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B67865 Apply Palliative Approach in Nursing Practice

University: Bloomsbury Institute London

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: B67865
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Discuss an approach which is generally based on a case that encourages a patient’s autonomy to make the ethical decisions.
  • What are the legal responsibilities of EN when any patient dies who was there under the care of enrolled nurse.
  • What are the vital sign for the health deterioration in Ramesh case.
  • How proper sanitisation will make impact on the patient health.
  • Discuss Stress management and emotional control as a communication technique.
Answer :


A. This pain can be assessed by Universal Pain Assessment Tools (UPAT). This can enable clinicians to consult for the specialised pain management team and can lead to early intervention. Ramesh should have provided better care and medication to reduce the pain.

B. Ramesh should have provided Non-opoids drugs like acetaminophen which could have provided some relief. Using of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen should also be helpful. There should also provide more comfort to the patient.

C.;Prescribed drugs should be analysed and after determining which drug is more suitable for Ramesh for improving his condition. There is need to get the pharmacological effect of each prescribed drugs which helps to address the medication induced constipation.


Ramesh have several needs which includes pain relief and other comfort to get rid of diseases and to perform different activities to perform better role. As an EN, there is need to provide better care and support for the Patient. This should have effective and allows to provide improvement in Ramesh health. This should be respected by providing care and fulfil patient needs effectively. This can be fulfilling by taking care of individual that can help through supporting in performing daily activity that have positive impact to fulfil the needs of patient.


Enrolled nurse have the role to provide better care and support that can help patient to get better and effective treatment services to patient. Palliative care should be delivered that can help patient to get better improvement in individual that can have high impact on the patient health. While planning palliative care there is need to follow the roles and responsibilities effectively because there is chance of risk of life for the patient in which roles and responsibilities have the ability to decrease the effect of pain and other health related issues to minimise and provide better care and support to improve the quality of life. Working with roles and responsibility can help to improve health effectively.Need assignment help? Take experts help!


Psychosocial impact of palliative care providers and influence individual to provide better care to the patient. This can be effective and allow patient's wife and family to provide better support and confidence about better care and support. This can also provide feeling of confidence about the care and lead to provide condensates for the patient health. Family can feel better and able to sleep peacefully without getting worry and anxiety about the patient care. This is effective and provides relief from getting tired while providing care to patient. This can ensure about the better care and support.


When Ramesh's daughter approached to Enrolled nurse, in such situation, there is need to support her belief and agree with her beliefs. This can help to support her for getting better and effective response. This can support her emotionally to get better and feel more confident about treatment of her father in right hand. There is also need to make her calm and take in her confidence that can help her to get better and effective feelings. Enrolled nurse should focus on providing better support and care to the patient in order to control the emergency situation effectively. EN should also make Ramesh's daughter comfortable by telling her to prey and go for her beliefs and left it on the healthcare professionals.


Stress management and emotional control are two of the communication techniques can provide supportive environment which can be highly effective to communicate with Ramesh and his family member. Stress management can reduce the intensity of the family thinking and provide some hope and positive aspect. Emotional support can be effective to ensure confidence about better care and support. This can be highly effective and allow to make them understand with better response. Emotional and medical support can be also helpful and effectively provide supportive environment to Ramesh’s and his family in this crucial moment of life. There is also need to take care of the comfort that is necessary to provide some relief from pain and other illness.


There are various signs which implies about the sign of dying in the scenario. This includes decrease in the health condition. There was also sign of decreasing in the heart rate of patient. Blood pressure was also declining along with higher declination in the respiratory rate. ;There was observation about Ramesh that he was less responsive, making unusual noises while breathing, only vocalizing, moving all his limbs which seems to be declining in the health. It is important to share the accurate information about the patient to the family. This is the legal perspective that family member has the right to know about the patient's real condition. This is legal concern that healthcare professional should delivery the correct and accurate information to the family member about patient's health condition.


Ramesh health condition was not good and was dying due to declining health due to presence of stage IV adenocarcinoma of the stomach. There was continuous decline in his health which includes decline in body temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure etc. To follow the standard guidelines, it is important to provide the correct information about the patient physiology about the health should be provided to his family member. This is the rights of the patient family that enable to deliver the information to Ramesh's family member. This can be effective and following of policy to right to know about the information regarding cause of death and the declining condition of patient.Want essay help?Take experts help!


About 12:00, it was observed that there is declination in Ramesh health which was not good and get less responsive which indicates to the sign of getting respiratory distress. He was also not able to swallow sip of water which was there due to respiratory distress. This was not good and created difficulties in swallowing for the Ramesh. There are several management strategies which allows to decline the stress which includes make feel more comfort with using of medication which allows to reduce and provide relief from pain. It was needed to provide medicine which contain iron like ferrous fumarate, ferrous fluconate or ferrous sulfate etc. This can be more effective in case of ACD.


There is need to take care of proper sanitisation. This can be effective and can provide better response to manage the malignant wound of Ramesh. It is essential to focus on the removing of visible derbies and devitalised tissue, removing dressing residue and through reducing contamination. This strategy can be effective and can be used as the non-healing wound management strategy. This allows to provide better response and can focus to manage the situation in better way.


There is decline in the health of Ramesh which provides the information about the deterioration according to ACP. There is sign of declining in the respiratory rate and the heart rate. This is the vital sign for the health deterioration in Ramesh. According to guidelines, there should be improvement in the quality of life which can be there due to provide better care that can help to improve the quality of life. But due to not getting the improvement and decreasing in blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate which shows the sign of deterioration. These sign should be reported to the registered nurse at the right time when this happened.


While delivering the healthcare support, there is need to provide the quality of care to the patient even after knowing that patient is not going to well after this. This can provide respect and able to maintain dignity of person while delivering care. There is also need to provide care and give best to save the life and try to provide comfort and not to get suffer to the patient. There should be taken care that patient should not suffer more and should ensure that delivered care with quality. This can help to get better and effectively maintaining the dignity of person when care is provided to the patient in their end of life stages and after the death.


Ramesh refused to eat breakfast which was patient's right. Enrolled nurse should have made him take breakfast which was needed while taking care of patient good health. This was the ethical issues that Ramesh refused to take breakfast which was needed to take for the health improvement. This was the ethical issues for the enrolled nurse because, there was need to ensure about the proper care which includes to get ensure that patient should take breakfast. Ramesh wife is the appropriate person to discuss about this issue according to organisational policies where individual nearest relative or family is the right person to inform about this.


There are the legal responsibilities of EN when any patient dies who was there under the care of enrolled nurse. In this, enrolled nurse should take care to fulfil all the documented work and should take care of confidentiality which is necessary to follow for providing respect and to maintain dignity of died patient. It is the responsibility of enrolled nurse to ensure about the preparation for family viewing and should arrange transportation to funeral home or the morgue. There should also determining the disposition of patient's belongings. They should also show their consent and make comfort and support their family and friends.Want Dissertation help?Take experts help!


There is need to ensure about the death of patient after this, it is important to inform to the family member who are with patient. There is standard procedure which includes informing patient's family and related scenario. Then arranging and preparing dead body for viewing through patient family and arrange the transportation to take body to concern place. These process should be done effectively by respecting patient along with dignity. There is need to follow the cultural and religious method that cannot hurt patient's family sentiment.


This is the care provide to the family member and relative who have lost their family. There is need to provide support to the family and help to provide the bereaved individual which can help in to deal with the grave and provide emotional and support when individual loss the loved one. Ramesh daughter needs this support because she was the one who feel very bad and continue weeping for her father. There are some of the resources includes providing support to her daughter.


In this, there is need to provide emotional support by showing empathy which can be very helpful in delivering support to the people and allow to get better and effective support to the Ramesh family and his daughter. There is needs to provide care and support to family and Ramesh daughter. In this, there is need to complete all the legal procedures which should be there for effective procedures.

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There is need to take some rest after some interval. This can help to feel better and allow to get relax and restore own self. This can be highly effective to get better and work further. There is need to after serving patient, there should take some relax by getting little nap or talking with person or loved one. This can provide better feeling and can help to sustain social and emotional well-being.


The two ethical implications of the advanced care planning and the advanced care directives includes an approach which is generally based on a case that encourages a patient’s autonomy to make the ethical decisions. To support congruence among the individuals and switch the decision makers in order to boost the supported decision making. As the autonomy is basically an individual's right for themselves to make proper decisions as well as show their beliefs. As the ACP supports the autonomy and an individual's right to control the medical decision making. This includes the stages such as identification and elucidation of the relevant considerations, explicate and utilize the ethical beliefs and so on.


In order to encourage Carolyn it they must mention her that in a nursing profession there are lot of things through which a nurse will go through. For nurses they should take everything a positive manner and should follow their prime duty for they are appointed. ;A debriefing in a particular workplace is quite important as it is an essential plan of action which is used for learning from their imperfectness and also enhancing their presentations. The main function of the debriefing is basically to identify the aspects of the team performance which should be well. Their discussion then mainly concentrating on regulating the various possibilities for enhancing at an individual's level, team level as well as the systems level.

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