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Develop and Implement of Digital Media Strategy

University: London College of Business

  • Unit No: 11
  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is digital marketing ?
  • Discuss about the Reflective report.
  • Discuss about the process of EDM.
Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A


In today's world, digital marketing has become a standard practice for businesses. It helps attract a large audience and create awareness swiftly. Social media platforms and the internet make it convenient for companies to promote social services. However, as market and customer trends evolve, new strategies emerge. Digital media expands the reach and targeting capabilities significantly. This report will delve into Alzheimer’s Australia NSW's digital media strategy via EDM and provide a review of its effectiveness.


a) Alzheimer’s Australia NSW is an organisation that works towards providing health care services to people suffering from dementia. they work with other agencies to educate communities about Alzheimer (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick, 2019). however, the management decided to launch an EDM campaign. The campaign is initiated by Alzheimer’s Australia NSW to promote awareness about Alzheimer and how to treat it. Also, it aims at rising funds to help people who are suffering from Alzheimer by spreading good health message to citizens of Australia.

b) EDM is process of e mail marketing through which customers are targeted. In this the data base of clients is maintained and stored. the mails are directly sent to customers. There are many benefits of using this to promote campaign. Alzheimer’s Australia NSW can send mail to huge number of target clients through a mail. Also, it is highly targeted way of advertising. furthermore, it is individualised method that means mail is sent to individual person. so, message is delivered directly to client. Besides that, it is a cost effective method as there is no advance and high technical software or system required. So, only with help of computer large number of mails are sent to number of clients. Alongside, EDM is highly flexible as in this only relevant info is shared or sent to target customers (Chaffey and Smith, 2017). Moreover, by deciding that how much info is to be shared accordingly cost is incurred. also, the outcomes of EDM are measured as business track record of mail sent and responses achieved. Thus, it will be highly beneficial for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW to provide their services in wider range. they will be able to attract new clients by sending them direct mail about campaign. So, in this way, organisation can promote their campaign in wide area or region. Want to get Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

c) The EDM campaign is directed to both internal and external stakeholders. here, internal stakeholder are staff, management, etc. who are already working in Alzheimer’s Australia NSW. Also, in external stakeholder audience targeted is investors, businessman, companies, other NGO’s etc. who want to contribute towards good health and spread awareness about Alzheimer. By targeting them it will be easy in promoting campaign (Effing and Spil, 2016).

d) It is stated that Alzheimer’s Australia NSW strategic plan is to provide social and health care services to people, families, who are suffering from dementia. Furthermore, they want to educate people about dementia by providing in depth info on it. The organisation wants to support communities and care organisation by providing adequate services. therefore, this campaign support in working with society and professionals to provide care services. Other than this, it will help in generating awareness in wide areas and operating in it. hence, Alzheimer’s Australia NSW strategic goals will be achieved through it.

e) there are some legal and ethical consideration which must be followed by Alzheimer’s Australia NSW while developing digital media strategy. It will enable in working in ethical way. The first is privacy regulation must be followed which state to target only specific people who have agreed in contract. also, their confidential data and info must be protected.

Moreover, copyright code of practice should be followed which state that an agreement or license to use material in social media. It means posting on digital media offer clients to use services offered by Alzheimer’s Australia NSW (Plowman and Wilson, 2018). it allows organisation to work in ethical way. therefore, through it business follows laws and regulations with some terms and conditions.

f) It is evaluated that there are certain barriers that can occurs in success of digital media strategy. this can impact in negative way on Alzheimer’s Australia NSW strategic goals. the first barrier is ineffective business model which restricts in analysing outcomes. the process or method may not be set up in proper way. Furthermore, the systems are not implemented efficiently which unable to progress further.

Another barrier is lack of resources due to which media strategy is not implemented properly. here, resources may be in context of skilled staff, capital, technological system and software, etc. So, strategy is not executed properly. there may be restricted budget so limited systems are used to sent mail. due to this, it becomes difficult for organisation to successfully run campaign and media strategy.





Ineffective business model


To develop a strategy to make changes instantly


Lack of resources


To identify resource requirements and reserve extra funds for it.


g) It is necessary for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW to evaluate outcomes and effectiveness of digital media strategy so that goals and objectives are achieved. this enables in proper monitoring and measuring its performance. the method that can be used by business is keeping track of how many clients has reverted to mail (Tafesse and Wien, 2018). this will provide insight to how much extent strategy is effective. here, another method that can be used in lead to conversion rate. here, it is analysed that how much leads are generated and clients converted from it. Other than it, the forward rate of mails can be evaluated as well. it can be viewed that how many clients have forward mail to others. Thus, with help of these methods digital media strategy can be reviewed. the results can be measured and accordingly changes are made in it.


a) There are some e mail guidelines to be followed such as

  • To include campaign goals along with organisation aims
  • Writing the info briefly and in English language
  • Including a signature line and contact information

b) Alzheimer’s Australia NSW is ACNC approved charity formed in 1982 that works for people who are suffering from Alzheimer. The institution promotes and work for social welfare. Its address is 21 building, 120 Coxs road, North Ryde, Australia.

c) the services promoted is offering health care services to people by working with local agencies and other NGO.

d) The services can be accessed from any NGO that is involved in this campaign.

e) Cost involved in promoting strategy is $1500.


Reflective report

By analysing the feedback received from stakeholder I evaluated that use of EDM as digital media strategy enabled in promoting campaign in effective way. through that, it was easy to generate awareness about campaign. there were many clients who reverted to mail. however, the use of direct mail was not suitable for this type of campaign. it is because it was difficult for Alzheimer’s Australia NSW to find out whether e mail is delivered to client or not. I also got to know that stakeholder also complained about they have received incomplete e mail and info included in it was not proper. due to it, they were not able to find what exact campaign is all about. furthermore, some technical errors were found in sending e mails.

in my opinion, there is some changes required in digital media strategy. the first is to update software and systems technical errors are overcome. Moreover, to use a formal way of writing e mail and including a brochure of campaign so that complete info is sent to clients. it will be an effective way to promote it. in addition, a help line number must be launched so that inquiries and queries of client is resolved immediately. It will add value to their strategy as more people will get to known about this campaign.

I realised that that are some alternative strategies that can be used. the campaign can be promoted on different digital media platforms as well such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. where it will be easy to attract more people. besides, the results can be measured on these platforms by tracking data of people. the client interest, response, etc. towards campaign is tracked and monitored. this strategy will be beneficial in increasing area of promotion. Ask for assignment help from our experts!

From this strategy I learned many things. I got to know about how formal communication is done via e mail and what type of digital platforms are available to promote. also, I learned about developing goals of campaigns and what type of contact info is to added in mail. apart from it , I gained knowledge on legal and ethical practices that are to be followed and what terms and conditions is include in it. I gained insight on methods of evaluating effectiveness of digital media strategy and how results are interpreted. alongside, what barriers can occur in media strategy and how it can be overcome. by considering all these in future I will make certain changes in strategy. first is I will use other social platforms as well so that I can attract more people. this will be highly beneficial in generating awareness about campaign. I will launch a toll free number for any enquiry.

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