established in UK and operating its business appropriately there. The company has embarked on the process of preparing training materials for the staff. This will include regulations and legislations related to health safety and security (Buckley, 2014). There are various current relevant domestic and European legislations that are required to be followed by Top Deck. All of them are as follows:

Health and safety at work act, 1974: According to this act for all the hospitality organisations it is very important to follow this act and focus on the health and safety of the customers. As Top Deck is a tour operator which provides travel packages to the clients hence it should make sure that it is sending them to a highly safe and secure place.

Occupiers liability act, 1984: It covers occupiers liability for trespassers. It makes changes to the slanted declaration terms act 1977 with a declared purpose of allowing additive informative and recreational use of land (Christie and et.al., 2014).

Data protection: According to this act all the business entities should make sure that their data is highly protected so that others cannot misuse it. For Top Deck it is essential to assess that all its important information is secured or not because if it is not safe than it may affect the operational efficiency of the organisation.

Duty of care and vicarious liability: It refers to the situation where an individual is responsible for the actions of other people. In Top Deck the employers can be liable for the act or activities of the workforce as all of them took place under the supervision of the top management (Cohen, 2014.).

Impacts of the principles and legislations:

Fair trading: The regulations and legislations have resulted in the fair trading because the safety and security have been increased in travel and tourism sector. It has taken place due to various acts and principles such as data protection act. It has also impacted Top Deck as it follows the data protection act and keep all the information confidential so that other cannot misuse it.

Health and safety: As various new acts have been launched in the travel and tourism sector which has enhanced the safety and security level for the customers. Health and safety act at work is being followed by Top Deck that guides it to assure that its employees are healthy and safe at work. If this act is not followed by the companies then it is not possible for them to operate business successfully because government may take strict action against them (Colantonio, 2017).

Employment law: Consideration of employment law is also get impacted due to regulations and legislations in travel and tourism sector. The human resource managers are required to provide appropriate training to their employees and also make sure that they are safe at work. In Top Deck all laws related to employment are followed because after introduction of duty of care and vicarious liability employers have started to analyse each action of employees (Forno and Garibaldi, 2015).

Equality and diversity legislations: After introduction of health and safety legislations different types of other legislations have also taken place. These are equality and diversity related regulations as all of them focus on safety and security but there is no rule that take equality issues in consideration. Managers of Top Deck also started to focus on these two elements.

The principles, rules and regulations have resulted in all the above mentioned conditions. All the above described points may provide a detailed analyses of impacts of health, safety and security legislations.

1.2 Legislations related to equality

There are various types of equality related legislations that are required to be followed by all the business entities that are operating business under travel and tourism sector. Following are the legislations that are followed by Top Deck:

Sex discrimination act 1975: According to this act organisation all the business entities should provide equal opportunities to men and women. Main objective of this act is to reduce the sex discrimination as its rate is very high in UK. In Top Deck this legislation is followed and males and females are treated equally (Gherco and Trandafir, 2014.).

Employment protection act 1978: This act was launched for the betterment of employment rights. It guides all the small and big organisations including Top Deck to follow all the policies that are set by government for the companies.

Disability discrimination act 1995: In Most of the organisations an issue of Disability discrimination is faced by the employees. This act was imposed to resolve all such type of problems. It guide business entities like Top Deck to provide treat all the employees equally whether they are physically disable or not.

Employment act 2002: According to this act all the organisations should provide appropriate compensation to the workers according to their performance. In Top Deck salaries and wages are paid on the basis of employee's efforts in the achievement of tasks (Guttentag, 2015.

Human rights act 1998: All the individuals who are working in an organisation have some human rights. According to this act the employees should be treated with fairness, dignity and respect whether they are young or old and rich and poor. This act is followed in Top Deck in order to treat every one equally.

All the above described points are related to the equality and it is very important for Top Deck to consider all of them so that all the employees can be treated equally. When the legislations are followed by business entities then it may result in decreased conflicts at work place and increased work quality of employees (Hall, Gossling and Scott, 2015).


2.1 Ethical dilemmas faced by the travel and tourism sector

In present time the travel and tourism sector is brining lot of employment, create learning curve for each individual and support to develop economy (Labonté, R. and et. al., 2018). On the same time it is also known for negative thing like main reason for demolish the natural environment, creation of over gathering, unwanted behaviour etc. In recent time it has been observed that travel and tourism sector/ industry have bring batch of ethical problem such as leaking of revenue, green issues morals, unethical clients issues, false promotion ethics and most important ethics of employment (Sarantopoulos, Vicky and Geitona, 2014). Nowadays, inclusive holiday are known to be one of the most common among visitors and the famous tour operators TUI are to be keen on this kind of holiday. Some of the ethical dilemmas are:

Leakage of income: It is one of the most common problem that means that the funds that are used to improve the quality of life for common person are going out of the economy. It denotes that low percentage of money which is paid by consumer during their visit actually stay in the local community. Thus management of TUI have taken step to improve the living quality of people in their economy by developing plans such as providing jobs, engaging them in social activity etc.

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Green issues: In recent time it has been observed that large hotel or any other holiday resort take water away from common people who need it for survival in order to develop better holiday resort could be unethical it is unplanned (Lopes and Almeida, 2016). Some other green issues such as, emission from jets, pollution created by visitors or using finite resource from local areas etc. In order to minimise the effect of these issues the management of TUI have started making people aware about the use of available resources in effective manner so that they could survive easily. There have been any other cause too that lend towards the decrease of natural resources as well as social values that are issues that are faced by tourism industry. So it is very crucial for TUI group that they must apply different formulation which support in dealing with such dilemmas that are rising in business. The sustainable method is consider to be valuable in order to cop up with any ethical issues and assist to improve the productivity and positivity for the common people (Smith and Puczkó, 2014).

Data collection: Large travel and tourism companies applies assorted polices that are developed on the certain grounds of collecting data as they realize the consequences of private data and assist firmly. As it is observed that personal data are used for the purpose of issuing tickets, making reservation, developing using services, managing customer relation, main important handling booking and experience of customer. Therefore management of TUI have make sure that personal information of individual worker or visitors must be treated securely according to the safety measure. So that any misuse could not be happen and ethic remain maintain in the company and customer also fell secure (Paraskou and George, 2017).

2.2 the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy of a specified travel and tourism business

In travel and tourism CSR is consider to be management thought in which travel company compound the environment and social interest in its business activity and their functioning. orporate social responsibility are being evaluated as an important manner by large companies reach balance economy, social and environmental desire. In general it is also CSR concepts is defined as the ethics for firm operations so that they are operated and managed in an effective manner that help to survive for long time. Some of the important role of CSR are discussed below:

Sustainability: This holds with qualified and skilled people those have been refers as specialised in particular project and have main focus on transforming companies and public organization for age-long term sustainability purpose. With the help of CSR companies aid in scope of specific sustainability such as economic condition, stakeholders and social engagement etc. Therefore it has been observed that management of TUI have Used Corporate social responsibility in order to maintain long term financial and positive sustainability that support them to reach desired objective to expand business at global level. TUI group holds a sustainable policy that comply with the concept of CSR. So company looks to care of the various environmental situation impacts and also add to their supplier like hotel to ensure that they will deliver business and job possibility in local community.

Accountability: It is observed that Corporate social responsibilities promotes mission and vision of the business accountability to the large number of shareholder's and other capitalists or investors. Thus it result in betterment of business activity and also improve the quality of services so that large number of customer are attracted to make themselves satisfied and increase the profitability. In TUI the management uses the concept of CSR for evaluating and calculating the accountability during a year so that they can determine either to invest in capital or tries to improve its services so profit can be increased.

Community involvement: With the CSR management of TUI are able to provide the appropriate and legal share of income to the community people and also tries to develop services that help in improving their standard living. They also focus to return the resources that have been acquired by corporation. They also provide job opportunities to the local communities in their holiday homes that will be beneficial for TUI as local people are able to improve the bonding within business firm (Van der Wagen, 2015).

Business conduct: The business code of conduct is also defined as the code of ethics according to the business operation of company. These codes are set of standard that are developed to guide employees to conduct themselves with integrity and honesty in each business activity that are part of company. Thus management of TUI have developed specific rules and regulation for their staff member so that they deliver best and quality services to customer. They guide all team such as front desk, food and beverage department so that visitors are satisfied with different services provided by holiday homes. This will help in improving overall productivity and performance of TUI so that market place could be increased in upcoming time frame.


From the above described project report, it has been concluded that legislation play a crucial role in handling and controlling business operation in effective manner. It is observed that legal system is one that consist different rules and regulation which support to make effective decision with certain legislated boundaries. It is also concluded that equality legislation beneath travel and tourism sector are focus to deliver equal job opportunities to each employees within company and also give opportunities to travellers. Avail the best online homework help and cheap assignment writing service UK at an affordable price. There are various kind of structure such as crown court, country court, high court, court of appeal like civil and criminal that support in smooth functioning and managing business activity in effective manner. There are various laws and acts which are taken into consideration while providing proper and effective contracts . The respective company encourages the culture values and the diversity of the people through strong management and effectively supporting with the health safety and security of an employee and customer.


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