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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • The role and responsibilities of Community Health Nurses in educating the public about vaccination issues.
  • What are the strategies in order to address vaccination problems.
  • How community health nursing focuses on strategies regarding the prevention, promotion as well as the health maintenance in order to ensure the well-being of the entire community.
Answer :
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The overall health in few communities are might be compromised due to some infectious diseases, environmental hazards, violence, poverty, accidents as well as due to some injuries. Therefore, the community health may seeks the needs of particular groups of people who can address it within the cities, town as well as in rural areas. Hence, the community health seeks helps from the nurses, the community health nurses also known as public health nurses who recognise the need of people and try to reaches out to them. They provide the helps any group of people such as pregnant women, elderly or crime victim. The community health nurses seek the helps to the vulnerable group of people. This project report discussed the community health nurses from worldwide. It also discussed the role or responsibilities of community health nurses in the educating the public about the vaccination issues along with the strategies.


Community Health Nurses worldwide

The rapid social as well as the economic growth within the countries throughout the world has resulted in increased both the number of elderly people who are more prone to develop degenerative or chronic diseases as well as the new pattern of illnesses which are basically brought by the social or economic factors like occupational hazards, accidents as well as environmental poisonings. The environmental poisonings are caused by air pollution, noise as well as by contaminated water. The nurses always practice a care for an individual, families as well as for communities. It has been realised that there has been increasing a number of nurses who are working outside the hospital, mainly in the community based setting who are focused on individuals as well as on families (Salvador & et.al., (2022)).

The community focused nursing care has been increasing worldwide with the community as the client. The nursing practice is enhancing towards the community throughout the world due to various factors such as changing demographic, changing disease patterns, increasing in chronic illnesses. This may result in increasing health care expenditure, reform within the health financing system. It also results in renewed the focus on health promotion to open the new opportunities to providing community based care in the community settings. In any country throughout the world the health services, family diseases prevention as well as the health promotion are provided to the community to delivered the health services through the available community health service system (Rao., (2019)).

It is essential to understand that the health as well as wellness issues are transcend the geographical or national borders. As it is the cultural competence or consciousness such as high empathy, respect or better understanding of diverse population are the main factor which drive the health worker to work together towards the health equity. This is the main point of v iew which shapes the manner in which the research, education as well as the practices are the main approached in nursing which are used to applied to the real world in both ways locally as well as globally. A global health perspective may empower the nurses to advance the knowledge or education, improve health care delivery as well as shape the policy in both national as well as international fronts. With increasing diverse or global patient populations. Currently the nursing may look more towards the global people as compared to their previous generation. The team based care are requiring the nurses to work more effectively or efficiently within the inter-professional teams. The liaisons between the patient or other providers, the communication ability of nurse and their collaboration nature within the organization is the most important factor to improving the health worldwide. The nurses are the forefront of healthcare throughout the world. They provide the patient care individuals. They also have a duty to educate, innovate as well as advocate for the health or well being of the whole communities either it is in international setting or belongs to their own backyards. As per global perspectives the nurses have the power to move the mountain as well (Hofmeyer & Taylor.,  (2021)).

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The community health nurses are work with the population which are vary from country to the country. They have a duty to serve them all the population appropriately. It is requiring ton understand the manner in which context they are located to interacts as per their health status or their health histories. As per this data, it is essential to do examination as it is required to assess the universal imperatives of care. It is also essential to recognized the population current health status. It is important to do in order to determine the focus of the nursing interventions. The community health care nurses may also examine the population in order to assess the kind of health conditions they experience. There are three Ps such as population, providers as well as the procedures are mainly related to the interventions of the community health care nurses may delivered. They basically serve the population and are informed from the organization with which the community health care nurses may works (Resnikoff & et.al.,  (2020)).

The role and responsibilities of Community Health Nurses in educating the public about vaccination issues

The community health nurses play a crucial role in an integral part of public health initiatives. It is basically a practice of promoting or protecting the health of population by using the knowledge from nursing, social as well as from public health sciences. The public health measures mainly the seek to provide the safeguard to the health of an entire population. They usually involve in these activities by promoting the healthy habits or preventive measures which stop or slow the spread of illness or any kind of disease. Hence, the community health nurses implemented the public health standard as well as the guidelines by focusing on the smaller or some particular along with their unique geographic locations (Li & et.al., 2019)).

The basic job priority of community health nurses to oversee the health or well-being of an individuals or groups in the communities. The nurses perform the both duties like clinical as well as non-clinical duties as well. But the main duties of the community health nurses are to administered the vaccines, providing coordinating immunization clinical, blood donation drives as well as other outreach programs. The nurses are also responsible to provide the educational information as well as to handouts special information about the relevant healthcare topics which include smoking, STDs, pregnancy, nutrition as well as disease prevention, they also provide treatment to the superficial wounds or injuries, they also provide caring for an individuals or families who lived in the remote areas. They offer basic diagnostic services such as glucose or blood pressure monitoring. They recognised the care barriers as well as optimal health. They develop interventions to the bridge gaps in care and understanding. They assess the community needs. They also conduct research as well as have responsibility to track the health of a population over a time period. The nurses have a duty to educate the patient about vaccines that vaccines can help to control the spread of the disease. Moreover, any movement against the vaccinations has caused resurgence in some illnesses such as measles. It is basically happened because the nurses are in direct contact with the patient (Mason & et.al., (2018)).

They have an authority to explain the effect of not vaccination as well as can helps to educate the public on preventing the transmission of an infection. Basically, the vaccine contains an inert and weakened form of a disease which are causing virus or bacteria. It may also contain a diluted toxin. The vaccine mainly works by stimulating the body's immune system which helps to prevent sickness. Before available to the public use, all the vaccines in the United States are tested or approve by the food and drug administration (FDA). But once the vaccine is given to a patient their immune system builds an antibody which may trigger a mild reaction. Some of the most common side effects which are mainly associated with the vaccination may includes soreness or swelling at the injection area, low-grade the fever, it may cause temporary headache, fatigue as well as loss of appetite (Suprapto & Lalla.,  (2021)).

The vaccine may face a tougher safety standard than the other most important pharmaceutical products. It is because the vaccine is given to healthy people or more often to the children. As many of the diseases are now rare with forgotten effect. But the vaccines may do carry a risk which range from rashes as well as tenderness at the site of injection to the fever associated with the seizures mainly called as febrile convulsion and some dangerous infection in those individuals who has compromised immune systems. However, the serious problem is rare therefore, it is hard to prove that vaccine is the riskier one. As the studied associated with the risk of vaccine can take a long period of time. So, in the meantime the public health officials take a difficult decision regarding what to do or how to communicate with the public about the vaccines. As the health officials has increasingly become more vigilant after the pandemic H1NN1 influenza spread within the year 2009-2010. The various company worked so hard to prepared a vaccine as many as possible. In the meanwhile, the health officials may launch an unprecedented surveillance effort in order to monitor the vaccines safety or the associated risk (Lee & Chen., (2021)).

Strategies to address vaccination problems

The various strategies were implemented as per the vaccination issues. Some of the strategies related to skin reaction after the vaccination are discussed as it is very difficult to determined the main cause of skin reaction of a vaccinated person. Especially in case of widespread as well as reaction appears shortly after the vaccination. As the skin reaction may indicate an immediate allergic reaction in case the reaction spread to the wide area such as body, head, neck and the limbs. Or in case the reaction may involves the respiratory symptoms. Hence it is recommended or given an instruction to the patient to treat a condition as per the condition to the symptoms by using the cortisone skin creams when necessary. In case the rashes are itchy then used antihistamines. In case the vaccine recipient develops an extensive rash such as extensive skin redness, swelling or develop these reactions within the two days of vaccination or cannot be sure about the reason of the symptoms then recipient is recommended to immediately consult an allergy specialist (Morley & et.al., (2020)).

 It is also strategies to pay attention to have safe vaccination, as it very essential to the perform the vaccination in the presence of a physician as well as extended the follow-up time to more than two hours. It is also strategies that in case the basic vaccination series will not be able to completed than it is very important to the recipient to a consult a vaccine safety specialist at the Finnish Institute for health and welfare. The other strategies include to diagnose the differential situations as the other reason may underlie a generalised skin reaction such as food or other allergens, atopic skin, fever or various infections, cold or hot temperatures as well as abrasion or pressure on the skin. For instances, an atopic dermatitis may temporarily have inflamed just after the vaccination even in case a person is not allergic to the vaccine ingredients (Kliger & Silberzweig., (2021)).

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It is important for the all health care providers in all areas that they encouraged to ensure the patients that they are up-to date knowledge about the vaccinations. It is recommended to use the National Vaccine Advisory Committee's standards for the child and adolescent immunization practices and standard for adult immunization practice by all health care providers in the public or private sectors. As the standards may have represented the most desirable immunization practices which the providers should have to achieve, even in case they actually provide vaccinations. As the vaccine providers may have to implemented the mentioned standard as it will help to ensure their patients that they are fully vaccinated. This will help to enhance the vaccination coverage as well as prevent the outbreaks. The standards are mentioned for the child and adolescent immunization practices outline within the five categories such as vaccines availability, immunization status assessment, effective communication about the vaccines benefits as well as the associated risk, proper storage and the administration of the vaccines and the documentation of the vaccinations and the last one is implementation of the strategies in order to enhance the vaccination coverage (Azadegan & Dooley., (2021)).

The other standards for adult immunization practice may include mainly the four standards such as immunization status assess of all adult patients at each clinical encounter, it is essential to recommend the vaccines which the patients need, administered the vaccine and refer the patient to a vaccine provider and the last document the vaccines which are received by the patients. It is also recommended that it is need to improve the immunization quality as it can be particularly effective. As vaccination is a dynamic, critical as well as the measurable area of the health care. The other strategies may include the immunization quality improvement for providers. The CDC (centres for disease control and prevention) is works with the local, state as well as with the territorial public health agencies in order to administered the immunization quality improvement for provider's program to sustain, introduce as well as to improve the immunization practices. It designed in such a way to increase the on-time vaccination at the provider level (Reno and et.al., (2018)).

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From the above discussed project report, it has been concluded that the community health nursing is a practice which main focus is the public or community in which they use strategies regarding the prevention, promotion as well as the health maintenance in order to ensure the wellbeing of the entire community. There main role is to fill the health system gaps for the underserved populations. They have a responsibility to offer the health education, medical services as well as the rehabilitations to the organisation, schools as well as the businesses. The vaccination provided to the recipient sometime cause some skin reaction just after the vaccination such as allergic reaction, rashes, redness as well as swollen the skin areas. Hence in order to improve such vaccination issues some strategies were implemented regarding the issues such as use of cortisone as well as use the standard.

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