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Integrated Professional Skills in a Digital Age

University: University of Suffolk

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Case Study
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is Social media ?
  • Discuss about the Positive and negative aspects of social media on Internet.
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Social media refer to the websites and application which provides information, ideas and thoughts to the person regarding choosing the particular services or helping in taking the right decisions (Darabi, Macaskill and Reidy, 2017). Present report is based upon the study relating to the social media platform which is mainly carried by the business or individual or group to communicate with each other. The objectives of undertaking this report is to gain in-depth knowledges regarding the process of social media and also its impact upon the business and internet usages. This report will cover the matters relating to the comparing and contrasting the positive and negative aspects of the social media on internet. It also carries the matters relating to examining the challenges and measures of security and privacy undertaken for social media services. It further includes two examples of social media and also it covers the points relating to determining the concept of social media sites can be used as communication tool.


Positive and negative aspects of social media on Internet

According to Siddiqui and Singh (2016) stated the positive impact lies on the bases of increasing the easy access to the information. As internet connects to the global world and thus, helps in tracking the latest trends emerging in market. Business uses social media sites in context of promoting the business and thus they are availing the excessive use of internet in respect of promoting their business products in market.

Ormsby, Owen and Bhogal (2019) argued that if the social media is globally used than it results in misusing the internet in respect of tracking the illegal information. As sometimes social media sites reflects the fraud information which results in providing wrong information to users which results in bringing trafficking on internet. It results in causing negative impact of the social media on internet. Then impact arise in respect of hacking the social media sites which results in bringing trafficking on internet.

Nash (2019) stated that the main benefits on internet is that they are highly secured and also protected with high technology. As before 2G and 3G services are known but due to changes in time 5G services are also adapting. It helps in enhancing the speed of communication. As this helps in sharing any such reviews or thoughts which they feel after attaining such things. As thoughts social media platform, the person can linked with large number of person and share their views with each other and also suggest then to adapt such things for better results.

Scott, Biello and Woods (2019) criticized that the negative impact of social media on internet is resulting in getting addiction to know the latest activities and thus results in causing lack of human interaction. Due to the aspects of addiction, lot of issues are faced regarding lack of human communication and also it results in bringing competition in the social media platform. In respect of enhancing faster speed, it results in bringing more fraud information on internet.

Ibrahim, Wang and Bourne (2017) highlights that the positive aspects of social media on internet is that it enhances the usages of the sites. As it results in storing large number of information which helps companies to promote their products in market. Thus, it results in sharing the information on social media in better way and also they help in tracking the latest trends emerging in the market.

Ramanathan, Subramanian and Parrott (2017) on the other hand, they suggested that the issues of privacy is occurred through excessive use on internet. As most of the information are shared on the Internet and thus resulting in causing impact on internet. Thus resulting in facing hacking issues regarding using the company or person information in respect of earning profits. Order assignment help from our experts! 


Challenges and measures related to security while using social media

The most important security challenges that are faced by user while using social media are stated below.

Getting social profile hacked: The information provided by the user on their social networking sites gives hits to the wrong person or hacker to use the users personal information in accessing their account and this acts as a most prominent challenge. The most common information that is easily accessible is the email address which is used by the hackers to get access to the user's social media account (Isaak and Hanna, 2018). To overcome such challenges users needs to have strong passwords with special characters and should update it in regular interval. Also, user should not provide personal information like email address to their profile and other information which is not relevant while using social networking site. Sometimes hackers injects viruses on the computer system and get access to important information such as bank account details, photos etc. (Kapoor and et.al., 2018). To avoid such problems measures that can be taken are never clicked on the unknown link or link with short URL like bit.ly.

Vulnerability of social media platforms: Everyone post something on their social media sites which might attract the stalkers. The ease of getting personal information leaked through social media increases the vulnerability of users, thus posing to be a major challenge. The stalkers keeps on checking the post of the user and collects information and may post something which may affect the user or may be called cyberbullying (Gerbaudo, 2017). To avoid such situation it is recommended that user should connect to those to whom they really trust.

Challenges and measures related to privacy while using social media

Just like security, there are some privacy problems faced by the users of social media. A detailed discussion is done below.

Linking with third party apps: The most appealing thing about social networking sites is the games and the apps advertised. User in order to download the game agree to the terms and conditions of the third party services without reading it which causes problem of giving access to profile information to outsiders. So, it is recommended that users should first read the conditions before making any download.

Phishing attacks: Scammers often use email to trap the customers. These emails looks like some big or reputed organization must have send and tricks users to click on the links provides and provide all the information such as password, social security number and many other things (Banerjee Souvik, 2019). These are called phishing attacks. To overcome this, measures that can be taken are directly go to the website without clicking on the links provided in the mail. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

Lack of awareness about privacy setting: Sometimes users do not know about the various privacy settings that can be applied to avoid can privacy issue. For example, Facebook has privacy setting related to what the user wants to see, who can see the post shared by user etc. Enabling such settings will help in mitigating such privacy challenges. All there is setting in which user can protect the profile picture from getting copied by any other user.

Comparison and contrast of different social media and their suitability for business

Social media sites are useful for business or also helps business to promote their products at global level. The two most popular social media sites are:


It is one of the most renowned social media sites which connects the large number of people globally. It is mainly beneficial to the person who are staying away from their family and friends and also sharing their day to day information through better and secured connectivity.

Features: The main feature which the Facebook carries is relating to the notification regarding undertaking the person activity which are added in their online sites (Fernandez, Dickinson and Alani, 2017). It also carries with the photos and memories which is shared by person in past and it helps in making their timeline or short video to refresh their overall memories on Facebook.

Application: It mainly results in looking forwards the photos or upcoming events which helps in gaining the interest or knowledges by attending it. It also results in building connectivity with the friends which are already added in their Facebook account. It is mainly applied in business regarding promoting the business through giving ads and also updates the company information in these websites to retain the customer interest.

Suitability: The suitability lies in respect of taking less time or cost to manage the Facebook accounts and also the information which is imputed is more secured. It is suitable for business in respect of promoting the products or also making changes in their websites regarding enhancing the customer needs in better way. As Facebook is mainly preferable by all the person, thus it results in enhancing the growth of business for longer way.


It is mainly designed for the business perspective regarding getting jobs or building the strong linking with the people at professional level.

Features: It carries wider range of features such as live chatting, linking with other person through email or reviewing the stories of person who through their work motivates other person.

Application: In these after imposing resumes or relevant jobs detail in profits, it results in providing the equivalent jobs with the preferable job location (Leyva, 2017). Thus, it helps in building strong connectivity with the professional environment and also helps in examining the upcoming trend in business world. It is applied in business regarding finding the qualified person for the particular jobs and also connect with the business person to gain adequate knowledge’s regarding their working criteria.

Suitability:As this carries to be the world top professional sites, thus the chances of getting results are suitable. It carries less time to manage the account but it requires updating of account or stories or events for frequent time period. It is suitable for business regarding getting more qualified person in their business and also they can share their working procedure to enhance the people needs in better way.

Comparison:As both carries the parts of the social media sites as Facebook helps in linking up with large number of person and also helps companies to promote their business through advertising their products. Through these aspects they able to attract large number of persons. Similarly, in case of LinkedIn, they are professional sites and thus most of the person are not professional to grab the latest tends attaining at professional world (Fuchs, 2017). Thus, Facebook carries to be the best social media sites option to build strong base with customer through promoting their products.It results in growing the business in larger way and also enhances the connectivity in business through tracking the latest trends emerging in market.

Social media as a communication tool for business

Yes, it can be said that social media sites can be carried to be effective communication tool to convey the thoughts, ideas and views with each other. Through the process of Facebook, they can interact with each other through messengers or also inviting any person to attend any events or sell any products or advertise their business through selling any products (Stephen, 2016). Thus, it results in enhancing the communication tool through sharing or coordinating their views and thoughts regarding attaining the particular activity, don't worry get online coursework help from UK's leading assignment helpers.

In context of LinkedIn, it also results in enhancing the communication tool as person carry the email or live chat through sharing their thoughts with each other or also demanding their ideas to perform the work in right way. As it results in gaining knowledge and experiences and also motivates itself to bring changes in their working style of committing task. Thus, this statement is true that social media sites helps in enhancing the communica

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