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Social Media Networking

University: London School of Commerce

  • Unit No: 20
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 12 / Words 3111
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: CFPBUS006
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Question :

Some of the questions in the assessment are as follows:

  • Discuss about the Comparison between positive as well as negative impact of social media on internet.
  • Discuss about the Security challenges and measures in social media.
  • Discuss about the Comparison of social media websites.
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Social media can be defined as that website and application that assists individuals in creating and sharing content or give them opportunity to participate in networking. In this users create, share and exchange information, it enhances interaction between users through virtual communities and networking. The main aim of this report to study the various issues which arises while using social media and their features which helps organizations to grow their businesses. Report will lay emphasis on positive and negative impact of Social media on internet. It will also discuss challenges and measures of security which are taken when social media services are being used online. Assignment focuses on two examples of social media and will compare their features and applications.


Comparison between positive as well as negative impact of social media on internet

Social media is a computer based technology which has provided users with a platform to share their thought, ideas and even they can exchange information by building up virtual network and communities (Greenwood, Perrin and Duggan, 2016). Globalization has increased the use of social media and internet, people now a day use technologies such as internet frequently. Internet has really made it easier for people to communicate with each other and stay in touch with their loved ones. Internet and Social media has increased dependency of people, as they are looking for technology in each of products and services which they get. Usage of internet among individuals has been increased which in turn has also increased use of social media platforms. It has been analysed that social media and internet both are rely on each other, they affect each other in positive and negative ways. Below discussed is positive and negative impact of social media on internet. Worried for marketing assignment help ? Get our experts Help Now!

Positive impact

Negative impact

Increase in Usage: Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are widely being used by people in order to communicate with each other, have access to variety of information and enhance their knowledge related to market, area of their interest. Various organization and companies depend on social media to promote their products and services, analyse information related to competitors, evaluating marketing trends etc. This has laid a positive impact on internet as it has increased the usage of internet. In order to use social media channels, people need to have uninterrupted access to internet which directly has increased its cost and usage. For performing day to day activities like for example paying bills, booking tickets individual depends on internet, this has enhanced use of internet, which is really beneficial for internet providers.

Decrease in Usage: Now-a-days individuals, group of people and communities are increasing their awareness related to health aspects. They are really becoming health conscious. Using internet lays impact on health aspect of people, they can face various issues while making use of internet on their mobile phones, desktops and Laptops. People can go through health problems like eye strain, back pain, headache etc. This can negatively impact health outcome of individuals. Also children instead of laying focus on their studies are busy in surfing internet and playing games by exploring various websites available on internet. This is not only laying impact on their physical health but also on their mental health. They are also making their studies suffer because of it (Stockmann, Luo and Shen, 2019). So families now a day has become highly conscious towards their health aspects, because of which they are avoiding use of social media. This in turn is decreasing usage of internet and is laying negative impact on it. It has also been analysed that many companies are been engaged in making people aware about the negative aspects of social media on the health of individuals. So individuals are decreasing use of social media that directly reduces usage of internet. According to national data security, It has been analysed that use of internet has been declined from 86.45% to 67.76% (Internet users, UK: 2019, 2019).

Increase in Cost: Social media platform has given the opportunity to individuals to communicate with each other through virtual networking ( Yahia, Al-Neama and Kerbache, 2018).. By making use of social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter people are easily able to share and exchange information. In the view of this, internet usage rate has been increased to a great extent. Like for instance, access of internet is being required by users to video call someone, without uninterrupted flow of internet, they cannot even ping each other (Leiner and et.al., 2018). This has increased cost of internet. Also various social media channels have started charging premium fees from people, in order to explore their services. For example, Individual who needs to surf Netflix, has to pay nominal amount for accessing their information, this generate income for websites and also has increased usage of internet. By this cost of internet is being rising day by day. Evolution from 2G to 4G has raised cost of internet and now people have to pay more money to use 4G services of internet. It has been evaluated that more number of people are connected with social media channels that ultimately has caused rise in prices of internet services.

Hacking: Wide number of people are involved in using social media channels like Facebook, Instagram. These platforms are prime site of hacking. It has been analysed that hacking, malware attacks and profile hacking incidents are being increasing day by day, they are drastically affecting lives of people, groups and communities. More than half of population has become victim of these attacks, this has created threat in mind of users related to usage of social media. Individuals who have been prey of these attacks do not blame social media, but their direct target is on internet, they are highly criticising internet because of which reputation of internet communication has been reduced. This has negatively affected usage of internet (Fardouly and Vartanian, 2016).

Security challenges and measures in social media

Social media channels provide large number of services to its users, instead of their rapid expansion and development, it has been analyzed that various security issues are being faced by individuals while making use of social media. websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. give various advantages to people who are using it, but despite of this they are facing high number of problems related to security and privacy. They feel like their privacy and confidentiality has been compromised by these websites. Want to get Assignment help. Talk Our Expert Now!!!

Cyber-Crime: This issue is being faced by several individuals who are involved in exploring Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. This type of crime basically makes use of laptop or any networked instrument in which an unknown virus is installed in order to cause harm by leaking individual’s information. It is one of the most common crime because of which so many people have been victimized. Issues related to social media cybercrime has been increasing at growing pace, in this type of crime hackers steals information from victim’s social media profile. Facebook, most commonly faces this to of issue in which criminals have access to profile of users and uses it for wrong doings. In order to overcome this, individuals can make use of various privacy measures so that they can have protection and their profile do not get hacks. Users can engage in setting up strong password that cannot be easily analyzed by hackers (Privacy and security measure in social media, 2018). They need to set mixture of numbers, characters and alphabets as their password. Other measure which can be taken by individual is that every time after accessing Facebook, they need to logout, so no unfamiliar device is able to logged in.

Phishing: This is another privacy issue which is being faced by large number of individuals engaged in surfing social media channels. In this type of hacking criminals are engaged in obtaining most sensitive information like username, passwords, credentials of credit card by making themselves look as a trustworthy entity in an electronic mode of communication. In this type of crime fake accounts are been created, that matches the look of actual profile. This type of hacking took place in most of the companies where criminal manipulates in order to attract consumers and employees towards themselves and hacks their sensitive information. They manipulate customers in such a way that people end up sharing their confidential data like details related to their credit card (DeVito, Birnholtz and Hancock, 2017). Thus, this type of crime is a serious threat to individuals as well as their business can also get hamper because of it. Various security measures can be taken by individuals as well as people to save themselves from Phishing like they can install ant-phishing software such as avast, Quick heal etc.. It can assist individuals in making them aware about malware attack. This software also has ability to detect the spam phishing emails. It is one of the most effective way to save data from getting hacked.

Spyware: It is a software which criminals often use in order to extract private information of any individual or organization without their consent or knowledge. Spyware also sends data to other person without seeking consent of consumers. This software is being installed by fraudulent to damage computers and seek confidential data of clients as well as businesses. It is one of the most dangerous and harmful security issue that can be faced by users while making use of social media. This software not only extract private information of user’s social media profile but can also give power to criminals to keep a pace on individual’s online activities. Spyware consists of key loggers that has capacity to extract personal information of people. Data collected can be related to address, password, credit card number of users. In order to save one self from this software various security measures can be taken by groups and individuals like they can install anti-spyware software. It can assist people in detecting spam emails even before it damages the networked device. Another security measure which can be taken by individual is having perfect knowledge about spyware protection policy. Companies whether they are small or large needs to implement Spyware policy in their business. This can assist and save clients from threat of getting cheated.

Malware attacks: It is one of the most significant issue which is being faced by individuals while surfing social media channels. These attacks have literally laid negative impact on living of individuals. Malware attack are type of software which is being installed in one’s computer without consent of owner in order to gain their personal information and data. This software is basically used by criminals to have financial gain. Criminals install this software on networked device, and when individuals surf their social media websites, this virus extracts their personal information from it (Primack and et.al., 2017). Malware attacks also damage computer and steals confidential data of organizations as well as users. There are various security measures which can be used by individuals like they can update operating system once in three months. This is the most effective way to save oneself from getting hacked. Plugins also must be updated to save themselves from cyber flaws. Take Examples of Assignments Now!

Comparison of social media websites





Advanced Search: It is one of the most remarkable feature which is given by Twitter. It assists users to search latest news and information related to work even faster. This can help users in doing in-depth research about their subject matter or even they can easily search about areas of their interests. It also helps users and companies to track information about the brand mentioned.

Facebook Groups: It is one of the most exciting feature of Facebook, it enables individuals to form groups where they can interact easily with each other. In this feature users can add or remove any members, whatsoever they want. This feature of Facebook can help organization in growing their business by easily communicating with client groups. They can share useful information on Facebook Groups.

Tweet Alerts: These alerts are basically given to users who have Twitter accounts. In this a notification is been given to people on their phones so that they do not miss out any important Tweet. This feature given by Twitter assists users in tracking tweets from their idols and enables them to easily change the settings of Twitter account for sending SMS notification whenever a new tweet is posted. This feature helps user to track information earliest.

Facebook Live events: This feature of Facebook enables users to go live, they can shoot live video of events and invite other people to participate in It (Agrawal and Awekar, 2018). By this way other individuals can also explore event going on fare off places. This feature assists individuals in managing wide range of celebrations and events. This feature also provides benefits like they can host watch party online.



Social Oomph: This application is basically being invented to enhance productivity related to social media (Maimon, Fukuda and et.al., 2017). Twitter widely make use of Social Oomph application. This application assists individuals to maintain their Facebook and Twitter account simultaneously at same time. It is one of the efficient automated matrix that enables high number of users as well as organizations to combine their sales and marketing channels, helping them to make best out of it. Users to avail benefit of Social Oomph are advised to update to premium accounts, also this application is paid.

Market Place: It is one of the most used application of Facebook that supports emerging entrepreneurs. It assists individuals who wants to become entrepreneur, by connecting them with other people and thus helping aspirants in promoting their products and services online. Facebook has given rise to this transaction and hence assisting people to own up a business while simply sitting at home.

Tweet Deck: It is one of the most exciting application of Twitter, it helps users in managing and maintaining their Twitter accounts. Tweet Deck is linked to API of Twitter and helps individuals in sharing and obtaining Tweets and different views profiles. This application is most popular one and is made free for desktop clients. It provides most important service like handling various Twitter accounts.

Facebook Video: Facebook provide high class quality application where it provides individuals with opportunity to connect with other person easily. It is a highly structured platform where users can upload videos, share and can even send videos through Facebook messenger feature. They can even share video on WhatsApp through Facebook. Thus, this application is very useful to make individuals aware about the going trends in market.

Suitability for business

Suitability for business

Twitter is being engaged in giving high number and quality of features to its users. Features and applications like Tweet alert, Social Oomph are highly suitable and beneficial for business. It has assisted firm to grow and gain competitive edge (Bucher and Helmond, 2017). These features are also good for people who want to start their own business, it assists them in having good knowledge about market and areas of their interests. Social Oomph application helps users in managing their Facebook as well as Twitter account together. It saves their time and also they are able to get updates about market on timely basis.

Facebook is considered to be one of the most significant platform where organizations can grow, emerging entrepreneurs can be developed and individuals can get connected with each other. Features of this website is really suitable for its business. Like for example Facebook group can assist various organization to get in touch with their client’s base. In thiperfs, business can also promote their products and services that helps their business to grow.

Yes, social media is most effective communication tool. It assists large number of people to interact and connect with each other (Garay Tamajón and Cànoves Valiente, 2017). Through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter individuals can share information and can also enhance their knowledge related to subject matter. It provides a platform by which societies can send each other message, post Tweets, stories and can get acquainted better. They can share their thoughts, opinions and believes on this global platform.


From the above study it has been summarised that wide number of people has been involved in using social media channels that has increased the usage of internet. It was analysed from report that communication between people has become easier because of internet. Social media platform has even helped various organizations to promote their products, services through them. There is some negative impact of social media on internet like use of Facebook, Instagram causes serious issues like weak eye-sight, back pain to people. This has ultimately reduced usage of internet. It has also been analysed in report that while using social media, users also faces various threats like cybercrime, hacking and malware attack. This has negatively affected use of internet.

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