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Contemporary Issues In Travel And Tourisum


Travel and tourism is one of the largest service industry that provides heritage, culture, business as well as sport tourism. The main aim travel and tourism to identify opportunities that includes proper planning of package along with the quality delivery of services to the customers during their stay. In context with the marketing in tourism, it is considered that both production and consumption are inseparable , so it is impossible to sample a tourism services before purchase. This report mainly covers about the Titan Travel that provides services in travel and tourism industry since 1993. This report covers about key milestones of the travel and tourism industry along with small brief of various elements that directly and indirectly affect the tourism experience. This report also explorers about the different models of motivation ans trends that is implemented at international travel and tourism industry along with different factors that affect tourism behaviour.

Task 1

P1: Key milestones in the development of the travel and tourism industry and how they have shaped the travel and tourism industry

Travel and Tourism sector is the fastest growing sector in the world because there are various individual who wants to travel across the globe. This sector have all the opportunities such as planning the package and deliver the quality products to the customers during their stay time. It is the most popular business in the world in terms of profitability and revenue.

P2: Interrelation between different elements of travel and tourism industry

Travel and tourism is considered as one of the famous business sector world wide in concern with the high revenue and profitability. There are many companies that are running their business well in travel and tourism. Titan Travel is one of the travel and tourism company that directly depends upon the various key elements that allows it to provide and deliver best services to their customers in concern with tourist experiences. The various element of travel and tourism along with the inter-relation are discussed below:

Travel agents: Travel agents are most crucial element of travel and tourism industry as they act as the main source that directly and indirectly helps in providing guidelines to the customers that is essential for the customers or travellers before planning and going on trip. For an illustration, if any traveller is planning for the trip and requires to gain deep details about the accommodation in order to stay. In such cases, travel agent will help the traveller to give detail information about various accommodation that is available at the visiting place. For poviding the information both travel agents and travel & tourism industry are inter related to create tourism experience(Jaafar, 2011).

Transportation: Transportation system act as base for any travel and tourism company. Without proper transport system it is impossible to run travel and tourism organisation and they fail to provide good tourist experience to the travellers. It is very crucial to manage the transportation system so that the company can serve better tourists services to their customers. There are many weakness that is concerned with transportation and directly creates negative impact on the image of travel and tourism company. Some of them are as follows:

Not suitable for small route: Conducting transportation for short routes leads to loss for any travel and tourism company. It will create huge loss to the travel and tourism company in concern with the revenue as well as profitability.

Included heavy cost: As conducting and establishing transport system is very costly. Affording perfect transportation is not at all possible for the small organisations.

Above weaknesses gave a heavy influence on market presence of the organisation in terms of reducing the customers and heavy cost is consumed by the organisation. Therefore, Titan Travel have to consider such things so that, they can get effective results in future time (Vanhove, 2017).

Tourist Information: Tourist information is another element that provides high opportunities to travel and tourism organisation to attract travellers. Marketing managers of travel and tourism organisation conducts a conference in order to target and analyse the desires of the travellers. All the elements are interrelated with each other as in order to have effective tourism it is important to have dense tourist information.

M1: Role of each key element of travel and tourism industry

There are various key elements that are associated with travel and tourism industry. Some of the elements of travel and tourism includes travel agents, tourist information, transportation. Travel agents are essential element of travel and tourism industry it has the responsibility to provide all the guidelines to the customers which are necessary for them before going on a trip. Tourist information is another factor that provide opportunities to organisation. In this, marketing manager of firm organise a conference in which, large number of individuals are gathered and management can easily analyse the needs of customers.

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D1: Inter-relationship with between the different element of travel and tourism industry

All the elements of travel and tourism industry are inter- related with each other in travel and tourism industry. In order to establish effective tourism it is very essential to involve all the crucial elements to guide travellers well about the visiting locations, accommodations. Travelling system which is called as a base of travel and tourism sector. Without it organisation can not provide a huge experience to their customers.  If you want to get the authentic paper as per the prescribed deadline, then consider seeking web designing assignment help from our assignment writers.


P3 Different factors that affect tourism behaviour

Travel and tourism industry mainly involves with several factors that directly or indirectly influence the behaviour of the travellers in both negative as well as positive manner. Some of the factors that affect the tourism are discussed in detail below:

Accommodation facilities: While travelling tourists faces many issues that is associated with accommodations. With arrangement of proper accommodation facilitates, travel and tourism company can easily satisfy the desires of customers by providing proper accommodation facilities. Accommodation mainly involves with resorts, tourist homes, guest houses and lodges , that directly provides comfort to tourists after travelling and visiting the spots.

Transportation facilities: Good arrangement of transportation allows tourists to visits the spots easily and comfortably by reducing issues. The transportation facilities should be delivered in appropriate way to customers or travellers at affordable prices so that they feel comfortable while travelling in various parts of the world(Theobald, 2012).

Entertainment facilities: Entertainment facilities includes musics and games that is conducted while travelling to various visiting spots. If such services are of good quality then the customers use these services again and again for their entertainment purpose. By conducting entertainment facilities travel and tourism company can gain competitive advantage in the markets as this facilities will attract maximum number of customers or travellers.

Informational factors: Informational factors generally involves with travel agencies, tour operators and guides that directly supports and arrange the arrangement that is associated with the travel and accommodation facilitates. This facilities should be provided at affordable price in order to deliver best and cheaper accommodation to travellers. These services provided by theg travel and tourism company will save the precious time of traveller as they will be provided genuine information to their clients that will reduce their tension and stress of finding accommodation.

Attractions: These attraction can be both both natural and man-made. These attractions grow interest in the mind of customer and gives the idea regarding the culture and diversity of the place All the above mentioned factors creates positive as well as negative impact upon travel and tourism sectors. If the customers or traveller get satisfied by the services that is provided by travel and tourism they will refer their family members and close friends to contact the same travel and tourism company. This will directly helps in enhancement of company revenue and profitability. Lack of delivery of proper facilities to customers will directly reduce down the profitability of the travel and tourism industry. Learn about the tourism sectors of London for better understanding.

P4: Models of motivation and their influence the consumer decision-making process

Motivation is a word that is directly derived from “motive” which means basic needs or desires of an individual. Motivation, in other words referred as a process under which an individual perform various actions in order to attain their desires or needs. In order to influence the customer decision making maslow's need theory is used that is discussed in detail below:

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Physiological needs: These needs are directly related to basic requirement of any individual that mainly includes food, water and shelter. In concern with Titan Travel, their managers should focus on providing basic needs to their clients during travelling time duration.

Security and safety needs: Security and safety needs are the another need that is required by the customers. Management of the Titan Travel has to focus on security measures in order to provide safety and security to customers during the whole journey.

Social needs: Social needs is concerned with the love, affection and acceptance that is given to an individual. Customers generally comes to visit various places in order to remove depression and loneliness. It is responsibility of the Titan Travel to consider this needs of the customers so that maximum numbers of customers gets attracted(Stone, 2013).

Esteem needs: In this, individual wants respects from the subordinates, colleagues and co workers when all the above needs will be satisfied . For this, Titan Travel managers have to motivate their employees in term of rewards and compensation so that, employees will provide more effective services to their customers .

Self actualization needs : Self actualization needs are those in which an individual are aware about the personal growth and development. In the context of Titan Travel they have to measure all their reports so that, they will evaluate their performance in marketplace.

M2. Assess the factors underpinning the tourists behaviour

Travel and tourism sector involves different factors which influences the behaviour of tourists in both positive and negative ways. Accommodation is the major problem for the tourist in any country. With proper accommodation facilities, they feel satisfied in their journey as well as from the hotel services. Accommodation includes lodges, resorts, tourist homes, guest houses, etc. which provides comfort and ease to the tourist during travelling. Transportation facilities services must be provided to tourist at reasonable prices so that they visit the country again. Better transport services help them to travel to different places without any issues.

D2: Evaluate the link between the key drivers of tourist behaviour

The main link between the key drivers of tourist behaviour are technology. Technology is allows travellers to gain competent information about the various visiting spots along with the accommodation details. Offers provided by various travel and tourism organisation also effect the behaviour of the tourist as they get more attracted towards them. With attractive offerings of organisations customers are attracted towards the organisation therefore, they want to spend their leisure time in another nations.


P5: Recent and emerging patterns and trends in the international of travel and tourism industry

Travel and tourism sector is growing very fast and in upcoming time it will be under top three retail industry world wide. It was also estimated by World Travel and Tourism Council that tourism sector will contribute around 10% to worldwide GDP and it will generate maximum employment. Travel and tourism industry is witnessing new emerging trends that are the most crucial factors for its development. There are various emerging patterns and trends that is directly related with tourism sectors that is discussed in detail below:

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Online travel industry: As there is increase in growth rate of online travel industry, there are many travellers that are getting more information about different tourism at their finger tips and that leads to a long term holiday as a gift to travellers(Jaafar, 2011).

Changing travelling trends: Earlier, the most traditional trend of selecting travel destination is to choose adventure travel, nature tourism, vacations with family and cultural and heritage tourism. But now travelling trends has been expanded to local hot spots, local cuisine or handicraft display spots. Travellers now also wants to enjoy some different non traditional activities that includes mountain biking, birding, cruise travel etc.

Exploring local taste: Visiting and exploring the local taste is one of the latest trend for travellers now that allows and help them reach out more distinct places. The finding of any new place only happens when the infrastructure and transportation medium are well developed as per as traveller requirements.

Spa breaks growing in Popularity – Travellers also looks for health services that includes spa breaks. There are various rich class customer who wants health services during their stay period so, organisations are providing spa and massage services to these type of customers in order to fulfil their needs.

Not only seniors seek adventures – As per the name of organisation their management believe in providing adventure services to their customers. Therefore, customers who attracts towards adventures in tourism they gave more profitability to organisation.

M3: Recent pattern in international travel and tourism

The main recent pattern in international travel and tourism is that there is increase in growth rate of online travel industry. Travelling trends nowadays has expanded to local hot spots, local cuisine or handicraft display spots. Travellers are also looking forward for some unique traditional activities in order to enjoy and trying something new that includes mountain biking, birding, cruise travel.

P6: Factors affecting the popularity of a range of global destinations

There are many factors that directly and indirectly affect the popularity of a range of global destinations. There various places world wide that have natural characteristics that is enough for attracting the customers as it have various destinations for travelling. Some factors which are affecting the popularity of global destination are explained below:

Environment: Environment at destination is one of the essential element on the basis of which popularity of global destination is effected. Number of travellers reduces or increases is totally depends upon the environment characteristic of the travelling destination.

Leisure time: Leisure time is crucial as it increases the amount of time free from actual labour and associated freedom to choose how time is spent in non-works situations. This mainly includes paid vacations, age of retirement, attitude change etc.

Economic Impact: Tourism is one of the major factor that provides foreign exchange and tax revenue that is needed by nations in order to raise the standard of living of citizens. Thus economic status effect the popularity of a range of global destinations.

Social and cultural impact: Other reason that effect the popularity of a range of global destinations is the social and cultural impact . Different cultural reason like clothing and eating habits affect the travellers . The taste and dressing sense could be different in different countries.

It has been analysed from above factors that they gave a major influence on the popularity of a specific destination therefore, organisation have to concerned such things so that, they will get more number of customers.

M4: Factors affecting popularity of range of global destination

There are several factors that directly and indirectly affects the popularity of the different global destinations. Some of the factors that mainly involves under this are leisure time, social impact, environment, cultural impact and economic impact. Different cultural reason like clothing and eating habits affect the travellers .


From the above mentioned report it is concluded there are various elements and milestones that directly and indirectly plays a essential role in the development of travel and tourism sector. These elements must be determined by the management of the organisation in order to improve their productivity and profitability. We provide the best online dissertation help and online essay help at affordable prices. These elements are interconnected with each other for creating a smooth experience among the tourists. In this report, different factors are discussed which affects the tourism behaviour and consumer's decision making process using models of motivation. Recent and emerging patterns and trends in the international travel and tourism industry along with the evaluation of the factors affecting the popularity of a range of global destinations has also been discussed in this report in detail.


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