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Impact of Social Media in the Digital Age

University: University of Warwick

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss the importance of social media.
  • Discuss positive impacts of social media on internet.
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Social media is a platform that allows exchange of information between people staying away from each others by using websites and application. This report emphasis on positive and negative aspects of social media on the internet. It explains different challenges of security and privacy that are faced when social media services are used online. At same time explains various measures or precaution to be taken while using social media services online. This report also compare and contrast features, application and suitability for businesses between Facebook and Instagram. At last, it explains social media site is good communication tools between people staying away from each other.

Positive and negative impact of social media on internet

Social media has impact on internet positively as used social media is used by everyone in today world that has demanded high internet connection. Increase use of social media has adversely impact on health of people thus restrict use of internet.

Positive impact of social media on internet

Increase uses of internet in businesses: Internet initially has uses confined to exchange of text messages for business deals or other such official works but addition of social media has added options of personnel communication, exchanging of videos, audio and images, online video calls (face times) which has increased the use of internet among younger generation (Hargittai and Micheli, 2019).  In today world company uses social media to market its products and services as large number of people spend  their time watching videos, playing games on social sites. Thus, businesses use social media to attract large customers within limited time and cost.  It is also useful for business that operates its function across various nation as it promote communicate easily and effectively with each other by use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram. So all this factors has lead to increase demand of internet connection in businesses for effective communication within time. Get Assignment Examples.Talk to our Experts!

Transformation in internet connection due to social media: Social media has added feature of communicating freely via internet and has given a platform that can reach people staying away from each other. People are less interest to travel distance places as they are able to connect with their dear one that are staying away from them within limited time and cost. Thus, less time and cost involved in connecting with dear ones by use of social media has demanded 4G,5G internet connection among people. Social media is also source of income for many people as they by posting videos on social sites such as YouTube, Instagram able to generate income. It has promoted growth of telecommunication industry and generate large number of employment thus increases importance of internet in economic development.

Internet has become necessity: Social media can be used to create a positive digital footprint on the internet just like google. It provides platform on the internet where creativity and technology can be showcased. Social media helps in enhancing creativity of people as different people share each other ideas and view on social sites so internet has become crucial part of them (Poy and Schüller, S., 2020). It is also used by highly knowledge and expertise people to share their ideas, view and opinion by positing video and information on social sites thus it helps in enhancing knowledge and skill of people. Social media is also used to spread social awareness and various social issue thus lead to increase social importance of internet too. Thus, Social media has created awareness and enhance knowledge of people about their health conditions. Therefore, it can be stated that because of various benefit provided by social media internet has become essential part of human being.

Negative impact of social media on internet

There are various negative impact of social media on internet such as most of the people spend time using social media that impact adversely on their health thus limit or restrict use of internet among people.

Limited use of internet: People spend most of their time watching videos, playing games through online sites that has adversely impact on health of people. It causes feeling of depression and anxiety as there are various negative pop while using social media (Fletcher and Nielsen, 2018). People started comparing their lifestyles with other thus causing distress and anxiety so most of the people try to minimize or limit use of internet because of negative impact of social media on health of people.

Cyberbullying: It is type of harassment through electronic means such as computers, mobile phone while using social media by sending or posting information that is harmful for individuals.

Social media is a platform where new people can meet each other easily thus cruel people by making fake profile betray and embarrass other people online which leave deep mental scars on individual.  Most of the people avoid use of internet because of cyberbullying caused by social media. Therefore, it is another disadvantages that social media has caused on internet which is not possible in case of face to face communication. Order assignment help from our experts!

Decrease in popularity of internet: Internet was used by many people for entertainment or to utilize their free time by watching videos, playing games on various social sites. But due to  various negative impact of social media such as unhealthy sleep and privacy disruption internet popularities has been decreased among people. People tend to spent lot of time on social media that has lead to poor sleep and a type of addiction to people. It is such addiction that is more harmful than any other addiction such as cigarette or alcohol (Masih and Rajkumar, 2019). Poor sleep impact on individual productivity, time and health thus they avoid having internet connection as they think it is wastage of time and money.  Social media is a threat for privacy of information as crucial information of individual posted on various sites are leaked by use of social media. Hacker by hacking accounts of individual gather information such as bank account number, name of person etc thus use it for undesirable purpose. Thus, people in order to prevent themselves from threats of social media try to avoid use of internet so it negatively impact on internet popularities.

Different challenges and measures for security and privacy on social media

There are various challenges that are faced by individual while using social media such as privacy disruption, cyberbullying and hacking of accounts and misuse of information so various measures to be taken to protect individual from such threats. Various challenges of security and privacy faced by individual while using social media are as follows:

Ransomware and virus attack: Ransomware is type of malware that deny access to computer system or data of individual by blocking until a specific amount is paid to attacker (Mondal,  Silva and Benevenuto, 2017). Attacker uses access computer system or data for undesirable purpose that harm an individual or company adversely. For examples: Attacker by making use of information ask follower or people to click on link or download file in name of individual thus download virus or ransomware in other people computer system. Thus, it challenges privacy and security of data of individual that need to address to protect individual from such threats.

Hacking of accounts and impersonation: Social media platform is facing challenges of hacking of accounts such as Facebook, Twitter thus leaking personal information of individual (Khazaei and et.al., 2016).  Hacker by hacking accounts of individual can post personal or crucial information of individual and business for undesirable purpose by impersonating in name of individual. Thus, it harms adversely to individual and firms as their internal or personal information is share among large number of people thus possessing threat in privacy and security while using social media.

Staking and harassment: Such threats to privacy and security come from strangers as social media allows to create new friends thus increasing threats of online stalking and cyberbullying at rapid pace. For example: Stranger by continuous stalking various accounts such as Facebook, Instagram of individual can get to known about password or personal information thus post or share it to large number of people. It proves to be serious threat to security and privacy of individual information thus cause mental distress and even force people to attempt suicide.

Unattended accounts: It is important for an individual to use all social account as idea social accounts can be used by hacker to send fraudulent message to friends and relative in name of individual. As if the hacker is aware that certain accounts are not used by individual they gain control over it and send various virus infected link to large number of people. Thus, ideals account harm individual and its followers in adversely manner. It also impacts businesses as many companies does not use or monitor most of their accounts so such ideal accounts are used by person to send false information to customers, investors in name of company.

Thus, there are different challenges in security and privacy while social media services are used online so in order to prevent individual and businesses from such threats various measure are been taken that are as follows:

Post crucial information: People should post crucial information on various social sites such as Instagram and Facebook to avoid leakage or misuse of information by hacker or attackers. As attacker or hacker by hacking your accounts or password can send undesirable information or link to followers by impersonating in name of individual. Thus, to avoid leakage of personal information of individual such as bank accounts, name and photo an individual should post minimum information on its social profiles.

Strong password: It is crucial for individual to set unique and strong password for different social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (France-Hudson, 2017). As same password for all social sites increase chances of threats in security and privacy while using social media. Hacker can easily get access to all social accounts by identifying single password. Thus, multiple, strong and unique password is essential for safety and privacy of crucial information.

Norton safe Web for Facebook: Various free app are provided that helps in protecting individual from various threats that are faced while using social media services. Norton Safe Web is a free app that scans newsfeed for unsafe links thus protect individual by warming about potential threats and should not share it with others.

Locks your phone: It is also crucial for individual to lock its phones by assigning strong password to it as most of the people uses social media by their phones (Lindén, 2016). Unlocked phone of individual can be used by strangers to get access or control over social accounts of individual. Thus, person by assigning strong password and locking its phone restrict control over social accounts by strangers.

Read terms of social sites: It is very important and first steps that need to be taken by individual  to protect itself from various threats.  Thus, Individual should invest time to carefully read terms and conditions for effective use of social media and to protects itself from threat of cyber-bulling.

Comparison between Facebook and Instagram

Social media helps in exchange of information between people that are staying away from each other. There are various social sites such as Facebook, Instagram that is used by individual for entertainment and gaining knowledge. The comparison between Facebook and Instagram is as follows:





It helps in organizing list of individual that can be used by it for various purpose. This allows seeing post or content of specific person.  Business use this feature identify and target its customer base.  Group features of Facebook  create group of people thus helps in sharing of information between people that have same interest and opinion. Royalty Free music Features allow individual to add music to its video by offering thousands of tunes to download at free of cost. Live stream to multiple page is another feature of Facebook that allows sharing of videos and events of individual and company live across multiple pages (Nisar  and Whitehead,  2016). Admin can also tag people as live contributors while live streaming.

Filters is a unique features that is given by Instagram to people as there are 40 filters that create different look and feel (Jones and Harvey,  2019).  Video post is another feature of Instagram that allow to post video for more than 1 minutes.  Business by posting video attract large number of customers. Another feature is Instagram stories that is a little circle in top of follower feeds that disappear after 24 hours. Story highlights is great feature as it allows to keep the best stories of person for long term on its account. Instagram live it helps in telecasting an live event on individual or businesses to large number of people. AR filter allows individual to add cute outlay to  its photos and video through Instagram stories. Sticker and Quizzes it allows to collect or save different post they individual may like by use of sticker or hashtag.


Different application of Facebook are available that can be used by number of people. Photo application helps in uploading images or pictures of individual and also  provide option to tag friends and relatives. Another application of Facebook is video application it allows to  upload videos in any format but it should be below 100 megabytes. Gift application of Facebook send virtual gift to another members in form of small icon. Post item application is used to post songs, video on webpage or profile of individual thus making website interesting and cool. Group application allows individual to create its own group or add to another group. Event application is also an application of Facebook that is used by person to invite people for specific event. Business use this features to invite customers for providing information regarding new product launch.

There are various apps such as Afterlight 2, Snapseed, canva,       pic monkey and Aviary that helps in enhancing images by using filter, text or graphics. In it Afterlight 2 take photo to  higher level by giving option to create own filter thus  giving consistent style to individual photo. Whereas  Snapseed is professional photo editor that has 29 filters that can be used to personalized filter and save them for use in the future.  Inshot, video editor- editing studio, hype type and GIPHY cam are some app of Instagram that helps in  making video attractive while posting or sharing with friends and family (Ferwerda, Schedl  and Tkalcic,  2016). In it Inshot app allows user to add music , emojis and text to videos.  It also helps In merging, trimming of video. There are different tools in Instagram such as later, buffer, sprout social and hootsuite that are used to create automate post publishing of business or individual.


 It is suitability for small scale organisation as it helps in identifying target customers (Ford and et.al., 2019). Good content and appropriate targeting helps in attracting number of customers.

 It is suitable for restaurants , gyms, retailer business and clothing brand as they can easily post image and videos of their product to attract customers.

From the above analysis it can be stated that social media is an effective tool of communication between people staying away from each other (Teo, Leng and Phua, 2019). Most of the people has avoided distance travelling due to digitalization and use of social media to connect with each other.  People can exchange their feelings and view to other people that are staying away within limited cost and time. Social media helps in connecting nation by sharing each other culture and value of each countries by posting video and other crucial information. Highly Knowledgeable and expertise people share their knowledge and experience to people by posting videos thus enhancing skill and knowledge of others (Sunstein, 2018). Social media is also uses by people to generate awareness about current trends and social issue among people living in the society. Thus, it can be stated that social media helps in connecting people staying away from each other within limited time. Struggling with your dissertation, get phd dissertation help from our experts!


From the above report it can be concluded that social media has various positive impact on internet that has lead to increase demand of internet connection among younger generation. Despite positive impact there are various negative impact that social media has caused on internet by restricting its use or decreasing its popularities. There are different challenges in privacy and security of information that are faced by businesses and individual while using social services online. Thus, in order to protect individual and businesses from threats of security and privacy various measure are to be used while using social media. It can also be concluded from above report that Facebook and Instagram offers different application, features and are also suitable for different businesses. At last, it can be concluded that social media is a platform that helps in exchange of information between people within limited time and cost.

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